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Master of Orion

DOS - 1993

Alt names MOO, Master of Orion 1, Master of Orion Classic
Year 1993
Platform DOS
Released in Germany, United States (1993)
United States (1994)
Canada, United States (1995)
United States (1997)
Genre Strategy
Theme 4X, Generated Levels, Managerial, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Turn-based, Turn-based strategy
Publisher MicroProse Ltd., MicroProse Software, Inc.
Developer SimTex, Inc.
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.72
4.38 / 5 - 164 votes

Download extras files
Manual, patch, refcard, demo and guide available

Description of Master of Orion

The first SimTex that puts their name on the map is also arguably the best games Steve Barcia ever designed in his short career. This is the 4X space strategy game that has it all: solid AI, varied alien races that require different strategies to win, innovative combat and technology systems, intriguing espionage model, and much more.

This game never leaves my hard drive since its first release, because of its immense replayablity and nearly inexhaustible strategic combinations. If you can play only one space strategy game, THIS is your best bet.

Note: Pictures of ships needed to pass copy protection are included in the manual file below, thanks to Anym and Bateau :) You cannot crack the game, because the game will detect the alteration and automatically makes it impossible to win in later stages. Devious programming by SimTex ;)

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

Binoid 2022-06-04 0 point

Interesting comment about not being able to crack the game or it becomes impossible to win. I cracked the game myself back in '93 and I've beaten the game many dozens of times since then at the hardest level.

Inigo Montoya 2020-12-10 0 point

This was also available for the Classic MacOS, before OS X. 4 floppies, you ran the installer on disk 1, is asked for each floppy in turn, and when it finished you had a ready to play game folder on the hard drive. Floppies and floppy drives are in short supply, I could swear I imaged them for archival, but that was 1995, not sure where it is backed up, have to search my old hard drives, if they work anymore, to find it. Graphics are virtually identical to DOS, but on any OS X up to 10.4, it runs in Classic, so no additional emulator/configuration needed.

Korokoro 2019-12-24 0 point

Guess what's the date this post was made?

fred knight 2019-10-07 0 point

There is a crack which altered the starmap file.

not gay 2016-10-12 -1 point

hey astro girl can i get the latest version of masters of orion?

bazza 2016-02-16 -1 point

How do i get 1.3?

AFV 2015-04-07 0 point DOS version


JAY DEE 2015-01-27 -7 points DOS version

check out FreeOrion the windows remake at sourceforge

JohnWhitehouseSol 2014-01-07 -2 points DOS version

AllSoftware can be Cracked silly people.
This is the nature of computer programs.
Artmoney for those who want to attempt to increase lives, ammo etc..
olly for those that want to change the source code on the fly...
though the second is more complicated and not legal unless you are working with your own or open source software...
Also those mentioning version 1.3 you could zip and email it to the mod maybe. SHare a little in todays world it would only tak you a minute. but thanks for letting me know. I Hat ebuggy software.

Moo ship ID link 2014-01-05 1 point DOS version

As far as this program goes, I've been playing it for years, and I've almost never had it crash, except once. You can prevent problems by, every few hours, saving the game, shutting it down and closing the DosBox window, then restart everything where you left off.

I think that the game just runs out of memory or something, but mostly it can run for a long time without any trouble. I always use Control-F12 until the speed is at least 30,000 cycles. If I don't do that, each turn will take a long time, which is unnecessary.

Anon 2013-12-18 -4 points DOS version

Trying to get the game to run. I've followed the DOSBox instructions word for word, but trying to run the game displays the message "Run INSTALL to configure ORION." I've run the installation and configured the settings maybe 10 times, and I don't know what the game wants, it just won't let me play.

Astro-Girl 2013-12-11 -3 points DOS version

v1.3 is much better as it can be completely cracked. If anybody wants it, leave a comment and I will contact you.

PSYKC 2013-09-03 2 points DOS version

I don't know the date of these comments or even if they'll ever be read. Today is Sept. 3rd 2013 and UpCycler I've saw a picture with ships but didn't read it cause I assumed it was helpful. Am looking into 1.3 before I try this download.

swampfox1 2013-07-26 2 points DOS version

This particular version is 1.0, it is infested with bugs. Go download 1.3 somewhere else.

Milson 2013-06-24 0 point DOS version

white : EMS=true in the C:\ console

hoops 2013-05-31 1 point DOS version

Mine wont run, It's saying that I don't have an EMS driver? I have no idea what this is, any help? thanks

Nerd killer 2013-02-20 -1 point DOS version

Wow bunch of nerds

Steerpike 2013-05-02 0 point DOS version

Below is a link to picture which has all of the starship names (needed intermittently to answer the security questions) It might be worth saving it as a file and adding it to the install?

Novirtue 2013-01-07 0 point DOS version

To slow it down you press Ctrl+F11

Jorgusson 2013-01-07 0 point DOS version

I think it is, with CIVILIZATION, the best game ever. The sounds and graphics were stunned. I still like playing it - PSILONS or SILICOIDS ;-)

covax 2012-12-04 0 point DOS version

I dont get it, Rebel, how did you make it work?

Rebel816 2012-11-22 1 point DOS version

Id love to be able to play this but it keeps asking for me to insert the floppy in the drive then hit enter lol.... Help please?

Nostolgic 2012-05-29 0 point DOS version

Oh Never-mind I found it lol

Nostolgic 2012-05-29 0 point DOS version

OK to speed up is CNTRL F12, how do you slow it down

Branes51 2012-04-26 0 point DOS version

The best way to describe the MOO series is Civilization in space.
You choose a race, build ships, colonize planets, build facilities, manage the colonies, build starbases and battle other civilizations for control. Master of Orion is excellent as is the sequel Master of Orion II, but stay away from MOO III.

Max 2012-02-26 0 point DOS version

You don't really need the manual for the starship pictures. Just use Google images and search for "Master of Orion Ship Identification".

Max 2012-02-25 0 point DOS version

This game runs slow if you run it in dosbox as is, but if you use "control-F12" to increase the emulation speed to at least 20,000 cycles, it will run plenty fast, even in a huge universe.

the slayer 2012-02-08 0 point DOS version

good game

Netware4ever 2012-01-18 0 point DOS version

This is one of the great games of the last century

UpCycler 2012-01-02 0 point DOS version

so....thanks for that superlative review, but, where is this manual link you mentioned with the pictures of the starships?

plz correct me if wrong, but I'm not seeing it anywhere on this page.

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ManualTXT file English version 88 KB (DOS) ManualEnglish version 1 MB (DOS) ManualAlt Manual English version 962 KB (DOS) PatchUnofficial Patch v1.40m English version 278 KB (DOS) RefcardEnglish version 2 MB (DOS) DemoPre-release version of the game that Steven Barcia offered to publishers for viewing. English version 3 MB (DOS) GuideStrategy Guide English version 135 MB (DOS)

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