Harpoon II

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Harpoon II

DOS - 1994

Also released on: Mac

Year 1994
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Genre Simulation, Strategy
Theme Naval, Real-Time
Publisher Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc.
Developer Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc.
Perspective Top-Down
4.26 / 5 - 34 votes

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Manual available

Description of Harpoon II

As follow-up to the world's best naval simulation ever, Harpoon 2 is a big disappointment to fans of the original.

Its impressive graphics, sounds, a larger database of ships, and more varied missions can't hide the fact that the AI is seriously flawed, and that the game shipped with an inexcusable amount of bugs. Although it became playable after the last series of patches, by then many fans have already turned their backs. Even in its patched incarnation, the game failed to live up to its predecessor-- the additions of more ships and painstakingly researched scenarios were curiously balanced by simplifying many gameplay elements, such as the radar. Perhaps this was an effort to lure newcomers to the genre, but the lower realism quotient and quirky AI did nothing to keep hard-core fans happy.

Overall, an interesting naval sim that is above average, if one forgets its pedigree. Not until Interactive Magic's 1997 Harpoon Classic release did fans cheer once more to the return of realism and solid AI-- something Harpoon 2 should have been, but sadly was not.

Note: The download has been removed at the request of Advanced Gaming Systems Inc., current copyright holder of Harpoon games. Harpoon 3 is finished, as well as Harpoon Classic 2002 Gold Edition, the most current and up-to-date version of Harpoon Classic (also reviewed on this site).

Review By HOTUD

Harpoon II has the following addons available: Harpoon II: BattleSet 2 - WestPac and Harpoon II: BattleSet 3 - Cold War, don't miss them!

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Comments and reviews

Flyboy 2020-09-09 0 point

I have installed it in my dosbox games folder but when i drag harpoon2 exe to doxbox icon. Its loading but stops at the tree sixty logo screen with not reponding. What I'm i doing wrong?

Torqued Harpooner 2019-11-13 0 point DOS version

Publiher is not making it available for free or fee. I can understand them saying you cant sell their work, but not understanding them not allowing it to be distributed for free. Maybe the bit torrent sites.

Gadget 2017-04-16 2 points DOS version

where is DOS download for HarpoonII
The download link here keeps taking me to the Mac version

DDR 2015-01-03 -6 points DOS version

Cat got your tongue "A.NONYMOUS 2014-12-06"? I thought so now go back to your COD bitch.

DDR 2014-12-27 -1 point DOS version

"command:modern air/naval operations. it looks promising but is very unpolished"

Unpolished = ?

"$80 to play test, anyone?"

Isn't it currently on Steam for 50$? http://store.steampowered.com/app/321410

And don't they have a private forum for beta-testing?

a.nonymous 2014-12-06 3 points DOS version

btw, if there was a fully functional version of harpoon 2/3 for sale i would buy it so i do not feel guilty about this. the developers need to stop acting like greedy little babies and either make a working port or give this great 20 year old game back to the community that frankly made the game what it is.it took me FOREVER to figure out this solution, and yes i have original harpoon2:adm edition disc.hope this helps spare somebody the frustration

a.nonymous 2014-12-06 1 point DOS version

you need version 3.9.4 http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3452331
go to http://www.harplonkhq.com/Harpoon/FrequentlyAskedQuestions.htm#20010
question: where can i find scenarios for the players database? to download full library
when installing game change default directory to c:/ (it will create C:/harpoon3 folder
unzip and install database into this directory, then launch harpoon3 and choose h3 configuration. database manager tab. choose players database. this will make that the default database and let you choose all battlesets and scenarios everytime you launch game. hope this helps

a.nonymous 2014-12-06 0 point DOS version

the folks developing newer versions have tried to kill harpoon 2 adm ed because it is STILL the only stable version. they abandoned the people who bought harpoon 3:anw and are now charging high dollar for command:modern air/naval operations. it looks promising but is very unpolished. $80 to play test, anyone?best bet is to find H3 ANW searching russian forums, then download the database and scenarios from harpoonHQ. not impossible to find, but not easy. use google translator lol. rutracker.eu good luck

Ludlow Hutchinson 2014-10-10 0 point DOS version

i would like plays games this harpoon aslo how install in my computer

admin 2014-06-06 0 point DOS version

File has been removed due to the copyright :/ sorry guys

@RICHARD 2014-06-04 0 point DOS version

Looks like MyAbandware need to take you up on that offer. Get it sent to them. Dunno why these Harpoon games are the only ones they've no download for!

Ass 2014-05-18 1 point DOS version

Well? Where's the flippin download then?

Richard 2014-01-30 0 point DOS version

I have this on 5 floppies if you need a copy..

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