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Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

DOS - 1984

Also available on: Mac - Apple II - Commodore 64 - FM-7 - MSX - PC-88 - PC-98

Alt names ウィザードリィ 狂王の試練場, Dungeons of Despair, MacWizardry, Paladin, Sorcellerie: Le Donjon du Suzerain Heretique, Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord!
Year 1984
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Genre Role-Playing (RPG)
Theme Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, Turn-based
Publisher Sir-tech Software, Inc.
Developer Andrew Greenberg, Inc., Robert Woodhead, Inc.
Perspective 1st-Person
Dosbox support Supported on 0.63
4.36 / 5 - 72 votes

Description of Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord is the first Wizardry scenario and is designed to introduce you to Wizardry, give you practice playing, and allow you to "build" characters up to 7th level or so.

The evil wizard Werdna has stolen a valuable item from the treasure rooms of the mad overlord Trebor. He has placed it somewhere deep in the dungeons of Trebor's castle, and left fearsome monsters there to guard it. Your mission is to develop characters powerful enough to explore the deeper levels of the dungeon and recover the item.

It is rumored that a "control center" exists somewhere in the dungeon, and that this control center allows explorers easy access to the deeper levels of the dungeon where the item may be found. Thus a logical first step would be to find this facility.

Useful fan site with additional extras: (thanks James).

Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord has an addon available: Wizardry: Knight of Diamonds - The Second Scenario, don't miss it!

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Comments and reviews

CuIterDei 2023-09-08 1 point

For anyone who can't hit 'Esc' during character creation, it means that you haven't properly allocated your skill points. Put everything into strength and you'll understand what I mean.

CharaxS 2023-07-21 0 point DOS version

Surprisingly, this was a solid game. Amazing that it was made back in 1981. Blobber with wireframe dungeon. Very limited graphics (picture for mob group). Detailed, turn-based combat. Spells figure prominently (heals, direct damage, AoE, buffs, debuffs, utility). Good selection of classes and there is some strategy in changing classes and forming a good mix for your 6-party class.

It was kinda fun breaking out the graph paper and pencil to map out the 10 dungeon levels (pre-auto mapping game).

Expect some characters to die and fail at getting rezzed. Replacement party members will be necessary and if it’s a complete wipe, a “rescue party” will have to retrieve the corpses. Some mobs have potential 1-shot mechanics (ninjas, vorpal bunnies) so you need to be aggressive with your debuffs.

Overall, very impressed with the game and it was interesting to experience the godfather to blobbers.

LORD OF THE BALROGS 2023-07-07 -11 points


Buz 2023-03-29 0 point DOS version


This download has the blessedly simplified "Wizdos" exe made by the folks at so no need to fumble around with scenario disks. Sadly, that site seems to now be down so here's some brief instructions on how it works:

Just unpack all 5 games to the same folder and type "wizdos wiz1.dsk" in the command line to run the firsst game or "wizdos wiz2.dsk" for the second and so on. You can even type more than one dsk file after wizdos (eg "wizdos wiz1.dsk wiz2.dsk" and then while playing hiw Cntrl+LShift and CntrlRShift to switch back and forth. In this way you can run all the games and swap scenario disks when prompted to when using the "Move characters" feature in utilities. Good Luck!

Testudo Terrapin 2023-03-21 0 point DOS version

Carat symbols hide most of my original post....
I found a solve for the ESC key not working during character creation on the DOS version if you are using Retroarch and DosBox or DosBox Pure. Under the Retroarch Quick Menu-Core Option-Input Options navigate to -Advanced, Keyboard Layout- and select -UK-. This allowed my US keyboard -ESC- key to advance the character creation screen and play the game.

Testudo 2023-03-21 0 point DOS version

I found a solve for the key not working during character creation on the DOS if you are using Retroarch and DosBox or DosBox Pure. Under the Quick MenuCore OptionInput Option navigate to and select UK. This allowed my US keyboard key to advance the character creation screen and play the game.

Madly_overlord 2022-09-23 0 point Mac version

"The unarchiver" was able to extract the older .sit file successfully. I also checked Unarchiver is virus free (ClamXAV v3.5b 2022.09.22).

Madly_overlord 2022-09-23 1 point Mac version

I've downloaded the game but the .sit won't expand Stuffit says "Implementation required for this operation is missing". mac version When I expand the the .zip I get wizard_3_02.dsk with no instructions how to start the game. Any suggestions on stuff it?

john 2022-09-11 0 point DOS version

Hey there... Im trying to download the Wizardy programs but cant seem to find a program that works with my computer. I have a gaming desktop computer. Is there a download website where I can download the program THAT WORKS... thanks john

REPLICANT 2022-01-03 1 point

I get to the point to press Esc when finished but nothing happens.

I had this problem too. I hit Cntrl-F1 in DOSBOX and bind the Escape key to something else. I removed one of the function key bindings and then bound it to ESC.

EmperorPat 2021-11-02 1 point

I am unable to finish making my character. I am running Wizardry through DOSBox but when trying to make my character I get to the point to press Esc when finished but nothing happens.

SneakyDuude 2020-12-30 0 point

Can you save your game if you're playing from browser?

switch 2020-08-03 -2 points Mac version

can some 1 link me the codes ya put in befor ya enter the maze

Traveler 2019-10-14 3 points Apple II version

I remember spending hours on this game... my cheat was, if my party died I would power off the computer then restore the characters from a floppy... you would save the game before going out on mission, then at least you didnt loose everything... took a long time to build up character experiences... never made it to the end though... (I might still have the floppys somewhere... lol...)

Henry 2019-09-11 3 points DOS version

Originally, you could view the save files. The stats / equipment were stored as hexadecimal. That is when I learned hex as a child.

kimphoto 2019-03-16 1 point

I've played this on an IBM 8086 back in the early 80's. It used 5-1/4 floppies. the main disc (loader) had a thing called BOOTSTRAP that prevented making copies. you started the PC with the loader disc, then inserted a blank (play disc) to load the maps and characters. the cheat on this game was you made multiple play discs and transferred characters to "trade" to the other disc (called storage) and you can duplicate the elite armor to all your main disc warriors. AND agreed, drawing the MAP on graph paper was fun. I did hate lever 8 when you had those spin traps.

glenn 2017-08-17 4 points Apple II version

I played this game so much it broke the K key on my Apple.

I also remember the bug that gave a bishop some insane amount of gold for inspecting item #9. I remember it had to be an item the bishop couldn't normally equip.

mrjthecannibal 2017-08-01 0 point

Doesn't mention the snes/famicom version which are by far the best looking. You can play them directly here : May need to go to options and change some things like the language.

old man by the bay 2017-07-16 -24 points

will this run on a win 10 new hp machine?

brun_games 2017-03-10 3 points Apple II version

I recall a bug in this game where you could generate a bishop character, then 'I' item #9 and it would give you a giant (like 1.6E+10 or something) number of XP points which you could use to level up and then switch to the character class you wanted. It didn't work every time but eventually it would hit. My first buffer overflow, to be sure.

CP 2017-03-01 1 point Mac version

Cerry, Ditto! Probably played around the same time you did. Sophomore year in college I believe. Don't know what I payed for it. In the early Apple ][ days we pirated almost everything, but I do recall actually buying this game and paying real money. Not even sure how I learned about it.

I just started again playing the Mac version I bought in the early '93. It's so much nicer to play than the old Apple ][ (or DOS) version. Very nice interface for the time. Separate window for each character. Easy mouse clicks to make things happens. Reasonable keyboard shortcuts.

I never did play any of the other Wizardry scenarios. If they were available on the Mac I might give them a try. I just took a stab at DOSBox for Wizardry I. God no, I can't be tortured with that kind of interface again. I can't see playing any of the other Wizardry scenarios in that environment.

Cerry 2016-11-26 4 points

I played this on an Apple ][ when it was the only platform available (seriously) and it cost almost 100 bucks for the game, in 1984 money. I remember when I finally tossed the floppys. No one made anything that would play a true Apple ][ disk anymore.

We drew our maps by hand on graph paper and you know what people, that was freaking half the fun.

I am so tempted, but so lazy at my old age.

Peet 2016-10-28 0 point DOS version

It's great to see this game available now. It runs fine on my machine. I noticed though that there are characters already loaded in the install, and three of them ("EMAN," "STEP," and "ZOT") are password protected, so they cannot be deleted. Anyone here know the password for these guys, or a way to erase them without the password?

Ghost Sdoj 2016-09-17 1 point

Mikey, you said only 11 people speak binary code; you and the other guy....
Wouldn't that be 10?
(Or were you also including me, simply because I know how to count to 31 on the fingers of one hand?)

Anyway, Save Early, Save Often, and Have Patience.

krashd 2016-09-06 1 point DOS version

Not sure if you'll receive this, JSBS1997, but I don't know how to reply to people with this weird commenting system.

DOS games are far too old to run on a modern PC so you have to emulate a PC from 1980-1995, most folks use DOSBox. It's free and you can google how to set it up, it takes a little tinkering but once up and running your PC will now have access to a million games from the olden days when cars ran on steam and games ran on large disks that took 4 men to carry.

jsbs1997 2016-07-22 -7 points DOS version

I would like to play Wizardry I Proving Grounds game. Tried to run the online game and it requires creating a game disk. I loaded a dvd and it won't recognized the disc. I know this game ran on a floopy disc, so could that be the reason since I'm on a a windows 7 system. Do I have to open dos and run it? Thanks, Jesse ps: I also down loaded the game and it won't boot up too.

DRUNKEN BEADY EYES 2016-01-14 0 point

yep,i agree.get the super nes or playstation versions,as those have an automap and NO BUGS.
ABANDON the pc version .LO

WIZARDYFAN 2016-01-14 0 point

there is nothing wrong with wizardy or my abandonware,im just saying GET THE SUPER NES OR PLAYSTATION VERSION. all you "true" wizardy fans already know this

Kaboom 2016-01-03 1 point Mac version

If you wanted an adventure game with cheat codes, you just needed a cracked version of Telengard. It was programmed in Basic and was easy to play with all sorts of aspects of the game.

Doc 2015-10-03 1 point

Probably been said but those Mac screenshots aren't Mac. They're Apple II.

Kampong Boy 2015-08-31 2 points

Spent many a day Mahalito-ing and exploring the Dungeions. Those were the days of killing everything with the Blade Cusinart and Tiltowait. Finally killing the Mad Overlord Trebor (Robert spelled backwards). Thanks for the memories.

Mikey 2015-08-01 -3 points DOS version

Nobody needed cheats at this time. Most kids used to build their own computers (not snap-in or plug-n-play, but real soldering) and everyone spent a lot of time creating own programmes (real line by line programming). Once you were fit in hex-editing, you could do nearly everything! But nearly nobody speaks hex fluently these days and only 11 people speak binary code, me and the other guy. ;-)

KATINO 2015-07-14 0 point DOS version

the only regret being that cheat codes didn't exist at the time. You had to work for everything.
as i remember, i saw ads of '(hacked)uber wizardry characters' for sale on 5"disks on the backs of paper based monthly computer game magazines. not much different from WoW 'toons' sold on e-bay these days. people changes, style changes, but deep inside, kids are the same

gfgfwgfjewfiwjefewf 2015-04-29 -2 points DOS version

this version is crap. play it on super nes emulator or later playstation version from japan from late 90's (with english translation)

jack me off 2015-03-04 0 point DOS version

create a party of bishops identify item 9 until sucesss raise them all to 99th level
fight fight fight parry parry TILTOLWAIT!

Paddyjack 2014-09-11 0 point DOS version

Acually, cheat codes may not have existed but I remember I hacked into the program to increase all my stats and items. It was quite easy in those days to find the pattern of the stats :)

Buzzkill 2014-08-14 -1 point DOS version

Who remembers the level that had a perpetually recycling room, i.e. if you went away from the stairway that brought you to this level, it kept spawning the same room through the next door - forever. I mapped it out to over thirty rooms before turning back, and it took that many times through the rooms before I got back to the stairway. It is just as well, too, since several times I got hopelessly lost on this level...

P Smith 2014-06-07 0 point DOS version

The Wizardry and Ultima series arrived around Dungeons and Dragons' height of popularity. It may have capitalized on it, but it didn't hurt D&D, it enhanced it. It offered another way for players to experience adventure, and it brought computer gamers to D&D. I spent countless hours playing this game, the only regret being that cheat codes didn't exist at the time. You had to work for everything.

For those who don't know, "Trebor" is Robert Woodhead, one of the two designers of Wizardry. He was later the founder of AnimEigo, one of the largest distributors of subtitled and dubbed anime.

Maelstrom 2014-05-12 -3 points DOS version

While exploring lvl 4 I came upon a ring, which my Bishop identified as The Ring of Death. Any idea what this ring does? It sells at Boltacs for $250K! I don't recall ever finding this item before. I'm afraid to equip it, afraid to sell it in case it's some uber item, and have no idea what to do with it.

irongut99 2014-05-10 -1 point DOS version

MANY hours of my mis-spent youth devoted to mastering this game!

Maelstrom 2014-05-10 0 point DOS version

First computer game I ever played and still my all time favorite.

QuadDamaged 2014-01-24 -1 point DOS version


confused 2014-01-01 0 point DOS version

the escape key doesn't seem to work for creating new characters. Any ideas ?

David 2013-12-21 0 point DOS version

One of the best turn-based series ever! Played these old ones many times! Btw the 4th title has the distinction of being ther HARDEST RPG game EVER! It was so hard that the Apple 2e is the only format it was released for originally.

Travis 2013-06-23 0 point DOS version

Such good memories. Thanks Sir Tech and abandonware community!

Kevin 2012-12-07 0 point DOS version

I remember my dad playing this series, and Ultima, and Autoduel... it beat playing sports!

Johnnie Zombie 2012-03-13 0 point DOS version

This game is a classic. Brings back great memories :-)

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