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Alt names הנמלולים, レミングス, Ha-Namlulim, Lemmings 1
Year 1991
Platform DOS
Released in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States (1991)
Brazil (1992)
Genre Action, Puzzle
Theme Fantasy, Platform
Publisher Imagineer Co., Ltd., Psygnosis Limited
Developer DMA Design Limited
Perspectives 2D scrolling, Side view
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.73
4.59 / 5 - 272 votes

Description of Lemmings

Lemmings, one the most famous game in the nineties. You are in charge of a group of lemmings on their way to their home.

Inspired from the legend of the dumb lemming running straight in to danger, the lemmings pop from a portal and walk straight until they find an obstacle. The goal is to build a way to the exit with minimum casualties along the way. Of course dangers are everywhere : pitfall, traps, cliffs, etc...

Hopefully, the lemmings are able to make a lot of things, but you have to tell them to do it. Lemmings can make their fellow friends stop and turn around, build bridges, use an umbrella to fall slowly and much more. With a clever use of the often limited number of abilities, you may lead the lemmings to the exit.

The game was very popular and offered a two player mode, where you could collaborate to end the level or be evil and doom the other player's lemming to their death. The whole series was released on many platform and new games were made recently for the playstation.

Lemmings has an addon available: Oh No! More Lemmings, don't miss it!

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Comments and reviews

Mag 2024-07-04 0 point

Lemmings was an instant classic in those dos era, a simple concept with advance logistics and logic.

Nigga Charlie Brown 2023-12-29 -12 points

Ei, Joel Correa de Oliveira, seu preto careca corno! Ontem de noite vi teus chifres de novo na linha do horizonte, de tão corno que você é! Montei e deitei na tua putinha Danile Visnieski, e não fui o primeiro nem o último! Ela é bem rodada mesmo e eu fodi ela pra valer! Você tem certeza que as "tuas" filhas são tuas mesmo? Porque eu tenho certeza que ela continua sendo quem era há muito tempo!

eblis 2023-09-27 2 points DOS version

It's not simple to get it working, you need to manually patch a file in the folder, with the instructions on the DOSBox site supplied by a random person. Then mount the folder not as floppy but as a cdrom drive and if you want it to be perfect you have to config the DOSBox to VGA (SVGA by default) and select High Performance PC. If you are able to do all that then you have a working game. Remember there is no save so you have to write down the codes as you complete them or you have to do them every time.

eblis 2023-09-27 1 point DOS version

GOLDENBROWN instructions don't work anymore, you can do as he states but as you run VGALEMMI.EXE it will ask you for the VGA selection and a little moments after will retun to the console with a message that reads "Lemmings Disk 1 Not found, Insert into drive A or B and retry/n Exiting Lemmings.../n Have a nice DOS!" I also have mounted the folder into the A: and B: drive with the command [-t floppy] as shown on wiki with same results.

Pix n DJ 2023-01-18 -7 points

I thought my friends were happy with myself when I played matches with them on the 386 processor chip, Ultratech brand PC. Reiterating my first love of my life was myself because I came first in beating the whole approach to the "Stuck up" scenario to the bullies at school; And the wedding band it still there.

Sermon John 2022-10-03 3 points

All you have to do is unwrap the binary file with pro tools and rewrite the hex coding decimal system with a ratio of 0.0333333 to the next quarter.. There are countless tutorials available online but its a fairly simple process. Just ensure the file system is DOS friendly and unwrap the said package into a digital shell. Metaphorically speaking that is of course

GoldenBrown 2022-09-22 1 point DOS version

Whoops, I apologise.

The method I recommended only works first time, and after that DOSBox will say "Lemmings Disk 1 Not Found" etc. Unfortunately I can't edit my previous comment.

Please ignore my advice to run vgalemmi.exe. As per the advice on this page you should type 'lemmings' and press enter which will run 'lemmings.bat'.

Good luck!!

GoldenBrown 2022-09-19 -7 points DOS version

How I got Lemmings to work on Windows 10:

- Download & install DOSBox
- As per the wiki, create a "DOS games" folder on your hard drive (but not in the DOSBox installation folder!!):
- As per the wiki, set up your "DOS games" folder as your starting DOSBox directory location: (the location of the DOSBox config file seems to be by default C:\Users\\AppData\Local\DOSBox\dosbox-0.74-3.conf
- Extract the contents of the .zip download to your DOS games folder. The default name of the folder is 'lemming1.pc'. I recommend renaming this to just 'lemmings'.
- Run DOSBox
- Go to the Lemmings sub folder e.g. 'cd C:\oldgames\lemmings'
- Then type in 'vgalemmi.exe' and press enter
- Follow the instructions on the screen. Note: you will need to use F2 or F2 to start a game on the main screen.
- Press 'alt' + 'enter' to make the game fullscreen!

The Boz 2022-07-23 8 points

My first experience of Lemmings was a mate bringing in a demo (I think it was from PC Format) on a disc and we installed it on a few of the PCs at high school. For the love of me, I can't remember playing this on the Megadrive or not, and although I had played various demos of some of the sequels, I never really sat down and played Lemmings until it first came out as Abandonware. I think of Lemmings I think of GamesMaster which was presented by Dominik Diamond and Patrick Moore. I think of GamesMaster and I think of Lemmings. I was gutted I gave up on my C64 just before this was released and stored it away gathering dust even to this day, but for me, this is the epitome of classic home gaming. I never tire of the early levels, but because of the number of levels, I do tire after a while, just as I do with games like Candy Crush etc. Too much of a good thing....... they say.

Soccer Stanley 2022-07-23 2 points

Do check out my guide for two players.

TheHeavyMetalEditor 2022-03-11 2 points

A gaming classic, I don't think there is a person on this earth that has not seen or played a bit of Lemmings!

bfrg 2022-02-09 -2 points DOS version


Joe Mama 2022-02-09 2 points

I remember first seeing this in college when I was studying electronics. I never played the game much but remember how fun it was making them all explode.

Steve Hoyland 2021-09-09 4 points

Some great comments here, guys! Makes me enjoy this fantastic website all the more! Long live "Abandonware" and It's people who give us the opportunity to enjoy these classic games once again! THANK YOU!

Nickname 2021-09-07 -1 point DOS version

DOS version download doesn't work

Huey Iroquois 2021-07-14 1 point DOS version

I'm using D-Fend Reloaded with DosBox 0.74, and the game crashes at "PC Lemmings Loading/Please Wait".

retro81 2021-04-26 0 point

if you get bad graphics just change your dosbox video emulation from svga to plain vga, also if you want to run it without dos prompts use vgalemm2.exe -v -p (also -v -o worked fine for me)

Squiggy 2021-04-24 -1 point

Yes Potato King, there was a Windows version. Lemmings was released on just about every computer platform and console ever.

Natalia Lebed 2021-02-11 0 point

I’m going home now to see

potato king 2021-01-08 0 point

didn't they make this game for windows?

wilmik7 2021-01-05 0 point DOS version

Hours of fun! Great game.

Theo 2020-12-18 4 points

Let's all take a moment to pay respects to the fallen. And the crushed, the drowned, the torched, the exploded for necessity, and the exploded because there is one very big button and it is a temptation that cannot be denied. Two milliseconds of silence, please.

Amen and oh no

MadJack 2020-06-21 2 points DOS version

I tried to install the game and it keeps asking me for the disk 1 and 2. I try to mount c to cd rom and it asks for disk 2. Anyone know what to do?

Edud 2020-03-14 -1 point DOS version

Hello again,

You know what. I figured out how to run the game even though it gives you the "Disk 1 not found..." error message; Shout outs to McWulff at this link:
My other problem still stands. Upon pressing Alt+Enter for full screen, the game, dosbox and the entirety of my destop are grotesquely stretched until there is mostly black on the top and bottom of the screen. The only way I know how to bring the aspect ratio back to normal is by restarting the computer. Please help this caveman.


Edud 2020-03-14 3 points DOS version


I'm using DosBox 0.74-3 on Ubuntu. I got the game to run on my pc immediately after downloading it but I ran into aspect ratio-related troubles when I tried making the game go full screen. Anyway, I'll figure out how to fix the aspect ratio thing some other day because right now I'm trying to get Lemmings to run again. It's giving me "Lemmings Disk 1 Not Found blah blah..." message. How do I fix this?


Paperbrain 2019-11-18 2 points DOS version

Ah the nostalgia! I wasted many an hour with this classic game. There is something cathartic about nuking a bunch of mythical creatures when you get stuck on a level. The fact that, as a child, I would do it even when I wasn't stuck just to hear them scream "Oh no!"is a little disconcerting.

Walchynski 2019-11-10 4 points DOS version

After looking around the internet I found some fixes to a couple bugs.
(settings located in the dosbox-0.74.conf file, ex. dosbox-0.74-3.conf)
No Sound/Music - In DOSBox (0.74) set the machine cycles to 3000 or less.
Pre-Level Screen bug - set the DOSBox to machine=vgaonly
Works great with these fixes

JohnW 2019-08-09 -1 point DOS version

Trying to download the Manual but having trouble

Name 2019-07-13 0 point DOS version

its good! the only criticism on this version ist the pre-level screen is all messed up.

Zan 2019-04-14 -3 points DOS version

Does anyone know any good Windows 98 virtual machine downloads?

BenRedic 2018-04-19 -3 points Amiga version

This game. I mean, really, just

Dain XVI 2017-07-18 3 points DOS version

Good game!!! But no sound. Where's the problem. I use win XP and DosBox ver. 0.74.

DOUG-HUGGEM 2017-06-01 -3 points

If you like open-source games check out Pingus, pretty great.

Roachie83 2017-04-25 3 points

Smith AB sucks man. Nothing like Lemmings at all, in any way.

Ruginator 2017-02-15 -27 points

It's like herding liberals. 10/10

andreasaspenberg 2016-04-09 0 point Commodore 64 version

the commodore 64 download is not lemmings. it is just a song that plays constantly.

Xelor41023 2016-02-17 0 point

Am I the only one who is having problems with the start screens before each level being garbled up?

fatAngel 2016-01-20 0 point DOS version

To start this game in a dosbox, mount any harddrive as a CDROM:
mount d C:\ -t cdrom
works great (including sound etc.) under win 8.1 for me :)

Tom 2016-01-02 2 points

Great stuff, was thinking of creating my own library to sare with friends, but you've done it already!

Aech 2015-03-15 2 points DOS version

one of the first games i played and really enjoyed cant wait to play it once again

dt 2015-02-15 0 point DOS version

This is the CD-ROM version of Lemmings.

Even under DOSBox, it'll exit with an error about being unable to find MSCDEX unless you mount a CD image.

...and, if you do mount a CD image, you'll be playing Lemmings while listening to the Redbook audio from whatever game you mounted... which really spoils the experience.

*sigh* Back to my search for the version I had before my floppies went bad.

Skynet 2015-01-16 15 points DOS version

I'll disagree with it being the "Angry Birds" of the 90's. Sure, it did have the same carefree and silly charm that AB has, but it was by no means a "stupid game" in the sense of throwaway casual gaming. In AB, there is some application of proficiency, but its "Easy To Learn, Hard To Master" parameters and quick gameplay on the medium allows people to jump in and out of a game with little thought.

In Lemmings, you have to know exactly what you're doing, and even one minor oversight can cause you to restart the level again.

Jake 2015-01-02 1 point DOS version

The SNES version manual had "Warning can be highly addictive" on the back or inside cover. Well, it's a good thing they put that disclaimer on because it sure was. Never one of my "favorite" games, but I couldn't count the number of hours that snuck by while I played this stupid game. (I use the term "stupid" in the most affectionate way possible.)

P Smith 2014-06-14 -2 points DOS version

Ah, Lemmings. The "Angry Birds" of the 1990s. Some call them "stupid games" because they are casual games and don't really accomplish much. But both have the same humour and charm as each other. I've introduced AB fans to Lemmings and they get the same amusement out of it.

Alex 2014-02-02 -4 points DOS version

Can you actually believe that the developer of this game, DMA Design, changed name into Rockstar North , launched GTA and now makes BILLIONS OF DOLLARS with GTA 5? No wonder they abandoned this game, altough it spawned a great deal of games. Just do a google search for "Dibbles" , its a series of games, just like this one, only they are free to play as flash games , with better graphics and some new ideas, but still sticking to this original gaming style.

Square 2013-12-24 0 point DOS version

If you have any problems with Win7 or Win8 try looking at running in a virtual machine or DOSBox as suggested earlier.

Bobby 2013-10-16 -4 points DOS version

Would it work on an Amazon Kindle Fire??

W.S.Clark 2013-09-30 0 point DOS version

Try it with DOSBox.

Surfgeek 2013-08-18 0 point DOS version

Game runs great on Boxer, but no music. FX works.

jaythedogg 2013-06-17 0 point DOS version

Doesn't work on 64-bit Win 7

bob 2013-02-01 -2 points DOS version

All options in the 'PC Lemmings Machine Type Selection Screen' return ERROR: unable to find MSCDEX extensions when selected.

R2H 2013-01-18 1 point DOS version

Best game ever ... don't run it again or you'll be stuck in front of your screen for hours ...

mizz 2012-11-15 1 point DOS version

OMG I am in heaven!!! These games are awesome

DrJ 2012-10-19 1 point DOS version

Music is not working help??

haleber 2012-04-23 0 point DOS version

ferry good

Forbearance 2012-01-13 0 point DOS version

Ah, been after this game for years, thanks. :)

Cof 2011-12-30 0 point DOS version


sami 2009-05-27 -1 point DOS version

Anyone know how to enter codes for levels we have passed? My F-commands aren't working, I may just not know how to enter them.

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