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Road Rash

Windows - 1996

Also available on: 3DO - SEGA Saturn

Alt name ロードラッシュ
Year 1996
Platform Windows
Released in Germany, United States (1996)
Brazil (2005)
Genre Action, Racing / Driving
Theme Combat Vehicules, Motorcycle, Street Racing
Publisher Electronic Arts Ltda., Electronic Arts, Inc.
Developer Papyrus Design Group, Inc.
Perspective Behind view
4.52 / 5 - 439 votes

Description of Road Rash

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Road Rash is one of the rare gems that play much better than it looks.

Although very dated when released, the game's simple charm attracted a small but loyal following. While the game may sound like a 'realistic' motorcycle racing game (Motocross comes to mind) - especially with Papyrus' name behind it, it is actually an arcade-style game that pays little attention to real-world physics. Not that it's a bad thing at all - even die-hard racing fans will have a blast driving up the wrong lane, slamming into passing cars, and beating cops around with an iron bar.

Let's get the bad stuff out of the way first. The graphics, by 1996 standards, is dismal. It's laughably bad, and inexplicably so considering how Papyrus' NASCAR Racing series looked at that time. Very few things are drawn to scale, the background scenery looks like discarded Hollywood cardboard sets, and the riders, cars, and pedestrians are all very pixellated. The music is also horrible - you will most likely turn it off after the first few tunes (luckily you won't have to hear it, since this CD-rip is missing the music to save space). And I have already mentioned the lack of real-world physics, but that's a design choice rather than a flaw.

Now, let's talk about the good stuff, of which Road Rash has plenty. First, although it may be an arcade-style game with little realism, Road Rash offers more than a few ways to steer the bike. You can perform a lean, a fast steer, and slow steer, and use three ways to attack fellow riders and cops: kick, punch, and swing. And you will need to learn those attacks quickly, because things get nasty in a violent-but-so-much-fun Carmageddon kind of way.

The premise of the game is that you take part in a series of illegal races on roads across the USA. This means it's a free for all once you hit the road. If you don't have a weapon, you can even grab one off the other racers if you are quick enough. Naturally, since the races are illegal, you will have to avoid or fight cops who will show up on your tail. Another feature of illegal races is that nobody cordons off the streets to block traffic for the racers, so you will have to avoid hitting pedestrians or run into cars along the way.

One nice touch I really like is that if you slam into a car hard enough, the impact will launch you from your bike several feets up the road, and you will have to wait while your on-screen persona gets up and runs back to where the bike was. Your goal is to win as many races as possible (duh). In the process, you will earn prize money that can be spent on buying new, more powerful bikes. The "Super Bike" is my favorite, since it comes with a 'nitro' booster that can boost your speed up to 10 times in each race. Another nice touch is that all the bikes handle differently, so it takes some time to learn how to handle a new bike properly.

Despite outdated graphics Road Rash excels in every other department. It is a blast to play, and will keep even the most die-hard racing fans glued to the screen. Whether you have a passing interest in racing, street racing, or if you're just looking for a fun arcade fix, Road Rash is well worth your time. Two thumbs up!

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

rippy 2024-05-25 0 point

thanks for providing me with this awesome old school game , hope that you guys do better in the near future and your collection may enrich.

San Antonio 2024-05-05 0 point

I wish the game plays

Rane 2024-03-11 0 point

love this game since my childhood

DD 2023-11-22 0 point Windows version

Does the link work anymore? It does nothing for me.

pretsbr 2023-05-07 3 points

1- use DAEMON TOOLS LITE to mount
2 - open DESKTOP.exe and extract the game to directory
3 - Game Extras - download 64 bits Installer(21mega) extract and copy those files and replace
4 - run Rashme on Compability Mode
ps: to run the game the ISO must be MOUNted

should work

bonkhonagahoog 2023-03-26 3 points

those illustrations when the rozzers caught you used to haunt me

MisterEd 2023-02-12 1 point Windows version

I used the 64-bit installer to install in Windows 11. I then used WinRAR to open the ISO file. I copied the AUDIO and VIDEO folders to the respective game folders. The game works great.

Latent 2023-02-04 0 point

does this have cutscene

1337 2022-06-22 -2 points

I get the corrupt .iso message, too. You can access the files on the .iso via win.rar. This is especially important for the AUDIO directory inside.

House 2022-03-30 8 points Windows version

So, no one has an answer for the "registering fonts" on the 64 install?

Shady 2022-02-14 3 points Windows version

For people who get problems when they start a race, install dgvoodoo in game directory: basically download it then copy dgVoodooCpl.exe and the 4 files in MS/x86 to the game directory and don't forget to set the compatibility mode for the game exe to Windows 95.
For people who don't have music in game, copy the AUDIO folder from the ISO to the game directory. Also copy RASHME.exe, not really important but the 64 bit installer doesn't have it, it provides videos I guess.

lad_elusive 2021-10-28 0 point Windows version

Everything seems perfect until the race starts. And then, the street scene just disappears, with only the distant background art in sight, while I can still hear my bike running if I try to throttle it. Does anybody have a fix for this? This game is pure nostalgia to me and I would appreciate any sort of help!

SB 2021-10-01 1 point Windows version

I did install the 64 bit version and copied the video and audio from iso file after mounting ,the game opens smoothly ,but it stops when a timer comes before race and then on it only shows the background scenery and speedometer and nothing else...Can anyone help?

B2K WILSON 2021-09-19 3 points Windows version


Windows 10 20H2 x64 Fix 2021-07-09 3 points Windows version

Windows 10 20H2 x64-Bit i use BATCH for the RunasAdmin and set __COMPAT_LAYER=WINXPSP3 and the UAC Trust Shortcut [to hide the UAC Prompt for RoadRush] so easier way for other is the shortcut Properties Compatibility change Compatibility mode to Windows XP (Service Pack 3) I ALSO use the Medicine (Crack) for No CD needed

Read what BENT say BUT u also need to copy VIDEO folder too into RoadRush folder

Download the 64 bit installer version and install it. The game will run just fine but without any music. You will get errors before any race. Those are because it is missing the MUSIC directory. For music, download the ISO file and extract/mount it. Go into the directory /ROADRASH/AUDIO, you will find two directories MUSIC and EFFECTS. Just copy the MUSIC folder into the AUDIO directory of the previously installed game and just open the game and have fun :)

ProfessionalRetroJunkie 2021-07-07 -7 points Windows version

Somebody tell axel08itachi about Windows XP in VirtualBox... Why are zoomers so bad at getting stuff to work?

axel08itachi 2021-06-13 5 points Windows version

I got an error saying it can't run on a 64 bit machine. Are you guys playing on potatoes?

Duder 2021-05-11 3 points

Corrupt ISO?

UB833 2021-02-04 3 points Windows version

Can you make a video about the install tutorial from this website pls?

pc gamer83 2020-11-17 0 point Windows version

cool game with very nice music

Cloud3299 2020-10-19 -3 points

The music in-game and the soundtrack in the menus of this gem of a game is still awesome nowdays, and a bit nostalgic too.
Shut up HOTUD, you don't know anything about it, and we don't care anyway about your trash opinion.

TenderWolf 2020-08-02 12 points

All I get is a message saying the ISO is corrupt, so I can't mount it.

Bent 2020-06-29 3 points

Download the 64 bit installer version and install it. The game will run just fine but without any music. You will get errors before any race. Those are because it is missing the MUSIC directory. For music, download the ISO file and extract/mount it. Go into the directory /ROADRASH/AUDIO, you will find two directories MUSIC and EFFECTS. Just copy the MUSIC folder into the AUDIO directory of the previously installed game and just open the game and have fun :)

Reaper 2020-06-13 0 point

Extract the ISO file. Go to Road Rash folder located in the directory you have extracted the ISO into. Open RashMe.exe. Everything works.

Reaper 2020-06-13 0 point

I have extracted files from the ISO but can't open the setup file. It asks for permission (after setting compatibility ) but that's it. Tried autorun too but it only shows the 1st page. when I click install, it freezes.

hakers 2020-06-03 1 point

We Love This Game Toooo...

kremo 2020-05-21 0 point

just pic the music from iso and put it in the rip file and than in the sound file than make sure you have different hight for effects and sound and than it works just fine
love it ;3

superluigi018 2020-05-15 0 point

FMVs do not work, fix?

Shiv 2020-05-02 -1 point

Any luck trying to install the full game through the ISO? On Win 10 64-bit the setup application won't launch.

Ravi 2020-04-18 0 point

We Love This Game Toooo...

eopar 2020-04-01 -1 point

it does not work foolish game

memo 2020-03-24 0 point

it is a great game

SRV 2020-03-12 -1 point

Music is not working/missing. Help to resolve the issue

Amoako 2020-01-31 -1 point

It's great game

TheDeeGee 2019-12-07 1 point

RIP not working and ISO damaged.

Puspak Singha Roy 2019-10-27 1 point

It's corrupted!!

Neelu 2019-10-17 0 point

After so long time i found the right place to download the road race. Finaly i installed the game, thank you

Nia George 2019-09-27 2 points

Thank you so much!! I could finally play this after like 14 years.Brings back so many memories :')

Crix Diamond 2019-09-16 4 points

ROAD RASH is for real chalie ibi interesting papa yhyh download it for more fun

Rhythm And Raj 2019-09-03 0 point

We Love This Game Toooo...

Ty 2019-07-17 1 point

says ISO is corrupt?

peace boy 2019-07-03 0 point

i like this game a lot

Matthew 2019-07-02 1 point

Road Rash is my childhood fav and it's a great experience playing it again and it's all because of you thanks. :)

Jestin 2019-05-21 0 point

RoadRash doesnt work on my laptop. Says i have to install it first using setup.

WIndows 10 64bit

kapeesh 2019-05-04 0 point

nice software

tito1 2019-04-21 0 point

amazing game

nilesh 2019-04-19 -10 points

the road rash is zip he cannot download in my pc very bad game idiot

savi 2019-04-11 1 point

i love playing roadrash..since im playing from my childhood i want to play still now...i love this game

newman 2019-04-10 0 point

i like the game

Clyde3D 2019-04-03 0 point

The 3DO version was the best. This Version is only behind it because of when the music can be played. It is oh so good! Prepare to laugh!

kk 2019-03-10 0 point

love this game

sadik 2019-03-05 0 point

very good game

Robleefox 2019-01-31 0 point

This game was the shit back when I was a kid and it's still fun, if anyone is having compatibility issues, right click and go to properties and then set compatibility to like windows 95 and run ad administrator. I haven't tried yet but it's always the solution for games like this and it's made 1995 so windows 95 compatibility sounds about right

vijay 2018-11-25 1 point

very good games

mithu 2018-11-13 0 point


pmn 2018-10-20 2 points

anyone please tell me after installing the game its asking a cd rom and i am unable to play

Mac boy 2018-10-09 -3 points

How to use play this game on mac ?

tuhin 2018-09-25 1 point

graphics are not supoorted

testman 2018-09-12 0 point

i love road rash

VICHU 2018-08-28 0 point


minnu 2018-08-18 2 points

after installing the game its asking a cd rom and i am unable to play

pooja 2018-07-25 -6 points

anyone please tell me after installing the game its asking a cd rom and i am unable to play

gamal 2018-07-16 0 point

good game

nihal 2018-07-09 0 point

i love this game

Willis 2018-06-05 -2 points

The 20mb version does not work, tells me to run setup, no such file found.

Dogo 2018-05-31 4 points

This game was released when 'controversial' games were very popular. Like the original GTA and Carmageddon. While this game is certainly violent, there isn't any deaths or blood or whatever. It is funny, absurd and a blast to play!

XD24 2018-03-12 3 points

Love it love it......

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