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Mega Lo Mania

DOS - 1992

Also released on: Amiga - Atari ST - FM Towns - Genesis - Sharp X68000

Alt names Megalomania, メガロマニア -時空大戦略-, Mega lo Mania: Jikū Daisenryaku, Mega-lo-Mania, Tyrants: Fight Through Time
Year 1992
Platform DOS
Released in France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom (1992)
Brazil (1993)
Genre Strategy
Theme Real-Time
Publisher Ubi Soft Entertainment Software
Developer Sensible Software
Perspective Top-Down
Dosbox support Playable on current version (works best on 0.58)
4.46 / 5 - 69 votes

Download extras files
Manual and refcard available

Description of Mega Lo Mania

A wacky Populous clone that is fun for a short while before degenerating into mediocrity, Mega Lo Mania lets you lead a primitive tribe through the evolution of mankind, conquering neighboring islands in the process.

The premise is evidently inspired by Populous: as one of four gods, your goal is to lead your people to conquer the entire map. You do this by ordering your followers to develop weapons, and send them out to try to destroy the enemy's fortifications.

A novel idea that Mega Lo Mania introduces to the mold is that the game is split up into "epochs," each of which is split into three islands. As you progress through the game, so does the time scale and corresponding human evolution. Hence, catapults and swords give way jet planes, nukes and eventually U.F.Os.

The game is simple at first: you just need to design the weapons to use them. But as you progress, you need to mine the raw materials needed to manufacture the weapons, use factories to manufacture the weapons, or even use a lab which is needed to design complicated weapons. You can also form alliances with your opponents, but these are only temporary reliefs because you must destroy everyone to win a level.

With funny opponents who are parodies of real-life leaders, charming graphics and sound, and simple yet addictive gameplay, Mega Lo Mania is a good "light" strategy game that is perfect for those who are new to the genre. Strategy veterans, however, should scoff at the game's weak AI and look elsewhere for their fill.

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

DXBunker01 2024-05-02 1 point

To add to what Brunoki22 said, a few months after EA bought out Codemasters, they opted to not renew the contract they inherited from them with Zoom-Platform when it expired in early 2023. According to the staff at Zoom and Jordan Freeman Group, including Mr. Freeman himself, EA didn't want to do the book keeping on more niche storefronts that "their" games were being sold on and figured it easier and more cost effective to just not sell them on said niche storefronts.

Considering Mega Lo Mania wasn't originally a EA title, and the only games they seem to care about from the likes of Codemasters are their racing games (possibly their other top sellers if they think they can profit off of them), I'd say put it back. Unless the top brass at EA have an epiphany and/or gets replaced, this game isn't going to be sold again.

CLA 2024-04-28 0 point Amiga version

I loved this game on the Amiga. I don't like strategy games but this one is not that boring than the others - moreover, it's really atmospheric and fun to play. There are music and soundfx available in the same time which is not obvioius in the PC version.
In my opinion, the Amiga graphics are better, more cute. No wonder, it was developed for the Amiga!

Brunoki22 2023-11-25 2 points

You can put it back up here. They removed it from Zoom long ago, thus making it abandonware once again.

Crossman 2022-05-12 0 point

@Hardcore8uk Well said :-)

Perry Rhodan 2022-03-07 0 point DOS version

I found the English Manual in the Exxodos Collection.

A big download though!
It was a pain to get the sound and music working on this game, but I eventually succeeded. Here are my settings for soundblaster selection.


Perry Rhodan 2022-03-07 0 point DOS version

Has anyone got the PC DOS English Manual for the codes? I can only find the French ones. Here's a working version of the game on a demo cd. The sound and music work, but no codes, so I can't play the English version. All the cracked versions appear to be buggy and music and sound don't work.

French Version Protection Codes:
02 12 03 SOIENT
04 03 08 VISAGE
06 05 07 BOUTON
08 02 09 ENTRER
10 10 05 JAMAIS
12 28 07 TROUVE
19 01 05 DESIGN
20 14 09 COMPTE
23 02 04 CHAQUE
24 05 01 TIRERA
25 19 10 NEUTRE
26 04 11 LASERS
03 02 02 QUATRE
07 07 01 GAUCHE
22 06 02 SERONT
18 08 06 NIVEAU

Haggis 2021-10-25 0 point Genesis version

This was one of the first games on the Megadrive to use professional actors voicing it.
'Pucka design'

cn 2021-10-23 -1 point

中文名:疯狂主宰 (Chinese Name)

LKS 2021-06-14 -1 point

Maybe the the funniest, immersive and addictive strategy game I have ever played. Great. Fantastic. There's everythink; probably Mega lo Mania is better also of Age of Empires and Caesar II (I don't know Caesar I very well). I am doing something with Warcraft Orcs and Humans, but I don't Know if this is better. What makes a game a great game seems to be making art compiling and human possibilities and ideas rule over hardware capabilities.
Thank you!

Rusty 2020-06-19 0 point Amiga version

Hope this works

Oesbaer 2019-04-20 0 point Amiga version

can`t get it work. After the screen with the phone numbers just black.
What do I wrong?

John 2018-11-10 -2 points DOS version

Use to play it on the Amiga. The PC version is far better, much faster with more colors. The music is vastly better on the MT-32 than the Amiga.

BenRedic 2018-01-06 0 point Amiga version

Great game, I used to play this to the death on my Amiga.

I've been struggling a bit emulating it in UAE, but turning all the compatibility options to max compatibility in WinUAE seems to do the trick.

Teardrop 2016-06-24 1 point

I believe we really need a manual/guide on this. I am having troubles getting the game to start. Also, I am not hearing any sounds.

For Reference, I am using D-Fend Reloaded to run DOS-based games.

Tom B 2016-02-23 1 point Amiga version

How do you get it to work on the Play option? It just takes me to a screen with options for sound players and keyboard etc but whatever I press or click with mouse it doesn't move on to the game?

Hardcore8uk 2016-01-16 -6 points DOS version

LULZ if the pc graphics were in EGA then why are they showing 256 colour pictures above?,
And I don't believe the sound samples were less than any other version, you probably never knew how to install your soundblaster drivers to get the sound working, a common mistake made by NOOBS,
Only men could work a pc, Atari/Amiga were for kids lol

Big Nuts 2015-07-09 2 points DOS version

This games should be remade on the PC it was brilliant, I used to play it until early hours in the morning.
I was that addicted it nearly cost me my marriage.

a.k.a allow 2015-06-27 1 point DOS version

It's an incredibel game

Gary Cook 2015-04-13 2 points DOS version

This game was genius. I played this and flunked all my GCSE's literally. But learned more. =)

Lulz 2014-06-04 0 point DOS version

Ah! This game is probably one of the most stark examples of how inferior PC versions of Amiga games were circa 1988-93. The Amiga version was fantastic with its myriad of voice FX and SFX. The PC version had none of this charm. The voices were there but they were sampled at barely 0.1kHz and sounded like they were saying "kjfdkb£*&$hkFJ&(*(&*"
If I remember right this game didnt even use VGA PC graphics, it still had just EGA..... which were AWFUL compared to the Amiga's 320x300x32 colour mode.

Avoid this PC version, get an Amiga emulator and play the Amiga version instead!

PatrickS 2013-12-26 1 point DOS version

Many Hours played on Amiga 500

Soulless 2013-11-23 0 point DOS version

- Also nice on Amiga :)

derSiedler 2012-01-30 0 point DOS version

my favorable game for my old atari st :D

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ManualTXT Manual English version 27 KB (DOS) ManualPDF Manual English version 7 MB (DOS) RefcardEnglish version 74 KB (DOS)
ManualEnglish version 7 MB (Amiga)

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Atari ST

FM Towns


Sharp X68000

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