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Strip Poker Professional Volume II

DOS - 1995

Strip Poker Professional Volume II
Year 1995
Platform DOS
Genre Strategy
Theme Adult, Cards
Publisher Artworx Software Company, Inc.
Developer Artworx Software Company, Inc.
Perspective 1st-Person
Dosbox support Supported on 0.65
4.56 / 5 - 63 votes

Description of Strip Poker Professional Volume II

Strip Poker Professional Volume II, a really nice strategy game sold in 1995 for DOS, is available and ready to be played again! Time to play an adult and cards video game title.

A very rare adult strip poker game, provided by Brian. The additional teams are locked.

How to play Strip Poker Professional Volume II

Mount the ISO file, run setup with DOSBox, use this CD key during setup: kjfxqwwakdkxyb

At game start, after choosing opponents, another password will be ask, type this: artworx

Captures and Snapshots

Comments and reviews

Jack Norman 2019-12-26 1 point

game working but i can't see the hand cards how to manage dosbox with this game is working

Jack Norman 2019-12-26 1 point

game working but i can't see the hand cards

Darkoon666 2019-07-04 0 point

hi everyones how to fix cards disappeared in game not showing. thanks brain

eevblog 2019-04-28 1 point

Jackie, thanks for your hard work!

Could you ask if he would be willing to sell the assets he has, such as original photos and any source code? We could crowd fund it...

Jackie 2019-04-05 3 points

I managed to dig up the ancient website and even get an email reply from Art Welsh, the creator of these games.
He's retired, so it seems the keys are lost to the void. Unless someone manages to break the encryption!

Here's our short email convo:

And here's how I run this game. Just put this as a .bat file and execute it, replacing the first line with your directory:

mount b c:\games\dosbox\strpok -t cdrom

Mr T. 2019-01-13 0 point

For those who having problems with running this game.
James at 2016-03-26 wrote almost the easiest solution to run the game, but there was a mistake in the name of the folder you need to copy.

My proposition to run it with DosBox below:

1. In Windows Explorer
1.1. Create folder D:\DOS
1.2. Mount ISO file with Daemon Tool or something else.
1.3. Copy the folder SPCDV2 from mounted ISO drive to D:\DOS\SPCDV2
1.4. Copy all the data from mounted ISO drive to D:\DOS\SPXCDV2
1.5. You can unmount the ISO file now if you want or even delete it ;-)

2. Go to DosBox and type
2.1. mount C: D:\DOS
2.2. mount D: D:\DOS\SPXCDV2 -t cdrom

That's all.

ksdomino 2018-07-31 1 point

I tried contacting him too to buy the keys and he didn't reply. I seriously don't mind dropping $30 towards getting this playable. werk, reyan, alex and anyone else that's interested: I made a discord channel, would love it if you can join the chat so we can get this gem sorted :

eevblog 2018-04-07 1 point

Great work Reyan.

Based on what the patent says it seems that they use the public key crypto just to allow the user to generate the DES key locally. The DES key is used to decrypt the team files. Attacking the public key crypto is probably impossibly difficult. So the DES key is the one to attack.

I guess each team has a different DES key, so if we want all the teams we have to attack a different key for each one.

A fast GPU will need about a year to brute force DES, so looks like the way to go. $30 per key.

The thing is, cracking the DES keys won't let us play these teams... And also, at $30/time it migth be cheaper and easier to just pester the developer to buy a key. They were only being sold for $10 each.

Has anyone tried contacting the guy? There is an email address listed on the web site ( He says he might be interested in selling the assets... Original photos perhaps?

WERK 2018-03-31 1 point

Ryan, can you share the disassembled code?
If we recognize DES there, then we can rent this,as we know the initial string -

reyan 2018-03-29 -1 point

Um... please somebody delete my last message.
Here is the full text with all technical details:

CooperTeam 2018-03-21 1 point

What I found so far to make the game work on my end is this.

1.) Download a copy of "xcopy.exe" and put it somewhere
2.) Best to put "xcopy.exe" somewhere DOSBOX or D-FEND is a part of
3.) Start D-Fend or DOSBOX
4.) Mount your ISO as normal
5.) In setting "DOS Environment", make sure AUTOEXEC has a path for "xcopy.exe"
6.) (I made a DOS folder and I put xcopy.exe there so "Path=C:\DOS")
7.) Run the install program and install normally
8.) Once installed, delete the "PSWRD" file, not needed
9.) Once done, run "SPROGV2.EXE".

Now, here's my thing. You can unlock each file using UNLOCKV2.EXE, but then you need a code for each TEAM number.

I know this seems a little pointless at this point, I'm mostly just explaining how I got the game to run without errors or problems.

ALEX 2018-03-20 1 point

Thanks, Werk! A good stuff to dive into.
Here is a more convenient form:

WERK 2018-03-20 2 points

I've searched for DES and Rainbow and found this link:
Then I've searched for Laszlo Elteto and found this link:
It's exactly how this uncrypt scheme works...

WERK 2018-03-20 2 points

Here we have 14 letters: kjfxqwwakdkxyb.
If each letter hold 16 variations, or 4 bits, then we have 56 bits.
56 bits is the key length of DES.
I think the files need to pass for some kind of DES: decrypt with CDKEY.
Then it will pass by some assymetric crypt: Encrypt with PC, decrypt with TUC.
(Product Code and Team Unlock Code)

peet 2018-02-14 -3 points

i can~t install it.
somebody please help me

eevblog 2018-01-19 2 points

The lookup table at seems like some kind of multiplication table. Like the sort of thing used to accelerate AES, e.g.

Fury 2017-12-22 3 points

Does anyone recognise the encryption scheme at ?
Assuming that it's an accurate decompile of cli.exe, I don't recognise it as any of the usual culprits from that time (DES, RC4). Only thing I can tell from it is that it's a block cipher and I *think* it's operating in CBC mode (use of an IV)

If someone recognises it as a standard algorithm, there's a good chance it's been broken in the 20+ years it was developed.

Some additional info for anyone having a go at this - the encryption system looks like it was developed by Rainbow Technologies Ltd, who developed some popular copy-protection systems back then.

eevblog 2017-12-07 0 point

Great work Reyan. I will see if I can do anything with the encryption.

reyan 2017-12-05 3 points

VEND0278 file on the CD - it's encrypted Hierarchical File System image (think of it as of another CD image). You can decrypt it with this tool:
Please note:
1. You'll need software like UltraISO to open .HFS (Hierarchical File System).
2. TEAM?.VCL files still needs to be decrypted (different key for each) and crypt method for them still unknown by now.

eevblog 2017-11-09 1 point

Thanks Fury. The key space is too large to brute force unfortunately. But let'st think about this. Presumably the key comes in the box, the CDs are all the same. So the key they give you when you buy the teams is probably just matched against the one in the box somehow, but likely unrelated to the encryption key for the archives.

I've been trying to find information on the archive format and encryption scheme used. It might be much easier to break, as most were back then.

Zappa 2017-10-27 1 point

URL works fine... you just have to click on it, dont copy paste the url.

reyan 2017-10-23 0 point

i can look into encryption system but need the game cd
the link here gives me 404 error
is there any mirror?

Fury 2017-10-09 4 points

Hacking the main executable doesn't appear to be an option - it looks like some encryption/encoding going on when I looked at the data files.

Some further info behind this: the data file for the first team (TEAM0.VCL on the CD) uses the GX library format to pack all images and sounds. It's unencrypted (first line of the file contains the text "Copyright (c) Genus Microprogramming, Inc. 1988-90") and incidentally you can dump the contents out. The other team library files look like they're contained in the IMPORT.DAT file and there's no text like the line above in that file, leading me to think it's all encrypted/encoded.

If anyone's interested, I used the unpacker available here:, and you can use IrfanView to look at the images after that. On a side note, it looks like some of Artworx's previous games used this format too and can also be unpacked the same way :)

eevblog 2017-10-07 0 point

So this app is decoding IMPORT.DAT and then has some prototype crypto stuff for it. I wonder if this is the wrong approch though, maybe it would be easier to just hack the main executable to think that everything is unlocked.

Anyone tried to contact Artworx?

eevblog 2017-09-26 2 points

I tried contacting the guy, he just deleted my bug report

eevblog 2017-09-23 2 points

I compiled it with djgpp for Windows.

eevblog 2017-09-12 0 point

You can download it and try it:

Rename it to CLI.EXE to replace the old one... I don't know how it is supposed to work. Has anyone tried contacting the author? I can't find contact details...

Trader Vic 2017-09-11 0 point

Damn it! It was so close...

Fury 2017-09-11 1 point

To compile it I used CMake on Ubuntu (any Linux + CMake should do it). I tried Visual Studio but there's a bunch of missing dependencies.

As best as I can work out from the code comments in it, the author of that code decompiled the CLI.exe program and tried to make his own version. It looks like it's still a prototype as it doesn't work the same way as the original. I think it's a lost cause, because you would still need the decryption keys anyway.

Trader Vic 2017-09-10 0 point

How did you compile it? I tried to use CMake + Visual Studio, but it seems to have lots of errors.

eevblog 2017-09-10 1 point

I managed to compile the CLI command but it doesn't seem to do anything. Anyone know how it is supposed to work? Running it doesn't unlock anything.

Braunschweiger 2017-09-05 -1 point

You don't need to download DOS. Open the iso with Daemon Tools Lite (or any iso mounting program) and copy the contents of sprogv2 from the iso to the Strip Poker directory. You will have to edit the strip.bat file.

Phantom Lord 2017-09-05 0 point


I found a code on Github, that may unlock the CD opponents (Unfortunately I'm not a C wizzard). Search with Google, to "spcdv2" or "Pienants/sp_decode". With that somebody may do the work.

Phantom Lord 2017-09-05 1 point

I'm not a C magician, but this link may useful to somebody to do the work and unlock the CD opponents.

Romrail 2017-06-27 1 point

I've just found an interview with Mr. Arthur Walsh (the game's creator) and he was saying that he still has many files and the source codes for the software Artworx created... so I think that he might help us unlock the game or at least he can give us some tips on how to unlock the other teams encrypted on the CD.
Maybe if someone would try and get in touch with him by sending an e-mail to the adrress listed on the site (Yes, Artworx website is still online!) we might receive an answer and maybe finally get this game unlocked for good.

Peter 2017-05-02 0 point

Ok, I'll try my best:
(Sorry if I can't tell with 100% accuracy what the options and buttons to click are labelled in the English version, because mine is not English.)

Have your Sprogv2 profile higlighted, but not started. Click on edit (?), basically the button left to the red delete symbol.

A Profileeditor menu will open up. Go for the part titled drives. Here you will be able to assign your game data and cd to a drive designation in the emulator.
I have my SPCDV2 game installed on my "real" c-drive (designated C:\SPCDV2).
In this options menu you can assign (and I did this) this data to be your c drive in the dos box emulation (no big whop).
I also have the ISO-file of the game run in WINCDEmu as drive F. I can actually access and read the data by browsing through WinExplorer, just as I would access a normal CD. In the very same Profileeditor I then designated my drive F (with the ISO running) as the D drive in D-fend/dosbox, which in turn is then accepted as the game's cd and gets it running. If I forget to mount the ISO - obviously duh! - the game won't run since there is no CD.
Hope this helps.

Osric 2017-04-30 0 point

Peter, I think I'm getting tripped up in your step 4. Can you explain this a little more?

Osric 2017-04-15 0 point I'm getting the xcopy error. I thought Windows 10 supported xcopy

Peter 2017-04-15 1 point

Well, the game is fun.
Too bad there is no one to unlock the other opponents with Artworx at the same time being out of business. I would buy the game if the company still sold it. This basically seems to mean the rest of this nice game is lost forever. :(

Concerning those having trouble running the game, these things worked for me:
(Dislaimer: My tech/software skill level is "RETARD". Also, I forgot how I managed to install the game)
1. Get the ISO mounted on whatever ISO disk drive emulator (I use WINCDEmu) you have.
2. Based on what others wrote, I installed D-Fend
3. Then I drag-dropped SPVRG2 into D-Fend profile creation/the first you see after opening D-Fend
4. I also mounted the ISO in the new profile D-Fend then aks you to create.
In this profile I assgned SPVRG2 to be in the DosBox's virtual C drive, the ISO in a virtual D drive.
5. Strangely enough, this still didn't work until I ticked of the following box in D-Fend (just below SPVRG2 path [sorry, I have no English version, so it might be titled differently]). The awkward translation of the box's title would be " interprete (data) path relative to DOSBox indexing structure".
6. Run the profile. Voila!

Lenghty comment, but I hope it helps!

Osric 2017-04-13 0 point

RomRail.... Did you have to mount the file first to get it to work in D-Fend, or did it do it automatically? I can't seem to mount the drive and when I put it in D-Fend, it installs as "Alien Carnage". What does it come up as in your install?

romrail 2017-02-10 0 point

I'm using the good old "D-Fend Reloaded" program and the game runs prefect under it.

Alex 2017-02-10 1 point

Jamesan, xcopy is a software tool from ms-dos 5 or 6.22 distributive, so you have to download dos somewhere. I highly recommend one of those Russian websites. Then you use PATH variable in autoexec section of dosbox config file to specify a path to the directory with xcopy. Please use Google for details.

jamesan 2017-02-10 0 point

Hi! Did you find out how to install it? I get to start instalation but in the procces this error apears: "ilegal command xcopy" "path not found in module INSTV32 at adress..."

you know what should I do? Thanks!

Alex 2017-02-08 2 points

Romrail, a decent knowledge of x86 assembly (de)coding is required. Sadly, my own is very basic. I had very little spare time since I wrote my last message, but I'm constantly thinking about unlocking the teams. Thoughts and notices:
1. The player gets the Product Code (PC) after the install. It's unique for every machine.
2. The player provides the PC and the number of a team (NT) to the Company.
3. Obviously, the Company has some program tool that generates Team Unlock Code (TUC) based on the PC and NT.
4. The player provides the TUC to CLI.EXE. It checks the TUC with some logic rule, then extracts the NT, then unpacks the Team according to NT. (because CLI.EXE accepts no team numbers, only TUC).

One need to reverse-engineer that logic rule. The final goal is the key generator.

romrail 2017-02-07 2 points

Alex, the info you provided brings us one step closer to the final goal: cracking the other teams. If CLI.EXE is used to accept the password and to start the unpacking of the selected team this means that it must compare the combination of characters that are written by the user with the correct one that should be stored in a coded form somewhere in the file's source code. We just need to find this "correct combination" and probably we'll be able to successfully unpack the rest of the teams. Sadly, I have no idea how to decode the CLI.EXE file. :(

ALEX 2017-01-04 3 points

The best l've figured out is the following: CLI.EXE is doing all the job of accepting the password and unpacking the particular team, not UNLOCKV2.EXE which is simplistic interface utility by Artworx themselves. Yes, the former is written by some third-party security team called Rainbow Technologies Ltd. Tough news. The good ones is that CLI.EXE can be processed by disassembler or debugger. Let's join our efforts!

alex 2016-12-21 5 points

Let's hire an expert to unlock them

romrail 2016-06-11 4 points

Finally managed to start the game but I can't find a way to unlock the additional opponents teams encrypted on the CD.

Somehow my intuition tells me that if the CD has an unlocked team of four opponents and in order to install the game you need to enter a 14 characters password... then the passwords needed in order to unlock the additional teams should have a simmilar format.

So if I'm guessing right, in order to succesfully unlock the teams 1 - 6 one needs to find the correct combination of 14 lowercase characters that would be accepted by the program, just like the one required when trying to install the game.

romrail 2016-06-10 -2 points

Maybe I'm missing something, but I've tried in vain to run the game under DosBox V. 0.74. Althoug I've managed to run the game and hear the starting sound, my scrren goes totally black and I can't see any image.
I saw that other people had this issue and i'm curious how they managed to overcome it and actually run the game.

admin 2016-06-09 3 points

Did run the game to take the screenshots, using Daemon Tools and Boxer on a Mac. Should be the same on Windows.

romrail 2016-06-09 2 points

Did any of you managed to actually start and play the game? I can't find the way in which to succesfully run the game under DOSBox v. 0.74

J.Calhoun 2016-05-12 13 points

Could anyone figure out how to unlock the extra packs? The ordering info is pretty much useless 20 years later, and Artworx seems to have gone down too.

Miles O'Tool 2016-04-24 3 points

Got the game to run in DOSbox 0.74 on Windows 10 by first mounting the ISO in File Explorer to any free driver letter. Then in DOSbox mount c drive to a scratch directory and mkdir \sprogv2. Copy over the contents of the \sprogv2 directory from the mounted CD to the C:\sprogv2 directory. Use the mount command in DOSbox to assign the cdrom to a drive letter:
mount d D:\ -t cdrom
You should now be able to run the game in DOSbox with:
cd sprogv2

Strip 2016-04-16 2 points

to mount the virtual cd

Imgmount d c:\path\cdfake.iso -t cdrom -fs iso

DoePoker 2016-04-11 1 point

CanĀ“t unlock the packs, I solve the xcpy problem coping xcopy do a directory and setting it as path, but when I try to start the ulocked game (typing strip) it frezzes on a black screen and when I try to start typing sprogv2 it works but only with 4 girls.
Anyone know what to do?

NZWar 2016-03-31 6 points

Have found that to get DosBox to recognise the cd drive you need to mount the location using mount d h:\ -t cdrom this will then allow the system to recognise a valid cd drive

NZWar 2016-03-31 4 points

Does anyone know how to unlock the other packages?

James 2016-03-26 2 points

For some reason, won't work for me. (Mounted with PowerISO, and in DOSBox, mounted the CD as D:/ and my hard drive as C:/)
When I run the setup with DOSBox, it gives "Illegal Command: XCOPY" and doesn't copy sprogv2.exe.
Then I copy it manually, or install without DOSBox, but when I try to run. VENDRUN gives "Could not determine CD ROM drive or could not allocate memory for drives. Cannot load system."
And for SPROGV2: "No CD-ROM drive found! This program requires information contained on the Strip Poker Professional Volume II CD-ROM. This program has not found a CD-ROM drive installed on your system. Make sure the proper CD-ROM extensions are installed."

Robb 2016-03-26 0 point

How did u do?
I have WIN 10. I mounted the iso in a virtual unity (D:)
But when i tryed to run "install" from DOSbox, it says what directory/unit I want to install. If I let standard parameters, it quits from install without install the game. If I change them it also quits.

Brian. (Yes, that one!) 2016-03-25 1 point

Update: I found out how to get this game to work. I mounted the game directory directly (instead of the directory which I keep all my DOS games), and the game worked!

The bad news is that I have to close DOSBox in order to play any other games, but hopefully my advice will help others.

Brian. (Yes, that one!) 2016-03-21 1 point

Before I get to my problems, I discovered something! Through looking at part of the manual to one of the past Artworx Strip Poker games, the password can be removed. There's a file called "PSWRD" (no file extension)... Open this file, and erase the word artworx, then save. (Although you can feel free to set your very own password to feel high and mighty.)

Since you got this game to install (and more importantly, play), I was feeling confident, so I gave it a second go in DOSBox v.0.74.

At first the installation failed, so then I tried making the game subdirectory via file explorer, and then the game apparently installed correctly.

Now for the next step, I've tried mounting the .iso as both an iso and as a CD with a virtual drive utility, and the results were the same.

After typing "strip," the game automatically runs something in the setup folder, but then it tries to run "sprogv2," and is written-off as an illegal command, and the game goes back to the C-prompt.

So I copy sprogv2.exe from the .iso over to the game's folder, and then when I type "strip," I see the game try to launch one other command, but it vanishes too soon, and then the screen goes totally black, and does nothing.

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