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Backyard Baseball

Windows - 1997

Year 1997
Platform Windows
Released in United States
Genre Sports, Strategy
Theme Baseball
Publisher Humongous Entertainment, Inc.
Developer Humongous Entertainment, Inc.
Perspective 3rd-Person
4.35 / 5 - 1151 votes

Description of Backyard Baseball

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Home Run Park

Imagine a game where the players play for the love of the game, not the money. A game where multi-million dollar contracts are unknown. A game where everyone gets to play. Imagine a game just like it was with the youthful innocence of a child. This, my friends, is Backyard Baseball. **Backyard Baseball **takes you back to when you were a kid, when baseball was a game, and the team was hastily put together among the kids in the neighborhood.

Playing for Real

Humongous Entertainment reached back into the past and captured all those childhood memories of baseball and digitally assembled them into this game. All the details that make the memories real are here - from the kids taunting the pitcher to the child with the asthma inhaler. Do you remember picking teams, taking turns picking from the best players until only the bad players were left? Do you remember picking someone's little brother because his big brother was a good player? It's all here. Nothing was left out.

Players choose from fields such as the sandlot, the urban parking lot, and the rich kid's backyard. Pitchers throw crazy pitches such as the "Elevator" and the "Crazy Ball." Background ambient noises and the taunting by the opposing team add to the rich atmosphere that you can almost smell.

Everything about this game is charming and cute.

Swing and Miss

Gameplay includes all the necessary elements. Pitchers choose the pitch as well as the placement. Hitters swing at the ball and can even see the strike zone. Fielding is accomplished by clicking where you want the ball thrown, and running is as simple as clicking in the direction you want the runner to advance. Everything is here, and everything is easy enough for kids. The pace is a little slow, but not too fast for children. Each batter has a distinct personality - from the boy who hops to the plate to the girl who says "my game is really tennis, anyway" when she strikes out. I was extremely impressed with all the details of each character.

I have a few complaints about the game. This game doesn't install any files to the hard disk - everything is run from the CD. For some reason, each swing of the bat causes the CD to be read. This makes the animation choppy and the mouse click to hit feels sluggish and unresponsive. While the game is playable with this problem, it makes hitting the ball a little difficult. Instead of getting better the more balls I hit, I never really improved. I think this is because I never was able to time when I hit the mouse button and the player started their swing. That little delay when it read from the CD just ruins the hand/eye coordination.

I tried copying the entire 270MB of CD data to the hard disk to see if that improved performance (note: this is not an option in the install menu, I just copied it by dragging the contents of the CD into a new folder on my hard disk.) It did speed up the game somewhat, but the batting problem didn't improve significantly.

I also encountered one bug: I hit a ball that bounced infield, then over the fence for what should have been a double. The announcer even stated this was a double, but the runner advanced only to first.

Worthy of Praise

This game is terrific and has all the elements of a Gold Medal winner. But I can't do it. The delay in clicking the mouse and the batter swinging the ball just ruins it for me. I still like the game a lot and highly recommend it, but a Gold Medal is for games without such evident flaws. I guess I'm mad because this should have been corrected. Even a little play testing would have shown that this was a problem. Instead, we are left with what could have been a "Game of the Year," but instead fails to deliver on one very important game element.

This is still an outstanding game and I recommend it strongly.

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Comments and reviews

chjb 2024-07-16 1 point

Chiblee Nation!!

chiblee enjoyer 2024-07-09 1 point

Had to give it a try after seeing chiblee play it!

Pokemon 2024-07-08 0 point

This will be cool

benji 2024-07-04 0 point

ok its good and pabolo is good

GOAT 2024-06-26 1 point

I love Backyard Baseball

Aarondondo 2024-06-18 2 points

On the iOS version, there’s no music and it crashes when I try to start a game or batting practice. Any help?

Olivia Steinberg 2024-06-16 1 point

I want to play backyard baseball

Wy-man 2024-06-07 0 point

Want to try it out.

J 2024-06-05 3 points

I remember my older brother having this on disc a long time ago for our old fat monitored PC and he and i playing this for hours. then Daddy Meatcanyon brought That memory to the front of my brainhole and i had to redownload it after all these years

sweet4meat 2024-06-02 31 points

I saw my dad (MeatCanyon) play this game and I asked him if I could play too. He said no and farted in my face, so I decided to download it for myself. All hail the Cryptid Queen

wet fart 93 2024-05-31 27 points

i saw meat canyon playing this

Izayahs 2024-05-16 2 points

It's a good game

jimmy 2024-05-08 11 points

how do i play it? I downloaded this but i cant start it fuck

porter dempsey 2024-05-04 0 point

it says i need a 64 nit version

Paulino Rodriguez 2024-04-30 0 point

Can someone help me how do I play this in iPhone

Justin Singleton 2024-04-27 1 point

I’m not sure if I can get a hold of you

Average Hippo 2024-04-27 1 point

Really good game 10/10

ashi boy 2024-04-26 0 point

super og and fun

Cap2017 2024-04-15 -4 points

It good because it does work

Blahman 2024-04-06 6 points

Followed the steps on how to run the ScummVM files on ScummVM, it runs up until it says "Junior Sports", then it crashes. Can I get some help.

YUMSSSS 2024-03-26 4 points

Can someone help me use this on Chromebook and chrome OS

goats 2024-03-24 0 point

it is a good game and Pablo to man he is a god

Sammy Sammy 2024-03-23 -1 point

It won’t let me use it

someone 2024-03-23 -2 points

its only a folder it wont let me use it

Tj 2024-02-25 -2 points

Um I don’t know

Onij Jokuma 2024-01-12 1 point

This game works on Limbo PC Emulator for Android. I ran it Windows 98SE.

TIMMAH 2023-10-07 -10 points

I am trying to play BBB on my iPad but I do not know how to download it what should I do

Sirbill1 2023-08-15 -8 points

I am trying to download Backyard Basrball for my PC, but it does not want to connect. Please help me.

Mimi 2023-07-31 -1 point

I would like to get this game for mobile and I want to play it

dee 2023-07-31 3 points

how tf do I download this

chase 2023-07-17 0 point

is the this website good

Enzo 2023-07-10 0 point

Always wanted to play

EGGSY 2023-07-07 0 point

I LOve backeyard baseball

addi 2023-06-26 1 point

i love baseball and would love to play

Brook 2023-06-26 0 point

I love backyard base ball know I'm starting my own field

Jhonel 2023-06-26 0 point

I love this it has so many games thank you for making this

To. 2023-06-16 0 point

Put it on playstore

Bruh 2023-05-12 -1 point

does anyone know if they can run 1997, 2001, or 2002 without scummVM (on windows 10)?

J 2023-05-06 2 points

1. Download ScummVM Ready English version (112 MB) below
2. Unzip it and saving its files on desktop
3. Go to []
4. Download ScummVM version 2.7.0 (32 or 64 bit)
5. Run.
6. Move the files to the ScummVM application.

Pablogaot 2023-05-02 0 point

How long does it usually take to load

Henry 2023-04-25 1 point

paplo and cenny are OP

Thad Lindauer 2023-04-11 3 points

brooo pablo sanchez is goat

Lucas 2023-02-19 1 point

I hope it is good

BB 2023-01-20 -2 points

I love the game.

kingfrr 2022-09-27 2 points

I cant wait to play the game. But one thing, when I downloaded scumm, it just showed 5 or 6 files and no game, I was very confused so what do I do with those???

deez nuts 2022-09-13 -4 points

im sitting here waiting to play the game i so exited eeekkk

ARR 2022-07-09 0 point

Can't wait to play it!!

Joe2 2022-06-25 0 point

I downloaded the files, I downloaded ScummVM, but it's not seeing the files on my computer. What now?

mchicken 2022-06-20 -3 points

this game is really fun and i cant stop playing it

Joe 2022-05-26 -3 points

i got the file now what?

VengefulGhost171 2022-05-19 -4 points


Conslob 2022-05-17 1 point

Thank you this is definitely the one of the best baseball videogames out there and for you to make it free is so nice ofyou thanks

austinm 2022-04-19 1 point

it a cool game

") 2021-11-24 1 point

On a apple computer how do you do it

the gamer 2021-11-11 -7 points

i forgot how to add to c drive

nate 2021-10-29 3 points

brings back memories

mark 2021-10-19 0 point

best game ever

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ 2021-09-23 2 points

WOW This Game Is So Fun

michaelellis 2021-09-20 1 point

I have always wanted to play the game now I can!!

levi cerra 2021-09-04 0 point

my mom played when she was a kid

beanos 2021-08-30 2 points

this game is the best

laserbuttonz 2021-08-15 0 point

thanks for the help

Sweet Deals 2021-08-15 4 points


The "ScummVM Ready" download only has game files in it and doesn't appear to include an executable file. This means that a ScummVM emulator can recognize it but it can't be run without using the emulator shell.

You could probably run the .iso natively on most computers. I can do it on mine but I use ScummVM because I find it more convenient and it usually works well with games that are finicky about native hardware. If you're using an emulated computer (such as Windows 3.1 through DOSbox), then you should first mount the .iso to a virtual drive, run the emulator, and then mount the virtual drive as the emulator's disk drive (type mount d F:/, or whatever drive has the .iso in it).

Laserbuttonz 2021-08-14 -3 points

What if I downloaded the scummvm ready version on windows xp? Can I run it without needing scummvm? For those who don’t know windows xp is compatible with 32 bit to 16 bit
If I just extract the files and (try to) run the game will it work?

Laserbuttonz 2021-08-14 0 point

Hey sweet deals. Too bad I can’t just mount the iso file and run the files (that’s why I asked about the iso file cuz I didn’t want to use scummvm) oh well also is this website legal? (I’m pretty sure it’s a grey area but I just want to confirm it)

Sweet Deals 2021-08-14 2 points

To run an .iso of an old Humongous game, first use your virtual disk mounting software to "mount" the disk. Then, turn on ScummVM. Click "Add Game", and use the mounted virtual drive as your game directory. The ScummVM emulator should recognize the game and keep it on file for you.

I don't normally play sports games that often, but Backyard Baseball really appeals to me. I love how every kid is unique with his or her own personality. When I play this game, it's not just about playing baseball, but pretending that I have friends in my
neighborhood that I can hang out with any time I want. Even though there are exactly 15 boys and 15 girls, I find that when I choose teams I end up picking more girls than boys more often than not. I guess I have my favorites. But sometimes I go straight to the "Play Ball" option and give myself a random team full of misfits I wouldn't have otherwise chosen. I do that to prove that my great coaching can send any team to victory, even if they're not all the best kids. And then everybody plays.

Each player does have "stats", with unique strengths and weaknesses, but there's also
an element of chaos, too. I've found that in some games all my players play the game
perfectly, and in other games the fielders make lots of stupid errors, even if they're the best players. I think the programmers have secretly put in a stat that determines how well a given player might play on a certain day. I once had a season where I had to send popular favorite Pablo Sanchez into the outfield because he kept failing to catch balls, and the less-likely Jorge Garcia did an excellent job playing second base.

There's also a "spectator" mode, for when you want to run the game but are too lazy to actually play it. Then the computer will play a game against itself for you to watch.

Laserbuttonz 2021-08-13 0 point

How do I do the iso file version when I downloaded it on my VM?

Gus 2021-08-09 5 points

This shit is confusing to do. I wish you could just download the game and run it. No, there's a lot of other things you have to do and nobody has time for that.

Joshua Charles Eckert 2021-07-25 1 point

I’m listening to the meeting hearing for comment.

god 2021-05-24 -1 point

i love this game

jumbo\ 2021-05-05 -8 points

is this legit ??? can i really download it

goat 2020-09-30 1 point

a great GAME!!!!!!

im jeff hello 2020-09-11 -4 points

I cant get it but i have it on my grandpa's computer.

crawdaddy 2020-06-30 -2 points

still works.thanks

dilldawg99th 2020-06-21 1 point

how do I play I see no button?

Huddy 2020-06-17 -1 point

ScummVM doesn't allow the files. Looks like we missed out boys...

Noah_BK 2020-05-23 2 points

Thank you so much for keeping this master piece alive on the internet. I used to play the hell out of this when I was younger. Feels good to relive the nostalgia again.

Dwayne "the cock" Johnson 2020-05-20 3 points

Wow! What an amazing game!

Bryce 2020-05-01 0 point

I wasn't alive. I'm bored

Jsjdje 2020-04-25 0 point

I love this game

NoodlesLongacre 2020-04-20 3 points

ScummVM isn't seeing the files, and I can't run the ISO version on a 64-bit OS apparently. Can anyone help?

Connor Magline 2020-04-15 -2 points

This is cool

Daniel 2020-04-14 3 points

Can you play it on your macbook pro?

TDAcroaky 2020-04-09 2 points

good game

Doc K 2020-04-03 -1 point

Love this game as a big kid!

Ulane 2020-03-29 -9 points

What do with ISO now?

jjawwechampein 2019-10-24 4 points

i like this game because it has cominsens

faggy fag fag 2019-09-24 1 point

i acually really enjoybthis game

curry 2019-07-22 1 point

I like it

bigrickjohson.1. 2019-04-29 -2 points

i like pickles

im dum 2019-04-27 -9 points

how do u download again xD

Cascadianranger 2019-02-24 71 points

For those wondering what to do after downloading, extract the files anyhwere into your C drive (even their own folder) and then add the files through ScummVM and use that to play

derp 2018-12-22 0 point

does this require a cd?

Catbug 2018-12-12 1 point

I agree with wonderwoman, I downloaded it but its just a zip file with a bunch of other files. What do I do now?

The Unknown 2018-05-03 -5 points

Read the FAQ dude. BTW I found Backyard Baseball 2003 4free on

M 2018-04-27 -5 points

how do i open these files?

nice gamer 2018-04-08 0 point

hello guys but this game is so amazing and addictive game hehehe

WonderMan 2018-04-07 11 points

I downloaded the files but now what?

yeet 2018-04-05 1 point

hello this game is so lit i love it its so cool of fun for a family

barter 2018-02-23 -2 points

this game is awesome

T.J. 2017-10-06 3 points

I love this game!

tall tyler storm 2017-07-11 14 points

best baseball video game

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