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DOS - 1993

Also released on: 3DO - Jaguar - SEGA 32X

Alt names ドゥーム, 毁灭战士, DOOM95, Doom: Evil Unleashed
Year 1993
Platform DOS
Released in Australia, United States (1993)
United States (1994)
Genre Action
Theme FPS, Horror, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter
Publisher Micro Star Software, SoftKey Multimedia Inc., id Software, Inc.
Developer id Software, Inc.
Perspective 1st-Person
Dosbox support Supported on current version
4.36 / 5 - 1863 votes

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Manual, misc and demo available

Description of Doom

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Doom and its sequel, Doom II, are arguably among the most important games in the history of PC gaming.

Though there were older games that involved the exploration of 3D rendered environments in first person, including 1990’s Castle Master, in which you hunted demons and found treasures in a fully 3D-rendered haunted castle, the first person shooter boom began in earnest with Apogee Software and id Software’s smash hit Wolfenstein 3D.

Doom took the *cough* historical setting of the shooter and put it in space. Military research bases on the Mars moons were experimenting with transporter technology and accidentally opened a gate to hell, though which demons poured forth. Doomguy fights his way through the Martian bases and Hell itself to try to stop the onslaught. By today’s standards, it was a thin plot, but people weren’t playing these classic shooters for the story.

While Wolfenstein was really only 3D in name [dungeons had no Z axis], Doom built upon what the id Team had made, in terms of both what a shooter could do and the market for FPS it created with the shareware distribution model. Doom had big, truly 3D environments, numerous texture patterns, and variant lighting. These all set Doom apart from and above the Wolfenstein clones which still relied on “flat” environments and had static lighting.

The use of textures and lighting in the environment allowed id, and later the modding community, to create a greater variety and diversity of levels, avoiding repetitious rooms and hallways that all looked and felt the same. They also allowed for the creation of jump-scare set pieces that became one of Doom’s hallmarks: you think you’ve cleared the room; you grab the key/push the button; the lights go out; suddenly doors open all around you, and you’re swarmed by demons!

Doom’s gameplay is pretty timeless. Most, though not all, of the basic standard features of the FPS as they’re recognized today are here. It’s designed for easy play on a keyboard [believe it or not, mice were once uncommon and not particularly useful], and its wide range of difficulty settings can accommodate everyone from the neophyte to the most hardened twitch gamer. Plus, the vast surfeit of fan-made content and expansions means there’s no practical end to how much Doom you can play.

Doom is one of the most popular, most played, and maybe most discussed game franchises in history, so it would be easy to say we missed something in singing its praises [did I mention it’s got cool music?]. The real question is, if you haven’t played Doom already, why haven’t you downloaded it and started playing it now?

Review By P. Alexander

Frodo commented:

Doom is awesome. Your mission is to save the planet from Evil Demons. They've been here before you and slaughtered all the good guys judging by the corpses lying everywhere. This game is just as much fun as Wolfenstein 3d but with more carnage and a dimly lit scary environment. Some lights go on and off, because things are busted and broken. I like the nearly invisible demons, freaky! Scared me out of my chair on more than a few occasions. Some day's there are just not enough bullets! Lots of fun!

stanjam commented:

This game is an awesome blast from the past! I remember it well. I was in my early 20s, and the small company I worked for had just gotten a new bunch of computers in lieu of payment from a company that owed us. Naturally we networked them and played Doom! Then the boss came in. He demanded we install the game on his system so he could join in the fun! Good times, and it started a love of computer FPS gaming!

Doom has the following addons available: The Lost Episodes of Doom and Doom Heaven, don't miss them!

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Comments and reviews

Anomynous 2023-12-15 2 points

Happy 30th anniversary Doom

MarkTheMorose 2022-11-27 2 points

I don't understand why other versions than the DOS or Windows versions of sold games can't be downloaded here. Are the 3DO or Sega 32X versions being sold on GoG or Steam?

Yoshitaka Mine 2022-11-25 1 point DOS version

Literally the first DOSBOX DOS Game everyone thinks to download

NerdGirl 2022-06-19 2 points DOS version

Aw, Doom. What fond memories. Killing monsters to the Miami Vice soundtrack on tape. Phil Collins In the Air Tonight will forever remind me of Doom, lol! Also used to know all the cheats too. Miss you, 90's.

IDKFA 2022-05-16 0 point DOS version

If you know, you know!

Darren 2022-02-19 -1 point DOS version

Fun but difficult game. I was only able to complete it on the I'm too young to die skill level

Shinbone 2021-12-28 0 point DOS version

I sometimes put my spare copy of doom big box up For sale on eBay. It's the only time I get comments coming in to correct the most pedantic of errors. Not that I mind, but it speaks about the significance of this classic piece of cultural history.

e 2021-12-26 0 point DOS version

doomhistory wtf do you mean doom 2 is a carbon copy? yeah, it's essentially a dlc, and it should have been that as opposed to a sequel, but the changes it did make were very important to the game itself and result in an experience that is profoundly its own. also super shotgun go click clack clock

Wayne 2020-12-18 -2 points DOS version

I remember finding this at one of those app stores where you could buy or exchange used DOS-ROMs like this or Sega System and Atari apps. I instantly fell in love with Doom, it reminds me so much of Space Harrier, but as a 3D beltscroller without wheels.
Love it!

Asais10 2020-10-24 -1 point

I think someone should add the missing setup executable and the multiplayer executables as a download considering they're excluded from the halfassed Steam release.

Jonathan 2018-07-28 2 points

Never played the dos version before. Only played the gba and sega32x ports. Can't wait to break the game with a bunch of wads.

phrozen 2018-07-12 0 point

So many hidden stuff to explore.. ;-)

Gabemandou 2018-06-22 -9 points DOS version

dos and win 95 are 1 in the same.
try again

Pat1986 2018-06-03 0 point DOS version

Unfortunately this here is Ultimate Doom (DOS), not the original release.

Squiggy 2018-05-25 4 points DOS version

Zommo wtf are you talking about, this is the very first Doom game, released in 1993 for DOS. It was NOT a Windows 3.1 game and 95 didn't even exist yet. You may want to study up before you start spouting nonsense.

DoomHistory 2018-05-01 10 points DOS version

Zommo, you are painfully wrong. Use Google. Doom was made for DOS originally. The Doom engine was created in 1992. The game was released in 1993. Doom 2 was a carbon copy of Doom 1 and released in 1994. Doom 95 was 1995.

You didn't play Doom on Windows 3.1. It wasn't supported. Gabe Newell tried to create a port but didn't follow through until Windows 95. It ran like shit. I was there. Microsoft had a Doom tournament to show off Windows 95's Direct X capabilities. Thresh won that tournament. The whole point of this tournament was for Microsoft to show that Windows could also play 3D games as well as DOS (It couldn't. Doom 95 sucked in comparison to DOS).

Jester 2018-03-24 4 points

If you like games like Doom, you should look for the channel HoFPG on YouTube. very nice archive with many games of this kind

Doomed 2018-03-24 1 point

Actually I think it's the other way around, Doom95 is a Shareware Port of Doom that was made to play in win95 by Microsoft. This is the full version of Doom, but if you want to play it in windows of today you need ZDoom for XP or GZDoom for 32 or 64bit windows 7+, it also can be played under Mac Intel or PPC using ZDoom but the ZDoom Folder needs to exist under
User\Users\Library\Application Support\ZDoom

That is where you copy the and the wad of what ever game you want to play if there is more than one wad it'll ask you which one you want to run, but it works for Doom, Doom 2, Chex Quest, Chex Quest 3, and others you just need the full version Wad file. It doesn't work for Shareware Version of Doom.

Zommo 2018-03-24 -26 points

I don't get how they can claim this is Doom for Dos. Doom never really came out for Dos they were ported to Dos, so to claim this is Actual Doom is a lie, it's a port of Doom95 which is what Doom was and is called and was originally made for Windows not Dos. Also I downloaded this Archive and ran the Wad right when the game Loads it say's Ultimate Doom, Not Doom.

doomkkkmater6 2018-03-22 0 point

This works perfectly. you can use wads. IT'S FREEEE

Coolx 2018-03-21 0 point DOS version

I really like this DOOM 1

4LD3M1R[bR] 2018-03-01 0 point DOS version

Doom. Ainda o melhor jogo já feito. Com recursos mínimos por uma equipe engajada de talentosos artistas...incrível como as grandes desenvolvedoras de hoje não conseguem trazer a mesma dinâmica presente neste game. Jogo qualquer coisa lançada recentemente, mas sempre me vejo com saudades e voltando ao Doom.

GG 2018-01-27 0 point

There was a lot of duke3d user maps of Doom levels.

Space Man 100789 2018-01-04 -3 points

This Game Is One Of The Most Influential First Person Shooters Of All Time So Influential It Spawned A Gaming Subculture, First Person Shooters That Were Being Created After This Were Called Doom Clones This Game Is Like A Gaming Alfred Hitchcock Film That Is How Amazing This Game Is, There Is A Great Remake But The First 1993 Game Is A Gaming Masterpiece!
Remember Do Not Type IDDQD In Heretic If U Do Not Like This Website U Can Get The Game On Steam Remember Turn On Your PC Get A Shotgun And Fight like hell! Also This Is One Of The Most Significant And Influential Titles In Gaming. I Have A Lot Of respect for I'd software they did dangerous Dave and commander keen which are great platforming series Then They Made Great GPS Games like doom wolfenstein 3D And Catacomb 3D This Game Is Awesome! Doomguy Is Awesome!

the boys 2017-12-24 -1 point

TL;DR - Chads use DOS and virgins use anything in the complement of DOS.

Doom Master 102 2017-12-18 1 point

I Love This Game It Is Way Better Than The First Person Shooters We Get Now.

_0Tg. 2017-12-14 0 point DOS version

Verse one in capture for doom config or designed usb pixel.

PSXDRIVERPLAYER 2017-11-18 -2 points

Hello people. Is me again. Noticed some interesting comments here.

OTHER - you have an interesting comment here.

BASTWREN - let me quote you: "you say others "aren't a real gamer (sic) if you've never installed and played DooM on DOS"" I never said that, I said "I'd like to say" before that. (You can check it if you like.) Some people actually have that opinion, not me. Then: "So, you install and play games on what, so do I. So do many here. And if someone doesn't know how to do that, then teach them or shut the fuck up." Not exactly on DOS, but an emulation of DOS. And I'm sure there's plenty of sources telling people how to install and play stuff on DOS. Let's see other things: "Oh, I'm such a much better human being than you because of the way I play my games..." I kind of agree with you on this one. I just happen to play my games as closely as possible like it was played back in the day. It won't feel as authentic otherwise. "Isn't it enough that people enjoy DOOM, regardless of the way in which it was installed?" You do it your way, I suggested one plays it first on DOS, then tries the fancy stuff. The only thing I have ZDOOM for is Chex Quest 3, and only because I can't use DOS for that.

DREAD - I'm "protective" about the game eh? I don't know about that. More like protective about how to play the game. "Sure, go ahead and enjoy the "original"" Thank you, I intend to do just that, as I don't like updates on stuff. As for " of the best things about Doom for me was when the map editors were released and I could create my own WADs and get WADs that other people had created." I say OK then. I just don't feel the need to modify any game or get modifications made my others, as odd as it may seem.

DRead 2017-11-10 1 point DOS version

PSXDRIVERPLAYER, Not sure why you are so protective of this game. Sure, go ahead and enjoy the "original" but one of the best things about Doom for me was when the map editors were released and I could create my own WADs and get WADs that other people had created.

BastWren 2017-10-01 1 point DOS version

PSXDRIVERPLAYER, you *are* pretentious, as "Other" noted in his/her comment, and although I don't choose to use the word "retard" (not PC, just don't like the word), I would agree with the spirit in which the word was used. For many coming here to check out these old games, DOS was archaic by the time they were born; why *would* they know how to use it?. You say others "aren't a real gamer (sic) if you've never installed and played DooM on DOS"...what the hell sort of idiotic, hubristic comment is that? So, you install and play games on what, so do I. So do many here. And if someone doesn't know how to do that, then teach them or shut the fuck up. Don't belittle them with insinuations that glorify your DOSian prowess. "Oh, I'm such a much better human being than you because of the way I play my games..." Fucking pretentious pusbag. Isn't it enough that people enjoy DOOM, regardless of the way in which it was installed? Go away - no one gives a damn about anything you have to say.

fantasprite 2017-10-01 0 point DOS version

CocaCola Is The Worst

BenRedic 2017-09-19 1 point

Very interesting video, comparing different ports of Doom on different platforms, pointing out their strengths and weaknesses.

zay say 2017-08-27 1 point

I am in love with old school I am almost in love with everything so it's Doom and think you for making the game . by Isaiah

massivelegoboy 2017-08-06 1 point

DOOM is one of the best FPS of all time, Still holding up with its somewhat cartoony like monster designs, but still keeping that really demonic edge. Monsters can get you caught of guard and more. Weapons like the BFG90000 and shotgun really feel good when you play the game. I reccomend using a source port for people who are more new to classic shooters, like ZDoom or GZDoom, because you can see it in OpenGL, and use mouselook. For more experienced users, I reccomend mounting this baby up on dosbox and running it.

other 2017-08-04 1 point

Hey PSXDRIVERPLAYER? Yeah, so, you're a pretentious fucking retard.

Nargun 2017-06-10 2 points

Came in late to computers, found DooM so, so late. Perhaps just as well - co-ordination wasn't so good in the early days; ditto my temper. Fun way to spend an afternoon shooting up all the bad guy - and hoping to find all the secrets before the bad guys notice you're distracted.

psxdriverplayer 2017-06-04 -7 points

Am I the only one around here who plays this using DOSBox? Anyway, if you're new to DooM I recommend using DOSBox for the first time play, make sure to tamper with the in-game settings and the SETUP. Bonus points if one installs it using DOSBox. And then, only then if one must, use all the sourceport crap that adds stuff to the game that wasn't there in the first place, like the very ugly OpenGL filtering (Which I don't even get, why not just play it on DOS, like originally intended?) and mods (which I don't use either, the devs worked hard for the original game, damnit).
I have many versions of DooM, but I prefer the original 3-episode DooM, version number 1.1. (I also have 1.2 & 1.666 variants. And The Ultimate DooM variant.)
I'd like to say you aren't a real gamer if you've never installed and played DooM on DOS. It's more fun than installing and playing a game nowadays. Or that's something I've heard, not a fan of Steam and all games I like to play are old.

winsinnia 2017-03-23 0 point

hopefully this downloads, if so you dudes are dope

Applesauce 2017-03-14 0 point

Works perfectly! Found a quick tutorial on YouTube and downloaded it, entered the command lines and it works like a charm!!!!
100\10 IGN

Stormchilde 2017-02-25 0 point

First real first person shooter (after wolfenstein). This is the game that broke the whole first person shooter world open.

EldritchNexus 2017-02-24 2 points

For the record, Jack:

Fallout was created by Interplay. Bethesda only started working on the series later on, starting from Fallout 3. Also, Bethesda has only published Doom 4/Doom 2016 and the BFG Edition of Doom 3. Otherwise, Doom is still in the firm hands of id Software. And that's where it's always been.

david tartaglia 2017-02-22 0 point

is a very good game for the pc

Jack 2017-01-08 -12 points

Back in the hay day this was hot shit, now it's a cancer sore bungled by the freaks that made Fallout. Sorry fans of the series but yes Fallout sucked!

FenixTheGamer 2017-01-04 -1 point

This game is full?

strajo 2016-12-23 -1 point

Ovo je stvarno dobra igrica

nuclear_afk 2016-10-05 0 point

nice game btw fullscreen on dosbox is alt+enter

Rhythm 2016-09-02 -1 point

I think this is a shareware version of doom......but i downloaded this once but
the shores of hell and inferno never started

Espiler 2016-08-16 1 point

Sorry i can't play it because it doesn't work on fullscream and i tried to fiddling everywhere

hello 2016-08-12 0 point

For anyone asking about mods, there are 4 types:

Vanilla Compatible:
Can play with vanilla doom or vanilla derived ports. Recommended port: Chocolate Doom

BOOM Compatible:
Can play with Boom derived ports. Recommended port: PrBoom+

ZDoom Compatible:
Can play with ZDoom derived ports. Recommended ports: ZDoom, GZDoom, Skulltag, Zandronum

GL Compatible:
Can play with ports with GL support. Recommended ports: GZDoom Zandronum

Final verdict: I have always had a soft spot for vanilla doom through DOSBox but I can't argue that GZDoom is by far the best in mod capability, closely followed by Zandronum, which is much better than GZ on the multiplayer side of things. By the way, GZDoom can play some vanilla mods, some boom mods, should play all Zdoom and GL mods.

Metalhead 2016-08-06 0 point

doom is a incredible game i remember when i first looked at the screen and looked at the old fashion retro Pixilated graphics and still enjoy it to this day

need dis game fight now plz 2016-07-13 2 points

how do you get this on mac

DoomFan 2016-06-21 1 point

My Grandpa introduced me to retro games like Mario and other games. Then he introduced me to this badass game doom which developes overtime.

Does it matter 2016-06-18 0 point

Yeah hey ho.. Idk, just found this site and I'm going through all apogee's id's versions of these games even wolfenstein and the Blake Stone series

MagaTike 2016-06-06 4 points

hi i cant run this game for some reason it is telling me that i havent got the right program to run this. can any body help me if you can email me at


Foxy 2016-05-29 -1 point

I looked into the 'virus' that was detected, and it's a PUA; Potentially Unwanted Application. Basically, it's a file that is compressed to save space. This makes it difficult for antivirus programs to scan the file. So there's a good chance that the 'virus' is just a false positive. Still, you should be careful and install some kind of antivirus on your machine if you don't already have one.

tone 2016-05-28 0 point

can i add mods?

Kazren 2016-05-18 0 point

Use D-Fend Reloaded. It's an interface that sets up DOS games to run DOSBox in Windows. Takes the troubles out of learning how to run DOS. You can play not just DOOM and DOOM II but any other DOS game you can find and set it up and play pretty easily.

johnny luk 2016-05-08 0 point

very nice game

NICKtheDICK 2016-04-30 1 point

no way man, forget dosbox.
use zandronum or some similar
windows program,much simpler
and much better, also dosbox can suck
in terms of framerate, so just use zandronum
for all the old ID games, doom(1,2), heretic, hexen, strife.

Dosgammer+windowsxp vista 7 8 10 2016-04-22 1 point

in order to run dos games on your newer operating system you need a program called dosbox, once the program is installed you can then run the program example
once you have doom downloaded extract it into one of your folder example inside dosbox you must mount your hard disk drive also known as hdd or hard drive, make a folder inside your c: drive and then type this into dosbox mount c c:\games\ then you can see whats in folder games you can type dir then enter and you should see doom and other files you will run the program called doom.exe so just type that into dosbox good to go

Rawrz_Bearz 2016-04-03 -3 points

can someone please tell me how to open it and play

twix 2016-03-22 0 point

yes doom really is a classic and it's great that so many mods exist for it and doom2 that make the game even better, I have played modern doom games that have amazing graphics but for some reason I just can't enjoy them as much as these old ID games, don't get me wrong, they have their place and are great to play in a dark room but the classics just seem to have their own charm.

Echo 2016-03-20 0 point

The best speedrun since 1993

Tomy 2016-03-15 0 point

Yes need to worry, DosBox will not interfere with your operating system.

DoranAughneyWASsexy1990s 2016-01-28 -1 point

I 100% agree with -poormanisme- , get the brutaldoom mod.
you will need either zandronum or one of the other programs
to really enjoy it,go with zandronum it's good enough.

poormanisme 2016-01-28 2 points

if you really want to enjoy doom and doom2 then do the following.
-download a program called zandronum
it will let you play doom in windows and make use of your pc's 3d hardware,
(open gl) or you can still play in software mode if u can't get open gl working.
you can use your mouse to look around and move with WASD keys.
-then download BRUTAL DOOM,it will make doom/doom 2 more bloody!!!!!!
just make sure your doom or doom 2 WAD file is in the zandronum folder.
won't work if it can't find the needed WAD....good luck~

chhuy 2015-12-03 2 points

this game is best

Muhammed ilman khan Hanfi 2015-11-09 -5 points

i am A children i play this game 6 year bag

PIRATE_BASTARD 2015-10-09 3 points

i used to play the crap out of this game too,this is a good one !!

titas 2015-10-08 1 point


alfreddd 2015-09-12 0 point

muy bueno

Darkness701 2015-09-06 3 points

DooM is awesome! You play the game by killing demons and zombies, and progress through the levels E1M1-E3M9! Find the exit in each level to get to the next level! Also, if you want to play DooM, Heretic, Hexen, or Chex Quest in Windows, download GZDooM from here:

Scout's Mother 2015-08-28 -3 points

idk lol

hunter 23 2015-08-04 0 point DOS version

awesome changed almost everything in games as it was one of first 3d games.
if you have modern pc there are some source ports such as gzdoom. 5/5. this is how games should be made
p.s :anyone who says it is bad is possibly an asshole who plays COD all the day

Joe 2015-07-23 3 points DOS version

Hey thanks a lot for this, Wolf 3d and Doom were a couple of the first games I played on my PC w/ Windows 3.0 my great-grandma gave me. I own 1+2 on 360 and have had a few others for psx, snes, 32x back in the day as well. The new Doom demo at e3 made me want to finally give Brutal Doom a shot if I can get it working on Linux!

J-money 2015-07-04 -1 point DOS version

remember to check out the harris levels

Battlew 2015-06-17 4 points DOS version

I was children and i was playing doom1 on my old 386 my dad gave me. I had to play with smaller screen size, to make the game more fluid. It still had low fps, but i enjoyed it anyway.

Finally one day my dad bring me to a computer fair 40 km from our house... and there finally i sew doom 1 running on a 486, with full stereo music and extra fluid and full screen ! ... it was awesome, like a dream come true.

Doom made me love shooters game, till they start to eventually decay till the shit that they become nowdays (just watch at doom4 video and compare to the feeling doom1 gameplay provide).

Thanks for exist, doom1 and 2.

ZiReK 2015-06-10 -52 points DOS version

worst game ever because very very bad graphics ,bad gameplay , bad sounds and very dark

Maki 2015-05-25 0 point DOS version

OM is wrong; I ran Wolfenstein 3D AND Doom just fine on an IBM XT 286.

petar 2015-03-19 2 points DOS version

is best game

DeadPotato 2015-03-18 0 point DOS version

The name of the game, Doom. Actually its supposed to mean doom for all the first person shooters back in the 90s. And it is, this is the game that made the first person shooter genre explode. Wolfenstein was a blast and Doom made it look like a fire cracker compared to a hydrogen bomb. In short, this game (if you haven't played it before) is a fast paced, challenging, non-linear (the level design), shooter with gore and demons from hell, and you're the one with the gun. :DDDD

If you don't like the old-style first person shooter controls (meaning there's no looking up or down.) Try DoomZ with this! It works!

tagger 2015-03-01 -6 points DOS version

is it playable with the brutal doom mod?

TomyYoung 2015-02-20 -15 points DOS version

Yes need to worry, DosBox will bad interfere with your operating system

moonbug 2015-01-24 1 point DOS version

This is actually The Ultimate Doom, rather than the prior registered Doom version 1.9 which had only 3 episodes. The only difference between this and the other one here:
is that this one is already unpacked/installed.

There are some programs that can downgrade UD to older vesions, but it might be better to find the original install disk images, just to be sure...

Purplelair 2014-11-02 -8 points DOS version

Lolz! bunch of n00bs. A litte bit of Win cmd line knowledge goes a long way. Thanx for the upload! Takes me waaay back.

tforsaken 2014-10-04 -1 point DOS version

im guess that this v of doom is no longer used so must be abandonware. is that how it works?

doomaniac 2014-09-23 0 point DOS version

anyone that expected u couldnt go further after u took the lift up in map 8 episode 1 in doom I? i tried to take the lift up my there wasnt no monsters???? my buddies says that maybe theres a bug in the game but i dont know.... if anyone have a link to the full game WITHOUT bugs... mail it to me on:

im looking forward for ur inbox ;)

Wimoweh 2014-09-01 0 point DOS version

VIPERACIDZX, I'd like that Doom 1.1

natefun 2014-08-15 0 point DOS version

This available for purchase on steam and is therefore NOT abandonware!

ViperAcidZX 2014-07-04 2 points DOS version

If anyone wants a clean version of Doom 1.1 without your anti-virus freaking out, let me know.

P Smith 2014-06-07 -2 points DOS version

Be sure to check out Brutal DOOM, an addon that features new weapons and new attacks (e.g. kicking, grabbing enemies by the throat) and makes it a three dimensional game.

Pharme244 2014-05-30 0 point DOS version

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Pharmb529 2014-05-26 0 point DOS version

Very nice site!

Smithf889 2014-05-24 1 point DOS version

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outlawedson81 2014-05-17 1 point DOS version

doom roxs

CROMELL 2014-05-15 0 point DOS version

For all weapons, keys, armor; after start type;

KoreusZ 2014-05-12 0 point DOS version

Why can't it be infected with a less tame dos virus. All this one does is spread, no payload.

Gogo268 2014-05-08 0 point DOS version

i have DOOM for windows 95 and it`s shareware

Kuskh 2014-04-26 0 point DOS version

Hade pisan!

cesc1 2014-04-23 0 point DOS version


simplejen 2014-04-10 -1 point DOS version

why no video game

setman 2014-04-04 0 point DOS version

non mi ha fatto niente!



Hayden 2014-03-29 0 point DOS version

Hayden was playing Ultimate DOOM.

jake 2014-03-26 0 point DOS version

Every time I hit download it goes to the bottom of the page

miguel 2014-03-23 0 point DOS version

esta bien 2014-03-14 0 point DOS version

to have fun

Slash 2014-03-13 0 point DOS version

It keeps scrolling down every time i push the download button

me 2014-03-10 0 point DOS version

i like

johel003 2014-02-18 0 point DOS version

Butal doom?

indstr 2014-02-11 1 point DOS version

I think everybody has memories of DooM. I remember the first time ever seeing it, was on a computer at one of those "Rent-a-Center" places called "Ed Kelly's". I couldn't believe how good the graphics and atmosphere were. Absolute classic

payniscake 2014-01-31 0 point DOS version

hue hue hue, sounds like pe...

git 2014-01-25 0 point DOS version

ah, the good old days

lukeman375 2014-01-11 0 point DOS version

playing it on windows 98 cool

???? 2014-01-05 0 point DOS version

then how the hell do you get Brutal Doom?????

please respond with a download link (direct download link if nesscessary)


Doom Legacy Fan

S1ider 2014-01-02 0 point DOS version

I have been playing Brutal Doom since last year. It is EVERYTHING that we wanted Doom to be. Keeping older graphic style but upgrading a few features, like jumping ducking, FATALITIES.
Seriously, please check it out.

PhoenixRUS 2013-12-20 0 point DOS version

Playing on my old DOS 6.22 PC... brings memories back

Miclaud 2013-12-17 0 point DOS version

Happy 20th birthday, Doom!

Nope 2013-12-08 0 point DOS version

What happnes when I copy it to my 386 and run it there.
What will this Virus do?

non 2013-11-06 0 point DOS version

love you guys

FistMarine 2013-11-02 0 point DOS version

You can also use Chocolate Doom if you want to play on Windows but without setting up DOSBOX.

ProgramGuruCpp 2013-09-26 0 point DOS version

Doom is the "grandpappy" of all first-person shooters. Let praise be given to those people that have shaped the FPS games of today; all hail Carmack and Romero!

Half life Player 2013-09-21 0 point DOS version

HEY hehe...hey

Cookieguy 2013-09-19 0 point DOS version

Awesome game. You actually don't need DOS to play this. You can use things like GZDoom, ZDoom, Doomsday and a shitload more.

Henry 2013-09-15 0 point DOS version

this is a good you ever had download this and feel the grace yo

LinkCast 2013-09-15 0 point DOS version

Im a noob but good game!

Jose131991 2013-08-30 0 point DOS version

Play this is in latest dosbox version for original game with sound. Play In other emulators and source ports for modernized effects.

adamtheicon 2013-08-27 0 point DOS version

love doom

GreenHillDeku 2013-08-02 0 point DOS version

Why the hell did I give Steam $ for a non-working version of Doom when I can get it free here!? God dammit!

Droid 2013-06-30 0 point DOS version

Use Freedoom + Doom. If you are playing Freedoom we can use an Doom map :)

F1 2013-06-16 0 point DOS version

good game

the pussy destroyer 2013-06-11 0 point DOS version

this game rules

ash 2013-06-04 0 point DOS version


Max42 2013-05-29 0 point DOS version


Doomwolf989 2013-05-13 0 point DOS version

@wiffy80 This game was made in 1993, what did you expect skyrim? Also, this game wasn't originally free you might want to know.

Rabid 2013-05-10 0 point DOS version

@Pyro: Did it. sat my ass down and played the hell out of it. where's my money?

Fegelein 2013-05-07 -1 point DOS version

Fun for everyone! KILL THEM ALL! JEWS!!!!

Jenesis :( 2013-04-29 0 point DOS version

Bla i suppose to kill SIRUS the SPIDERMASTERMIND hehe

Pyro 2013-04-28 0 point DOS version


REWARD : $550K

wiffey80 2013-04-20 -2 points DOS version

this SUCKS!!! terrible sound, the screen is WAY too small!! thank god it's a FREE game,because i would NEVER pay for such garbage

Timeofdeath 2013-04-14 0 point DOS version

When you download this Zdoom can you please move your file, example Heretic.wad put to your Zdoom files as any of game as you can play thank you

Darragh111 2013-04-13 0 point DOS version

I downloaded it and it wont let me play it, it says something about checking if im 32bit or 64 but is dosent tell be what to do then

Dr. Deckhead :) 2013-04-09 0 point DOS version

I get that FOOLS

CryoDragon 2013-03-29 1 point DOS version

Please download dosbox...

mesouse 2013-03-22 0 point DOS version

isn't it illegal to have this up? i mean, the game is STILL being sold

brendan1454 2013-03-18 0 point DOS version

i would just like to say that even if i hadnt played it yet, i have heard many good rumors about this game, and this site is amazing on giving games like this a chance, and them opening it up to us for no cost, i recently got gizmos and gadgets off this website because that game was a big part of my childhood, and this site had given me a present that no other would usually be able to provide. thank you for everything.

bomber 2013-03-09 -1 point DOS version

f'''k doom worst game in the world a b''''h game

stoned 2013-03-09 0 point DOS version

i have played doom thousand times when i was akid,iplayed it constantly from the age 7 to11 ,really a awesome games thank to gt softweare for bringing us such a game

ilikecake 2013-02-22 1 point DOS version

how do u run the bloody thing?! i have tried all the exe files and it says my version of windows is not compatible. please help!

azza 2013-02-21 0 point DOS version

Doom is awesome

A Wise Old Man 2013-02-19 1 point DOS version

Bah. Anyone who didn't like DOOM! or DOOM II is either a) a syphallitic wanker or b) someone too lazy to download any of the some 300,000 user-created WAD files.

Both games are classic.

Both games still hold up 20 years later.

Don't like'em? Don't play'em.

Troll :P

zack1 2013-02-18 0 point DOS version

Good game

Leitbild 2013-02-13 0 point DOS version

So this game still is far better than it's own sequel, because Doom II was just a overloaded mess! Neither a bunch of new enemies, nor the new Super shotgun and the liniear, non episode gameplay could hide the fact that the maps were partly totally irrealistic (best example were maps like Downtown & Suburbs), a problem never faced in Doom! why? It plays only on fictive moon stations and Hell itself...

Doom is a decent and classic blast fest you need to have played!

BTW I prefer the original 3 episodes Doom, because it was the original release and the story is already closed by defeating the Spider Mastermind in episode 3 (in my opinion a true joke, because the Cyberdemon at the end of episode 2 is much worser) - So the 4th episode of Ultimate Doom is just a unnecessary reselling upgrade, not more, not less...

And yes, this game isn't abandonware! It's still sold by id Software! You better exchange the file with the shareware version! ;)

necroscope86 2013-02-13 0 point DOS version

I love the monster/imp fighting. Makes the game a lot easier. xD

iOS Fan 101 2013-02-02 0 point DOS version

i LOVE THIS GAME LOVE IT :D... although I like The ULTIMATE DOOM Better but this game is SIMPLY FPS PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!! :O :D :) 8D

but i h8 superman 64 ;D

OM 2013-01-31 12 points DOS version

...What most people aren't aware of is the fact that the major impetus for upgrading to a 386 from the still-nowhere-near-obsolete XTs and ATs, was that neither Wolfenstein 3D or Doom I ran on anything older than a 386. Between the two - especially Doom I - the -need- to make the jump to a 386-based system became more and more necessary. Especially when workers started telling their bosses that "this piece of shit PC you got me using won't run apps fast enough, and that's why you don't have those reports you wanted!"

...I performed a lot of upgrades and sold a lot of systems just for people to play Doom I. And as I've told John Carmack over the years, a *lot* of OEMs owe him and the Id team a lot of thanks. And that went triple for the Custom Rig and Homebrew industries, because Doom I provided not only the impetus to start everyone into upgrading their systems, but provided the *justification*.

Long Live Doom!

Someone64 2013-01-29 0 point DOS version

Though I'm not saying I'm against it (because I am one my self :P), this is actually pirating due to the fact that this is still on sale on Steam and other places.

Bob 2013-01-29 0 point DOS version

THE best classic ever. Never get's old!

feraaaa32 2013-01-18 -1 point DOS version

BEN 10: "my mum is 38 years now and she was playing it when she was 3 years" how interesting, she should be very awesome, because THE RELEASE DATE OF THE ORIGINAL DOOM IS 1993, and it was 1978 when she was 3 years old. She was fucking 15 when the game was released. EPIC FAIL!!! Otherwise look up for things on the internet before you say something dumb.

Cyberdemon 2013-01-16 0 point DOS version

What kind of game is this? You people are insane!

ssssssssss 2013-01-14 0 point DOS version

if you like, i suggest "The Ultimate Doom", also available on this site!

Sausage 2013-01-13 -1 point DOS version

Made of poop

Supernova 2013-01-10 0 point DOS version

Taha 2012-12-17 0 point DOS version

Yo,Are Their cheats in this game?

Shaun 2012-11-28 0 point DOS version


Silver Fang 2012-11-27 0 point DOS version

Is there a way to jump in this game?

FistMarine 2012-11-07 0 point DOS version

Nevermind, I just bought Collector's edition few days ago through eBay.
Notes: If you want to buy the game legally, find Doom Collectors Edition at eBay, Amazon, etc (No Steam please, this thing is godawful).
If can't find it anymore or just have shareware version (like I had before until 2 days ago), just download the game for FREE from this site!
Just don't get steam please! I would rather download games for free than pay them through Steam!

Star_Byte 2012-11-01 0 point DOS version

Good old Games doom it works on dos box 1.1.8 ver thank you.

Foxy 2012-10-23 0 point DOS version

Saw one mod that turned the Sargent into BunnyWithaDrum. Facing you this bunny was about two pixels wide and thus unnoticed would shotgun you to death unless you moved quickly into cover. Catch that bunny sideways and then it's bye-bye bunny ;-) and great satisfaction.

Aladin 2012-10-18 0 point DOS version

Thanks :)

zack 2012-10-18 0 point DOS version

im getting doom mods

FistMarine 2012-10-17 0 point DOS version

Thanks! Now I can play the rest episodes because before I had shareware version.

badol 2012-09-20 0 point DOS version

loving games

Ben 10 2012-09-07 0 point DOS version

my mum is 38 years now and she was playing it when she was 3 years

xXCoolKid777Xx 2012-09-02 0 point DOS version

Is this the full version or shareware please help

Jesus Was Black 2012-08-26 0 point DOS version

I have a problem with doom, I can not move from right to left with the keys A and D as is common in video games, I can only move with the mouse and the keys W and S. I can reconfigure the keys or I have to get used?


mud82 2012-08-19 -1 point DOS version

Doom is old as hell. Who cares if it isn't abandonware. I believe if a game is more than 20 years old it should be free to download. But because of the greedy corporate world that's never going to happen. Besides who would actually pay for something that old?

Player 2012-07-27 -1 point DOS version

hahaha, thanks a lot man!!! i had only the fucking shareware version and never had the full version but thanks for sharing this!!!

Phlum 2012-07-17 1 point DOS version

Doom isn't abandonware.

dany 2012-07-14 0 point DOS version

pero el padre de todo es el wolf!! igual son juegazos. grax, son muchos recuerdos.

sdoji 2013-05-02 0 point DOS version


sher 2012-07-02 0 point DOS version

very very good game

GGP 2012-06-18 0 point DOS version

Este juego lo jugaba cuando era chiquitoy me encantaba. ¡Cuantos recuerdos me trae!. 2012-06-16 0 point DOS version


RAHUL 2012-06-11 0 point DOS version

Good game

jlawson1 2012-06-06 0 point DOS version


shinyspoongod 2012-04-18 0 point DOS version

Probably one of the greatest games of its time, [Ultimate] Doom was one of only two games to really genuinely excite me when I was first playing it. The first of a solid trilogy, this is worth having in the collection.

Tony 2012-04-06 0 point DOS version

Super tare frate

joulpukki 2012-04-02 0 point DOS version

onko tässä kaikki episodit ?

paul 2012-03-24 0 point DOS version

cel mai fantastic joc dupa mortal kombat 9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! merita sa te joci !

Tormentor667 2012-02-20 0 point DOS version

The best game of all time!
Get some of the most quality addons and stuff at btw, especially the place to be for modders.

nato 2012-01-22 0 point DOS version


lame man1000 2012-01-09 -1 point DOS version


rggfgfdgf 2011-12-30 0 point DOS version

you can also download engines to improve gfx
and go to doomworld idgames wad database and download crappy wads

Road 2011-12-06 0 point DOS version

I like to play

mr_oversmith 2011-12-04 0 point DOS version

Hey guys, anyone of you know how to fix the fullscreen problem?

dosbox 2011-12-04 0 point DOS version

find dosbox its free if you have flash drive go with portable version then you can put all the games you like on it ;)

dcw9000 2011-11-08 0 point DOS version

You are doomed to never leave your computer screen

Gaia2007 2011-10-20 0 point DOS version


Vertigo One 2011-10-14 0 point DOS version

You got the BFG 9000! Oh, yes.

yoav 2011-09-07 0 point DOS version

Great game. 2011-07-24 0 point DOS version

how i do to play this game after download

fredd 2011-07-04 0 point DOS version

we are doomed hell yeah...thanx

F0XX 2011-05-26 0 point DOS version

Oh yes :D

greshr 2011-05-26 0 point DOS version

alternativly you can get doom working online and on windows 7 with Skulltag ( it also works on a LAN and i got it working at work.

omni 2011-05-17 0 point DOS version

Use zdoom ( to play this legendary game on Win7!

Take em up 2011-05-06 0 point DOS version

I have windows 7 and it's not working. how do i get it to work?

ande 2011-05-04 0 point DOS version

Good game :D

Selena 2011-03-16 0 point DOS version

I grew up on this game, and yeah I had nightmares from it lol. Usually I would just watch the computer play. Though the verison I had, the doom guy would curse, this one doesnt have that part of it. In any case, its a great old first person shooter. The only thing that I hate about it is that when your on the "nightmare" setting, you cant use any cheatcodes T.T so its utterly useless unless you wanna see how many seconds you last in each level.

beeni 2011-02-28 0 point DOS version

it s cool

SCARED 2011-02-25 0 point DOS version

Aren't you guys scared?I'm 19 years old and I remember the nightmares when I was 5 D:

admin 2011-02-11 0 point DOS version

Got the same problem as dragon kid wrote, I uploaded another version of the game (Ultimate doom)

dragon kid 2011-02-10 0 point DOS version

the game for me on a mac os X works for 30 sec then promps

Demo is from a different game version.
Whats going on? am i doing something wrong please help.

admin 2011-01-10 0 point DOS version

No virus at all, I repeat, NO VIRUS !

Dk 2011-01-10 0 point DOS version

wow game soper

awesome 2011-01-08 0 point DOS version

Or if it doesn't work you can use a doom emulator like zdoom.

Videogamer555 2011-01-06 0 point DOS version

Is there REALLY a virus or not?

Cyber 2010-11-16 0 point DOS version

Doom was a pioneer within FPS games and even today a great game to play, I don't know how many times I've played through it, countless. Though I don't enjoy it as much now as I did ten years back it's still a great game, way past it's time. If you play this now try using a port such as Doomsday Engine (free), it won't change anything in the original game if you don't want it to, just improve graphics, lighting & other effects. It'll be a whole new Doom.

ntyr 2010-10-04 0 point DOS version

@ Please Help,
rick clickproperties compatibility set program to run in compatibility mode forwindows xp sp2 should do

allan 2010-05-25 0 point DOS version

I dont recall having that file

Please Help 2010-03-16 0 point DOS version

Hey guys, I have Windows 7, and I just downloaded the file... And it wont allow me to open it and play it. Does anyone have any advice or help for me. THanks in advance.

Omega 2010-02-16 0 point DOS version

Is this the full game?

LazyJones 2010-01-21 0 point DOS version

This game is


age 2009-07-29 0 point DOS version

entertaining shoot em up

VirusWarning 2009-07-22 0 point DOS version

MS security essentials is picking up Virus:DOS/TaiPan_666.B in!

is this file safe guys?

Frodo 2008-12-07 -1 point DOS version

I couldn't get this particular archived game to run. I found another example of this abandonware on another site. The contents of the zip files were not the same. Perhaps I didn't run the installer properly for this zip. I tried to run the exe for the game which may have been a mistake. I ran the installer in the other one since it was the only choice in the archive, and the game installed nicely (asked me to configure settings) and ran the game. I'm using Win98SE.

wombat 2008-10-18 0 point DOS version

play games

Ekka 2008-09-19 0 point DOS version

I still have an in-box original copy of this game. I'd never part with it. This was probably one of the first fps games I absolutely loved!

harry p 2008-08-23 0 point DOS version

doom rock

Nick 2008-05-30 0 point DOS version

I First played it in 2008

Nick 2008-05-29 0 point DOS version

Fuck I love this Game There is Even A Online Port For Doom called Zdaemon
To get it Goto

poopie jim 2008-04-15 0 point DOS version


Mousey 2008-04-03 0 point DOS version

just unzip it then look in the folder and theres an .EXE file
(diffrent icon to the rest)
run that

mercyshipdude 2008-04-01 0 point DOS version

How do you install the game?

bfg9000 guy 2008-03-12 0 point DOS version

this game ruled my teen-years. My friend Jack and I would stay awake until long after the sun had come up playing this game over and over and over. It wasn't the most difficult game ever, but man... the fact that there was blood when you shot an imp, or a cacodemon, or what-have-you... awesome. This is the game that started my love of FPS... and my fear of barrels.

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