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Impossible Mission II

DOS - 1988

Also released on: Amiga - Amstrad CPC - Apple II - Apple IIgs - Atari ST - Commodore 64 - ZX Spectrum

Alt names Impossible Mission-II, Impossible Mission 2
Year 1988
Platform DOS
Released in United States (1988)
United States (1989)
Genre Action
Theme Metroidvania, Platform, Puzzle elements
Publisher Epyx, Inc.
Developer Novotrade Software Kft.
Perspectives 2D scrolling, Side view
Dosbox support Supported on current version
4.28 / 5 - 53 votes

Description of Impossible Mission II

Another great game that defies simple description, this is the PC version of yet another hit Commodore 64 game. It's a platform action/adventure where you infiltrate a hi-tech building to stop an evil plan. Despite this hackneyed plot, dodging the robots while getting clues from the various computer terminals is a lot of fun.

After it was first released in 1987 in CGA, Konami released the EGA/VGA version in 1989 with much improved graphics and sounds that finally rival the C64 version.

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

xawesomecorex 2023-08-16 1 point

Pixel is selling a subpar port of the game. I understand giving money to the creators but they're not the creators, they haven't added anything to it, and from I was reading the game hardly works. This is your site but I think defending the sell of an asset flip is wrong.

NTSM 2020-11-30 0 point Atari ST version

I get error bombs every time I try to start the Atari ST version with SainT.
Back then we had played the Atari ST version and wanted a little nostalgia again. But everything I tried with SainT didn't work out. Not a single start file from Impossible Mission II works. :(

Wertzui 2020-05-10 0 point DOS version

The DOS version is PC-speaker only. You only get better sound if you try the C64, Atari ST, or Amiga versions.

Wertzui 2020-05-10 6 points DOS version

For those who don't have decades to figure out everything, here is how to play.

-Arrow Keys or the Numeric Keypad: moving around
-you search the furniture by standing in front of it and pressing Up
-Spacebar: the "fire button" -making acrobatic jumps in the rooms -clicking on the UI buttons
-Down + Space: laying a bomb or mine (if you have one activated at a terminal)
-vertical lifts/moving platforms you stand on them and press Up or Down
-horizontal moving platforms you stand on and press Up + Left or Up + Right
[Those above can be done with joystick aswell if you have it calibrated in the beginning]
-Esc: pause
-Alt + S: save game
-Alt + Q: quit to DOS
-Ctrl + S: toggle sound off / on
-Alt + F1: suicide (for cases if you got yourself trapped)
-F1: game over, scoreboard, and starting over (when the question show up, press Y if you want to load a saved game)

You are a secret agent and your objective is to is to shut down Dr Elvin Atombender's supercomputer before it hacks and launches all the nukes of all the World.
You have 8 hours to do so. You have unlimited lives but you lose 10 minutes each time you die.
The building has 8 towers, the towers have hallways and rooms, the game randomly generates a new layout of rooms each time you start a new game.

In the rooms you must search up the furniture for numbers and objects, and avoid the robots.
The robots have different types and behaviour, not all of them is deadly, see it yourself.

Every room has a computer terminal.
By selecting an icon you can activate one of the useful objects you found (it shows how many you possess). These are: temporary robot stop, mines, timed bombs, resetting moving platforms, activating secret platforms, putting the lights on in dark rooms. Don't confuse mines and bombs. Mines blow up robots (or you) on contact, but can destroy furniture aswell. Both can blow a hole on platforms (for your advantage or disadvantage).
You leave the terminal by selecting the down-arrow icon.

On the hallways you can access the UI, move the finger cursor like a mouse (but without the mouse)
To progress, you must unlock each tower you are in. For that you need the 3-digit code. You find numbers hidden in the furniture. On the UI you can assemble the code. If you have the right combination "complete", you can enter the neighbouring towers.

Now the most important task. Each tower has one musical recording in it, the music is locked in a safe. You must collect them. Blow open the safe with a time bomb and get the music.
You can listen to the musical pieces you have with the cassette player on the UI. Watch out because only 6 musical pieces are valid, two are duplicates, and take up space on the tape. If you have a duplicate, rewind on it, and the next music you retrieve will be recorded over it.

If you have all the (right) musics, you can enter the final room in the center of the building. The doors to it are found on the hallways and have an ominous skull mark on it (press Up in front of it). If you don't have the musics the door will electrocute if you try to enter.
In the final room get to the three terminals in the middle. One terminal is real, the others are traps.

Hints: Jumping have always the same distance, but there are no defined tiles for the distance of your steps. You don't have to jump over every gap, you can just step over it if you gently position yourself right.
Also, you CAN jump trough openings on walls that are shorter than you.

Good luck!

Wertzui 2020-05-10 0 point DOS version

One of my favourite games!
Surely it has a lot of flaws and annoyances, but it remains as addictive as ever.
I would say it's impossible to beat, but after decades of getting to know its intricacies, I now can brag that I finally have beaten it by my own honest effort since yesterday!

Unknown 2018-12-23 2 points

The 80's-est game I ever did see

BOBERTHEMAGE 2017-06-03 -2 points Commodore 64 version

I tried running the Commodore 64 version on a Mac using a VICE C64 emulator. It wouldn't let me move!!!!!!

RiX 2016-05-07 2 points Commodore 64 version

They were the years of Outrun and Pacland. All great games.
A very hard choice for a boy with little dollars (indeed, "lire", as I lived in Italy).
At the end, I bought Impossible Mission II for my C64, and I can say it was a good choice: many hours of amusement with actions and puzzles.
I reccomend it to everyone.

SAMIR 2014-08-05 -1 point DOS version


divyanshu 2014-06-20 -1 point DOS version

so cool

hari 2014-03-21 -4 points DOS version

So good

Dunc 2013-12-16 -6 points DOS version

How do you save a game?

Carl 2013-09-12 -1 point DOS version

Can I find the one with better sounds anywhere? The EGA file is only "pc-speaker" too.

Mirza 2012-06-08 1 point DOS version

So cool

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