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Project IGI: I'm Going In

Windows - 2000

Alt names 秘密潜入, Project I.G.I, Project I.G.I: I'm Going In - L'intelligence reste votre meilleure arme, Project I.G.I: I'm Going In - Tested by the Military. Used by You.
Year 2000
Platform Windows
Released in Germany, United States (2000)
Germany, Japan, Taiwan (2001)
Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom (2003)
France (2005)
Worldwide (2007)
Genre Action
Theme Shooter
Publisher Acer TWP Corp, Eidos Interactive Limited, Sold Out Sales & Marketing Ltd.
Developer Innerloop Studios
Perspective 1st-Person
4.45 / 5 - 688 votes

Description of Project IGI: I'm Going In

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'Tis the Season to be Jolly

Don't you just love Christmas? Huge turkey dinners with all the trimmings, acres of presents to unwrap, and heap upon mountainous heap of all that lovely Christmas pud. But do you know what the best part is? All those mouth-watering games that have been in development since what seems like the dawn of time are finally put on the shelves adorned by the usual lavishings of fake frost and tinsel. Shiny's Sacrifice is already on the shelves, Giants is soon to grace us with its equally mouth-watering presence as are two uber-shooters: Hitman Codename 47 and Project IGI. Now this is going to be one hell of a Christmas... if that's the right way to put it.

Project IGI, like all the others listed above, has something of an identity crisis. IGI isn't an all-out blaster like Quake 3 Arena or Unreal Tournament, nor is it a softly-softly sneaker like Rainbow Six. Instead, it lies somewhere in-between the precise whispers of SWAT 3 and the machismo-induced rompings of Delta Force. Tactics are important, but you've also got to be quick on the draw. Imagine a kind of updated Goldeneye and you're nearly, but not quite, there.

The storyline is reasonably well written but largely irrelevant. You play David Jones, a British freelance secret agent who has been contracted by the American Secret Services to recover Josef Priboi, who has information about a stolen nuclear weapon. The plot doesn't progress much through the game because it takes a good while before you actually capture him, and even once he's been captured, you lose him and have to go after him again. Basically the game consists of sneaking into Eastern European military camps and completing your objective, but it turns out to be just a little more complicated than that.

But the first thing you notice is that this game is no Thief-like sneak-em-up. You have a knife you can use for silent takedowns, but the only time you'll use it is when you're desperately low on ammo. No, IGI is all about planning and perfect execution. Instead of going through an endless amount of mind-numbing Rainbow Six-style planning phases, you have a link to a satellite map and some hefty binoculars. More often than not, you start a good way outside the base, so you sneak up, crack open the binoc's and have a good nosey at what's going on inside.

At first you don't realise what you have to do, but planning is essential for a clean, silent raid. You watch guards go on their patrol routes and decide on the best time to strike. Snipers positioned on watchtowers also cause a menace, so you have to figure out the best way to take them down. The satellite map gives you (sketchy) details on people inside buildings so you can plan on the best way to break in. You can even pick out the security cameras and either avoid them or take them out so you don't raise the alarm and have half the base homing in on your position. It sounds a lot, and indeed it is a lot, but it never becomes overwhelming. If your plan goes wrong, you know exactly why and get to try again, this time taking into account the problem and working around it.

Eye Candy

What isn't so good, especially for those with a lust for eye-candy, is that the graphics are disappointingly spartan. Although the textures are excellent, the smoke effects look primitive and the trees look decidedly 2D, but for some reason it's very processor intensive. Anything less than a P3/450 and the draw distance will be almost unacceptably low, with bits and pieces popping up out of thin air, which becomes very noticeable when you're zooming in on a distant sentry with the binoculars. As a contrast, the animation is utterly superb. It's not just the usual running about that's done well, but mostly when people get shot. Hit someone in the leg and it suddenly goes limp, the victim grabbing hold of the wound. Shoot someone enough times in the torso and they'll kneel down, putting their hands over their stomachs before dying. You can even graze someone's hand and they'll shake it about in pain. Headshots are lethal, as to be expected, but some enemies have different levels of armour over their chest, so take more shots to put down. It's all absolutely brilliant.

What helps to make up for the graphics (if the animation hasn't already) are the huge playing areas and accurately modeled ballistics. The landscapes you get to wander about in are absolutely enormous; if you want to, you can wander literally miles upon miles away from the base. There'd be nothing to see and no reason to go there but it just shows the sheer scope of the thing. What's more relevant, however, is the ballistics - put simply, there are some substances bullets will pass through and some substances they won't. At first it isn't clear what this means, but the more you play, the more you can see it adds a whole new dimension to gameplay. For a start you think about your cover a lot more. Watch towers are made largely from wood, and while this means it's easy to dispatch snipers (you can just shoot through the wood and if the shot's on target it'll hit the guard) it's also easy for other bad guys to hit you. If you open a door and someone opens fire on you then ducking back behind a thin plaster wall won't help as millions of little shotguns pellets rip through your supposed cover and into you. It's not just structures either, bullets can just as easily rip through people and if you're lucky you can take two people down with one shot.

The weapons themselves are so finely balanced, there isn't another game out that can touch IGI in this department. Every weapon has a specific role, but in many games this is more in theory than practise. Shotguns are supposed to be good for clearing the indoors but in most cases, it would be only marginally better than some grenade launcher for example. However, IGI takes this to a new level. Sniper rifles are perfected tailored to long ranges, but if you want to use them at close range you have to be very accurate. Uzi's are good for light powered, short range work but can't cope with the outside because both it's power and accuracy drops off with distance so you need a good machine gun such as the AK-47. They even have different penetration values on armour; high-powered machine gun rounds will have good penetration whereas handguns need emptying to achieve the same result. It all makes you think what you need to do and how to do it, you don't have to plan for hours but you can't go barging into rooms either. It is, in fact, the perfect balance because more than anything it makes you feel like the secret agent you're supposed to be.

Saving Grace

What may jar with some people is the fact that there's no in-mission save. You can, in theory, get all the way to the end, be dragging yourself along on a minuscule amount of health and then be killed by some unseen sniper 200 metres away. Now this is down to personal taste, but I never found the lack of an in game save to be a problem. In fact, it helped the gameplay immensely. For a start, the game is very clean. There's only the odd graphical error or missing building information on the map so you're unlikely to have your all your hard work undone by a crash. Nor are the missions overtly long. Once you've figured out what to do, you can easily complete them in around 30-45 minutes apiece. What's more, if you do have to start again, you know exactly what's gone wrong and there aren't any ridiculous mistakes in the game design so you never die through a game fault, only your own. The lack of an in game save also makes for unparalleled tension. Every time your health drops, you feel a little more pressure on your shoulders which gets heavier and heavier until your palms are literally sweating and you breathe a huge sigh of relief when the mission is finally accomplished. Such tension and indeed such atmosphere would have been impossible to accomplish even with a limited in game save system. The way IGI is designed means you are immersed in the game like never before.

But what is a let down, and surprisingly so for a game of this calibre, is the occasionally awful AI. On more than one occasion in the earlier levels, guards sauntered straight past on their patrol routes. As long as I wasn't firing a gun, they couldn't care what I was doing. They also make no use of cover whatsoever. They could be right next to a concrete wall but they'd rather run out into the open to attack. The problem doesn't get any better inside buildings, either. Open fire on a guard and they'll stay glued to the same spot, only opening fire when you poke your head through. Either that or they run straight past you then turn around and open fire, if you haven't blown them to pieces by then, of course. The problems would be bad enough in any game but when in a game of this quality, they stand out like a sore thumb at first, although you do eventually get used to it and by the end you won't be questioning what they're doing, though it doesn't make it any more logical.

It's these AI problems along with the occasionally poor graphics that bring Project IGI down from a much-coveted GDR-Gold to a Silver. This is the Goldeneye of its day and deserves to be lauded as such. The wonderfully modeled ballistics, exquisite animation, finely balanced weaponry and pure immersion in the game are simply fantastic. More than anything, IGI makes you feel like you're a secret service agent and this is the main reason for its success. If there's going to be one game out this Christmas that will appeal to just about all gamers, it's Project IGI. Just can't wait for the expansion pack.

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LUIS 2024-05-28 0 point


MIR 2024-05-27 0 point


games is love 2024-05-22 4 points

can somebody guide how install this games with each steps

pali gill 2024-05-20 -1 point

my life this game

Sachin 2024-05-19 0 point

Awesome! This is look amazing. However, I am not installing the software in my PC yet.

KJ 2024-03-14 2 points

It just downloaded two scripts, idk how to play the game

Killswitch 2024-03-13 -1 point

I downloaded RIP , its running on low fps, how do i fix it ?

Arvt 2024-02-24 5 points

There is no background music .. tf.. how should I fix it?

SHANi Verma 2024-02-15 0 point

Nice game im big fan project igi ka

ahmad 2024-02-07 7 points

which 1st ,2nd , or 3rd option or which option i should chose for i5 12 generation , windows 11 to run igi 1

NAWAF 2024-02-02 2 points


RICH RIO 2023-12-19 0 point


Ryzo 2023-05-18 1 point

dont work on Win10 even with dgVodoo2, u can set graphic settings in Vodoo but no resolution, if u try ingame, the game crash to desktop without error.
on windows XP the game run, but extremly low fps, under 10 fps.

Mayron 2023-04-06 4 points

1) Download RIP, unpack anywhere you want.
2) Download ISO, mount on Virtual Clone Drive or anything similar.
3) Navigate to missions folder on ISO and copy the mission to your RIP - this will give you the proper music for each mission.
4) Play. RIP exe has no need for any image mounted. You can download aspect ratio fix patch, but that will force the game to ask for CD again.
Checked on Windows 11 22H2

MARS 2023-01-14 2 points

The game is missing the music files but it's pretty easy to fix.
Step 1: Go to Google and search "Project IGI music file", and download the ingame music, I did the same and found this link ---

Step 2: Go to YouTube and watch the gameplay of every mission and listen to the background music and find that music in your downloads.

Step 3: Go to your game directory --- missions --- location0 --- level1 (or 2,3 and so on) --- sounds and paste the music file and rename it to "game_music".

You'll to do this for every single level, if you do this only for say level1, you'll have music but only in level1.

Aryvd 2022-10-20 2 points

does anyone have the music files for this ? there's no background music in the files that I have

Michael F 2022-08-10 0 point

Runs good, but you need the .exe file that doesn't require a CD. This game would have been incredible in 1996. But coming out post-Goldeneye 007, and especially post-Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear, it's a fairly pedestrian covert ops "single man army" kind of game. It's fun, but won't blow any minds.

SamboNZ 2022-08-07 0 point

Thanks for the upload, and thanks to RISHAV's comment below it works perfectly under Win10 (Aug'22). Thanks!

123456 2022-07-16 0 point

thanks for the upload!

Das 2022-04-08 -1 point

100 Percent pure..

xXArabicKingXx 2022-04-03 0 point


carllie 2022-03-26 -6 points

I wont download this game because very good for play in the laptop or pc
that game very nice and simples for play.thank's

rishav 2022-03-05 13 points

to run it without CD/ISO mounted:
1)install game.
2)download Project I.G.I. v1.0 [ALL] Fixed EXE patch from[US]%20No-CD/Fixed%20EXE
3)copy patch IGI.EXE to installed folder and run.

J.D. 2022-01-20 2 points

to get "Project IGI" cinematic cutscenes to work you have to install video codec program to get it working. program is called "IV50 Codec"


Ceilnguy 2021-12-07 2 points

TY so much for this game..It was one of my very favorites when I was a kid

Viner 2002 2021-08-13 -3 points

Awesome secrets of PROJECT IGI 1


Thanks !!!

suleiman 2021-08-09 2 points

This game gives me more inspiration and i enjoy playing the game
Thank you am going in

PB 2021-07-23 -4 points

Why this game is not running without CD ? It showing "IGI CD not found" . How to fix this fucking problem ????? Please answer anyone..

Aditya 2021-06-24 2 points

Game runs smoothly with dgvoodoo2

king 2021-05-17 -1 point

its showing fucking error
how to fix this
im in great anger......

indura 2021-04-23 0 point

i love this interesting game very much

igi god 2021-04-12 0 point

that good but not good graphics but go fast fire

dayan 2021-04-01 0 point

thanks for this free game

J.D. 2021-01-04 3 points

Project IGI despite his obscurity is one of my personal favorite stealth games i have played on my PC, i got this game in a bargain bin that was full of bottom of the barrel budget PC games, from the cover alone i was expecting poor man's "hitman: agent 47" (since it was also published by eidos). but to my surprise this is well-made stealth game. i was young and dumb at the time so i never finished it cause i die a lot and i always forget my main objective is. many years later why not relive this underrated gem and play it the way I should have and it makes me very happy. the AI is a bit braindead and the missions themselves are basic, but what makes this game unique is graphics (very smooth for it's time), nice atmosphere, the sense of exploration in massive open areas (which is very usual for stealth games at the time) and to be carful about you're tactics cause you can be killed very easily so i comes with trail and error. i managed to download RIP with no problem, but if you're running in Win 7 or above (im running on win 10 64x) the game struggles to run on the pc with very choppy low framerate. the best way to play it is on modern pc's is with 'dgVoodoo2' this fixes the game by 99%. download dgVoodoo2 extract it to wherever you want to put it, then copy "dgVoodooCpl.exe", "dgVoodoo.conf" and the 3 DLL files from only MS file (you don't need to copy MS file just the 3 DLL files that's inside) to Project IGI directory. then open dgVoodoo2 and play with the setting you see what works with you're pc and can even put the resolution up to 1920x1080 and wow this game looks and plays amazing!!!.

Viner 2002 2020-12-28 1 point

Best secrets of Project IGI
Thanks !

FairFelix 2020-12-20 1 point

IGI CD not found. Please insert CD in drive error how to fix it ?

taha 2020-11-19 1 point

good game and i hope its working

Oldgamer96 2020-09-06 5 points

Good old games

Luca 2020-08-23 4 points

Funziona ma ci sono comunque un po' di problemi, per esempio in alcune missioni dopo che suona un allarme il gioco continua a far uscire nemici all'infinito da alcune casette, quelle di legno dove dentro ci possono essere 2 o 3 nemici, potete ucciderne all'infinito, fermate l'allarme. Oppure che raccogliete tante munizioni e armi ma nel livello successivo ne avete di diverse o limitate. Nella missione Difendere Priboi potrebbe succedere che salite sull'elicottero con Priboi per l'estrazione ma dopo pochi secondi in volo il gioco si arresta, credo che succeda perché non avete ucciso il nemico con il LAW 80 nell'edificio distrutto dall'altra parte della strada e quindi quando volate via vi vede e vi spara un razzo uccidendovi, uccidete quel nemico prima di salire in elicottero e dovreste risolvere. A me in ogni video di inizio e fine missione al centro appare il riquadro verde della pausa con le opzioni una sopra all'altra, non capisco perché, a nessun'altro succede? Ho provato anche la patch FIX ma non ha risolto questo problema.

Ajith 2020-06-30 0 point

I like this game so much because it is very wonderful interesting game and also perfect shooting action adventure game to any other games thanking you for given this good link to download igi

Opal Demon 2020-06-19 4 points

This was the game of my childhood

4ever love for retro 2020-05-25 1 point

I just knew it i would find this gorgeous cover ops in here -it has humor like "Prisoner of war " goldie- also ,it's good for trolling enemies :) .what are you waiting for homie? grab it

Arpit 2020-05-24 1 point

I like this game to much beacuse I am prefect in this game

Andrew Freeman 2020-05-05 1 point

I love this game so much

REXTECHNO 2020-04-23 0 point


Odbayar 2020-04-19 -2 points

why is rip version is out in the game first 1 why?

shakeel 2020-04-18 0 point

this is very good game

CLYDE3D 2020-04-13 0 point

Hi good people. I like this game very much. The WSGF link takes you to Project Eden not this game. This is the correct address:

I can also recomend dgVoodoo2 program for this game. Makes it pretty.

hibiki 2020-03-28 2 points

What should I do if the game does not see cd disk? I'm running mdf file on virtual disk but it doesn't help

KillerFred 2020-03-09 -1 point

This is a very cool game to play. I have it working on my Win XP and Win 7 pc's. One thing to keep in mind, you can NOT save any progress. The missions have to be completed without dying. Game is really hard in the hardest stage, you will die a lot or at least I did. But what fun would it be if it was to easy!!!

LIVRON GAMING 2020-03-05 0 point

Keep a smile and start the game

Luffy 2019-11-04 -1 point

Best Game but we sould get medipack more

Chang 2019-10-24 0 point

Fabulous game

nicky 2019-10-06 0 point

very amazing and fabalous game

Vivek 2019-07-15 1 point

Igi is the best game of the world

Matthew 2019-07-13 2 points

Anyone who's having problems with the game running slowly on their system should install dgVoodoo2 alongside the IGI.exe file.

Saru 2019-07-01 1 point

it stucks on my laptop, not smothly runing

krishna kushwaha 2019-06-06 1 point

amazing game

Archit Guin 2019-06-05 1 point

Thank You Good

Aksh 2019-06-03 0 point

Suprbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb! game!!!

Wrinkly 2019-05-30 0 point

Fantastic game. Ran fine on Win 10 PRO.

Used Daemon Tools to emulate the CD image. Used the fix and set the compatibility of IGILoader.exe to Windows 7.

hunzla 2019-05-23 0 point

i like this thanks

Ali Raza 2019-05-16 -1 point

I have played this game three times but I love.
Now I am also playing this game in 2019 reason is lovely.
But missions are 14 please add more missions update it please.

puhspak jr 2019-05-07 0 point

i love this game thankyou for this game

daya 2019-05-02 -3 points

how to instal it it showing error

rahul_does 2019-04-25 1 point

One of the best games that I am playing for the first time, ever, in 2019! Sorry. But I am not that type any more.

ARKA 2019-04-23 -1 point


Prakash Kumar 2019-04-16 -2 points

Nice game

Rajeev Ranjan 2019-04-14 -6 points

how to install this game. i downloaded, its showing .MDF file in it

yashraj yadav 2019-03-30 -1 point

hello friend me yashraj now iam downloading the project igi i serch everywhere but i don't get thanks for this i read comment also now my project igi is downloaded now iam going to check thanks for this game

haris 2019-03-29 -3 points

i love tose games

adarsh 2019-03-25 1 point

this is a fantastick game

Aarash 2019-03-17 0 point

Nice game and favourite he

Jarzhan 2019-03-15 0 point

Nice game

DEEPAK KUMAR 2019-03-05 0 point


Sandy 2019-02-12 0 point

Finally It Works... Thank you so much for this game.

Talha khalid 2019-02-10 0 point

Nice game

akash 2019-02-09 1 point

nice game

nagesh koravi 2019-02-04 2 points

nice game

Kavindra singh 2019-01-20 -5 points

it is so bad graphics

Raza 2019-01-20 0 point

I like those games

JAY 2019-01-01 0 point


BAPAN 2018-11-25 0 point


Supratim Roy 2018-11-17 -1 point

This worked... with the "Fix" - Game Loader for Win Vista / 7+
After a lot of websites and downloads this finally worked...
Amazing game... brings back a lot of memories for me :)
Thank you...

Ahani 2018-11-14 -1 point

Nice game

satyam 2018-10-20 -3 points

im unable to install this rip file on win 10///why help me

Durgesh Kumar Mishra 2018-10-04 -2 points

this is very fantastic and easy game.

abhi 2018-09-28 1 point

ya it realy works

Qaiser 2018-09-22 -1 point

My Best game project igi 1

Susan 2018-08-29 0 point

best world game

HyperGod 2018-08-22 1 point

Thank You Very Much! Opening app is so easy to do. Just extract it and open folder "Project_IGI_RIP" and open the application. To easy! It is version 1.0. Still good. No Virus. Thanks

RAM 2018-08-17 0 point

IGI is my fevorate game.

Vernoox 2018-06-06 0 point

Merci Beaucoup j'ai retrouvé le jeu de mon enfance celui qui ma fait découvrir les jeux vidéo MERCI ENORMEMENT

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