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Windows - 2006

Alt names 掠食, Prey: A Talon Brave Game
Year 2006
Platform Windows
Released in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, United Kingdom, United States, Worldwide (2006)
Germany (2007)
Belgium, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Worldwide (2008)
Poland (2009)
Russia (2010)
Genre Action
Theme FPS, Puzzle elements, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter
Publisher 1C Company, 2K Games, Inc., 3D Realms Entertainment, Inc., Cenega Poland Sp. z o.o., Mastertronic Games Ltd., ak tronic Software & Services GmbH
Developer Human Head Studios, Inc.
Perspective 1st-Person
4.69 / 5 - 156 votes

Description of Prey

2006, the year Prey was released on Windows. Made by Human Head Studios, Inc. and published by 3D Realms Entertainment, Inc., 1C Company, 2K Games, Inc., ak tronic Software & Services GmbH, Cenega Poland Sp. z o.o., Mastertronic Games Ltd., this action game is available for free on this page.

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Comments and reviews

Michael F 2022-08-10 0 point

Classic game, runs great on Win 10. Basically, if Half-Life and Portal had a baby, it'd be this game. Love the storyline built around Cherokee experience. Really great native American sci-fi, and excellent world-building. It's very linear, and the puzzles are simplistic, but the gravity walls and portals are a fun mechanic.

Michael F 2022-07-29 0 point

Fabulous game, the graphics look so good. It's basically Half-Life crossed with Portal, with a cool indigenous culture story to anchor the wild sci-fi. Super fun!

SamboNZ 2022-07-24 0 point

Thanks CRE0 - worked like a charm!

Plathatomas 2022-07-21 0 point

How do you find the patch

PAGAN 2022-06-27 0 point

@HALNAK Oh wow, I guess it is! Two sci-fi shooters with the same title and an extremely similar look. Honest mistake, really. I had just bought the other Prey and really thought this was the same looking at the screencaps.

Argentum 2022-05-31 -1 point

Followed the instructions given be CREO and the game works! i really appreciate the work that is doing. Good Going guys!

Also for anyone who wants to see a review of game a yt by name GmanLives has video on it here:

Jug 2022-05-19 -2 points

Patch 1.4 may be outdated now. Check ModDB for Patch 1.2.

RudeFoxs 2022-05-07 0 point

you still able to dl this been over an hour still not downloading

johnthefreeguy 2022-04-26 0 point

Wow I didn't expect this game to be abandonware. I looked for it on Steam and GOG and wondered why I can't buy it there. The makers of this game sure could still earn some good bucks putting it there. But I didn't say anything, glad that once in a while I can download one of my childhood games for free.

SebbyWebbyDooda 2022-04-22 1 point

for some reason I cant play this, despite following all the guides just says cant launch config files

anon 2022-04-20 1 point

super cool game but is there a way to have it run at 1920x1080 resolution? Thanks!

Raptortamer 147 2022-03-09 0 point

Has anyone ran into an issue with disc 1 being corrupted? If so what was your way of navigating the issue?

Beans 2022-01-19 0 point

Thanks for this one. Works like a charm so far!

BertBronson 2021-12-28 -6 points

Hey does anybody know where the hell these assholes put the CD key on the purchased (retail 2006) version of the game??? I have the disks in the original cardboard sleeve and even the box, but no CD key! Thinking of cracking the damn thing... this is BULLSHIT. I havent played this game in over a decade (on a now dead PC) and really miss it smh!

Nooki Dooks 2021-12-22 1 point

Anyone know how to get a widescreen fix, changing the config does nothing. Maybe its because of my weird 1366 x 768 resolution

Corhor 2021-12-18 1 point

The mouse aim feels really stiff with small movements of the mouse. Anyway to fix this?

halnak 2021-11-11 1 point

@PAGAN same name, different game

Pagan 2021-11-09 -12 points

This game is available on Steam btw.

prey0101 2021-11-07 0 point

Download nor possible ,failed after 1,2gb. (server speed 1,2mb/s)

kaboria 2021-10-20 0 point

what are doing with this massege please
original disc could not be found or authenticated

Das 2021-10-13 0 point

Thanks to everyone who told me about this game and how to run it! It's a crime that we have to go all through this hassle to play a great game. At least it brought us closer together.

DaVinciGamerArt 2021-10-03 1 point

that´s an awesome game, dude!

maht 2021-09-20 0 point

this game is dope

andrew 2021-08-03 0 point

yeah, while I have an infinitely greater affinity for the classic installment and still get pretty stoked when I watch that first launch trailer or hype tailer...

"I came here, only to kill you!" and yes I am not an FPS type player much at all. I will play half life / 2, I love the original FEAR, I think the new doom games are some of the few fps i've enjoyed in quite some but now im thoroughly away from my point,

I think this game is sick and should be recognized and able to be purchased it. It feels like some nice middle ground between doom 3 and hl2 to me as a relatively "casual" consumer of the genre and generally just play arcade games ANd fighting games interspersed with the few interesting new games like Control.

Again i've derailed myself , I thought the hour or so i played of the new prey seemed rather impressive though again I like this game far more but I guess it just sucks it almost is being forcibly turned into a villian, and I guess in some ways rightfully so but at no fault of it;s own or dev but greedy shitty publisher I assume?

anywho "i want those bastards dead, all of them! I want vengeance"

RingThatBell1979 2021-08-02 0 point

Underrated, and it works great thanks to CREO.

plp plup31 2021-07-30 1 point

i should of given this game a chance before when a cousin of mine bought it for me as i really wasn't interested in it and gave it to a friend at the time

SpiderGoomba 2021-06-20 0 point

Ok, I'm about to lose my mind. IDK what I'm doing lol. Can someone send me a video to show me what to do please?

Porot 2021-06-15 0 point

How do I install this, when I extract it and run the launcher, it tells me there is no CD inserted

Bushy 2021-06-12 2 points

Hey don't dismiss the 2017 Prey either. Both games, though completely unrelated, are very good.

RamosUnity 2021-05-31 0 point

can i get rid of the extra drives the discs created after install?

Theo 2021-05-07 2 points

It's abandonware because it's not available on any digital distribution platform. This is the original Prey from Human Head Studios not the modern title that stole it's name.

NINHANER 2021-05-02 -5 points

How's this "abandonware" lol?

Ptkaufmann 2021-04-29 0 point

Hey for some resion i cant get to the pak002 file in any of the things

noah 2021-04-29 1 point

Hi! I followed Cre0's instructions. I clicked on the desktop shortcut after the previous steps and the menu screen showed for a sec before I got an error that "DLL extraction to fs_savepath failed". What's this about? My computer is just from summer 2020, is there some driver I need to get?

The DLL extraction thing was flashing red on top of the window but what it says in the output right before it was this:

copy gamex86.dll to C:\Program Files (x86)\Prey\base\gamex86.dll
could not create destination file

anyone know?

GLVokes 2021-04-28 0 point

Just amazing as i expected. The Id4 engine was an amazing engine with the first taste of next gen, back when it has been used the first time in Doom 3. Now it surely looks pretty outdated, obviously, but it still looks clean AF nowadays.
Not to mention those little gimmicks created for this game, from those "zero gravity" -like sessions and gunplay to those portals sending you to another place in real time - see? it's a cool concept design now, but then it was an absolute novelty.
Not a really long game (on normal difficulty it tokk approx. 7 hours), not that punishing (obviously on normal difficulty) and with a roster of only 6/7 weapons, but damn, it convinced me to buy it for Steam.
10/10, it must return officially on Steam asap.

Raven 2021-04-18 0 point

Amazing and underrated gem! A must-play if you're into FPS games. If you want to have it on your Steam library you can get a cheap cd-key from sites like Gamivo, Eneba... (1-3$).

BurgBoogBoi 2021-03-01 0 point

Amazing game. The story is AWESOME!!!
10 out of fricking 10, bruh.
In the story, your protagonist is an amazing Cherokee who kills aliens after getting abducted.
Another awesome thing is that I'm like half Cherokee.

The Lei 2021-02-27 0 point

The game is still better than HL3.
Joke aside, it is damn good, inventive and impressive!
Portal? Nah, that is just jumping through portals to open doors and activate giant red buttons.
But Prey, Prey is a total different thing. Traveling through portals in mind-bending ways.
Also this game has a LOT of unique rooms and assets.
The story is also a good one.
Sadly, Bethesda is trying to erase it. Now the original Prey is "sold out" digitally. However that could happen. Have they run out of bandwidth for it or what?
and it got replaced with fake-prey. That shameless cash-in on the name.
The original sequel will never arrive...
So get this game and enjoy a really unique piece of art!

BurgBoogBoi 2021-02-26 0 point

I hope this works and is good.

Flashman68 2021-01-22 1 point

Stunningly good game. Great graphics and the occasional mind fuck!

LastSpartan 2021-01-21 1 point

Having problems with the pak002.pk4 file also i was able to get in the game with the patch but i got no sound from it at all, please help soon as possible!

ZmajSnoshaj 2021-01-10 0 point

I thought I'd check with the world of online warez and torrents to see try to brush up on all the killer FPS games that have come out since... say.. 2005 or so... lol.. and wouldn't you know it.... Prey happens to be on the top of that list! :))))

BuBu 2020-12-20 0 point

I think one might be better off downloading the RG Mechanics Repack of the game which is not only compressed at around 1GB also but comes pre-patched and everything. Working absolutely fine on Windows 10 and no viruses whatsoever.
Just install and hit play.

Bux 2020-11-24 0 point

Classic me, complains about something and literally 2 minutes later finds the solution. For anyone wondering you simply have to go to the file DVD Drive (H:) Prey_Disc2, right click on the top of the file. Then, click copy address and paste it into the pop up asking you for the file. Hope you understood what I meant by that (I'm not the best at explaining things) but if you did get what I mean then I hope it helped.

Bux 2020-11-24 1 point

Everything always has to be confusing. Can someone help me about how I'm meant to fix pak002.pk4. issue. I have no clue what it's asking of me so if anyone knows what to do that would be great.

30LOKIH 2020-11-13 0 point

If you have low spec or integrated GPU (with the exception of gaming laptops) don't bother you will stuggle to hit a decent FPS on low to medium settings.

yrmvegA 2020-10-14 1 point

I downloaded the game did all the disc 1 2 and 3 installs, but now when i click on the desktop icon it just keeps saying to please insert the original disc

AardWulf 2020-10-04 0 point

So every time I try to launch the Setup.exe it pops up that InstallShield Wizard is starting and then that disappears and nothing else happens.

AardWulf 2020-10-04 0 point

So every time I try to launch the Setup.exe it pops up that InstallShield Wizard is starting and then that disappears and nothing else happens.

Cptanonymou5 2020-09-27 1 point

Works great just follow the guide from Creo

These were taken from Pcgamingwiki

Use a custom Resolution
Go to configuration file(s) location.
Edit preyconfig.cfg.
Change seta r_customHeight "486" and seta r_customWidth "720" to your desired resolution.
Change seta r_mode to "-1"
Change seta r_aspectRatio to your aspect ratio. "0" is 4:3, "1" is 16:9 and "2" is 16:10.

Go to configuration file(s) location.
Open the preyconfig.cfg file.
Change seta r_displayRefresh to the highest refresh rate your monitor supports.

dave davisss 2020-09-16 0 point

cant launch the iso without getting crashes
" setup has stopped working"

Cre0 2020-09-02 62 points

1 Download both the game and the patch
2 Unzip in a location of your choice
3 In main game file, find 3 disk files. open number 1
4 find Setup.exe and proceed with the installation.
5 Enter CD key
ignore errors if any
6 Start installation, and open disks 2 and 3 from the original file
7 When prompted, navigate to your computer disks F: G: or whatever the new additions 2&3 are named.
8 When main installation is finished, unzip the patch and run the .exe file. Install following instructions.
9 When istallation is finished, you should right-click the desktop shortcut and Run as Administrator. otherwise game will spit out an error.
10 Game will glitch around your monitor a bit before successfully running. A PREY menu screen will show when installed correctly.

Instructions courtesy of Flying Bugs, The Corgi and other brilliant people in the comments. Enjoy this gory masterpiece!

ollietron3 2020-08-31 0 point

when i try to launch it it just says Original disc could not be found or authenticated

Angrymonkey 2020-08-23 0 point

So I got it running with the patch and everything but the game won't recognize any of my controllers, mice, keyboards, nothing.

OldGamesReshade 2020-07-12 2 points

Prey 2006 + Impacts_and_Ichor ReShade RTGI Ray Tracing - Amazing graphics

MrPotato 2020-07-05 0 point

when i try to launch the game is says please enter original prey cd/dvd????
what the hell do i do ?

Jug 2020-07-01 0 point

Disregard my comment about a brightness/gamma issue. It was my own fault. Fixed it. Great game!

jug 2020-06-30 1 point

The only issue I'm having is retaining my video brightness/gamma setting. Other than that it's great. It resets itself after exiting and restarting. Something I'm doing wrong or is it the game?

jug 2020-06-29 0 point

This actually work? Full version?

%0 %0 2020-05-05 0 point

ISO contains disc 2 and 3. Running either ISO says "please insert disc 1". Awesome.

Russian_Comrade 2020-04-14 0 point

where do i find the cd-key for it?

DoomSlayer 2020-04-01 2 points


undertones 2020-01-29 1 point

Thanks so much guys. I am in a nostalgic mood :)

-Vokes 2019-12-12 9 points

Prey is a solid masterpiece.
Using the same engine of Doom 3, but in a more trippy way, using portals,upside-down sequencies, and other fuckeries that you won't believe if you didn't see them first! 10 out of fucking 10, IGN could confirm

Boston george 420 2019-12-10 3 points

I need help when is asking about the file pak002
I don't find it on the patch

TheNo 2019-12-09 1 point

Is there a way to configure a controller for this game?

Ron 2019-12-03 0 point

I cant find the full version on mod db???

Darksaga54 2019-11-18 2 points

This worked for me D23B-DPBA-BCRP-TABP-15

TZODnmr2K5 2019-11-14 2 points

600 kbps!? But still, a free game that looks THIS good is too rare!

Pulse 2019-10-23 2 points

Thankyou so much for making this game available, I couldn't find it anywhere else. I'm really enjoying it so far, amazing atmosphere and very trippy :)

It was easy to get working, I just needed to get a cdkey which was simple and needed help getting a higher resolution but again, simple.

NO NAME 2019-10-20 0 point

Where do you install the patch?

TheLastShitBender 2019-09-28 1 point

original disk could not be found or authenticated? i have the first disk in my virtual drive trying to play

Ro 2019-09-17 3 points

Incredibly good game. Period.

Firemaker125 2019-09-15 0 point

trying the actual installer now, hope it works!

Firemaker125 2019-09-15 4 points

So i tried to install this game, but when i try to launch it, i get the message "default.cfg is missing!". Any fixes?

fiend 2019-08-27 1 point

5 minutes in, what a game this has really aged well, excited to play more. big up for op

bruh 2019-08-14 0 point

@Flying Bugs you are the fucking man

Mamma Miracoli 2019-07-09 4 points

Absolute classic. One of the greats. You can use both Sikkmod as well as ReShade to further improve the graphics:
Also useful technical infos:

Anon 2019-06-29 0 point

So yeah, just download the original file, unzip it.

Then download the patch and unzip it.

Then install the game from clicking on the unzipped patch file and it should work.

GetOutAlive 2019-03-21 2 points

When you run the executable, you will probably get a bluescreen error message saying, "DLL extraction to fs_savepath failed". To fix this, right-click on the executable and click "Run as Administrator".

The Corgi 2019-02-23 18 points


1. Download the game (1.6 GB) and the patch (42 MB)
2. Mount the ISO and install the game.
3. When prompted enter CD key. Ignore the error.
4. After the game is installed run the patch.
5. Play

ridix 2019-02-16 -2 points

how do i install this. it always says setup.exe error while launch? happens on every prey setup i downloaded

Canned_Venison 2019-02-05 14 points

DAMN, I was not expecting this game to blow me away like it did.

The visuals, atmosphere, and the MUSIC. My god, the music is incredible... just... the sound design in this game is something else.

Anyway for anyone wondering the cd key and the patch below work 100%. Try it out!

Rob 2019-01-30 10 points

Absolutely must-play FPS!

anon 2019-01-24 1 point

I thought this game was on but I guess it isn't, downloaded it and can't wait to play

Harry Nuttz 2019-01-21 3 points

Its a real shame what happened to this IP, RIP Prey

The Corgi 2019-01-16 4 points

@CLOWNSLAY There is a patch in the link below, under "Game Extras". It lets the game run without the CD

Clownslay 2019-01-15 3 points

When I try to run it with the disk mounted, it says "Original disc could not be found or authenticated."

Flying Bugs 2019-01-15 54 points

Prey 2006 CD Key

Person 2019-01-15 0 point

trying to install but it is asking for the cd key can someone post it or find out what it is

anon 2019-01-14 17 points

I really liked this one, the whole abduction scene was chilling af. Also all the aliens' gory technology.
The portal mechanic was jaw-dropping at the time, preceding Valve's Portal game.
Also, I am still secretly waiting for a proper sequel with protagonist Tommy. FeelSadMan.

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