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Sword of Aragon

DOS - 1989

Also released on: Amiga

Year 1989
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Genre Strategy
Theme Fantasy, Managerial, Turn-based
Publisher Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Perspectives Side view, Top-Down
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.61
4.64 / 5 - 58 votes

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Description of Sword of Aragon

Regarded by many wargamers as THE best fantasy wargame ever made, SSI's Sword of Aragon is a true precursor of later classics Conquered Kingdoms and SSI's own Fantasy General.

Set in the Aragonian Empire, you are heir of the late Duke of Aladda, and your task is to once again extend Aladda's dominion and eventually crown yourself king in Tetrada. Executing your father's will properly means raising and equipping an army, then venturing forth to do battle against the dastardly foes threatening Aladda and its surroundings.

Your success in Sword of Aragon depends on careful allocation of precious resources, astute military planning, and deft combat maneuvers. Knights, priests, warriors, mages, rangers, cavalry, infantry, and bowmen are some of the units you can recruit, and in true AD&D fashion, you can equip them with different armor types. Nothing in the game will strike anyone today as a big deal, but back in 1989 it was a revolutionary title that attracted many non-wargamers to the genre.

Excellent AI and addictive gameplay help Sword of Aragon remain one of the most playable and replayable fantasy wargames ever. Two thumbs up!

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

RTurn 2021-10-19 -2 points

You sold out to GOG and STEAM ...

Klambeen 2021-04-03 4 points

Awesome awesome game. I loved building every regiment piece by piece, naming each one, picking the hero to lead each one. Upgrading my hero, recruiting more men to each hero's regiment. Game has spellcaster heroes, paladin heroes, ranger heroes etc. Enemy is really tough to defeat with regiments of pretty meaty monsters. Terrain has attack + defence values. Love it. Map is hidden until explored :P

Jazzwind 2020-12-03 -3 points DOS version

Starting up the game, first attacks by gnomes, I am trying to place where the units will be. Whenever I click, the green box shows up four or five squares away from where I click. The single most irritating thing I've ever had in a game I played for decades.

Very glad I spent not one penny on this game.

Kanashi 2020-04-23 5 points DOS version

Simply the best strategy game at that time. I played it over and over 20 odd years ago. I felt for an old school strategy game, then I Googled it, and wow I was amazed that someone have it available for download. I had to Google for the manual, and found it elsewhere, Thanks! Never mind the negative comments..Sword of Aragon was THE best strategy game at the time. Today the games bring the imagination to life. Back then, your mind had to visualize all those things, even the story in the manual, one had to visualize and imagine it, and it was awesome. Pity it was never followed up with other additions for example like the Final Fantasy series, it would have been awesome.

Repo 2020-04-04 2 points

I played this amazing TBS for hours on end on the Amiga and competed it several times. This is a fantastic strategy game and it's a massive shame there isn't more like it.

Nope 2018-02-28 -18 points

Easy exploits and bugs galour. This programmer never picked up a contract after this game. There is no better pre-90 fantasy and strategy wargame than "The Lords of Midnight" which preceded this piece of trash by five years.

papucho 2017-12-17 4 points

I've played this while a kid, it was already old abandonware, but found it to be one of my most played games for a couple of seasons. The best game that fit a single floppy disk.

Augurer 2017-08-02 3 points

For anyone needing the poster, I created a document with images of the cities.

imdog 2013-08-08 -1 point DOS version

has anyone have the full 500 pt walk-through? I try this one but not very comprehensive.

Also I discover 2 cheats in this game. One is related to recruiting, one is related to Mage. Did anyone copy me :)

DArcon 2013-03-09 0 point DOS version

Played this game so many times and I keep going back,

bellok 2013-02-24 0 point DOS version

Back in the day, this game was on the top of my playlist. I spent hours and hours playing it but was never quite able to conquer the game. I do recall there was a bug that fuzzed up the game if toward the end of the game you attacked a certain town without having already conquered another one nearby. Nonetheless the AI in the game was very good and was able to predict your future moves. In today's age, it wouldn't get a second look, it is sad it has not be updated with current graphics, it would probably sell then.

instinct46 2012-08-14 0 point DOS version

I've lost months of my life while I was in primary school to this game. Great game, its a little easy though

aladda 2013-05-02 0 point DOS version

Fix for "hero stuck in the corner" bug?
Sometimes when I get a hero, he appears in the top left corner of the screen instead of with my army. He's stuck on the island and can't get off! Does anyone know how to kill him or move him? The game only allows me to have a limited number of heroes, and this marooned hero counts against my limit! A bugfix or a workaround would be greatly appreciated. I know you can edit the game's files but I can't figure out how to change the location of heroes.

Here's a screenshot of the hero stuck in the corner.

Please contact if you have a fix, thanks!

Vic 2011-09-30 1 point DOS version

One of the few games I ever went back to again and again.

Mario 2011-06-08 2 points DOS version

I have been thinking about this game lately! I used to play it on my XT, with a 12mb hard drive. Still one of the best and most addictive games ever made.

dadi 2011-05-20 0 point DOS version

I was a huge fan of this game. Thanks for sharing.

kanashi 2011-03-15 0 point DOS version

I agree! was looking for it for SO long online- my friend borrowed mine 2 decades ago, and he does not have a clue as to where it is :-( ! Thanks!

jim 2009-08-03 1 point DOS version

greatest game ever made

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