Freedom Fighters (Windows)

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Freedom Fighters

Windows - 2003

Alt names Freedom: Soldiers of Liberty, Freedom: The Battle for Liberty Island
Year 2003
Platform Windows
Released in Brazil, Finland, France, Poland, United States (2003)
Worldwide (2020)
Genre Action
Theme Cyberpunk / Dark Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalyptic, Shooter
Publisher Electronic Arts Ltda., Electronic Arts, Inc., Io-Interactive A/S
Developer Io-Interactive A/S
Perspective Behind view
4.51 / 5 - 706 votes

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Description of Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters (aka Freedom: Soldiers of Liberty, Freedom: The Battle for Liberty Island) is a video game published in 2003 on Windows by Electronic Arts, Inc., Electronic Arts Ltda., Io-Interactive A/S. It's an action game, set in a cyberpunk / dark sci-fi, post-apocalyptic and shooter themes.

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Comments and reviews

Dark 2023-02-11 1 point

Hello can i download freedom fighter for free please

Tiago 2021-10-15 2 points

Good times when EA made good games.

Martial 2021-01-08 0 point

This game is very good and their is no longer available for a quick call when you get a chance I need to get this game

RFM 2020-12-05 1 point

What a sad story:

I got this game from this site a week before my PC died, so now I lost my chance to get it. I'll have to buy now...

ADIL SHAHZAD 2020-09-26 -1 point

very good game i likes this game i wish the next part of thiis game is cooming soon

Taha khan 2020-09-26 2 points

this game is very cool and how to servive in problems

LordBread 2020-09-22 3 points

No longer abandonware

abhi 2020-09-17 2 points

I used to play this game when I was a little guy,
and then because of my studies , I stopped playing this game. Thanks to this website
for giving a chance to play my game again

Lion Dera 2020-09-13 0 point

I Love The game

raju mobile centre 2020-09-09 4 points

first game i played in my life

JackFrost 2020-09-03 1 point

I remember this game when it came out. I loved it! Played it on the PS2.

no nickmane 2020-08-20 0 point

nothing hard for me :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sp slayer 2020-08-15 1 point

The first time to play this game i was it like it was normal but more get to the another level it was starting to be the best.

joshua 2020-07-10 1 point

It make me think about halo

Himanshu Pawar 2020-07-05 2 points

I am unable to launch the game in windows 10

EmperorEpic42405 2020-07-05 -1 point

This game remembers me that i played always, i can do speedrunning at least 20 minutes. Can you do a speedrunning?

DarkHighlord01 2020-06-15 2 points

This game is one of those overlooked classics. Like Red Faction, only on earth.

Cardjack99 2020-06-03 -4 points

Whenever i use the wrench to melee, sometimes my screen goes completely white. can anyone help me with this?

DAVE 2020-06-01 -1 point

the best game
i wish they was a easyer way to download it

havoc 2020-05-30 2 points

some times not working

Mirth 2020-05-29 -1 point

This game is perfect and very challenging when ur against all odds

Dheeraj Vishwakarma 2020-05-20 2 points

This Game Is Osm

saifu 2020-05-02 0 point

you should make best graphics game in less mbs

Chris Schönfeld 2020-04-20 0 point

You have not to Look on Gaming Wiki.

This Page is full with wrong and false Information.

You can Play FF in 1280x1024, for allways Jumping, set in Inspector 32XSGSSAA

Not Cap the FPS at 60, only make Uncapped, let the DisableVsync in the Freedom.ini still active.

Thats all for FF

Chris Schönfeld 2020-04-20 -1 point

I would never Recommended FF

Only Tactical Ops, this is the Truth FPS Pearl.

Me 2020-04-20 1 point

What version is it? 1.0v? i got an awsom modifier for that v

Kirtiman 2020-04-19 0 point

This game was very excellent and also good graphics

hemant dahiya 2020-04-19 0 point

i can't start this game, a message ocure
"Direct3D:unable to create device. Try changing resolution or colour depth.
i cange resolution but its not start, plz help
+917737301699 Whatsapp

6000 2020-04-18 0 point

The game is in Russian Language. Anyone could help?

LANGTHASDA 2020-04-16 1 point


Mbappe 2020-04-15 0 point

I have played this game on my PC now am trying to download it on my mom's laptop

aaradhy 2020-04-15 -2 points

full on combat game just like pubg but only the problem is that it is offline game .
it should have provided with multiplayer options

AvinashAnsh Raj 2020-04-12 -1 point

Just Loved Playing the Game !

Raphael ben hamo 2020-04-09 1 point

multiplayer, please!!!!!!

sajjad 2020-03-30 -4 points

ye bohat achi game hai jo khailta hai is ka ashiq ban jata hai

khayal Pandey 2020-03-30 1 point

My all time favorite game.

king gaming 2020-03-28 0 point


dillip 2020-03-27 1 point

nice game

kallua ke londa 2020-03-25 -4 points

this game is one of best game i have ever witnessed.the graphic is magnificent,story is excellent.war scenes are undoubtedly looks realistic . i request the creators of this game please make any extremly 18+ games with breath stop war scenes and hardcore sex scenes. please convey this message to the creators, i would be the first one in india to download i promise. may creator of universe bless the creator of this game.....

Malik 2020-03-24 0 point

How to download this game I LOVE THIS GAME VERY MUCH

asim rajput 2020-03-22 -2 points

please make him new version of this game and add multiplayer

Mindlos 2020-03-22 0 point

Wow. I love this game

Kitaw Alemu 2020-03-14 0 point

These games are best.

INDIAN BOY 2020-03-10 0 point


Ob 2020-03-08 0 point


chinna 2020-03-08 1 point

all time favourite game to me

Sunil Rai 2020-03-04 -2 points

this game is so unike.

Sunil Rai 2020-03-04 1 point

i like that game very much.

vansh 2020-02-29 0 point

this game can start on w/7 ultimate or not

babban char yt 2020-02-28 0 point

i love freedom fighters and garena free fire i love it

marshall khan 2020-02-21 0 point

hi actually i dont have any words to use about it. cause its me childhood game.

mctake 2020-02-15 0 point

wanna play this game but its not downloading in my pc
god plzz make my pc well as soon as possible

R 2020-02-13 0 point

How to unlock paradise Island stage???

MEHAR 2020-02-11 0 point

I Like That Game Soooo Much

nafri 2020-02-09 1 point

did this support for windows 10 laptop

bunny 2020-02-07 -1 point

childhood memory....
all time fav@.......

Doobey Minneapolis 2020-01-30 0 point


BIKRAM SINGH 2020-01-28 0 point

Best game i have ever seen in my life....... such a big fan of ds game....

mirza 2020-01-21 0 point

very good game

madhava 2020-01-16 0 point

this game is my inspirition throughout my life i loved this game so much since 17 years the person who invented the game must give a good hand

stricker 2020-01-14 2 points

i will play this game in 2015 but it download half and i played half ,but in 2020 i play full game

gaga 2020-01-06 0 point

what a lovely game

Arrvis 2019-12-29 0 point

This game brings so many memories from my childhood. My lord, I never thought I'd be able to play this game again. Thank you Abandonware!

P.S - For those having trouble with the flashing brown screen in the first few minutes of the game, I recommend downloading RivaTurner. After you download it, set the frames to 60fps and leave it running in the background.

Nah 2019-12-28 1 point

Why is there a UPX file included in this pack? That's a malware shell. Not confirming anything but I'm staying away from this one.

kingyellow 2019-12-20 0 point

The game is so!!!! fantasick

Death_Kraig 2019-12-20 -2 points

I've always wanted to try this game, the intro doesn't have sound which i dont mind, but for some reason when i get into gameplay and attack the first guy, the screen shifts to this brownish tanish screen, and i can't get out of it. anyone run into this?

ATECHBERT 2019-12-17 0 point

How do I get this game to work with a games pad???. It only seems to work with keyboard and mouse. I have EasySMX KC-8236

Ck wise 2019-12-16 0 point

I like it

Honey 2019-12-15 0 point

this ap was intersting i reprt the game but it did not play when i use this app i move game very fast

Doctor junior 2019-12-14 0 point

l love to play this game since my child hood

AmericanName 2019-12-10 0 point

It's a pretty cool game, well made and stood out in its time. Also just testing to see if this is real or bullshit.

ATECHBERT 2019-12-07 0 point

This one of the greatest games of all time and the best squad game I played, great atmosphere and a big game you can play for 30 hours. I have the Polar Album with two of the music tracks at the start of the game. AWESOME.

bojian 2019-11-19 0 point

the game is cool

Rajappan 2019-11-14 1 point

Wow.. what a nice game since my child age.

sydoh 2019-11-03 1 point

i lived with this game all my childhood. am still looking for itany time i buy a new PC.. love it there an updated version of it doe?

T-Bag 2019-10-27 0 point

I this game

harry singhi love you 2019-10-22 -1 point

I love youu

cha0sk1ng 2019-10-19 1 point

OMG, this game literally makes me type Oh My God like an gypsy cunt even after all these years. What a gameplay! What a story! I've been revisiting old games lately and this just came to mind as an awesome game, which, unfortunately, my brother got to play most of the time. So, here I am, liberating Liberty City on my own this time.! PS: you will love this game!

papan 2019-10-19 0 point

this made my childhood played it from 9 years ago.

BuckyBucky 2019-10-13 0 point

I love it too much!

Bandy 2019-10-06 2 points

played this game in 2010 and am downloading to play again in 2019. just love the game.

vip 2019-10-06 0 point

this game is set on w/7

vip 2019-10-06 0 point

this game is take long time to download

noncebasher 2019-10-04 1 point

game run perfect on W10

tajamal 2019-09-28 1 point


zangief 2019-09-18 0 point

This is one of the best games i've ever played !!!

Omaea 2019-09-16 0 point

Great game

Brice 2019-09-07 0 point

Good games

Lkdi 2019-08-24 -4 points

Game (on Windows 7 run under all compatibility modes) has a probelm with either characters running moving too fast or no animations at all.

Works perfectly on Linux with wine but the widescreen patch does not work (something to do with dx8 support) so the best resolution you will get is 1024x768 or other non widescreen resolutions which gives you huge black side boarders.

You can edit the Freedom.ini for widescreen resolutions such as HD resolutions but eveything looks stretched. Another thing worth mentioning is that there is no controller support, also other than the increase in resolution the PC version offers very little in graphical enhancements over console versions, so much so that I would reccommend if you have a legal copy of a console version to use an emulator for better results, and this way you get to use a controller too.

romasa2k 2019-05-03 3 points

Awesome game.

K.F. 2019-05-03 3 points

Great game! 5/5

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