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Champions of Krynn

DOS - 1990

Also released on: Amiga - Apple II - Commodore 64

Alt name 克萊恩英豪
Year 1990
Platform DOS
Released in France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States
Genre Role-Playing (RPG)
Theme D&D / AD&D, Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, Licensed Title, Turn-based
Publisher Strategic Simulations, Inc., U.S. Gold Ltd.
Developer Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Perspective 1st-Person
Dosbox support Supported on 0.58
4.56 / 5 - 32 votes

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Manual, refcard, misc and cluebook available

Description of Champions of Krynn

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The weakest of all Gold Box games in my opinion, SSI's games based on "Dragonlance" AD&D setting are still decent enough to merit attention by all RPG fans. It is not that they are bad games - I just find the plots of "Forgotten Realms" games more interesting and the gameplay more balanced.

Champions of Krynn for example gives no experience to any character who is knocked unconscious in combat - something that not only violates AD&D rules, but also makes the game unfairly frustrating, especially in the beginning when your party is still weak.

The three games in this series are Champions of Krynn, Death Knights of Krynn, and The Dark Queen of Krynn. All are worth a look, but don't expect them to set new standards. The best thing about these games is the interesting magic system, which restricts spells according to the character's alignment.

GameSpot's decent short review of Champions of Krynn goes as follows: "The first proper Dragonlance computer role-playing game, Champions of Krynn (released in 1990) took place shortly after the War of the Lance in the Dragonlance timeline. A routine scouting mission into the smoldering ruins of the town of Throtl became a desperate struggle to rescue the kidnapped Caramon and a troupe of human captives from a small squadron of Draconians. From there, the action escalates from town to town across the continent of Ansalon, as the party is led by knights, kender, enemy traitors and actual characters from the Dragonlance Chronicles in an effort to quash the attempts of evil forces to corrupt dragon eggs into armies of Draconian warriors.

Champions of Krynn took the blueprint first set by Pool of Radiance a few steps further with the help of some additions specific to the Dragonlance world. Specifically, Champions featured the hoopak-wielding Kender race, the Solamnic Knight character class, and the steel-coin currency specific to Krynn.

It also introduced some interesting modifications to the magic system. That is, certain magic-user spells were categorized into different schools according to a character's alignment (for instance, the Globe of Invulnerability spells were only available to good-aligned, or white mages, while Fire Shield and Dimension Door were only allowed for neutral-aligned, or red mages). Also, bonus or penalty spells were assigned based on the cycles of Krynn's three magic moons.

Finally, clerics were able to choose their deities, which, true to the Dragonlance universe, would endow them with innate special abilities, like the additional healing ability of followers of Mishakal, or the enhanced turn undead ability of followers of Majere."

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

larry 2022-01-30 2 points

GOG and STEAM are killing AMIGA and C64 versions of many games like that.

Hawk 2019-03-21 8 points Commodore 64 version

I understand this site taking down games that are still for sale, but I'm one of those rare (strange) collectors that likes to play old games on the original hardware. There is nowhere that I can buy the C64 or Amiga versions of this game. It's a shame that you don't leave these versions available for download and just remove the DOS version that will still run on modern hardware.

Justa Guy 2018-07-21 0 point DOS version

I have to say I loved these games growing up and while the first one is a bit rough, the other two games improve the series as it goes on. I played it about two years ago again on my laptop and had no problems.

However on my new PC using the same archive and version of Dosbox I can't get it to save any characters. I did everything exactly the same and are at a loss. I can only guess it doesn't work well with Windows 10.

Carl Heerwagen 2018-07-02 0 point

I beat this game also.

dfortae 2018-01-12 1 point DOS version

I review Champions of Krynn here:

mikey 2017-11-28 1 point DOS version

Can't get the DOS to run in full color

Doc Erick 2016-05-20 0 point

Loved all the Krynn games when I was a teen :)

basher 2015-01-24 0 point DOS version

tried everything including new files still wont save

admin 2014-09-02 -1 point DOS version

The file archive has been updated with the fixed version ;) Enjoy !

dodly 2014-06-26 0 point DOS version

i see im not alone with the saving problem . help

Barholic 2014-06-25 0 point DOS version

I'm just about to give up on this old gem. I can't get it to save. I've extracted the files into c:\cok, c:\COK, I've edited the cfg file to match and tried to set the save at c:\SAVE but nothing works. Any help would be appreciated

dodly 2014-06-20 -1 point DOS version

can somebody please help i cant save character

Another Wise Old Man 2013-02-23 2 points DOS version

Lessee, say that one out loud:

See Colon Backslash Cock

Man, that's *got* to hurt :(

Brad 2012-07-27 0 point DOS version

For anyone having the saving issue, you need to install the game into the following location:


the save directory is already created in the install.

Agnus 2012-04-01 0 point DOS version

Same here. I have learn much from these games, english and knowledge about middle and fantasy military.
Great times! Playing on Amiga and PC.

Good luck on your journeys in Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms!

Watwazat 2012-02-22 0 point DOS version

I've learned English thanks to those games, SSI and AD&D even before going to proper courses. Ah memories...

Vic 2011-10-05 0 point DOS version

I agree with JDT, great collection.

Question: I'm also having difficulty saving and have run through several forums but I still am having the save issue. Is there a patch? I redownloaded it but it still has the problem.


jdt 2011-07-26 0 point DOS version

you have the best collection i have ever seen!!! and i have a good one myself!!! thanks for posting these games you rule!

admin 2011-02-28 0 point DOS version

Edited the game, now in VGA version without the save disk issue. I created a pdf manual for it too, included in the game folder. Enjoy !

HIGHVOLUME 2010-10-27 0 point DOS version

how you supposed to play this? it keeps asking for save disk

atarb 2009-12-13 0 point DOS version

These old DnD games are da bomb. Classic.

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ManualEnglish version 11 MB (DOS) RefcardEnglish version 2 MB (DOS) MiscRule Book English version 529 KB (DOS) CluebookEnglish version 37 MB (DOS)

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Apple II

Commodore 64

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