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DOS - 1996

Also released on: SEGA Saturn

Alt names Z Origins: Z The Game, Z: The Game
Year 1996
Platform DOS
Released in Germany, United Kingdom, United States (1996)
France, Germany (1998)
Genre Strategy
Theme RTS, Real-Time, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Publisher GT Interactive Software Europe Ltd., Pointsoft S.A., Renegade Software, Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
Developer Bitmap Brothers, The
Perspective Top-Down
4.51 / 5 - 190 votes

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Description of Z

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A Command & Conquer clone that was much less successful than it deserved, Z is as notable for being the only real-time strategy game from action game masters at Bitmap Brothers as being a very innovative title-- and very funny to boot.

Z was advertised as "the first game in the combat strategy genre to feature an advanced artificial intelligence system that reacts to the player's moves in real-time, not to a pre-set mission strategy". This means that the computer supposedly actually responds to the player's moves and changes its strategy accordingly. In reality, unfortunately, the game's AI is not that advanced, and often even makes silly mistakes. The game also contains some bugs, although none of which is game-stopping.

What sets Z apart from other C&C clones, though, is the great sense of humor that adds a lot of personality to the game. Featuring an army of crude cyborg soldiers, led by the order-barking Commander Zod, Z puts players on the front lines of a futuristic battle with an army of undisciplined, beer drinking robots with attitudes. You will dodge earth-shattering explosions, complete with shrapnel and flying debris, and forge through 20 levels of gameplay on five deadly planets while capturing the arms, factories and radar installations of your enemies.

Z includes a good number of multiplayer options, including serial or modem link, or with up to four players using the network-play feature. The single-player campaign is excellent, and features a lot of hilarious cutscenes and voices (unfortunately missing from this CD-rip version). Although the robots do not have distinct personalities as the mercenaries in Jagged Alliance do, they nevertheless are well-caricatured and always funny to watch in action.

Overall, if you enjoy Cannon Fodder 2 or want a not-so-serious version of Command & Conquer, Z is a must-have. The game may not be the best real-time strategy game on the market, or the most challenging in terms of AI, but it's got more than enough personality and charm to keep you entertained. Recommended!

Review By HOTUD

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fondy 2023-12-10 0 point DOS version

The full game completion in videos

Shepard 2023-08-27 0 point

Can you get it for your phone

Krank 2022-10-12 1 point

Working and updated version here:

Thomasz Bob Bronson McDuff 2022-08-24 1 point

To play this (and many other DOS roms), download retroarch and install the "DOSBOX Pure" core. All you need to do is point the emulator to the directory with the executable file in and it will run anything you throw at it. No need to type any annoying launch sequences or anything, just fire it up and Roberts your fathers brother

Thomasz Bob Bronson McDuff 2022-08-24 -2 points

I've found out how to get this working. Head on over to WOWroms and download their version. Thats it

spassten 2022-05-24 0 point

i dont understand " MOUNT C: INTO THE GAME FOLDER " ?????????????? wtf

MJ 2021-11-01 -2 points

Does any one was able to run on windows 10, Z: Steel Soldiers - I do not mean that new supposedly remastered version, but the actual vanilla version of the game? I got the original one on CD and I am not able to run this one on my PC.

wildsau 2021-04-29 0 point

sau gutes spiel aus meiner kindheit

Kalcos 2020-11-21 1 point

I got the game to work. If you run via DOSBox and mount c: directly to the game folder, you get an error when running z.bat. But if you mount to another folder, it works.

For example, if the game folder is "D:\Games\Z", mounting c: directly to the Z folder won't work, but mount it to Games, then type "cd Z" and then Z and it works fine.

Enjoy :)

manewer 2020-08-06 0 point

I am trying to run this game AGAIN since last run when 90's, so just to refresh those memory of wonderful LIFE. Really hanks for making it online!

Babi Metaro 2020-05-07 4 points


downloaded .zip file
then modified the z.bat file using 'Notepad'

Ctrl C and Ctrl V:

@Echo Please Wait - Loading ......
@ZED.EXE C:/CD% %1 %2 %3 %4 %5


zGamer 2020-01-12 1 point

Hey guys
Is level 20 the last one? I see there in the folder levels up to 40.

Isiel 2020-01-06 0 point

Was this just released for free recently?

GDIcommander 2019-11-26 -3 points

I remenber this game went mobiephone have too?

Pedre 2019-11-17 0 point

My childhood

undertm 2019-11-05 4 points

Thanks for all the help guys, got it running after making the options.cfg read only after a fresh install. using dosbox 0.74-3. Using Mac Os how do i find the "configuration file" so i can set the screen size, cpu speed etc. I know how to do it on a windows machine, but can't find it in the Mac Os.

chauphuong 2019-01-28 1 point

How to have sound in a Win10 64 bit PC? Playing with mute sucks

sloth 2018-11-06 2 points

To solve "Critical file missing: d:\z\E_logo,jv" issue, make sure you set the OPTIONS.CFG file to read only RIGHT AFTER extraction.

OPTIONS.CFG included in this archive is already set to skip all cutscenes, ie all *.jv files. Set it to read only to prevent this setting from being changed.

mogdog 2018-10-18 0 point

played 2 many many years ago

JackNorris 2018-07-31 0 point

Edit the z.bat with this line:
@ZED.EXE C: /CD %1 %2 %3 %4 %5

You have to setup the sound if you do not want to play in mute.

Works for me.

Dlee 2018-03-22 -1 point

How to unlock level 21 to 40?

drz 2017-07-17 0 point

use "fakecd" in real dos so you can copy it to any folder you like.

P-Jay 2017-06-12 -1 point

If you try the game with DOSBox and it say's to use the Z.bat just type Z and the game will start without using the Z.bat ;-)

Yorbihtter 2017-05-08 11 points

Uhm... Guys... I have a problem here. I've done as all of you said, but, I have a problem with "E_logo.jv" file.
"Critical file missing: d:\z\E_logo,jv
Please Ensure CD is in drive, and door is closed"

What do I need to do?

Notquite 2017-04-23 2 points

If you encounter the "level01map file missing" error, it means that you installed Z in the wrong directory.
It has to be in C:\Z
If it is in any other directory or mounted as drive D or E it won't work.

If you want to mount it do drive D (that is, in the D:\Z directory) you have to change the z.bat file to read:
@ZED.EXE/CD:D %1 %2 %3 %4 %5

As you can see, the "CD:C" part in the original file tells zed.exe to check drive c for the files. It will always look in the \Z\ directory of that drive letter

Hope that helps.

crusherrr 2016-05-04 1 point

if you get the error that it can't load the mission file. just copy the contents of the mission folder into the main folder. that way the bat file can access them.

UZY 2016-04-18 -6 points

how do you play after downloading and extracting the game because non of the applications work

Martin Rayner 2016-04-18 -3 points

Only some minor editing of the batch file and tweaking of the audio settings was needed to get it working properly. Runs great, but it's interesting to note the difference between this and the "ZOD Engine" remake. By comparison, this is a heck of a lot more sluggish (which isn't necessarily a bad thing).

Maverick 2016-03-25 -2 points

By the way, Im using a mac with dosbox

Maverick 2016-03-25 0 point

@MR POPADOPPOLLIS. I will physically destroy you.

With the game, everything seems to be working fine, I get to the main menu. But then when I go to start the level I get: "critical file missing" any hard out tech guys know how to solve this.


HelpFile 2016-02-01 2 points

If it does not work, please check your Z.BAT file in the main folder and make sure it looks like this:
@Echo Please Wait - Loading ......
@ZED.EXE/CD:C %1 %2 %3 %4 %5
Then in DosBox
Mount d C:\
cd z
cd z
It should work, it worked for me.

Mr popadoppollis 2015-11-02 -13 points

I know what the problem is here, you are all homosexuals

Ladislao 2015-10-08 3 points

Romian's 2012-09-30 answer is work. Just rewrite the z.bat with notepad. I prove to play long ago, but now sucess. I had an 18 years old CD with this game, but damaged.

Milosmitrovic 2015-08-29 -1 point

Ovo je. Jako dobra igra

Jim 2015-01-02 -15 points DOS version

Help please.

I just installed Zed using dos but when I click on NEW GAME it says "please ensure CD is in the drive and that the door is closed" and says something about a missing level01map file

jankster 2014-11-20 -3 points DOS version

ok fixed it now, running fine with d-fend and sound settings fixed too, but doesn't run as soon as i turn scenes on. Does someone can help?

jankster 2014-11-19 -3 points DOS version

i installed d-fend and made everything right but the game won't run. Pls help me i want to play it badly!!!

Jaya 2014-09-01 -2 points DOS version

My uncle had this and some other games, like some rednecks type of game. Used to play it when we visited back when I was like 9 (3 years or so since it released), almost never found anything on it. Now I can download it on my phone and play it again?!

Spike22 2014-07-08 0 point DOS version

One of the best in its time. Anyone saying it sucked, then you suck. from start to finish i loved this game. kept me on my toes. Very Unique gameplay and loads of laughs from the cut scenes. they should bring out a new one, ill be the first to buy it ;)

rafal 2014-06-14 1 point DOS version

Great game!! I love it!

LOL! 2014-06-07 -8 points DOS version

Worst game of the genre ever. Totally sucked. Impossible gameplay from Level 1 and all you heard was some dumb bint calling out "You're losing! You're crap!" all the time. Absolutely hated it.

parham 2014-03-21 0 point DOS version


Rob1991 2014-03-05 7 points DOS version

anyone know how to get the scenes to work and full screen?

run instructions

all installed on c. extract the file into c.
Mount c c:/
cd z
then z should run. make sure to run setsound aswell.

blah 2014-02-04 -1 point DOS version

This stupid game will work. But not if you turn on 'scenes' in the menu. Then it will want those scenes from the cd i guess.
Also you have to run setsound.exe.

faucheuse 2013-12-23 0 point DOS version

Looked for it for a long time

JimmyJay 2013-12-23 1 point DOS version


Just downloaded .zip file, then modified the z.bat file using 'Notepad':

@Echo Please Wait - Loading ......
@ZED.EXE C: /CD %1 %2 %3 %4 %5

Works no probs.. USE DOSBOX

john 2013-12-09 0 point DOS version

One of the first computer game I played. It was not the full program. Yet I really enjoyed it. It was challenging, exciting and fun to play.

Yvan 2013-11-25 0 point DOS version

Beaucoup d'humour dans ce jeu ! Ne le manquez pas !
A very humoristic game ! Do not miss it !

en1gma 2013-11-06 0 point DOS version

amazing! thanks

PABLO 2013-03-28 1 point DOS version

quando era pequeno, via propaganda sobre esse jogo, mas nunca encontrei onde baixar pelo fato do nome ser tão simples "Z". Agora sim vou jogar e ver do que se trata. valeu

JesusisLord 2013-03-13 0 point DOS version

It's awesome game, network play any1 ?
For those whom can't get the game works, go to the "How to play" section there is guide in it.

romantic 2013-02-24 1 point DOS version

awesome game!

Carlsgro 2013-01-08 -1 point DOS version

starcraft, warcraft2 is way better than this

the dude 2012-10-10 0 point DOS version

how do I get this game to run at all? over dosbox?

Romian 2012-09-30 -1 point DOS version

the fix @Echo Please Wait - Loading ......
@ZED.EXE C: /CD %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 does not work anyone know another way to fix it?

Das Boot 2012-09-15 0 point DOS version

i have dosbox and downloaded Z but it says run z.bat
Can someone please help???

Commander Apathetic 2012-09-02 1 point DOS version

Critiical File Missing: C:\z\E_logo.jv
Please ensure CD is in drive, and door closed


kittyball 2012-08-23 0 point DOS version

go to file Z.bat then copy and Past this..

@Echo Please Wait - Loading ......
@ZED.EXE C: /CD %1 %2 %3 %4 %5

kittyball 2012-08-23 -1 point DOS version

my report is, what I'm getting That.
is The level 1 Map file, Is missing But Oo!
looking in The Folder.. There Is The Level 01
so what Is this for a joke.?

jaz 2012-07-24 -1 point DOS version

z owns

Panchira 2012-06-13 2 points DOS version

It asks for a .BAT file that isn't there, and then complains that there is no CD in the drive. Anyone know what could be going wrong?

dleifoXx 2012-06-09 0 point DOS version

Awesome game!

sebastian andres martinez 2012-02-23 -1 point DOS version

excelent game!!! thanks

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