Battlezone II: Combat Commander (Windows)

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Battlezone II: Combat Commander

Windows - 1999

Alt names Battlezone 2, BZ 2
Year 1999
Platform Windows
Released in United States (1999)
France, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, United Kingdom (2000)
Germany (2002)
Poland (2003)
Genre Action, Strategy
Theme RTS, Real-Time, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter
Publisher Acer TWP Corp, Activision, Inc., Empire Interactive Europe Ltd., Novitas Vertriebs GmbH
Developer Pandemic Studios, LLC
Perspectives 1st-Person, Diagonal-down
4.62 / 5 - 145 votes

Description of Battlezone II: Combat Commander

After the excellent Battlezone, Activision published this sequel, hoping to sell more copies than the first game. Still a very solid game, although missing the "never seen before" effect of the first game.

You can get tons of downloadable extras, mods and more on BZ Scrap.

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Comments and reviews

yyyyyy 2021-02-03 8 points

Why the hell the link leads to Battlezone: Combat Commander remaster, when I want to buy original Battlezone 222222222: Combat Commander?

fhg 2020-02-24 1 point

the best game ever

nick 2017-12-29 2 points

where do I get the FFC10p.dll file? thanks.

Oximous 2017-11-16 -3 points

sometimes you gotta ask yourself, is an amazing game like this worth a virus?

Isoef 2017-09-05 -1 point

When I downloaded a file similar tt this my laptop got desktop.ini on it

Soul 2017-07-23 -2 points

I couldn't for the life of me get it to work. Could someone please link a video tutorial on how to install this specific game?

DerangedGaming 2017-03-02 0 point

Tested. Download works, install was tricky having an mds file instead of the normal iso file. Guides provided above solve the issues. Game runs and plays good. Recommend patching with the patch from the provide link in others comments. Great game! Challenging and fun!

Valou-FRA 2017-02-21 2 points

Hi Guy's, I tried to install this game because I loved it when I was a kid, but when I download it, and I install, I can't play. It say that I havn't 2 files..

Taztatoo 2016-08-26 1 point

I love this game been playing it for years and I will miss it when my windows vista stops working. I wish they would upgrade and improve. could rival Halo

G.I. GI 2016-08-19 0 point

Can I still play this multiplayer?

Wingflier 2016-06-14 0 point

For anybody interested, this game IS STILL BEING SUPPORTED, at least unofficially, by one of the original game developers. Patches have continuously been made to keep the game up to date with modern hardware/software and graphics updates, as well as many game engine and mechanic improvements, for about 10 years now.

For more information and to download the latest patch (which also removes the need to use a CD), visit this site:

DoNotDownload 2016-06-09 3 points

So downloaded, unzipped and guess what:
TR/Expl.Nuker.NSNuke.E [trojan] detected in the NoCD Patch.
Nasty Trojan Virus which you better avoid.

solid spoon 2016-04-19 0 point

i have been looking for this game for many many years.

thank you.

Feej 2016-04-19 0 point

Hey, thanks for posting this but i cannot get it to work and there is such little info on this game out there. When i use deamon tools after converting the file to iso i get a message that the disk is unformatted and need to be formatted to work on windows.

Any ideas?

hello 2016-03-20 -1 point

I heard their making a new Battlezone fore newer pcs like windows 10 but might just be a rumor

lsfknsalfs 2016-03-14 -2 points

After converting the MDF file to and iso file and burning the iso file to a CD, when I tried to run it, I got a general protection fault. It doesn't work.

SuperHappyFunTime 2016-01-31 0 point

this game was good bet never met it's full potential, I remember a patch or
mod or something that did make a lot of improvements but my biggest problem
with this game is balance, you can build up a pretty good well defended base only
to watch in horror as the enemy rolls into your base with only 3 units and dismantles all your hard work...the defence structures are pretty much useless.
I wish someone would mod the game so that bases could defend themselves much
better from enemy attacks...I don't mind if 20+ enemy units roll into town and hand me my ass but 3 ?????? WTF , but game has so much potential....needs a remake or a battlezone 3 that can take advantage of modern pc graphics.
superhappyfuntime guys and gals!

one 2015-12-17 0 point

and i believed that were the only one who likes this game ...

Zaphar 2015-12-15 0 point

Spent many hours playing this game from 1999-2003 and intermittently for a few years after that. It's really cool to see people still playing and working on it. The graphics and physics were quite advanced when it was released and actually still look pretty good considering how old it is. The game play was quite advanced for its time, with most games being either strictly on-foot or vehicular based. This combined that in addition to fusing FPS and RTS genres. Most FSP games of the time were extremely linear in game play and only the graphics and theme seemed to change from title to title. This was one of the few that was built for MODing and probably one of the reasons why hardcore fans still keep it alive. This is one of the three games that stand out to me, the others being Operation Flashpoint and Deus Ex.

S.S.A. 2015-09-27 0 point

It didn't work. after extraction the iso and all that stuff
and then open the exe, it does not open. :(
Any help will be great

Juggs 2015-09-03 0 point

Just an FYI for those looking to play this online, BZ2 gamelisting from Raknet (Gamespy replacement) has been down for months and will most likely not be coming back. We have a working solution to host and play BZ2 online, and is being further developed and hopefully included in the next patch at some point.

Pump 2015-08-07 0 point Windows version

Yeah man played this game for years.. I still have the original disk and the first Battle zone... Great games.. Best way to do it is build towers and just build army and make sure you have mortars. I always sniper and make the game longer than it is.. Lol destroy a base but the main and it will rebuild it self..

AnarchoiD 2015-07-09 1 point Windows version

Thx the game and the infos, the game nicely runing on my rig(W8.1 64bit), the 1.3 patch is amazing thing.

ezbz 2015-06-24 3 points Windows version

To add on to my first comment. Obviously make sure that you install the game first before you attempt to patch it.
1. Install the game
2. Do not use the old (patch 1.2), but instead download/install patch 1.3
3. Do not use the NOCD-Patch; the latest patch installs one for you

Also, for Windows 7 and above users. If you cannot install the game, then check for a folder called Setup in the root directory. There should be a file in there called Setup that you can run to install the game.

ezbz 2015-06-24 4 points Windows version

*For those of you who simply want to play the game off of the computer*

Please read all of this in order to be sure that the game will run correctly
**NOTE: The patch that comes with the download is obsolete**

1. Convert the downloaded MDF and MDS files into an ISO
You can learn how here:

2. Open up the .iso file using a program such as 7zip or winrar
Again, you can learn how using the first link that was supplied

3. Extract all of the files into a normal folder (name it bz2 or whatever you want)

4. Download and Install the latest patch - 1.3 6.5 from
The latest patch will include a no cd crack, so you can just launch bzone.exe whenever you want (or create a shortcut of it on your desktop to launch from)

To install the latest patch, simply double click the downloaded patch, make sure that the directory correctly i.e - tell the patch where your bz2 folder is located. **IMPORTANT** The patch installer will also ask you to install a few dependencies such as Microsoft's C++ redistributable. These are needed to run the game, and is part of why some people on this chat are saying they are missing certain .dll files.

It is also highly recommended to install the VSR mod for bz2, located at: in the VSR development forum

ProXtreMm 2015-06-21 -1 point Windows version

Yay 11 minutes remaning!

Atiboy04 2015-06-10 -2 points Windows version


Ledgy_ro 2015-05-28 0 point Windows version

I've invested more that 7500 hours into games(only those on steam) and a lot more if I add up all the others. This will always be one of the best games. Greatest ideas, but the genre didn't last because strategy players love to build but hate to fight, and FPS players the other way around, the in between is a very small community, they even made a marvelous expansion pack to this game. Battlezone : Forgotten Enemies

Iso burner girl 2015-05-03 0 point Windows version

To everyone who was puzzled as to what to do:
1. Download imgburner or burnerxp compatible with your OS (Windows XP,Vista,7,8, or for Mac).
2. Install it (making sure you check mark box xustom install and retaining only your software, not any other softwares you don't want).
3. Extract your image (mdf and mds files onto your desktop or whatever folder convenient to you). My favorite is IMGBurn as it directs you on which file to take...
4. Click on it and it should do the rest for you.
5. Insert a DVD or a CD Rom into the Disc drive for copying onto it the MDS and MDF files.
These softwares links are:
By the way, if you have Windows 7, it is supplied with Windows.

Dumy 2015-03-16 0 point Windows version

You need to mount the files on a virtual cd/dvd drive, or burn it on a cd. Get powerIso or deamon tool lite

bob 2015-03-02 1 point Windows version

seriously how do i play this with this file omg

Dittodude 2015-02-22 -4 points Windows version

So... how do I actually install this? There are the 2 patches, then some .mdf and .mds files? What do I do?

Heeeelp 2015-01-29 2 points Windows version

Yo, so I got this, did the patch correctly and then it says im missing a FFC10p.dll folder... should i download the most recent patch into it instead of the one given?

WHut 2015-01-27 -3 points Windows version

So i downloaded this, downloaded the patch, and then i open the no-cd fix, and it says it cant access the bzone.exe..... helppppp

hh 2014-11-19 3 points Windows version

I love it

FABULOUS NICK 2014-10-30 1 point Windows version


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