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The Sims 2

Windows - 2004

Alt names 模拟人生2, TS 2, Os Sims 2, Los Sims 2, Les Sims 2, Die Sims 2, De Sims 2
Year 2004
Platform Windows
Released in United States, Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia
Genre Simulation
Theme Contemporary, Life / Social Simulation, Real-Time
Publisher Electronic Arts, Inc.
Developer Maxis Software Inc.
Perspectives Bird's-eye view, Free-roaming camera
4.34 / 5 - 84 votes

Description of The Sims 2

The Sims 2, a really nice simulation game sold in 2004 for Windows, is available and ready to be played again! Time to play a real-time, life / social simulation and contemporary video game title.

The Sims 2 has the following addons available: The Sims 2: Nightlife, The Sims 2: Holiday Party Pack, The Sims 2: University, The Sims 2: Pets, The Sims 2: Glamour Life Stuff, The Sims 2: Open for Business, The Sims 2: Family Fun Stuff, The Sims 2: Teen Style Stuff, The Sims 2: Celebration! Stuff, The Sims 2: Bon Voyage, The Sims 2: H&M Fashion Stuff, The Sims 2: Seasons, The Sims 2: Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff, The Sims 2: IKEA Home Stuff, The Sims 2: Mansion & Garden Stuff, The Sims 2: Apartment Life and The Sims 2: FreeTime, don't miss them!

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Comments and reviews

lightning-speed 2021-06-08 0 point

like can you stop confusing me

lightning-speed 2021-06-08 0 point

i think we all can agree that this can be ridiculous

JHETVO 2021-05-22 -1 point

it says i need a DVD-rom what is this and how can i get it?

Lexie 2021-05-20 0 point

The patch and no CD downloads don't do anything. They both just say to "insert CD" and won't run.

Lexie 2021-05-20 0 point

Anyone figure out what to do? I've installed the base game, inserted the keycode on the back, and installed the patch. Now it says to insert a CD which was not included in the original download nor the patch...

Name 2021-05-19 0 point

i downloaded "NoCD" and "PATCH" however thee patch says i haven't installed sims 2 and i still cannot play this

AskAmberk 2021-05-14 4 points

Hey fellow simmers! I have been playing sims since it was just sims so when I found this I just couldn't stop smiling! Then I tried to download....that proved difficult. JUDE WILLIAMS and SPUTNIKSA helped big time but I found the directions to be a little confusing so here is my amended guideline below BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE TWO ABOVE! Seriously you guys rock! Couldn't Stop smiling yesterday and already half way through adding the expansion packs. It really holds up!

PROBLEM 1: "this app has been blocked for your protection"
Solution: First things first - take SPUTNIKSA's advice and go to and change your settings. The video is super clear and he walks you through each step (took 2 minutes then a quick restart of my computer)

PROBLEM: Where to download/extract to -making cleanup easier
Solution: I suggest that once you have downloaded any files you extract to your Desktop - just makes things clearer for me and easier to cleanup after

Now we are good to go! Going right on to JUDE WILLIAMS's guideline (with some amendments*)

Step 1, Run the "AutoRun" to start the installation process (inside the Gamedata folder).

Step 2, When the game asks for CD serial fill in the code below

Step 3, After the base game has been installed it will ask if you will like to run, do not run and instead finish installation and quit. If you try to run the game it will have an error and request that you enter CD.

Step 3-2: Download and extract patch and "NOCD" to Desktop, run patch. Find your Desktop Folder in your files - not from your desktop and copy "Sims2" and paste into C:- Program Files- EA games- The Sims 2. Now open the TS Bin folder It will say it is a duplicate, select replace

Step 4: Download and install the Stuff Pack "Mansion and Garden Stuff" the same way as the last 3 steps.

Run Patch and you are ready to play

To play simply go to "All Apps" or wherever you would find your programs - may be called Program files - it is where you find your windows or start button

Complaint 2021-05-01 0 point

I have the game but can't open it because it needs a manual code! Please provide.

Sogol 2021-04-27 0 point

I read comments about installing the game but still there is not a specific guide to help me install the patch file without disk!
So if there is anybody who can help me, please contact me.
Here is my E-mail address:
thank you for your help and I'm waiting for you!

explodingtardis3 2021-04-23 0 point

I don't know where to put the patch for the base game. I was able to download one stuff pack before realizing this was how I was supposed to do it so I deleted all the EPs I had downloaded already. I tried to copy the Patch for the base game into the Sims 2 folder but it said I didn't have enough memory. I have over 20 GB free on my PC. I was so excited to find Sims 2 for free as I only grew up playing Sims 3. Any help would be appreciated. I know how to download custom content and mods but this is confusing me somehow.

CakeAndStuff 2021-04-17 -1 point

Will this work on Windows 10? Seems to have the same problem where it says to insert a CD...

DUCKYMONEY 2021-04-07 1 point

what is the cade in the lower left corner

xdd 2021-04-03 0 point

niezła gierka

majid 2021-02-25 2 points

how to patch this game? please reply

Kal 2021-02-19 1 point

so no Mac version....:((((

Timbotboi 2021-02-16 1 point

Works amazing if you do it well. If the resolution is stuck at 800X600 Then this should help, ! In step one, you'd like to change what it says with this: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\The Sims 2 Mansions and Garden Stuff\TSData\Res\Config/Graphics Rules.sgr! And if your PC asks for you to go to the Microsoft store click more options and use Notepad! Hope this helps you!

lovecasualties 2021-02-03 2 points

It is saying that the sims was not downloaded correctly what did I do wrong

Mud 2020-12-27 2 points

Could you please include a sims 2 all in one installation?

Merisza 2020-12-20 0 point

Nagyon jó!

Christmas 2020-12-12 0 point

Awesome game
Cool genders

Hannah 2020-12-12 0 point

hi i have tried the long process but never got past the extraction and override of the gardens and mansions files to my sims2 files. Is there maybe something wrong with my extraction app? I use winrar free

slim g 2020-11-28 0 point

this game is the coolest

SputnikSA 2020-11-27 5 points

i finally figured it out
so the first thing you want to do is do the standard install process with the sims 2 when it is finished do not open the application as you will need to do more stuff
when it is done you will need to install the patch but it says you need cd 4
i found a video with some files that help with that here :
what you need to do is extract it and copy or cut the files and paste it in your sims 2 files override everything and then you may install the patches
then you need to install mansions and gardens pack
if you are trying to install it and it says "this app has been blocked for your protection" dont worry this video should help :
once you have installed mansions and gardens pack it will check if your sims is up to date and if you used the files correctly then it will say it is up to date
if it doesnt cancel the install and paste the TS2 updater files in the directory again
then it will be installed dont open it yet we are almost there
then you need to install the NO_CD file provided by abandoned ware when you install the mansions and gardens pack rar
and paste it in your TS bin then you delete all your desktop shortcuts for the game and make a shortcut out of the SIMS2EP9.exe in the mansions and gardens directory and hopefully the game will work if it doesnt im sorry
but it worked for me so doesnt hurt to try?

SputnikSA 2020-11-23 1 point

i did what Jude Williams said and i finally got the game to work after installing some files that allowed me to bypass the cd 4 thing and finally got the game to launch however for what ever reason the game would decide to have a "fatal crash" every time the game would try and load. I was really hoping to play this game but atleast in my case the game is completely unplayable in the sense that it wont get past the loading screen

How do i 2020-10-21 2 points

I'm having the same problem! It's installing as a DVD on its own with no space left to add a patch! @Jude Williams says it's supposed to be C:/Program Files/EA Games/The Sims 2
But I don't even have an "EA games" folder! I'm obviously not knowledgeable of how computers work so I'm completely lost... I just want to play the sims 2 again :,(

TiredGamer 2020-10-20 2 points

I tried all the tips in the comments but I can't get it to work... I installed it and it created an ISO file which windows happily opened on its own and made it into a DVD drive for whatever reason which I guess is right. I tried to install it but it said no CD so I did all the steps in the comments and even downloaded a patch, still with "insert CD 4". There was no CD folder as far as I can see.

I tried Dave's instructions and downloaded manual updates but I cannot install them in my sims folder as it says there is no more space so I can't install it and override the patches. I'm just so lost... I was really hoping this was going to work.

If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I've spent like.. 4 hours on this.

WIRF 2020-09-29 -1 point

When i tried to launch the game it told me to insert the correct disc someone help

freeman016 2020-08-28 0 point

If you want to install the game proppley you going to have to install MagicISO and then extract the game from the application.

avishai 2020-07-21 0 point

hey i cant countineu to play the game affter the instiile
its said to me "no cd" but i mount demone tools and also try magic iso
can anyone help me?

Emíííík 2020-07-18 0 point

dobrý den chtěla jsem se zeptat jestli jde nějak obejít dvd které hra vyžaduje???

Firemaker125 2020-07-08 -1 point

My god, it actually got added to the site!

alaa 2020-06-28 0 point

HELP where is the code folder

Wizerd 2020-06-11 0 point

I need help with the Install can't get it to run. Contact me on discord: Dr. Retard#9175

Dave33333 2020-06-10 1 point

I finally made Teen Styles run.

Remember to install to the ROOT of your hard drive instead of the typical installation. Or it will be rendered inoperable. I spent a good amount of time working on this.

Inge 2020-06-09 3 points

I followed the steps and it works perfectly for me. Thank you !!!!

Dave33333 2020-06-09 0 point

No matter how many times I try to run teen styles. The installer either freezes, renders the game inoperable. And at one time it finished and told me "The Sims 2 was installed improperly."

I tried different sources and this installer was made by Satan himself.

Dave33333 2020-06-09 0 point

New issues running the game. Mainly starting.

After installing all expansions, the game would trigger a BSOD so I started under administrator.

Evem then the game would crash. I have no clue which pack is the rogue one, but I'm slowly taking care of it.

Dave33333 2020-06-08 2 points

Okay... After some fiddling and using the instructions, I got it running.

First, and most important thing... On modern operating systems, the patch is broken, I even fetched a CD 4 iso, it crashed. You have to manually update it by downloading the update files (Can actually be found on a YouTube video, kinda easy to find I think.) and then manually dumping them into your installation directory, let everything overwrite, I'll try to send it over to the administrators of the site at a later time maybe.

Regardless, doing this and following the steps allows Sims 2 to run.

We've done it guys, we finally cracked it.

Dave33333 2020-06-08 2 points

When I try to run the patch, it asks for CD 4.

Jude Williams 2020-06-07 2 points

If you do it this way you'll only need the cd crack from mansion & garden, cause it is the latest stuff pack. When Base+ M&G stuff work you can install the others without needing a crack and it wont ask for the cd from the other packs

Jude Williams 2020-06-07 7 points

When I gave them the sims 2 files i also included a installation guide but that's gone i see. So I'll put it here.
Hello Gamer

It is important to pay attention to the following steps or the sims 2 might not work.
Please note the Sims 2 is an older game so it might not work on computer but you can always try. ;)

Step 1, Run the "AutoRun" to start the installation proces (inside the Gamedata folder).

Step 2, When the game asks about the CD serial fill in the code inside the CD Keycode folder.

Step 3, After the Basegame has been installed do NOT boot up de game yet or it will not work. The game will ask you to insert the original CD.
You'll also need to Patch the game or you will not be able to install expansion packs and stuff packs. Inside the CD Keycode folder you can find the patch.

Step 4, Please install the last Stuffpack "Mansion and Garden Stuff" the same way as the last 3 steps.

Step 5, When te "Mansion and Garden Stuff" is installed try to search for the installation folder on your drive.
In most cases C:- Program Files- EA games- The Sims 2. Now open the TS Bin forlder off "Mansion and Garden Stuff".

Step 6, Now in the M&GS CD keycode folder there is ann .exe called "Sims2EP9". You will need to copy this to the TS Bin folder
you just found in Step 5 and replace it.

Step 7, Delete the sims 2 shortcuts created on your desktop and make one from the Sims2EP9 one.
You can now try to boot up the Sims 2. If it is not working I'M sorry my dear but try retracing step 5 and 6.

If it works and you can start to play you did it right and can install the other SP and EP's
Well done and enjoy playing the Sims 2.

Fofo 2020-06-01 3 points

I am facing the same issue as the others, it said I need to insert a CD.

Please if anyone knows how to fix this?

anon 2020-05-31 1 point

I have the same problem as SORROWFALLSAWAY does anyone know how to fix it?

Empee 2020-05-29 3 points

We need to wait for some brave & clever soul, who will find a suitable NoCD patch, that matches this exact version. Probably the one posted here is not correct. I sought but failed to find one.

kjsfh 2020-05-22 0 point

I don't know what to do.. it says I need to insert a cd but I cant find it

Retro Pixel Lizard 2020-05-17 1 point

With or without the expansions, this is still the best of the entire Sims franchise. I even found a way to get rich enough to have a manor (If I could even design a manor) in less than 15 minutes without cheating, but that requires the open for business expansion.

If you got black rectangles under your Sims, open up the console (CTRL SHIFT C) and enter " boolProp objectShadows false".

Query 2020-05-10 2 points

Is there a specific order you need to open the files to get the game to work without the disk?

SorrowFallsAway 2020-05-10 12 points

I downloaded all the files, including the no CD and patch files. However, when I try to launch the game or the patch or the no CD fix, it tells me to insert a CD. I have it mounted to a virtual Drive in power ISO, but now I'm kind of at a loss. Anyone have any ideas?

Jude Williams 2020-05-09 12 points

The code is: THA2-Z3FK- OR1A-3HZ4-2WUS

erzdyuxc 2020-05-08 0 point

I need the code on the back of the cd

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