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Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green

Windows - 2005

Alt names Земля мертвых: Дорога к Фиддлерз Грин, 活死人之地
Year 2005
Platform Windows
Released in Australia, Canada, United States (2005)
Russia (2006)
Worldwide (2008)
Genre Action
Theme Horror, Licensed Title, Movies, Zombies
Publisher 1C Company, Groove Games
Developer Brainbox Games
Perspective 1st-Person
4.57 / 5 - 402 votes

Description of Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green

Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green (aka Земля мертвых: Дорога к Фиддлерз Грин, 活死人之地) is a video game published in 2005 on Windows by 1C Company, Groove Games. It's an action game, set in a horror, licensed title, zombies and movies themes.

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Comments and reviews

ILUE 2024-06-14 0 point

Hi! My solution for the saves games problem was running the game in compatibility mode, specifically, in Windows XP (service pack 2) and also execute the game as administrator. I have windows 11, It worked for me, you could give it a try.

DanM 2024-04-09 0 point

Game runs well on Windows 10 with no compatibility changes. Just download, install and play. I find the sound doesn't always start with the game, just change the sound setting to Safemode, then back to the 3D one and it should be fine. Or switch from full screen mode to windowed and back, same effect. The Save Game feature works fine for me. I think it's because you don't get to name it that people are confused by it. Just click on New Save then click Save. It names the game after your profile name.

Quantum Foam 2024-03-26 -1 point

For more context from my previous comment this appears when i load a saved game i get this message: " Cannot connect to ..\Saves\DD8BA472\Save.usa "

Quantum foam 2024-03-26 0 point

Cant save the game, i have windows 11 if thats the problem

C.D.I.94 2023-11-10 5 points

Alternative download:
Note: If the download fails, hover your cursor over the blue download button on MediaFire, right click, select "copy link address", then paste it into a tab.

tansis25 2023-10-10 2 points

decent game but the saves don't work. any way to fix that?

踢牙老奶奶 2023-08-30 3 points


evilzombie 2023-07-26 1 point

I love this game. I have a physical copy of it. Its great because it doesnt need a key and has no DRM so you can install the same copy for your whole group and do a LAN party together to kill zombies with friends easily with a very low requirement game. Good for drunk get togethers.

Rex Benning 2023-06-24 -1 point

Hey Aoi, If you don't like the game, why bash it? Trolls like you should just keep your mouth shut.

berago 2023-06-19 0 point

ok thats good

raaaaaul 2023-04-20 3 points

If your old pc can't run L4D, you must be playing this, upvote if you feel the same

Kev 2023-04-07 1 point

Thanks for putting the game on the site man. I downloaded it from the other source before but that didn't even install.
I like your site so far !

anon 2023-03-26 -2 points

it safe site? and it version game?

TenAte108 2023-03-10 -1 point

Before you download, here is how the game plays and looks like:

Aoi 2023-03-03 -17 points

I'm sick and tired of nostalgia addicted people defending this game time and time again with long paragraphs that always circle around to "It's a free game enjoy it"

Any recent game relating to Angry Birds is usually free and it fucking sucks and like this game, 10 years from now people will be saying how "great that game is" just because they played it when it came out as a ignorant child and had no awareness to what a "good" game was.

TenAte108 2023-01-17 1 point

Please, finish the game before calling it bad and also find a friend for Multiplayer if necessary to have full experience, the game was made on low budget by small team

if you get Engine.ini not found critical error message, reinstall cuz it fixed it for me, also update the game to 1.1 to be able to connect to online servers and play multiplayer, multiplayer might be dead but it's fun with friends in invasion mode, and also this game has a russian spinoff called Day of the Zombie or something like that it can be found here on Myabandonware too but it's not better than the original game

RowdyRonny 2023-01-06 -1 point

From the games wiki page:

The game received "unfavorable" reviews on both platforms according to the review aggregation website Metacritic.[2][3] GameSpot's Alex Navarro wrote that the game was "either the most avant-garde piece of gaming artistry to ever find its way to the retail market, or the absolute worst game of the year. Actually, it's probably just the latter."[5][6] The Xbox version was later chosen by the website as the worst game of 2005.[10]


Brazilian Monke 2022-12-21 0 point

This is a very nice game, downloaded it and finished many times here, it's very nice if you ignore some of its flaws, like the head shots not counting, or the poor human AI. If you want a similar experience, there is Day of The Zombies (although it's more recent, it's way worse in my opinion). Happy zombie killing!

Janice 2022-12-16 1 point

This is a really great game, though they repeated some things over and over again especially that sewer stage but overall I had some fun playing this, and ngl there were some times when it really scared the shit out of me, the game was pretty difficult at the beginning but once you get different types of guns it becomes really easy, I was even playing at the hardest difficulty and and only died twice in the whole game.

Puggles2g 2022-10-09 2 points

Oh my God this game is better than most AAA titles that are out today. I cannot believe that I sat there for ages thinking I have no money so I have nothing to play, but then I FOUND THIS SITE AND i KNOW NOW THAT IT IS ONE OF THE iNTERNETS BEST KEPT SECRETS. I am scared that it will get more popular and people will get greedy and all these wonderful FREE classic titles, will be lost to paywalls forever!

LotDenjoyer34 2022-10-09 0 point

This game is awesome, I'd only wish there was somebody to play with):

abstriker 2022-09-16 -9 points

NECROMANCER. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A ZOMBIE. its just peoples creative mind. Ask any good Brain doctor or a BRAIN SURGEON he will tell you. The brain functions like a computer but is TOTALLY DIFFERENT THAN A COMPUTER. You cannot ON or OFF your Brain like a computer. If its off, its permanent. This analogy made many "IDLE PEOPLE" to make creative books and movies to earn CASH. And games too .. A human body requires a soul to function. On death the soul or the "real you" leaves the body hence we call it corpse, we don't call it by name. Of course unless you met a very big witch or a wizard like during biblical times who could deal with magic. But again such big magicians don't exist nor does magic itself exist. its just a forked version of religious studies. Some people misused the inner workings of religions to perform "tricks" .. which was called as magic, NOTHING EXISTS SEPARATE FROM THE ALMIGHTY G-D. SO PLEASE STOP MISGUIDING PEOPLE. JUST PLAY FREE GAMES, ENJOY ABANDON WARE AND DO GOOD DEEDS.

NECROMANCER 2022-08-16 1 point

its good game but zombies are real not only in games or movies contact me and i will talk about it more

Greer 2022-07-22 2 points

If anyone is having the problem where your saves don't work there's a easy solution (kinda). I've found that the launcher it installs on the desktop doesn't save properly and therefore doesn't allow you to load saves. DON'T use the desktop instead use the menu that pops up after you launch the setup exe in the files, I prefer the setup in the system folder, and use that when you want to play so saves actually work.

joe 2022-06-21 7 points

it fiddles

Reorge A. Gomero 2021-11-24 5 points

While the game isn't awful, the already shabby and unsatisfying gameplay it had fifteen years ago has aged like milk, and the ten or so minutes of story in this 2-3 hour long game don't do enough to heighten the experience. There's some fun moments here and there, but it's an unfinished and unpolished game. Which is why you should play the Dead Epidemic mod instead:
While it's considerably more cheesy/corny and some of the seams from being a fan-made project really show, it's INFINITELY more enjoyable as a game, and hilariously it has a more engaging, if much dumber and flashier, story - not that you should be playing either the mod or the original for the story anyways.
Let me just sell you the mod over the vanilla game in a quick couple of sentences:
- Headshots actually kill most stuff, and they are very satisfying.
- The gore and carnage has been improved significantly across the board, from the much punchier headshots with gibblets and eyeballs flying off, to the dismemberment and how zombies react to it
- The arsenal is much more interesting and features dual-wieldable revolvers, MAC-10s, and some punchy .45 cal pistols, along with improved versions of vanilla weapons like the M16, Glock, and a much nicer SPAS instead of the pitiful OG shotty (pity they never got to finish everything, a flamethrower was in the works).
- The gunplay in general feels a lot better: you can now aim down sights for accurate shots (keep yourself steady though!), and hip-firing without a crosshair fits very well with the setting and isn't hard to do at all, though you'll need a bit of practice to reliably land headshots (which is fun!).
- You finally have a flashlight! Honestly it's not a big deal but it always annoyed me that the original was missing such a basic feature.
- The levels & locations are much more interesting, and some have really nice creepy moments and environmental scares without being annoying or cheap.
- Human enemies that shoot back add some variety but are used very sparingly and don't derail the experience.
- There's an actually interesting and somewhat satisfying finale! Woohoo!
- It's just much more fun man, stop reading this and go play it already!
Oh, and in case you get a bit stuck in the early levels, a few quick tips: sometimes you have to double back the way you came after killing all the enemies, the gate to enter the forest requires the battery from the car nearby, and the gate to the gas station has a switch outside of plain sight, just follow the cables.

Judas 2021-11-11 1 point

This game is smokIn'. I like the weapons. The competition is stiff and some of the dead babes are hot! Too bad I have to shoot them.

goplayer 2021-11-01 0 point

is this enycrypted if it is then i cant play this game

Joe Biden 2021-10-09 3 points

Thank you to all the dead people.

Mike Hawk 2021-10-07 2 points

How do can I continue on my save?

TenAte108 2021-09-23 2 points

Wooow, that's the zombies game I played when I was a kid LMAO, thanks!

Alright, The game setup is working fine for me without even using the crack exe from crack folder (and that's a good thing)

I opened the game and passed first 3 levels and they are pretty fun, not good not bad but it will do the job even if you haven't watched the movie

weapons are Ok but headshots are not satisfying, animations are good for 2005 game besides graphics are muddy but at the same time its cute looking game for me LOL, voice acting is awesome and so good, atmosphere is great and cutscenes are good looking and entertaining to watch, soundtrack is amazing and so vibing, I be bumping while killing those zombies.

Multiplayer is not working for me tho, I can't join any server for some reason but I can still create a server....for those who got no internet to play I recommend you to start an invasion server on LAN and have fun surviving zombie waves alone but it kinda gets boring when all alone even though maps are not that great but they are memorable

story is fun, combat is ok, graphics are ok too and multiplayer...IDK
I would recommend this game for new zombie fans and left 4 dead fans but this game is like alpha version of left 4 dead expect there is no companions and story tale.

This game gets 7/10

have fun and a great day

My discord is TenAte108#4855 contact me if you wanna play (at least we try)

Flare'd 2021-09-12 0 point

This game looks nc by screenshots

y 2021-09-01 1 point

this my old game thank you

silver 2021-07-20 0 point

this game don't let me create a profile 100% failure

ryan 2021-06-25 1 point

hope this works

HEAD BREAKER 2021-06-23 11 points


tox 2021-06-11 0 point

i saw this game on youtube this game is op this is the best game i have been play

junar 2021-04-09 0 point

wont save the game. always back to farm again and again and again....................

Leon13DM 2021-04-06 1 point

I tried installing this on a laptop that was running Windows 8.1, and whenever I clicked yes on "Do you want this program to make changes to your computer", nothing happened. I had the compatibility settings on for both Windows XP and Windows Vista. Anyone else have this problem?

junar 2021-04-06 0 point

the game wont save i keep going back to the farm. please fix the problem. its a good game although it was created in 2005. Tnx.

The Devoteed One 2021-03-18 3 points

I remember this game from my childhood. I thought the game was pretty creepy. I'm interested in playing it again.

Kont 2021-02-22 24 points

why are all the comments so weird

Jasbars256 2021-01-11 1 point

ive played this when i was young. I get scared and pee in my own pants a lot. Haha, stupid me. And now, i get to play this game, its an awesome game. I love it

ddd 2020-12-20 0 point

It plays on windows 10!!

meyesbelieveitornot 2020-12-04 -1 point

I played this crap so many times back in the day, lol. Stupid wee-lad me.

Mike NvX 2020-11-11 0 point

Such a good game, I'm playing it on Windows 10 x64 with no problems at all, to use widescreen you just have to edit an .ini file

jelly 2020-11-09 1 point

wow so greatfull this game is very goood ^0^ ^-^ =_=

LordZ0mbies 2020-10-10 1 point

Used to play this alot back in the day. great game! also check out day of the zombie. the orignal game before universal made it an asset flip.

GG 2020-09-23 0 point

Right click onn properties then go to compatibility settings then click run on compatibility mode for windows xp service pack 2 or 3 then save changes then restart the game , you are good to go,play ahnd enjoy!

H 2020-08-31 -4 points

You guys need to extract the file before install it? Is that true?

DaChemicalBro 2020-07-22 0 point

I love this game, Ive had it on every PC Ive owned since 2005, doesnt work on windows 10 but i keep a win 7 pc just for old games and this is on it. I can complete the game start to finish in around 30 mins, great fun to fill some time... I thought this game was dead but there is a sequel, Day of The Zombie.... but if you have this came I recommend getting the dead epidemic mod if you dont have it... its more than a mod, its a whole new game using the land of the dead engine, better graphics, better weapons and a whole new story mode... no multi player but lotd servers are dead anyway unless you run your own.... get the dead epidemic mod here for free

Oof 2020-07-20 -3 points

Does it work in windows 10??

Hater 2020-07-06 -2 points

Why my win 7 and win 10 can download this game

Durukan 2020-04-16 0 point

Work on Windows 10 64-Bit

Garou 2020-03-15 -2 points

Nice game! But i can't join multiplayer servers :(

ZAZ 2020-02-24 1 point

Bret001 - LOL!! You are one crazy Brit.

eddie 2019-12-16 1 point

only the demo will play...

Bret001 2019-11-18 -5 points

My mom tried to stop me playing this. She said violent games will make me want to hurt people. I told her to piss off or I'd knock her dentures down her throat.

Cobb 2019-11-11 -5 points

@Rick James... That's because win 10 is an abortion.

Rick James 2019-10-30 -1 point

Didn't work Windows 10

arka 2019-10-12 0 point

I want try and i know how to play

bignibbadave 2019-09-10 1 point

first played this game when i was like 10 on og xbox, glad to find it on the internet somewhere so i can relive the nostalgia before the cancer kills me

anime tycoon 2019-07-13 1 point

this game is ogsmen

Great White 2019-07-02 2 points

This game is very underrated its alot of fun to play, and the story and graphics are great as well!

John Knocker 2019-05-31 1 point

Nice, thanks for this classic game!

Legio 2019-04-07 0 point

Can't seem to get this to install. It keeps asking for CD 2, which given this is an ISO, that's impossible. Anyone else having this issue, or have a solution?

haani 2019-03-20 -1 point

The game is taking long for downloading

ILUE 2019-03-17 1 point

I don't know why, but I still playing this ancient software years ago regard his launch. It's a dire tittle, nevertheless, it's my favorite dire game. I bear its horrible graphics and its awful gameplay. That interest will never vanish.

krashd 2019-02-16 -1 point

Good graphics? Have you two been smoking the devil's lettuce? Half-Life 2 came out in 2004, this game was a year after...

hadi 2019-01-27 0 point

really it works
best graphics and the whole game

zeref 2018-12-25 1 point

i like this game because his scared and good graphics

I.M.P.E.R.I.U.S. 2018-11-04 -1 point

Works fine thanks for this!

AnimeTVNow! 2018-10-17 -1 point

THX MAN Finaly

Johnny 2018-08-07 -1 point

I'm having a real issue getting this to work. Whenever I download it, it just keeps telling me that the ISO image is corrupted.

Jason 2018-08-06 2 points

This game is great. A very underrated game. A first person zombie shooter about a farmer who finds his farm overrun with the undead. It's based off of a George A. Romero movie called Land of the Dead. (Guy who made Dawn of The Dead, Day of the Dead, and Night of the Living Dead) Hence the name. I had this game on the Original Xbox. The game is only a few hours long sadly, but plenty of zombies. There is a certain type of zombie that stands in one place and just screams. the first time I saw/heard it, it scared the living S*** out of me. Long story short this game is awesome. Try it now!

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