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Girlfriend Terri

DOS - 1994

Year 1994
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Genre Simulation
Theme Adult, Full Motion Video
Publisher AIVR Corp
Developer AIVR Corp
Perspective 1st-Person
4.42 / 5 - 57 votes

Description of Girlfriend Terri

Girlfriend Terri, a really nice simulation game sold in 1994 for DOS, is available and ready to be played again! Time to play an adult and full motion video video game title.

Girlfriend is an artificial intelligence program which mimics the responses of a human female in a conversation. You enter a sentence through the key-board, and she answers in a few seconds.

How to play Girlfriend Terri

Game must be run on Win XP or earlier OS. Enter username Nikel, or the girl won't want to play.

Captures and Snapshots

Comments and reviews

NIKEL ;] 2023-07-16 0 point

does anyone know how to upgrade terri (and tracy) to V3.0? it looks like the upgrades make the game way better. when i try to upgrade, i get an errors saying cannot copy upgrade files, or, you don't have enough space. i have tried -freesize1028 already in DOSBox. help us alex!

Dug314 2022-10-18 2 points

Yeah, what is/was this model's name?

Also, how do you quit the game within the game itself, not cut off into dosbox?

anonym 2022-01-05 2 points

This is amazing game, i got it running with gf /SB which means with speech synthesizer ;)
Still vocabulary is kind of primitive one.
9 words , but many english words are not recognized.

Connord 2021-08-07 5 points

Fake tits, tan lines, racing stripe. Yep, it's the 90's!

Ogg Vorbis 2021-06-29 1 point

It would be cool to have an editor for this game to customise it. I'm surprised no one has made a modern version.

Alex 2020-01-23 1 point

Wow! Girlfriend Tracy is something new! I have not seen this option before. I have not tried this game yet. And in general, Terri is somehow dearer to me. :)

Abandoned-AI 2019-11-22 1 point

I remember playing this way back. You could teach her new words and synonyms. I can’t remember if the underlying chatbot was ALICE or Eliza but AIVR added the ability to “teach” her. I remember there were three different adult versions using three different models. Terri was by far the best chatbot though. The final, Windows version had full motion but was just bad at conversation. AIVR also sold G rated versions with different models. I played with Terri between IRL girlfriends during college.

Ooze3d 2019-10-26 0 point

Surprisingly, this is the first time I've ever played this game. Back in the 90s I tried a few dating/sex simulators but they were always limited to a single premade script (you know, things like Vida and the other "interactive" girls).
Now that chat bots and cloud trained ai models are part of our everyday lives, I find this early approach spectacular for many reasons. It's true that the bot is clearly headed towards getting her horny enough to take her clothes off and start having sex, but below that lies a much more complex attempt at having an actual conversation. It fails, of course. It mixes concepts, doesn't understand most things and all you could expect from something so primitive, but the second day I tried it, I was shocked to find that she "remembered" our previous session and she wasn't at the same place she started the first one. In fact she was in the bathroom which is a place I hadn't seen before, so it's really a more "clever" approach at a savegame. The bot also tries to understand concepts it doesn't know by asking for synonyms or explanations, which I found surprising. I also found it really amusing that she can say things like "I'm so wet" or more intense stuff at the slightest touch, but when you ask her to take her dress off, she says it's too soon and we should know each other better because the mood meter is still too low. It's curious that the team didn't include different, more "pg" answers for the moments where she's not supposed to be in the mood for sex yet.
Apart from all that, I have a ton of questions about this. I've noticed there're lots of other positions and actions I haven't seen yet at least while playing, but when I try to trigger those situations, it just shows the same pics I know or goes back to the standard portrait mode. Has anyone managed to get to those screens just by talking to her? I'd love to see some kind of manual or a list of things she can "understand" besides the straight forward sexual stuff.

George W 2019-09-24 0 point

Girlfriend Teri!

Hello 2019-01-22 7 points

I was looking through the comments for the model's name, and only found a smartass answer "It's been x years". Does anyone have an actual answer?

Alex 2018-03-20 0 point

For TIM and anyone else is interested:
Yes, she is loyal to someone else, his name is Nikel. :)
If you want she to be loyal for you, then use the tool to change username and birthdays of user and girlfriend. See the tool on the bottom of this page (second MISC).

admin 2018-03-19 2 points

Password for Alex's Tool is 123

CooperTeam 2018-03-18 -1 point

Um, the "Alex's Tool" zip file is password protected, mind telling us what the password is?

tim 2018-03-17 -1 point

when you type in your name she says i am loyal to someone else and it turns off what name works?

Alex 2018-03-09 0 point

What exactly is not clear?
1) Click on the "Download" button, copy and unzip.
2a) Click on the "Fix" button, copy and unzip.
2b) Next, see the Readme.txt file.

omadongalong 2018-03-09 1 point

Dont know how to start it PLS help me

Ikyrus 2018-02-21 0 point

Has anyone gotten the voices to work? When I install the sound pack or try to run the game with "gf /SB" I get an error saying "no soundblaster detected." Everything else in DOSBox recognizes the soundblaster just fine.

Alex 2018-01-20 3 points

look below:

Brendan 2018-01-20 -2 points

Is there any way to get this working on Windows 7 (with DOSBOX)?

Me 2017-12-13 1 point

I do remember seeing Tracy. My friend owned it and it was the first time I saw a “girlfriend”. Later I bought Donna for myself.
She had a ‘dirty little secret’.

Alex 2017-11-06 1 point

If Terry asks something, and you do not want to answer, then tell her "Stop." Do not try to switch to another topic, she will think that you are answering her question and will finally get confused. Say "Stop," she will calm down, and then continue the conversation.

Alex 2017-10-28 1 point

Addition to the previous message.

Terri understands the following words and phrases as commands:
sit, lie, kneel, read a book, drink water, get up, sit down, turn on and watch TV, go to the bedroom, to the living room, to the bathroom, undress, remove dress, wear, etc.
Terri understands your next actions: kiss, spank, fuck.

You can try to determine her vocabulary, but it's a little confusing. Ask, for example: what is A? She will say that A is B or type of B. Ask, what is B? She will answer that B is C or type of C. And so on, until you get to the answer that Z is a word. If you ask her: what is a word, she will stop understanding you. :)

If you are curious to know how many words she knows, then ask her: "What is noun?".
She will respond like:
A noun is a word. I know 856 parts or types, including nipple and panties. :)

Alex 2017-10-26 0 point

For Andrew and all those who are interested in these pictures.
A little hint: the name of the image file contains information.
For example, BRDRSITG:
BR - bedroom,
DR - dress,
SIT - (she) sits,
G - emotion: glad (?).
Another example, LRNALIEH:
LR - living room,
NA - (she) is naked,
LIE - (she) lies,
H - emotion: heart (?).
BA - bathroom,
DRY - (she) dries,
ARM - arm.
Well, and so on.

Andrew 2017-10-26 0 point

Thanks a lot for sharing all the images, Alex! I have been using this program on and off for over 20 years now, I have not seen 70% of these images!

I had no idea she could do things like watch TV or read a book. Using these images as a guide I can now interact with her more. Thanks again for sharing these, Alex! Saves the rest of us poor slobs the hassle of extracting and converting all the images from the original files.

Alex 2017-10-24 0 point

I use ACDSee v5.0 to view graphic files. Well, I like it! :) I tried now to see the * .pcx files using the standard Windows program - it can not!

In short, I can offer all the files from GF_Terri, converted into a PNG-format. I hope that this type of graphics will not be a problem. By the way, they take up less space. :)

All GF_TERRI graphic files converted from PCX format to PNG format:

Andrew 2017-10-24 -1 point

Can somebody tell me how to extract Terri's images from the PCL files? Alex stated that he "pulled them out in PCX format using the unpcxlib.exe utility", but Google turns up zip for searches on unpcxlib.

I have tried other PCL readers and viewers but they all fail to load the images. Any help would be much appreciated.

Alex 2017-09-20 0 point

@Admin: OK. :)

admin 2017-09-20 1 point

@Alex: done, thanks :)

Alex 2017-09-19 0 point

To Admin:
Perhaps you will add this utility to the Game Extras (with comment: change username and birthdays of user and girlfriend)?

Alex 2017-09-17 0 point

in the same place, on indicated:

File description:
Password: 123

Be careful! :D

Chris 2017-09-17 0 point

Alex... it would be interesting to get to your file but the archive is password protected. :-P

Alex 2017-09-13 0 point

I made a program that allows you to change the Nikel user name to your name, and also enter your date of birth and change the birth date of Terry. Make her a little bit younger! See the Readme.txt file for details.

Alex 2017-09-07 0 point

I Tried to change the information in the file PURSEU.DAT. While changing only the name (Alex instead of Nikel), I did it. Although not all so simple: if you just change the name, it will not work.

I'll try to change the dates of birth. Change my date: maybe Terry wants to congratulate me on my birthday? :) Change Terry's birth date to make her younger.

If everything works, then I will share it. Most likely, it will be in the form of a small program.

Alex 2017-09-07 0 point

I tried to delete the specified files. I came to the conclusion that you can not delete PURSEA.DAT. First, it gives an error. Secondly, it features Terry: date of birth, she is a blonde, etc. Why remove this? It makes sense to change her date of birth (03/6/1966). Otherwise, Terry is very old.

narfbat 2017-09-06 0 point

I found out a couple interesting things:
1. You can reset Terri (to a just-met state) by removing the files SESSION.SAV in the main directory, and PURSEA.DAT and PURSEC.DAT in the TERRI.GF directory. The game will make new ones as you play.
2. It's possible to change your user information by hex-editing the PURSEU.DAT file in the main directory. I am now using my own name to play!

ANONYMOUSES 2017-06-29 1 point

to Admin:
thank you for posting Alex's fix :)

ANONYMOUSES 2017-06-29 -1 point

To Alex:
thank you for the new gf.exe :)
very much appreciated, as it now works under dosbox with it :)

QuakeBUG 2017-06-21 0 point

When I was a boy... I found this ...

Alex 2017-06-12 -6 points

23 years have passed since then, or even more.

Whoisit 2017-06-10 12 points

Does anyone know the model's actual name (Terri)?

Alex 2017-05-17 1 point

I understand you, we are 11,000, and you are alone. :)
Thank you very much!

Requester 2017-05-17 0 point

Oh, today I remember that you can have voices for this game and the command is: "gf /sb" without the quote.

But for the player name change I'm still trying to recall what the command is... I'll update later if I found it. :-)

Alex 2017-05-15 0 point

As for the second misc file, I think that Requester meant not it. This addition is already present at the main archive, it is in the SOUND folder.

Alex 2017-05-15 0 point

Admin, now everything is ОК.
But I think you could make 2 options: separately for Windows and separately for Mac OS. You understand, users are different in experience.

admin 2017-05-15 0 point

To Requester and Alex, i added a misc file, is it what you search ?

admin 2017-05-15 0 point

Alex, I removed password. I thought i did it last time, thx !

Requester 2017-05-13 0 point

Hi Alex,

Different girls are in different set of diskettes, without the other complete set of diskettes it's hopeless. I had tried to searching the internet for years now but no one seems to upload it. Well, guess I have to keep searching then.

Thanks for replying and the fix for Terri executable file.

Alex 2017-05-12 0 point


So far the result is zero. Now and in 2005.

Requester 2017-05-12 0 point

Hi Alex,

Keep us update with your progress, if it works then post your good work out here later. Thanks.

Alex 2017-05-12 0 point


I rummaged on my computer, I found a version with three girls. It turned out that I checked this option back in 2005! :D

Alex 2017-05-12 0 point


So, different names inside one folder do not work. If to copy GF_TERRI to a different location, rename the TERRI.GF folder, then it will work. But this is not so interesting.

Alex 2017-05-12 0 point


Nothing interesting!

I told Terri that the fox is a type of animal. Said only to her! Then I called Lily, asked her what a fox was. Lily answered: the fox is a type of animal, you told me!

Alex 2017-05-12 0 point


Wow! I made the folder LILY.GF, copied the files. Nothing else! Start, chose Lily, ask her: what's your name? Answered: Lily!

Alex 2017-05-12 0 point


Hmm, if the images of the girls are the same, only different names, then, probably, we can make three, five and even ten folders, give them different names: GF_ANNA, GF_LIZA, GF_KATE, etc. And copy the contents of the GF_TERRI folder to these folders.

I wonder if this will work? Need to try! : D

Requester 2017-05-12 0 point

Hello Alex,

There is no point searching the images in Girlfriend Terri files, there won't be another girls images on it. I remember different girls is in another different set of installation diskettes.

Alex 2017-05-12 0 point

Hi Requester.

Hmm, I met Terry in the 90's too. I've downloaded it from the Internet several times, but in 20 years I've never had such an option where there would be three different girls. Only such a fake, about which I spoke.

Yesterday I rummaged for a long time on the Internet, but I could not find it. :-(

Images with Terry are in PCL-files. I pulled them out in PCX format using the unpcxlib.exe utility. There are just over 300 of them.

Alex 2017-05-12 0 point

To Admin:

Probably, it is necessary to specify the password to the archive where you placed it. Not all people read the commentary. Someone is downloading the archive, but he does not guess where to look for the password to it.

It would have been better, of course, without a password, but the Internet very often reacts painfully to the transfer of EXE files.

Requester 2017-05-12 0 point

Hi Alex,

They do exist, I brought it when I was a teenager back in the 90s. I just lost all 3 of them when I moved houses. BTW, the name "Nikel" can be change too as I remembered there is a code stated in the user guide manual to do that but that was lost together as well. :-(

admin 2017-05-12 0 point

Hi ! I added Alex's fix, See download game extras section ;) Thx a lot Alex !!

Alex 2017-05-11 0 point

Hello, Requester.
I have a big suspicion that Susie and Tracy never really existed. Once I managed to stumble on the version of this game, where there were three folders with girls with these names (plus Terry, of course), but the pictures in them were the same.

Requester 2017-05-11 0 point

Any ideas where to get Girlfriend "Suzy" and "Tracy"?

Requester 2017-05-11 0 point


Tested the modified file. It works great.

Thank you Alex.

Requester 2017-05-10 0 point

This is a fast respond! Thank you... Alex. I'll update here again tomorrow after I have tested the file. :-)

Alex 2017-05-10 0 point

For the Requester and everyone:
This is an archive file, the password is: 123.
After unzipping, read the Readme.txt file.

Requester 2017-05-10 0 point

Hello Alex:

Please upload the modified "GF.EXE" file to "", so that we can download the file. Post the download link here after you have uploaded it.

Thank you in advance. :-)

Alex 2017-05-10 0 point

I see that idea of making a remake of this game caused a negative evaluation. Well? Do not, so do not.

Alex 2017-05-10 0 point

For Requester:
I can post this file, but I don't know how to do it better. Give me the email address, I will send it there. Or tell me another more suitable option.

Requester 2017-05-10 0 point


Could you please post the modified "GF.EXE" file, so that we don't have to edit it ourselves. If you could do that, it's a great help to all of us here.

Thank you in advance. :-)

Alex 2017-04-12 0 point

I have an idea to make a remake of this program. Only one problem: will I violate someone's copyright while doing this, especially if I use pictures of this program?

Alex 2017-03-31 0 point

For Nick:
I edit the gf.exe file with program FAR Manager. This is like Norton Commander. :)
The problem is that the text editor can not cope with this task. In this case, you need to use a binary editor to make the correct changes. Such an editor will only change what you want, and will not "clean up" your file.

Anonymouses 2017-03-29 1 point

ok so i figured out my problems and it's running fine now

1) gf_terri folder needs to be in the root of the c: drive example- c:\gf_terri
2) files should not be read-only: which was what gave the
- Path/File access error in line 0 of module gf at address 0EEF:3770

game is running fine now

just thought i'd post this
so as if anyone else gets those problems
the fixes are there :)

Anonymouses 2017-03-29 0 point

please omit this: i just did what i mentioned above and it works
from that last post

i can get the game to run but i guess it doesn't find the folder
or something to that effect

Anonymouses 2017-03-29 0 point

error is the folder needs to be on the C Drive
as if it was installed there

so just copy the entire folder " gf_terri " to the c drive
and then run the gf.exe from within that folder

it should run

but then i get a problem which states:
Path/File access error in line 0 of module gf at address 0EEF:3770

anyone have the correct path where the folder should be?

i just did what i mentioned above and it works

NICK 2017-03-29 0 point

How do you edit the gf.exe file?

ALEX 2017-03-29 1 point

You download the file
This is an archive file. You need to unzip it.
After that, you will have many files, including the gf.exe file.

cracka 2017-03-22 0 point

where is the program file gf.exe, all I can find is the application under that name and I can't look into that.

Alex 2017-03-16 2 points

It is a good game!
On the problem of the serial number. I did this: renamed the folder named "~ -_ ~ -_ ~" to 12345678 and a file named "~ -_ ~ -_ ~" inside this folder at 12345678, too. Then in the program file gf.exe replaced the text "~ -_ ~ -_ ~" on 12345678. Be careful! Be sure that the other characters in the gf.exe file do not change when saving! After that, it worked.

One more thing. Starting with Windows 7, the program does not work, start it from under DOSBox. I do this using 2 bat-files.
Start.bat, it has this line:
Start2.bat, it has this line:
"C: \ Program Files \ DOSBox-0.74 \ DOSBox.exe" start.bat
Start of the program starts Start2.bat.

admin 2016-11-21 2 points

I have written before the screenshot, the game will run on an emulated Windows XP, not DOSBox. The serial is present but uses a strange filename. Also, username must be "Nikel".

Duke 2016-11-20 -2 points

Same problem as everyone else: "No valid Serial Number"
I see a folder with a file that contains what looks like a serial number... How do we enter that serial number? How do we enter the user name? How do we configure anything?

wtf 2016-10-03 -1 point

no valid serial number, how do you make this run

admin 2016-08-30 2 points

Couldn't get it to work in DOSBox

dude 2016-08-29 1 point

it's only for windows xp, and it's dos emulation

Perv 2016-08-26 1 point

Hey, I just downloaded the game, but it says "no valid serial number, refer to installation guide" I don't own the manual, and I don't get it. Could you help me ?

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