The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery

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The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery

Windows - 1995

Also released on: Windows 3.x - Mac

Alt name Ta'alumat Gabriel Knight: Ha-Khaya she Betokho
Year 1995
Platform Windows
Released in Brazil, France, Germany (1995)
Worldwide (2010)
Genre Adventure
Theme Detective / Mystery, Horror, Puzzle elements, Werewolves
Publisher Activision Value Publishing, Inc., Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Developer Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Perspective 3rd-Person
3.88 / 5 - 8 votes

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Description of The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery

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Arguably the best adventure game series ever made, Gabriel Knight not only sets new standards of interactive storytelling, but also proves that computer games can be no less literate, mature, well-informed, and thought-provoking than other media.

Jane Jensen has created in a disheveled, egotistical, and tormented New Orleans writer one of the most memorable computer game protagonists of all time, and thrust the term Schattenjäger into the public spotlight. Every new Gabriel Knight game not only has an even better story than the last, but also pushed the technological envelope at Sierra in creative ways that no other designer can match.

In Sins of The Fathers, Jane stretched the capabilities of Sierra's icon-based interface by adding new commands, and use it in several new ways (such as allowing the player to write whole passages in Voodoo language, or send drum codes). While The Beast Within seemingly succumbed to the FMV (full-motion video) fad in late 1990s, the game today stands as prime example of how an FMV game should be done: with outstanding acting, gripping atmosphere, and an intuitive interface that sacrifices none of the challenging puzzles. Similarly, the amazing character-independent movement modes and interface in Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned is testament to how 3D can actually enhance gameplay in adventure genre.

The Beast Within picks up where Sins of The Fathers left off. Gabriel has moved into Schloss Ritter, the family castle that he inherits from uncle Wolfgang after he sacrificed his life to save Gabriel's. While hitting a writer's block trying to churn out a sequel to his best-selling novel The Voodoo Murders, a group of distressed villagers knocks on the castle's door. Their leader, Werner Huber, tells Gabriel that as local Schattenjäger, he is needed to track down and kill a supposed werewolf who killed a young girl at the outskirts of Munich. Gabriel soon finds himself on Huber's farm, where his troubles are just beginning...

Anyone who has played Sins of The Fathers will likely be sceptical and disappointed at the decision to make The Beast Within a full-motion video game as opposed to 2D adventure of the original. But spend only a few minutes with the game, and it becomes obvious that once again Jane Jansen shows great mastery of her medium. The cast is simply top-notch-- Peter Lucas in particular deserves special notice as the mysterious, charming Baron von Glower. Although some actors are a bit over-the-top, overall the acting ranks among some of the best seen in a computer game. The backdrops, which are computer-enhanced images based on actual photographs taken in Munich and surrounding area, are simply stunning.

It won't be a Gabriel Knight game without a gripping plot based on real-world myths, and The Beast Within does not disappoint. The game will take you through an ingenious concoction of mystery, intrigue, werewolf legends and myths, and even lesser-known myths involving German composer Richard Wagner and "Mad King" Ludwig II of Bavaria. There is even a very elaborate, completely fictional Wagnerian opera written specifically for the game which might have pass for a real thing. Very high production values indeed. Although the interface is "dumbed down" to the one-click-for-everything approach, this fortunately doesn't lead to easier puzzles.

Among other things, you must now deal with timed puzzles (the clock puzzle being one of my favorites), as well as splice-the-tape techniques that fans of detective stories will be familiar with. You also get to play as both Gabriel and Grace this time around. As one would expect given Grace's inquisitive, scholarly nature, careful observation, patient research, and wit are required to solve the puzzles she faces. Some gamers may feel that that the "puzzles" in Neuschwanstein are quite "dry" and boring, since it involves little more than reading dozens of museum exhibits and questioning the museum caretaker, but I personally enjoy them. It's not so often, after all, that you learn something from an adventure game, and you'll learn much more about "Mad King" Ludwig II of Bavaria, Richard Wagner, and lycanthropy than you'd ever hope to know.

The last puzzle in the game also deserves mention as one of the most creative puzzles I've ever seen, with the perfect blend of logic and strategy elements. I don't want to spoil it here lest I give away the plot, but anyone who enjoys the tactical combat puzzles in Legend's Mission Critical will enjoy this one. I hope I have convinced you that this game is a must-have. Sierra has unfortunately stopped carrying the Gabriel Knight Mysteries compilation pack, so you must try your luck elsewhere. And don't bother trying to find it on the net-- the game takes up whopping 6 (yes, SIX) CDs, all packed with excellent movies and a ton of gameplay. Definitely well worth your time to find, though. Three thumbs up!

Note: As with two other Gabriel Knight games, The Beast Within is fondly remembered on dozens of WWW fansites. For anyone interested in knowing what exactly happens in the Hildegunde opera in the game, read the lyrics translation at the Unofficial GK2 Homepage. There's also a complete text from the fictional Lycanthropy - Lore and Law book that you can read about in the game. Be sure to visit the Neuschwanstein Museum -- quite possibly the most famous castle in the world.

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Angar 2015-05-16 -1 point Mac version

Eeeerr... 774Kib in size?

It IS a FMV game (Full Motion VIDEO), so all these hours of video crammed into less than 800Kib, WOW! Gimme the name of that compression algorithm!!!!!!

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