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Windows - 2000

Alt names Безумие, 疯狂越野车, Insane, Off the Road
Year 2000
Platform Windows
Released in United Kingdom (2000)
Germany, United States (2001)
Poland, Russia, United Kingdom (2002)
Canada, United States (2007)
Worldwide (2008)
Worldwide (2014)
Genre Racing / Driving
Theme Automobile, Off-Road / Monster Truck
Publisher Buka Entertainment, Codemasters, Codemasters Software Company Limited, The, Sold Out Sales & Marketing Ltd.
Developer Invictus Games, Ltd.
Perspectives 1st-Person, Behind view
4.47 / 5 - 38 votes

Description of 1NSANE

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Insane is a racing game developed by Invictus and published by Codemasters.

I have decided to compare it to a more well known game, which also happened to be released at the same time as Insane - 4x4 Evolution. I believe that Insane proves to be the better game - a belief which I will attempt to instill in you to you through the medium of writing (It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it).

Firstly - the similarities.

  1. They are both based mainly on off-road vehicles. However, while 4x4 Evolution (understandably) features only 4x4s, Insane has a much wider range of vehicles - from Beach Buggies to 12 wheeler trucks! I myself believe that variety is the spice of life, and believe that the wider range of vehicles is a good thing.
  2. They both allow you to go 'off the beaten track'. The difference between the two being that 4x4 Evolution only lets you do so, while Insane encourages you to, with checkpoints placed at random throughout the levels on certain racetracks - you could be racing up a steep hill for the first checkpoint, then having to take a U-turn and racing back down the hill to get to the second. Thanks to this, Insane proves to be a much more exhilerating ride than its competitor.

Now - let's compare other aspects of the games.

  1. Multiplay. In this, both games have their advantages and disadvantages. 4x4 Evolution first - it is one of the only games to allow Dreamcast owners go up against PC owners and Mac owners, and it runs quite well on even a 56k modem. However, it features one unforgivable problem - the cars don't make contact in multiplay - you can drive straight through them! You may as well be racing against ghosts. Now for Insane - while it doesn't have support to go against anyone other than other PC users, it has two things to its advantage. First it zips along on a 56K modem - great for people in the UK who haven't got cable/broadband yet. Second, the cars can collide. On this evidence, I declare Insane to be the better multiplayer game.
  2. Single Player. In both games, this is the main problem. Being racing games, they are best played against humans, due mainly to the fact that computer controlled cars generally lack the unpredictability or skill of a human opponent, though Insane does attempt to address this fact by having a good A.I which sees the computer-controlled cars not only finding their own routes to certain areas depending on what car they are in, but also sees them making mistakes, thus leading to a much less artificial feel than the majority of racing games. Also, while 4x4 Evolution only enables you to gain extra cars/tracks by playing online, in Insane you can do so offline, meaning there is actually a real reason to play offline.A well-deserved point to Insane!
  3. Graphics. Insane rules the roost on this aspect - the cars are not only good looking, but they are well animated too. It's wonderful to watch them bouncing around the landscape, with the wheels acting as though they have a life of their own, bouncing all over the place. 4x4 Evolution is... functional. So thats another point to Insane. It's at this point that I realise how much space this takes, and that I realise that now would be a good time to stop, so I'll round off my review now.

Basically, Insane is by far the better game, and has many other things going for it which I haven't had time to mention, such as the real-time damage to the cars, the wildlife, the physics... the list goes on. Quite simply - BUY IT! Two thumbs up!

Review By HOTUD

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Right 2024-04-09 0 point

On win7 never get the Full Game

System Shooter 2024-04-06 -1 point

The Stupid in this Game is that Codemasters was the Publisher

christian 2023-11-16 0 point

estoy interesado en comprar este juego soy coleccionista

RainingCanines 2022-09-27 4 points

If a game is here, it was abandonware at some point in time. When the copyright holder finally rereleases the game, they just link to the store selling it.

Kevin Arnold Womanizer 2022-09-16 -3 points

If it is ABANDOWARE,how i will spend my money on it....
Hey Site,if the game is not FREE,dont publish it here....
we wanna Old ,abandoned and free stuff.....Cheers....

Reneg@de 2022-09-16 -2 points

WTF more than 20 years old, and still asking 9,99 euro???????

Renato Lanzieri 2021-08-02 -4 points

Se essa porcaria tá ABANDONADA, como os caras tem coragem de cobrar??? Que safadeza

MhmmdJvd 2021-01-22 6 points

so memorable..

Nost 2020-06-20 2 points

hey! I used to play this one on my father's PC at his work! Is this the one, where you go of the road and if you go far enough you get to the border of the map (huuuuuge mountain) and if you try to ride on it - you bounce off of it

glockenspeel 2020-04-25 1 point

I grew up with this game, it is the shit. Realistic damage on cars, fun scenarios, good difficulty. Highly recommend, an absolute classic. 2019-09-17 2 points

This game is very goooooddddd!!!!!!

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1NSANE is available for a small price on the following websites, and is no longer abandonware. and Zoom provide the best release and does not include DRM, please buy from them! You can read our online store guide .

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