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WarCraft: Orcs & Humans

DOS - 1994

Also released on: Mac

Alt names WC1, WarCraft I
Year 1994
Platform DOS
Released in United Kingdom, United States (1994)
France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, United States (1996)
France, Germany (1997)
France (1998)
United Kingdom (2002)
Genre Strategy
Theme Fantasy, RTS, Real-Time, War
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment Inc., Interplay Productions, Inc., Sold Out Sales & Marketing Ltd.
Developer Blizzard Entertainment Inc.
Perspectives Top-Down, Free-roaming camera
Dosbox support Supported on 0.73
4.43 / 5 - 890 votes

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Description of WarCraft: Orcs & Humans

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Warcraft: Orcs & Humans marked the beginning of Blizzard Entertainment’s now legendary gaming franchise. After Westwood’s Dune II, avid strategy gamers were waiting for a new game. Warcraft filled that spot immediately. The first Warcraft was well received with its great ambiance, sounds and interface, impressive cut scenes (a Blizzard characteristic) and a 2 player mode (through a modem or null-modem).

Released at a similar time to Westwood’s Command & Conquer, the two franchises would spend much of the late 1990’s competing. For those preferring fantasy settings over a modern military setting, Warcraft was obviously the preferred choice.

Set in the kingdom of Azeroth, the single player game revolves around commanding either a force of orcs or humans through a multi-mission campaign to rule the kingdom. The game features familiar real-time-strategy-game elements, including base building, and resource harvesting in order to build a force large enough to conquer the enemy and claim victory. However, all this must be carefully balanced with base defence as the enemy attacks are relentless, especially in later missions of the campaign. To add variety, there are also occasional missions where a limited number of troops are used to conquer an objective or rescue a character. At times these can be slightly frustrating, but they are thankfully few and far between.

On the downside, the single player mode is quite short, with each campaign only having 12 missions. The graphics are missing some colours, army management is a bit simple compared to Dune II and the control method is slightly cumbersome. Blizzard would address most of these issues in the sequel, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness but despite the minor downsides the original game is still a must-play though for all the Warcraft fans!

Review By Richard

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Comments and reviews

nik 2024-04-06 0 point

gog is worst trash ever, they pack game with dos box with incorect speed and mouse speed also off, best way to play this is to setup dos on PCem and install game from iso

Old Nerd Playing Old PC Games 2023-12-08 1 point DOS version

WarCraft: Orcs & Humans Full playthrough on my channel:

nothappycamper 2021-10-29 2 points

wow remonetising this after its been given out for free hardly seems legit at all!

stinger9898 2021-06-08 0 point

is it even legal for them to charge for a game so old did they buy the copy rights or are then selling them without owning the ownership rights to sell wander what the developers thank being short changed like this

Tox 2021-02-16 0 point

@LINKR: That's pretty much half the games on this site

Pontori 2020-07-13 4 points

I hate GOG. I'm not buying anything from them anymore. Steam either. I'm going back to .iso, bitlord, and ghost drives.

LinkR 2019-03-28 4 points

Kinda weird to see abandonware suddenly remonetized. It's like the parents of some orphan they abandoned suddenly decided they were worth keeping. Kinda fucked up when you think about it.

stefanw1337 2019-03-11 4 points

Rumors are GOG are working on getting this to GOG, might not be abandonware for so much longer.

Tripod 2019-03-02 1 point DOS version

Hours and Hours of Fun

DeathFromAbove 2019-02-17 1 point

You need to download the Dos version and then install DosBox on Ubuntu.
Once DosBox has been configured, the original files will work like a charm.

Meliodas 2019-02-13 -2 points

sorry forgot to include a way to reach me. you can reach me at

Meliodas 2019-02-13 -6 points

Does anyone know how to download warcraft 1 and 2 for ubuntuu 16.04?

Hank 2019-01-20 1 point

Love all the old Warcraft games played em forever i think these were the best not saying Warcraft III and The Frozen Throne wasn't good it wasn't that hard but good for your collection thanks so much for all the games .

Ninjared 2018-12-12 0 point

@NATAS: Yes, you have to reduce the cycles in Dosbox. For some reason, the War1 and War2 engines clock the game speed just fine, but the scroll speed is dependent upon the cycles. I don't know why, but it is.

Seth 2018-11-03 0 point

Ra7ven could you make an Installer for Warcraft 2 BtDP?

Natas 2018-09-18 3 points DOS version

Have never played a Dos Game in my life and I only wanted to play this game out of curiosity, luckily I was able to install DOSBox and the game without any trouble.
My only gripe is that the scroll speed when I move my mouse to the edge of the screen or using the arrow keys on my keyboard is ungodly fast. It makes it nearly impossible to navigate around the map since it takes like half a second to get from one edge of the map to the other.
Is there a way to fix this?

Trent 2018-06-22 0 point DOS version

It is working great, all except for the screen is offset while playing, so I can't see anything on the left side of the game. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Ra7en 2018-06-19 8 points

Hey all, I made(make) 1 click installers for these games. This one is very popular. so just download, install and play. when done, comes with a full uninstaller. Hope this helps those that want to play but do not want to mess with goofy DOSBOX/config .ini files, mounting/unmounting etc.. None of the games are ripped - they full and complete.
Have Fun!!

Dave 2018-05-06 0 point

thank you

sart 2018-03-30 0 point DOS version

very nice ,Thx

Pecinta Game Retro 2018-03-09 0 point

Very nice !!
Thank all.. :)

Space Man 100789 2018-01-04 -1 point

This Game Is Awesome It Will Always Be One Of My Favorite Strategy Games It is also one of my favorite games

Pls Help 2017-12-08 -10 points

what´s the difference between the RIP and the ISO version?

Kruz 2017-10-14 0 point

Have made a step by step guide on how to install:

Eugene 2017-09-25 -6 points

How to download?? can u give me a step by step?

bob 2017-03-21 -5 points DOS version

What is the RIP version for DOS and why is it a tenth the size of the ISO?

ChronoKatamie3 2016-12-19 0 point DOS version

After reading the comments I saw people have a bit of a size problem may I offer you, a resolution, haha bad pun. Okay in windows right click dosbox then properties then compatablity then check the run in 640 x 480 option and it should run just fine

The alertArchitect 2016-10-13 -24 points

Is it possible to run any version of this game without a DOS emulator? They tend not to work well on my computers for some reason.

mINONONO 2016-07-22 2 points

Gerat game, will love to play again

EMI 2016-07-04 1 point


dimnugroho 2016-06-22 0 point DOS version

Love this game!
I start to play this game after watching the movie, love Garona :)
Here is a tutorial video to install WARCRAFT 1,

Enjoy :)

milk 2016-06-22 1 point DOS version

whether the game appears tiny and centered or stretched to your screen, depends on your graphics card. I used several different laptops, some stretch smaller games, some keep them in original resolution, centered. Some stretch both height and width, some preserve the ratio. Sometimes it's easier to change these option, sometimes harder, but it has to be possible one way or another, so keep digging.

Rasande 2016-06-19 0 point DOS version

I've successfully installed this game via DosBlaster and DosBox; however, since our monitors in this day of age are far greater than those from 1994, this game appears as a tiny spec on my screen. The game runs just fine except it's unplayable because I can't make the game any larger on my screen. I've tried dragging the corners and maximizing via the tiny square icon on the top right of the window. There are no in-game options to make this game full screen which was typical from games back them.

Rhodorn 2016-06-12 -1 point

"How do I get better resolution?"


Jess 2016-05-31 -10 points DOS version

What're the differences between ISO and RIP files? Are they the same? ISO file is much larger than RIP file.

Benjamin 2016-05-30 -2 points DOS version

I cant read the mdf file in daemon tools, it just says ''unable to acess image files''

any suggestions ?

damion 2016-05-05 -3 points

Good I play it

raziel 2016-03-10 -6 points DOS version

having trouble running the game...
what exactly is the process after download???

ArgTem 2016-02-10 1 point

It runs via dosblaster and dosbox, but SUPER SLOW. how do i speed it up? Also how to I get better resolution?

Del Rio 2016-01-30 1 point DOS version

An absolute classic.
I was worried that this game may not have aged well and, while the controls will take some getting used to (if you're used to playing more modern RTSs) this is still worth your download.

The graphics still look fantastic, even after all these years. Bizzard has a really great comic book like art style that I just loved as a kid and still do today.

It's awesome to play both sides, orcs and Humans. They both play basically the same, but you get to see the story from each race's point of view.
When most people hear Warcraft, they think of the MMORPG, but I always go back to the original games, the real time strategy games that started it all.


spongebobsquareass 2016-01-04 -7 points DOS version

what's the different between floppy disk ver. and cd rom ver.?

AutheticGam3s 2015-11-21 -5 points

Plays Games

bulo 2015-10-20 -22 points DOS version

How can I download it on my tablets

ky minh le 2015-09-13 2 points DOS version

good game

Huntersouls 2015-08-30 3 points DOS version

why 470mb? i have same game with 7.62 mb have talk intro and videos, a sound work good in troops and game..only problem is when u see the letters of ur quest u dont listen narrator read but who cares...

ray24 2015-08-28 0 point DOS version

Thanks bros!

gwapo 2015-08-27 0 point


monte montera 2015-08-10 0 point DOS version

15 years since i have played looking forward to play

Beerblaster 2015-07-04 7 points DOS version

@ Kirken

Thank you, had some troubles installing and your explanation made perfect sense and got it to work perfectly. :)

cty 2015-07-02 3 points DOS version

I'm obviously to stupid to run old games on my computer. Using WIndows 7 32bit and none of the ways showed above worked for me. when typing install.exe (from Kirken's post) i get "illegal command" error when typing both case (in-) and sensitive.
When trying JLC420's way with using DOSBlaster, it cannot, by any means detect DOSBox's installation even after manually poining it in configuration window. It just keeps saying DOSBox not installed (it is installed, though..)
So i ended up with same result as by every other time i wanted to play war1 and war2 on my pc- only dreaming about it, never getting to work. can someone, please provide me with noob-friendly description, how to manage it to work on 32bit Windows7 OS? Thanks in advance.

moo king 2015-06-10 2 points DOS version

hopefully i can save someone from similar frustration that i had with sound.
i had no issue with the music but the SFX sound was sooo broken was painful to listen to. turns out issue was dosbox pushing the CPU to the max (I`m relatively new to dosbox), the dosbox CPU option needs to be set to a fixed number (ex. fixed 2000) instead of on auto(which pushes it to max). using ctrl f11 f12 can work but not as precise, hope this helps

Warcake 2015-06-04 3 points DOS version

Hey when I try to start warcraft it says that dosbox executeable is not foundand I have to download it when I already did and have it up plz help someone!?!

winton camacho 2015-05-12 0 point DOS version

great game ....friends at school love it.
should make more.we play warcraft 3................

warrior_hamed 2015-04-13 -3 points DOS version


JusticeChampx 2015-02-04 -2 points DOS version

Como eu amo um RTS!!!

chuhakhanh 2015-01-30 0 point DOS version

I just remember the time playing with my old friend at his house. war1 and hero. The memories so beautiful.

Kirken 2014-12-22 23 points DOS version

sgjgh, the 427 MB ISO version works on PC.

1. Download the ISO version (MDF)
2. Mount (open) it with Daemon tools (or whatever you use for disc images)
3. Drag the files from the "CD" (mounted image) to a folder on your computer
4. Install Dosbox
5. Drag and drop the folder from step 3 to the Dosbox icon
6. Type in "install.exe" and run the installer
7. For audio: set the "Select music sound card" to "General midi"
8. Then it's just dragging and dropping the installation folder to Dosbox and run "war.exe" when you want to play
9. Something
10. Profit!

sgjgh 2014-12-21 0 point DOS version

It would be nice if you told people that the 400MB "ISO" image for "DOS" called is NOT an ISO, it's actually an MDF format ( ) of an Apple_HFS image...
It's WarCraft to run on an Apple computer, not on DOS on a PC.
To unpack it to find this out on Debian Linux I needed to install acetoneiso and download a further plugin it suggested, because mdf2iso couldn't even read it.
Thanks for wasting a couple of hours of my sleep time.

Maac 2014-11-28 1 point DOS version

Esta super que buenisisisisisimo

redbaron865 2014-11-10 1 point DOS version

Tried to get it to play, my system says that the .exe file is missing, anyone know what the problem is?

Simon 2014-11-09 0 point DOS version

Does it even work?

acarrunto 2014-11-07 1 point DOS version

I'm playing this but i wonder if it necesary to press the ctrl buttom everytime i want to create the box that selects my units. I read the manual and it didn't say anything, is there a problem in my dosbox?

T 2014-10-19 0 point DOS version

make bigger - dos options- full resolution *make it your native resolution ex - 1680x1050 then "output put opengl" go down to aspect and make true. This will give you best results. Start game and push alt enter make full screen. Enjoy!

s39jd 2014-10-14 0 point DOS version

gostaria de jogar warcraft11 novamente

moreno 2014-10-13 1 point DOS version

How download Warcraft human orco

Neo 2014-09-18 -2 points DOS version

How do you make the size bigger

NSMC 2014-08-21 0 point DOS version

you know the only thing you need to do to get any dosbox game is just open the folder and drag the .exe file that is closest the game name on dosbox

Chris 2014-08-13 -1 point DOS version


JLC420 2014-07-23 0 point DOS version

If people are having trouble running the program such as I have had with DosBox, install dosblaster. it takes they annoyance out of DosBox. It only uses DosBox to run the game you don't need to mount a drive. I just make a folder called dos on the desktop and unzip each game into a separate folder within within it. Once you open DosBlaster, go to file - import game folder select folder **note to open the folder to see is the zip file had already created a folder sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't. Select the actual folder it self for instance:

In my Dos folder I created a separate folder call Theme Hospital. When I unzipped Theme hospital It created it's own folder inside that one. So in order for me to add theme hospital to my list of games In DosBlaster I just had to open the first folder labeled theme hospital and highlight the self create one. Select ok and wait a couple seconds for it to be added to the list Once added double-click then select the correct .exe or .bat file in order to run the game. May need to try a few in the list if more than 1 or 2.

I see Dosbox not mounting drive no matter how many times I have tried and came across this nice little program, DosBlaster.. It is pretty straight forward. Some games still will not work or require a disc still such as Capitalism. but the ones that I have found to work end up working on both x32 and x64.
Some games you don't need to use dosbox or any such program For instance again Theme hospital. Unzip to a folder you choose and just run the .exe (application). it may allow you or may not. before getting annoyed and resort to DosbBox change the compatibility settings and try again. All else fails then you need Dosbox.

carolinarocks28 2014-07-20 0 point DOS version

hey this download doesn't work with the DOSBox or D-Fend Reloaded...I am using a HP with windows 8...I got oregon trail deluxe to work though..

if anyone has any hints you could email me if you want to help...

Woho 2014-07-20 0 point DOS version

Nice ty!

OldGamesRocks 2014-07-08 0 point DOS version

If you are not able to run the game, try to install "Dosbox" and "Dos shell"
They are dedicated to run old dos games on the new versions of windows.
Oh and spread the word to fellow lovers of old games.

Rockom 2014-07-08 -2 points DOS version

How can I run this on those new versions of windows?

i love warcraft 2014-06-07 0 point DOS version

Thanks you very mush

Tomson 2014-05-12 1 point DOS version

Thank for oldgames

Murablo 2014-04-30 0 point DOS version

Is this shareware or the full game?

Thunder29 2014-04-29 0 point DOS version

I like Warcraft

dwar 2014-04-26 -1 point DOS version


masi992 2014-04-23 0 point DOS version

best game

joven 2014-04-18 1 point DOS version


tetsu 2014-04-17 0 point DOS version

does it work? it wont give my laptop a virus will it?

Squiddy 2014-04-12 0 point DOS version

The cutscene voices arent working for me. Can Anyone help? @squiddyG twitter

sweet 2014-04-06 0 point DOS version


ottersea 2014-04-03 0 point DOS version

and the the addiction returns

jjpbird 2014-02-23 0 point DOS version

omg i love this game i also remeber when it came out i also stayde up playin it dam

Richardsen 2014-02-17 0 point DOS version

Works like a charm!

Punish 2014-02-17 0 point DOS version

Cant wait

indstr 2014-02-12 -2 points DOS version

Man... I remember when the demo of this came out, I stayed up all night playing it. Awesome awesome memories. Ever since C&C/Starcraft era I don't really care about RTS games anymore, but the original Warcraft will always have a special place in my heart.

Dragoneles 2014-01-21 0 point DOS version

First game I ever played. /nostalgia

master 2014-01-09 0 point DOS version

One of the best games ever published!!

Nadie 2013-12-17 0 point DOS version

Esta bueno

frosztbyte 2013-12-08 1 point DOS version

This is one of the *best* all-time game series of all, and *this* is the game that started it! Thank you SO much! It's my second favorite game series of all, and, being a game developer and playing games since 1984 at the age of 4, that's saying a lot! I just found this site and think I'm in L-O-V-E! Greetings to all and Happy Holidays! For the Horde! xP

JUKEBOX PRO 2013-12-03 -2 points DOS version


Jonathan Palmer 2013-11-09 0 point DOS version

try running the game through command prompt works for me on XP.

rx 2013-10-22 0 point DOS version

eu gosto de warcraft

nicko 2013-10-06 -2 points DOS version

it says the program is not compatible with my windows version (windows 7 professional)

joshmasterjosh 2013-10-01 1 point DOS version

What's "word one of line four on page 2?" It's asking in the setup

krazybeast 2013-09-30 0 point DOS version


nhoxjustin 2013-09-16 0 point DOS version

WoW , So Cool.i love it., Yeah Yeah.

Jake 2013-07-28 0 point DOS version

Great game, was able to get everything working nicely besides the mission briefings. No matter where I download this game that seems to be the issue. Oh well Cheers ^_^

cof 2013-06-14 0 point DOS version

i cant get it to work =[ i love this game so much!

anon 2013-03-27 -1 point DOS version

wuts this game?

Andy 2013-03-04 0 point DOS version

Hey guys here's what i did to get the sound working ingame. using D-fend reloaded, I changed my profile under sound to sound blaster. Then in the game's setup i selected sound blaster and DMA 5 for both music and digitized sound (all other options i made the default choice). The mission briefing still doesn't have sound but everything else does (units and music) so i think it might just be the version.

I grew up with this game and i can't wait to seriously play it.

Juanspyro 2013-02-07 0 point DOS version

The problem is that there isn't any sound to go with this amazing game! Is there a way to fix that?

Dakillamon 2013-01-25 0 point DOS version

this game is pretty cool

berkant 2012-12-27 0 point DOS version

demo mu la bu

tennmann 2012-12-15 0 point DOS version

i went and down loaded dosbox. I followed the directions and can see the game file. when i double click on it it brings up the dosbox screen and acts like it is about to load. then it flashes me back to the orignal screen where you double click to get started. i tried several times to get it to work with no luck. can any bdy explain why or how to help.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 2012-12-06 1 point DOS version

This brings back so many good memories of me and my daddy playing together, back when we got along...

arthurin 2012-10-21 0 point DOS version

im having a problem installing it. i have tried opening it in windows 1995 mode but it did not help anyone got a fix for it? :)

N00B.Reaper 2012-10-09 0 point DOS version

itl cooooool

luki 2012-09-19 0 point DOS version

i love wow

Gewehr 2012-08-11 0 point DOS version

Along with C&C, unleashed the RTS revolution and the online head to head genre. Still a blast to play.

pixel 2012-05-30 0 point DOS version


DieHardBlizzardFan 2012-04-17 0 point DOS version

The game that started them all. Awesome collector's item.

Licurg 2012-03-11 4 points DOS version

I like this warcraft more than i like warcraft 3. Is that normal?

123 2012-01-30 0 point DOS version

Warcraft rulez

RetroGamer 2011-11-10 0 point DOS version

Stop Poking MEEEEEEE!

nick 2011-10-12 0 point DOS version

this game is old but is very good

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