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Spear of Destiny

DOS - 1992

Alt names SoD, Wolfenstein 3D: Spear of Destiny
Year 1992
Platform DOS
Released in Canada, United States (1992)
France, United Kingdom (1993)
Genre Action
Theme FPS, Fantasy, Shooter, World War II
Publisher FormGen, Inc., Psygnosis Limited
Developer id Software, Inc.
Perspective 1st-Person
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.73
4.5 / 5 - 152 votes

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Manual available

Description of Spear of Destiny

Don't miss the 2 add-on released for Spear of Destiny: Return to Danger and Ultimate Challenge. Such inspiration for the addon titles!

Spear of Destiny has the following addons available: Mission 2: Return to Danger - Accessory Game for Spear of Destiny and Mission 3: Ultimate Challenge - Accessory Game for Spear of Destiny, don't miss them!

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Comments and reviews

annonymous 2018-04-26 0 point

nice game its like a flashback

dosgamer 2018-02-23 0 point

on my laptop sound on pc speaker

jjmagic723 2018-01-12 0 point

The best game in the world

Wolf3D Fan 2018-01-10 -5 points

Can you post the Android version? It looks the same as this desktop version but only have a few arrows for moving for mobile.

will 2017-08-03 0 point

you dont need dos box

psxdriverplayer 2017-06-04 0 point

The download available is a hacked version 1.0, without the copy protection. Also I encountered a problem with Floor 2, that if you reveal a certain secret (the one on the left side of the wall in the long corridor, where turning in the end of it has locked door leading to the exit), you need cheats to complete the floor as you can't access a certain place at all. Now, this happens randomly, but as of typing this text, it didn't want to occur at all when Frapsing DOSBox (at 60 fps, if it makes any difference). So the best bet is to record with Fraps and: start the game, save immediately, see if the game glitches, stop recording, maybe restart and load the save. That glitch won't happen in that save file at all if you are able to proceed normally. If it does happen, try again. This with default DOSBox 0.74 settings. Also them averages have refused to be over 50% despite me doing the game 100% twice. (I wonder if these issues are the reason version 1.4 exists, haven't played it yet though.)

THI 2016-06-11 -1 point

OMG!! I miss to my childhood i play this game when I was young kid in 90's
Yesterday I buy classic DooM from Steam and remind to this game. Great time !!

noobusinglinux 2015-12-24 -17 points

there not wearing pants and neither are the lonely people that would die of morbid obesity playing this game. i find it hard to believe these guys were the ones to make the game if so it might not be very good thing

take a poison and spread it to them. they will never know until its to late or until there electronics fry

Wisty 2015-04-27 0 point DOS version

I bought this game in '92 after playing a demo disk that came free with PC Format magazine. I'd played a copied version of Wolfenstein before hand, but had so much more fun with SOD. It took ages (and a lot of cheating!) to finish but I'm glad I did. I still have the original disks, manuals and box at home.

vata 2015-04-02 -6 points DOS version


S-hole 2014-06-09 1 point DOS version

Full version, there are no demos on myabanodnware!

willmiester 2013-11-06 1 point DOS version

would like to see upgrade of this game like rise of the triad yea thats what im talking about.

Yes 2013-07-08 0 point DOS version


FistMarine 2013-06-20 1 point DOS version

If you guys want to play Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny full, free & legal on Doom engine, you can download Wolfenstein 3D TC from ZDoom forums! It has better controls as well. Have fun!

FistMarine 2013-05-25 4 points DOS version

Yes they are! So start downloading now!

The reason why I downloaded this and Lost Episodes of Doom without buying them is because I searched on eBay for too long and I couldn't find them at all! So I activated Pirate Mode and I got these for free. I know some people recommended me to get from steam but no shit, I will never waste precious money on online services like steam or GOG! I'd rather pirate them, because I have lots of games in original form that I bought from eBay, only Spear of Destiny is the game I never had, aside from the demo version with 2 levels. Not to mention I own all other Wolfenstein games in original form (3D, RTCW, 2009), only SOD is the one I don't have. Also this download doesn't include the Lost Missions, only the main game. Next time reupload the lost missions too! Thanks.

AsPika 2013-05-24 1 point DOS version

Is this games are FULL VERSION or not???

chaser 2013-04-06 0 point DOS version

My first FPS I've ever played. I love how ID's games don't get old even after more than 20 years. Playing this again certainly brings some nice memories.

Leitbild 2013-02-13 0 point DOS version

As with Wolfenstein 3D, I didn't really spend much time playing this one. But I liked the twist with the undead and demon-like creatures at the end of it, like a little twist connection to the Doom series... ;)

FistMarine 2013-02-12 0 point DOS version

I remember playing Wolfenstein 3D but not this even though it's same game but different levels, enemies, etc. I only had demo version of SOD so I went here for more. Thanks for sharing!

guy 2012-09-23 1 point DOS version

i play wolf3d all the time but not spear of desteny and is this the same as wolf 3d

maru 2012-06-04 0 point DOS version

i used to play dis game in my childhood wid my uncle on his new pc... n i loved it ever since!!!!!!!!! now downlloading again.. but i cant play ittt :(

Koala MeatPie 2012-02-07 0 point DOS version

Not many people know of this expansion, Just as great as Wolf 3D but with a warmer feel.

wolf 2011-12-28 0 point DOS version

good game

dcw9000 2011-11-08 0 point DOS version

great game/ sequel/ prequel/ expansion

AnoNunga 2009-06-22 0 point DOS version

Thanks for this :)

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