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Cricket 97

DOS - 1997

Also available on: Windows

Year 1997
Platform DOS
Released in Australia, United Kingdom, United States
Genre Sports
Theme Cricket, Licensed Title
Publisher Electronic Arts, Inc.
Developer Beam Software Pty., Ltd.
Perspective Behind view
4.36 / 5 - 259 votes

Description of Cricket 97

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Cricket 97 is a good-looking cricket game designed by Melbourne House of Australia and published worldwide by EA Sports.

Since the only exposure to cricket I have ever had was listening to a UK friend's description of a supposedly exciting world cup match, I'll leave it up to the guru at Games Domain to convince you of the game's merits:

"Cricket 97 has a whole stack load of options. Everything you could possibly imagine can be changed. You can even opt for Ozy rules for scoring as opposed to English ones. Once you've chosen your options, you can go for a quick match, a one day match, a full test match or a network game. You can of course have a 2 player game with one machine, so I presume the network game is for Internet users.

Before the action begins you have to select the weather conditions. Once you've done that, Ian Botham appears and tells you all about the match conditions. Richie may pop up again and give a quick word or two. The nice thing about EA Sport's games is that they always get some stars in to do the commentary. Ian and Richie do a fine job and Cricket 97 is up to EA's usual high standard of presentation.

As is the nature of cricket, you'll either be batting or bowling. Batting is handled by the use of the directional keys and two fire button. Pressing various directions performs different shots. I found a joy-pad most convenient but you could probably get away with keys. There's a wide range of shots and some of them are pretty impressive. The trick is to position your batsman in the right place and use the right shot for the method of bowling which the batsman is using. To be honest, there seems to be a lot of luck involved. However, if you know your cricket then you'll love the attention to detail and will spend hours refining your bating skills. The one glaring flaw with the system is that if you perform a shot which requires you to use the down button, your batsmen tend to start running straight away. This is a bit stupid if you play a rubbish shot. You can avoid this problem with a bit of practice and keen reflexes. It's still a bit annoying though.

Bowling is more straight forward than batting. You don't need to remember all the different methods, you simple select how you're going to bowl before you start. You then have to position a cursor to decide where the ball will bounce. A good knowledge of cricket will be required to fully understand how to successfully bowl, but you can always go for the 'getting lucky' method that you may have already experienced with the batsman. Fielding is fairly straight forward but can be a bit frustrating. Despite the fact the you're dealing with national teams, the fielders can still get themselves in a horrible tangle. As well as these detailed controls for batting and bowling, you can also select your team and tactics. This adds a bit of management to the game and will please anyone who's always winging about their national team. (i.e. usually anyone in England.)

Cricket 97 is a detailed simulation of cricket. Everything's in there. The only slightly strange thing is that nobody ever seems to score sixes. That aside, it's just like a real cricket match. The realism is both Cricket 97 's greatest strength and weakness. If you like cricket and you want a good cricket game you'll love Cricket 97. However, if you're not totally enthusiastic about the game of cricket, this computer game will bore you to tears.

If you want a cricket computer game this is the one to buy. However, unlike soccer games it doesn't have the appeal to draw in people who are not fans of the sport."

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

mnm 2024-04-01 1 point Windows version

when i was 13 i used to play this game in cyber cafe, at that time i had a pocket money of 10rps and cyber cafe charged was 10rps per hour at that time, i used all my money for cricket 97.

serban gruianu 2023-01-07 -3 points Windows version

Works on Windows 10 (Windows 95 version of Cricket '97).

GKSRIR 2022-08-07 0 point Windows version


Sree 2021-11-09 0 point Windows version

Amazing game. Must have played it over 500 times in that era. Good olden days

Shani 2021-07-07 0 point

I love circket game

haddad 2021-05-22 1 point DOS version

there is no commentary , what to do with that

admin 2021-05-18 0 point

Will upload Windows version when I receive the original disk, we had the Ashes Tour Edition listed here. You can get it from the new, dedicated page.

Sumit 2021-05-15 0 point Windows version

This isThe Ashes Tour Edition version of Cricket 97....Please uload it's previous verion as well with Ian Botham in it.

Junaid Awan 2020-11-28 1 point Windows version

This version of D:\cricket97\DOSCRICK.EXE is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information and then contact the software publisher.

Jack 2020-11-07 -1 point

We used to play this a lot, I also played Cricket 97 ashes tour, I hope that would bthat was nice

Sanjib 2020-07-20 -1 point Windows version

I remember that last play this game 1999 this time i have no PC,I Play this game my cousin house several time i go to my cousin house just only this game playing purpose,Relay this time its a good game in my life.\

Waqar 2020-06-18 0 point

I love this game since 2007

pearl 2020-05-10 -1 point DOS version

in dos mode commentary was not working
only fits saying four /notout /out, any idea ?

shafiq 2019-05-21 -1 point

i download game but errot rar 60 30 or c97 ate re install how i download

Umer 2018-11-13 -1 point

it shows error of loading screen liscence when it is about to start

Neel Anuj 2018-10-02 -1 point

Thanks mate! It worked for me

BK 2018-09-30 1 point

Fan of this game since 1997. lovely game

Rulebreaker 2017-10-31 2 points

@djapter try using DOSBOX

jani 2017-08-11 0 point

nice game

AB 2017-03-09 1 point

I love this shitttttttttt to much

Vicky 2016-09-16 -2 points

I tried to run the game through dos box but cannot.
can anyone help.
i have set up dosbox but when i run the file it says that it cannot run in dos mode

troy 2016-05-19 0 point

I love it

nani 2016-05-02 0 point


djapter 2016-04-21 3 points

cant play it in windows 10 ?
i also tried in windows 10 in dos prompt?
how can i play.... any one help please... i really want to play ...just like old days...?

umairi 2016-03-09 0 point

if this game will start i will too much

Shairy 2016-01-25 -1 point

I will play cricket

Arshad ali baloch 2015-12-25 0 point

I want to buy the original CD of this game please help me. Or mail me to

Arshad ali baloch 2015-12-25 0 point

I want to buy the original CD of this game please help me. Or mail me to sunil4452002

sunil 2015-11-28 0 point

I want to buy the original CD of this game please help me. Or mail me to sunil4452002

awais 2015-11-24 0 point

i want full version of this game VJEXPRESS.

Kyokushin 2015-11-19 0 point

Excellent Game I ever played....

Stephen N 2015-09-24 0 point

Fantastic Game Ever on old systems i played a lot this game and enjoy.
Stephen Nine

JustinTense 2015-09-05 1 point

Awesome awesome game! This was developed by Beam (later changed their name to Melbourne House). Was so proud that my home country (Australia) produced a game this good!

hit 2015-08-09 0 point DOS version

very amazing game!

faisal zia 2015-06-27 -2 points DOS version

How 1997 games is download plz tell me

ilyas 2015-06-24 0 point DOS version

this game is superb

daud 2015-06-23 1 point DOS version

v gd game

Iffi 2015-04-24 0 point DOS version

Its Amazing""""

slspk 2015-03-25 -1 point DOS version

i like this game

vjexpress 2014-10-16 -3 points DOS version

This is the best game ever. Im so happy i got the full version of cricket 97 ashes tour edition online recently.

gattu 2014-09-06 -4 points DOS version

very good game

ANAS 2014-06-12 -1 point DOS version


Khalid 2014-06-09 -1 point DOS version

I Like it, Do you like?

Ayaan irfan 2014-05-20 0 point DOS version

i love cricket

armaan1502 2014-04-28 0 point DOS version

best cricket game ever!

zubair yaseen 2014-04-15 0 point DOS version

it is very easy and good website

hadi 2014-04-06 0 point DOS version

good game

zaebi 2014-04-06 0 point DOS version

nice game

ali 2014-04-06 0 point DOS version

i like this game

CHAND 2014-04-05 0 point DOS version


moni 2014-03-29 0 point DOS version

nice game

sameera 2014-03-13 0 point DOS version

nice game

masood 2014-03-11 0 point DOS version

i like this game

itti 2014-03-09 0 point DOS version

not running

abi 2014-03-01 0 point DOS version

good 1

kami 2014-02-28 0 point DOS version

nice game

ASHIR 2014-02-24 0 point DOS version


ashir 2014-02-13 0 point DOS version

A good game.

Md.Rashed 2014-02-10 0 point DOS version

Its good

malik 2014-02-03 0 point DOS version


jan 2014-01-21 0 point DOS version

very nice game

salmi 2014-01-20 0 point DOS version

not bad

HAIDI 2014-01-19 0 point DOS version


safi 2014-01-03 0 point DOS version

gooooooooood game

Yaha 2014-01-01 0 point DOS version

not a great website

a 2013-12-09 1 point DOS version

there is no sound

abwahab 2013-12-01 0 point DOS version

very good game

ali 2013-11-26 0 point DOS version

very good

ahmed 2013-11-18 0 point DOS version

very good

adsdsa 2013-10-24 0 point DOS version

For running it on win7 you require dosbox emulator

Raj 2013-09-19 0 point DOS version

I have downloaded but its not working....Can someone help?

MUbashir 2013-08-11 0 point DOS version

not running on windows 7..when i click Setup file it runs but only black window appearing and nothing..can anybody knows whats the problem..and does this game work on Windows XP?


shahbaz 2013-07-28 0 point DOS version

v,good game

Aditya 2013-07-27 0 point DOS version

awesome very very cool cricket game

ZULFIQAR AHMAD 2013-07-17 0 point DOS version


Jaker 2013-07-14 -1 point DOS version

nice i lke it

shami 2013-07-04 0 point DOS version

very good game

Inayat 2013-04-20 0 point DOS version

is it full version?

wasi 2013-04-15 0 point DOS version

awesome game cool ihave never played it

saeed khan 2013-04-11 0 point DOS version

good job friend

Haidi 2013-03-29 0 point DOS version

this is a very interesting game .This is old but graphics are good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so I really so enjoy to this game!!!!!

bull375 2013-03-29 1 point DOS version

Does anybody know how to play this in Windows 7?
or does anybody know how to modify it so it can be played in windows 7?

vashu 2013-03-10 0 point DOS version

purana hai par must hai ....grapichs..........

BHANU 2013-02-08 0 point DOS version


razaq 2013-01-25 0 point DOS version

ye game download nai hoti pehan yak

iqi 22 2013-01-24 0 point DOS version

I LOVE CRICKET GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE DIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

junaid ahmed 2013-01-18 0 point DOS version

ye dolwnload nai hati ha

omi 2013-01-05 1 point DOS version

i love ea sports every games

john 2013-01-02 0 point DOS version

plezzzzzzzzzzzzzz hlep me how can download this game??

MEESAM ALI SAIM(7-D) 2013-05-02 0 point DOS version


shiza 2012-12-11 0 point DOS version


ricky 2012-11-15 0 point DOS version

i like cricket 97

y2j1980x 2012-11-13 0 point DOS version

Any chance you can upload the 'Ashes Tour Edition' of this title? It's just that, from memory, the Ashes Tour Edition has the batting view this one lacks that makes this game much more enjoyable, while also the stats for the Australian and English teams (possibly the others also, I forget) are on the game, as opposed to random players which you get with this one.

Rajnish Kumar 2012-11-01 0 point DOS version

There is some issue , hard mode is far too difficult. I remembered playing cricket 97 ashes tour edition it was not too hard. This one i think is older version.

help please 2012-10-27 0 point DOS version

not working

chessa bacha 2012-10-07 0 point DOS version

ths game iz full of fun

Wickey 2012-09-24 0 point DOS version

Love this web sites .

arsal 2012-09-10 0 point DOS version

very nice game

dev 2012-08-07 0 point DOS version

Not installing.... what to do

SACHIN 2012-07-30 0 point DOS version


Fan 2012-07-21 1 point DOS version

it this the full game?
Tell me pleaseQ

SHANI 2012-07-21 0 point DOS version

very very good game to play

Chris gayle 2012-07-19 0 point DOS version

good game to play

malik 2012-07-13 0 point DOS version

very good

sifat 2012-07-07 0 point DOS version

cricket 97 is a good cricket game and i like it

shob 2012-06-19 0 point DOS version

It's not installing please helo me

Kareem 2012-06-03 0 point DOS version

Super game

Don 2012-05-15 0 point DOS version


Hardik 2012-04-29 0 point DOS version

how do i run the game on my Windows 7?? Huge fan of this game

Umer 2012-04-04 0 point DOS version

Bohat he bakwas website hai...!

MUFEED ALI 2012-03-20 0 point DOS version

great game

naeem 2012-02-24 0 point DOS version

i love this game .. thanks

irfan 2012-01-26 0 point DOS version

Thanks i like nice sharing

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