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Windows - 2000

Alt names Овцы, כבשים, シープ
Year 2000
Platform Windows
Released in Germany, United Kingdom, United States (2000)
Russia (2001)
Worldwide (2008)
Genre Puzzle
Theme Real-Time, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Publisher 1C Company, Empire Interactive Entertainment, Empire Interactive Europe Ltd., Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.
Developer Empire Interactive Entertainment, Minds Eye Productions
Perspectives Isometric, 2D scrolling, Top-Down
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4.56 / 5 - 24 votes

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Manual and misc available

Description of Sheep

Sheep (aka Овцы, כבשים, シープ) is a video game published in 2000 on Windows by Empire Interactive Entertainment, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., Empire Interactive Europe Ltd., 1C Company. It's a puzzle game, set in a real-time and sci-fi / futuristic themes.

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Comments and reviews

zz 2023-05-06 0 point

this game has been "coming soon" on steam since 2021... is it truly no longer abandonware? would love to see the DOS reuploaded.

#2 Sheep Game Fan 2023-04-03 0 point

Dear UNSTABLERUPTURE, could you please tell me how you done did make it work? I have the CD and MUST play sheep.... and Tonka Firefighter!

UnstableRupture 2022-12-17 1 point

I have the CD version of the game and I managed to get it running using something called "dgvoodoo."
It converts older graphics in such a way that modern PCs can run it. Works fine for me.

#1 SHEEP (game) Fan 2022-09-30 0 point

I have a physical copy of this game, can anyone give advice on running it on a Windows 10 computer? I'm a noob at emulating, but I've got the game CD and everything and nothing I do seems to make it work properly.
I've tried the "lag fix" suggested in an older comment at, but it only got me as far as usual. "aqrit.cfg" and "ddraw.dll" being present or not seems to make no difference. For the sake of elaboration, the game's *cutscenes* run fine (meaning it *looks* like the game works at first before you get to the title screen), but after that, two things tend to happen... First, the main menu loads up, and it immediately gets to the music stuttering, the dancing sheep's animation halting near completely, and the whole thing generally being completely unresponsive to button inputs (could be "lagging" here, but if so it's by so much that I can't tell if it's responsive at all). BUT, something different happens if I try and bring up the task manager... it forces the game to minimize, but when I bring it back up it seems to suddenly become responsive... at a *cost.* All graphics turn glitchy shades of purple and green, the buttons and other graphics misalign strongly to the left, and "background" areas become punctuated with even vertical black bars separating everything. It lets you move your selector around, plays demos when idle, even lets you "play", but everything is so misaligned and hard to see that it's basically completely unplayable (if you do the task manager trick mid-game instead of during the title screen, it also makes several objects on the map unload despite keeping their collision-- whee!! /s). And worst of all is that this is as far as I got *before* I tried adding whatsits like DXWnd to the mix.

So... any advice? Do I need a different version of DXWnd? Is there a vital setting or two I need to switch on or off? Am I just missing something obvious? My Windows 10 isn't even an especially new or fancy one, but I'd still like very much to be able to play this game that I bought with it until I can get a legit vintage PC for my vintage gaming adventures.

#1 SHEEP (game) Fan 2022-09-26 0 point

The download links for the *manual* and *soundtrack* are broken and not backed up anywhere, and the version of the manual that used to be here isn't either of the ones saved to the Wayback Machine. Can someone put these resources back up? I have a legal physical US copy of SHEEP, but sadly it's not the same edition as the one from my childhood that came with a booklet manual, and SHEEP *still* hasn't actually released on Steam yet (so we all have no idea if the PC manual will be available again at all), so I can't read it...

Turt 2022-08-01 1 point

Yallll I need this game :c NEED IT I used to play it all the time as a kid and want to show my peeps.

helpful one 2021-10-31 0 point

@MAHALA99: You can just search for those 2 files (aqrit.cfg and ddraw.dll) in Google and there are plenty of download options. I used the below link (it has a third file that's not necessary, you can just ignore it) and it works fine :)

MAHALA99 2021-08-16 0 point

All I get when I run it on Windows 10 is a black screen but with the game sounds!
I tried the tutorial but unfortunately one of the links to download essential files does not work anymore. Any ideas?

hey 2020-11-16 1 point

Unable to play this on Windows 10. Any ideas how to install on Windows 10?

SevenChords 2020-06-22 -1 point

Hey, i can install the game fine, but whenever i try to run it it tells me to insert the disc. i have tried burning the .iso file onto a cd and inserting that cd, again, i can install the game using that burned cd just fine, however, i can't play the installed game, telling me to insert the sheep cd, even though it is already inserted

;) 2020-04-26 5 points

Guys, i made it work using this tutorial, it doesnt lag anymore and you can play it

puripuri 2020-04-22 0 point

Anyone can't run it properly on Win 10? The animation part was fine, but it stuck on the Menu screen forever...

Isiel 2020-01-07 2 points

I remember this game. I also remember how difficult it is.

Mario 2019-12-03 3 points

I was looking for this....

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