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The Ultimate DOOM

DOS - 1995

Also released on: Windows

Alt names Doom, Doom (1993), Doom Classic, Doom: Special Edition, The Ultimate Doom: Thy Flesh Consumed
Year 1995
Platform DOS
Released in France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States (1995)
France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom (1996)
Genre Action
Theme FPS, Horror, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter
Publisher id Software, Inc.
Developer id Software, Inc.
Perspective 1st-Person
4.51 / 5 - 625 votes

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Manual available

Description of The Ultimate DOOM

DOOM deservedly has a large base of fans. Its makers names are legend: Carmack, Romero, McGee and more. 1995’s “The Ultimate DOOM” provides a patched, complete version.

Released by id Software in 1993, Computer Gaming World, PC Gamer UK, Dragon and GamesMaster all recommended it highly. DOOM changed the world of videogames. People en masse began to upgrade PCs or buy new ones just for DOOM and gaming. Console makers found their products obsolete. Controversy regarding videogame violence became a moral panic.

Created in only one year, DOOM was distributed as shareware. A downloaded copy would get you one level. Mailing a check to id got you two more. “Ultimate”, sold in stores, added a fourth.

You play as a Space Marine in a future where corporate negligence has opened a gateway to Hell. This gloomy 3D world is full of beasts to destroy. If lucky he may find weapons, armor and power-ups. To play DOOM, explore and kill. Tap the spacebar while facing doors, panels and walls to reveal DOOM’s secrets.

Ultimate DOOM’s menu features the added level “Thy Flesh Consumed”. Even on the easiest setting “Flesh” is very hard. You may want to start with the other three instead.

Review By Steve Walsh 2/18

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Comments and reviews

Burn 2021-07-13 1 point

BFG. Enough said.

forbidden64 2020-07-05 1 point DOS version

Funniest part about that comment is that Blake Stone uses the Wolfenstein 3D engine by ID software. As does Corridor 7 and a few others. They added a few features like coins to use at vending machines for health etc. Blakestone is a good game, but it was certainly eclipsed when doom came out. Doom forever changed video games and PCs.

drazzell 2018-09-03 4 points

If you have trouble launching any doom wad, it is most likely because you do not have any program to actually launch it. Using doom or doom 2 requires DosBox, Zdoom, Zandronum, GZdoom, or any other launchers similar. You cannot launch it on your own!

nifhda 2018-07-26 7 points

how do i launch it????

GratefulGamer 2018-07-15 -1 point

Thank you for the amazing upload. It works great (albeit) a little slow on my Raspberry Pi 3b. So awesome.

Amyrock 2018-06-17 1 point

I absolutely love it its 1 of my favourite games

cooeprer 2018-05-09 -4 points

hopefully its an easy download

iddqd 2018-04-27 0 point

It never gets old

Joe2227 2017-12-18 1 point

It doesn't work well with the DOS emulator in High Sierra OS X. The maneuvering's off. The DosBox window likes to shrink and come back and then you can't move too well in the game.

awashnut 2017-12-12 -2 points

feelin' nostalgic!!!!!!

ilovedoom 2017-12-05 0 point

does this version of doom have the bfg9000?

doom guy 2017-11-24 2 points

Best game of all time.

The_MineDraconitePulse 2017-11-03 0 point

Bang bang!!

Dowsa 2017-08-19 1 point

BE sure to check out ZDAMON.ORG a muliplayer port for doom!

andie 2017-08-12 0 point

the perfect way to relive old battles. this game is absolutely amazing

GawDOOMit 2017-08-05 1 point


Ultimate DOOM contains the original Doom I plus a fourth episode "Thy Flesh Consumed". It also updates the game engine to the latest version available at the time, version 1.9

Gavin The Terrarian[YT] 2017-07-27 0 point

This game is great!

jp 2017-06-28 -1 point

whats the diference between doom and The ultimate doom?

-0- 2017-04-13 -1 point

a great game!!! thank you

Glaice 2016-12-14 -8 points

This isn't abandonware, it is still commercially sold in a handful of locations for cheap..

ANON_001 2016-12-07 -7 points

Can this run off of GZDoom?
As in is this a WAD, or a .EXE file?

DOOMGUY 2016-11-28 -8 points

yo you gotta know me homies I am the badass doom guy!

Admiral Moo 2016-09-05 -2 points

Great Game! Did you know that the rabbit in the screenshot in the bottom left corner on the screenshots section of this screen, is your Character's Pet named Daisy?

Rhythm 2016-09-02 0 point

Thanks to you! and special thanks to john romero
i also have GZDOOM man!

Gamer_AZ 2016-08-28 0 point

Thanks for this download, the great classic Doom still stands up to the test of time. A gem among first-person shooter computer games. Here's to hours of fun to come!

Great Game! :) 2016-05-26 3 points

Screw DOSbox :), I have my DOS PC to play this gem :D

doomer 2016-05-21 1 point

If you want to easily play all the classic ID games, just get Zandronum. However, if you want to play Doom the true way they played it back in the day, just use DOSBox

bfg666 2016-04-07 18 points

@Dredge Slug: Uhh, what's your point exactly? If you're here to boast about your knowledge of who created the first FPS, you're quite off the mark: a) The very first one seems to be 1973's Maze War, b) the first "modern" incarnation of the genre is considered to be Wolfenstein 3D, also by id Software, released one year before your crappy Blake Stone that no-one's ever heard about, and c) Before Wolfenstein, id had already released two other FPS's in the previous year: Hovertank 3D and Catacomb 3D. So there.

Dredge Slug 2016-03-24 -24 points

You noobs obviously never heard of Blake Stone:

DELTAnc 2016-03-18 -2 points

my pc are in 64bit and he don't want to install doom what i'm supposed to do please help me

kissKIZZkiss 2016-02-13 1 point

i want to be able to make my own enemy npc's for this game, does anyone know how I can be able to do this?

pooISbrown 2016-02-03 -6 points

get ZANDRONUM and use it to play all these doom games, also can play
heretic and hexen, why are you trying to make your life difficult using

Xx-WorldStarzGaming-xX 2015-12-20 0 point

This Game Is Amazing! Especially With Dosbox

yusti 2015-09-17 -4 points

how to play

goanna678 2015-09-16 1 point

this game is a really GREAT first person shooter
and there are lots of mods and source-ports out there

the best source-port is GZDOOM
which lets DOOM run in openGL
and the best mod is BRUTAL-DOOM
which 'pumps' up the gore and violence level

honey 2015-08-03 -33 points DOS version

very bad game

lost my jerrrb 2015-07-12 -3 points DOS version

No sound coming through on ultimate doom what do I do? Do I need to delete my previous doom files? I have the demo installed that only includes the first episode.

Morken772 2015-06-24 0 point DOS version

how i install the game? i open the MS-DOS archive and his close

doomer 2015-05-20 0 point DOS version

We still playing it at Online Multiplayer Doom - ZDaemon

grandark_06 2015-02-17 1 point DOS version

A game I loved so much. Thanks, it brought back after 10 years!

ivan 2014-12-08 0 point DOS version

Una pietra miliare dei giochi 3d datati.

molto bello.

moika 2014-11-01 0 point DOS version

este juego es muy clasico pero triii resio para mi sigan subiendo mas clasicos....

ViperAcidZX 2014-07-04 0 point DOS version

Both the upload of Ultimate Doom and this Doom ( are the same thing, the only difference is that you have to install Ultimate Doom yourself in DOS. It just seems bit redundant on this site.

Nosidda501 2014-06-06 1 point DOS version

I love DOOM!!! One of my most favorite games of all time!

Wattu 2014-05-10 1 point DOS version

do this works in windows XP?

jossy 2014-03-16 1 point DOS version

es el mejor juego de mi fin pude conseguir la full version y no el demo muchas gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! toy felizzzzzz

IdontHaveaNickname 2014-02-26 0 point DOS version


Tuaam 2014-02-22 0 point DOS version


steven 2014-01-05 0 point DOS version


bloody hell 2013-12-14 -1 point DOS version

bloody hell

Some Asshole 2013-09-11 -3 points DOS version

Hey noob,
where was DOOM 2?

O4Q 2013-08-28 0 point DOS version

"can not open in full screen" the same crap i see everytime i find the "right download" for doom -.-

bill 2013-06-19 0 point DOS version

doom rocks !

noob 2013-05-20 -3 points DOS version

meh heres the line of fpss (lol)
1 wolfenstein description:a sucky sidescroller, dont know much more
2 wolfenstein 3d descrption its obvious
3 doom (and all those expansion packs)
4 quake
5 qwake 2
6 quake 3
7 return to castle wolffenstein
8 wolfenstein
9quake 4
i domt whats next

fenice 2013-03-20 1 point DOS version

beautiful game!

hasta la vista 2013-03-10 0 point DOS version


meh 2013-02-15 0 point DOS version

doom is the second fps wofenstein was THE first person shooter

lolmaster 2013-01-05 1 point DOS version

is that for windows 7??

WreckSauce 2012-07-14 0 point DOS version

Amazing game. Doom is THE First-Person Shooter!

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