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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Power of Chaos - Yugi the Destiny

Windows - 2003

Year 2003
Platform Windows
Released in United States (2003)
Australia, Germany (2004)
Genre Strategy
Theme Anime / Manga, Cards, Licensed Title, Trading / Collectible Card
Publisher Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., Konami of Europe GmbH
Developer Konami Computer Entertainment Japan, Inc.
4.46 / 5 - 1826 votes

Description of Yu-Gi-Oh!: Power of Chaos - Yugi the Destiny

If you haven't played Yu-Gi-Oh!: Power of Chaos - Yugi the Destiny or want to try this strategy video game, download it now for free! Published in 2003 by Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., Konami of Europe GmbH, Yu-Gi-Oh!: Power of Chaos - Yugi the Destiny is still a popular anime / manga title amongst retrogamers, with a whopping 4.5/5 rating.

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Comments and reviews

Neto 2024-06-26 0 point

Can someone upload the update 2.0 please? I cant finish one duel without crashing...

Rhazebel 2024-04-25 1 point

Game crashes with cards that increase ATK/DEF or get counters such as (Swords of Revealing light) any fixes for this? thanks in advance

Hans Henrik 2024-04-24 0 point

This game is much more fun with speedhack (eg Cheat Engine speedhack)

Joaquin| 2024-04-19 0 point

Como hago para ejecutar el juego? Porque lo pude descargar pero al momento de abrirlo no me deja.

Joaquin| 2024-04-18 0 point

Como hago para ejecutar el juego? Porque lo pude descargar pero al momento de abrirlo no me deja.

Imbecine 2024-04-16 0 point

yu gi oh game, where i cant exploit first turn kill. enjoy the simplicity and the thrill of turnbased card game.

Soha 2024-02-04 0 point

Please could anyone tell me the detailed steps for game setup?? I cannot understand the manual

Smith 2024-01-07 0 point

i don't see a folder named update. The yugi game keeps crashing after he puts down his increases monsters' ATK or/and DEF points card.

Ice 2023-11-02 13 points

So for anyone having the crashing issue when you use a card that increases a monsters ATK/DEF, I found a way to fix it. At least it worked on my end.

Run all the exe files for install and so on as an administrator, just to be save:

1. I Installed "Yugi the Destiny"
2. I Installed "Kaiba the Revenge"
3. In the install folder of the Kaiba game ("C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos KAIBA THE REVENGE" for me) there should be a folder called "Update"
4. Run the "Update.exe" in there and update "Yugi the Destiny" to version 2.0
5. After that the install directory for your Yugi game should look somehting like this depending on where you installed it initially:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos YUGI THE DESTINY\Version2"
6.Use the NOCD from here to replace the original .exe in the yugi folder like usual and run the game (as admin)

So far I don't have anymore crashes with the game and the deck also updates with the won cards for me.

adon 2023-09-23 2 points

thank you very much and God Bless

Onij Jokuma 2023-08-26 -3 points

This and the other Yu-Gi-Oh PoC games run pretty well on Limbo PC Emulator for Android. The mods, too. I had great a time testing most of them out.

RetroGuy 2023-08-08 8 points

ah yes, back when I could actually understand and follow the game

Jared 2023-06-17 4 points

I've basically given up that an comment can explain this to a newb like me, but if anyone can tell me where to find the "update" folder in the kaiba game and exactly how to install it, you would have someone forever in your debt.

Clown From Ohio 2023-05-28 4 points

How to fix no CD-ROM ?

amongus 2023-03-23 6 points

very cool, it gave me cancer and fucked my wife
keep it up!

Mekak 2023-01-25 1 point

Found the solution to get the game completely functioning without crashes. One needs to install the game "Yu gi oh power of chaos yugi the destiny" and then also download "Yu gi oh power of chaos kaiba the revenge". When you got both, there will be a folder called "UPDATE", inside from there you install the "Yu gi oh power of chaos yugi the destiny version 2". This version 2 works, after you use the "No CD Extra" from this site inside the version 2 folder.

UGWEMUHWEM OSAS 2023-01-13 -1 point

help others to run the game or comment anything you'd like. If you have trouble to run Yu-Gi-Oh!: Power of

toni 2022-12-03 1 point

can aneybodey please tell me how they got the game working it always shows no cd

Thomas Tripster 2022-11-14 -5 points

It was all agreed upon at launch by Herbert-Moon Henderson Harris and his posse of intellectual simpletons. You can make the game run at 3 by 33, over and under, over and out. Its no problem. It can be achieved relatively easily. Just slip the .exe file through a blender at 70 degrees pixelated fahrenheit. No problem son

A 2022-11-03 0 point

I am still seeing the issue of the game crashing when cards/effects modify a monster's ATK. I've tried reinstalling but nothing seems to be working. Also tried using the Kaiba the Revenge files from this site which work independently (and the games do see each other, so I can use Yugi cards in Kaiba); but none of the Kaiba downloads seem to have a patch.

Any help?

Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas 2022-10-21 1 point

After some inspections, game probably crashes because game ISO is unpached and no-cd crack is for patched v2.0 (patch comes with installing Kaiba, inside installed folder called Update).

OB 2022-07-31 1 point

Download and install ISO version European, then download the ISO version and take out the crack file and rename it yugi_pc and replace it in game file. It works and saves

Blue Donk 2022-07-12 -1 point

The game keeps crashing constantly mid-game. Seems to happen when certain cards are drawn.

MONKEY MASTER 2022-07-05 -1 point


Boku Hand 2022-06-27 -1 point

El Juego está buenísimo

TheyCallMe...Tim 2022-06-23 2 points

Whats the status about the virus/trojans reported earlier? Are they still an issue in this download?

Like it 2022-06-16 0 point

Only the classic cards, very nice if you hold memories of that era of yugioh

Pero 2022-05-27 -1 point

Yu And the most

MTX love braa :) 2022-05-14 1 point

Bruh konami fucked the game am here for the OG one

Roger 2022-04-17 1 point

The "nocd" file under "game extra" analyzed with virustotal has some malware and trojan... i want to play but i don't trust!

Vale 2022-03-07 3 points

When I play a card that increases monsters' ATK or/and DEF points, the game crashes. is there any solution about that?

Miacharlotte 2022-01-07 2 points

The regular "ISO Version" download has a crack folder on the ISO itself, which works without crashing after a normal installation (version 1.4). The "ISO Version European" doesn't have a crack on the ISO itself.

The NOCD zip file under "Game Extra" below is for version 2.0 of the game, which you can only get by installing BOTH Yugi the Destiny and Kaiba the Revenge and then using the "UpdateYugi" file that gets added to your Start Menu. Then your install folder will have a new directory called "Version2" where you can use that 2.0 crack file

click counter.

MrLRZYT 2021-12-22 -1 point

Why doesn't it work???!!!???

Nat 2021-12-21 -1 point

it says NO CD_ROM drive found

raigeki 2021-09-18 3 points

Excellent game. Its repetitive but with an imaginative aesthetic and Yugi's deck changes.

If your game is crashing: Its because there are two different cracks for two different versions.

The regular "ISO Version" download has a crack folder on the ISO itself, which works without crashing after a normal installation (version 1.4). The "ISO Version European" doesn't have a crack on the ISO itself.

The NOCD zip file under "Game Extra" below is for version 2.0 of the game, which you can only get by installing BOTH Yugi the Destiny and Kaiba the Revenge and then using the "UpdateYugi" file that gets added to your Start Menu. Then your install folder will have a new directory called "Version2" where you can use that 2.0 crack file.

The Kaiba the Revenge downloads on this site are a little strange with one having a Russian installer. I got the "European" version of that which worked fine with either ISO version of Yugi.

OA 2021-08-25 5 points

Download NOCD and move the file from it into the KONAMI file in C/program fils/konami/ygo game name, that how you'd run the game if it gives you the wrong disc error

only issue i run into is crashing but that's it

best 2021-08-12 1 point

i can dowonload but i cannot play im window 10 how i know

BabyAvlon 2021-08-08 0 point

The game loads and opens, but it keeps randomly crashing. I have it on to run in Windows XP mode, and have tried in Windows Vista mode. But it just keeps crashing after 5-10 minutes.

Anyone know what to do?

Andrew 2021-07-29 0 point

I keep trying to open this game and won't work. Clicking the crack file copying the crack file blah blah blah nothing works just black screen and closed. How hard could it possibly need to be?

Teodor 2021-05-10 1 point

This game is so cool.
I like Yu-Gi-Oh

Anonymous 2021-04-24 1 point

This game have all cards

Ancient23 2021-04-16 0 point

I want to play this game beacuse during when i was young boy i start to play the cards and buying some packs

coa 2021-04-13 0 point

cool game

MapavR33 2021-03-26 30 points

When I play a card that increases monsters' ATK or/and DEF points, the game crashes. is there any solution about that?

matt 2021-03-13 0 point

i have a issue it is sayig no disc inserted and i cant copy the .exe file to the directory of the game.

LMXN 2021-01-19 1 point

@Poopyman someone ran it in a virtual machine, they only had one anti virus software though and was detected by that particular anti virus software as false positive. Admin ran the file through a a site which runs the .exe through hundreds of anti virus software's not only one, and in doing that it got a low detection rate meaning the reported viruses are false, some anti virus software programs are more prone to false positives than others.

Khris 2020-12-25 -3 points

Its impossible to delete this game, someone pls help.

Poopyman 2020-11-25 -3 points

So wait... admin says it's clear? Why the heck did someone say they scanned it and found "x" number of viruses? Admin-- Was it reuploaded at some point?

avedy 2020-11-16 2 points

please guysss cant play this game wrong disc help me what i do

admin 2020-11-02 1 point

The crack file on the ISO has a low detection score, should be perfectly safe

said 2020-10-30 -4 points

colll games im playing in the pc but im play in the pc

anon 2020-10-30 37 points

This abandonware is infected with multiple virus engines. Install at your own risk. I virtualized the ISO image and installed it so you don't have to. Here is the list of engines:

Yugi fan 819 2020-10-18 1 point

I installed the game and it says no disc inserted when I start it up. I did all the things the comments said but nothing pls help I really wanna play this game ):

Lindsey Steger 2020-10-17 -1 point

I dont see where to download it? Help

Ali AN 2020-09-18 1 point

Its a cool game

Gaara 2020-08-12 -1 point

Que hay q hacer para q salgan las cartas del Yugi the destiny en el de yoey ?

giant World 2020-07-27 0 point

I love this website

Oriak 2020-07-21 -1 point

Nice page :v

arion 2020-07-21 1 point


billyolo 2020-07-13 1 point

παίζω και στα αλήθεια yu gi oh

marco 2020-07-10 0 point

lol digger ich rasiere

igrac019 2020-06-18 3 points

is best game in my life

bakeriell19993 2020-06-15 0 point

wow great

nino 2020-06-15 1 point

igrica je kul i zanivjiva

Dave 2020-05-31 0 point

Merci !

dimibozi 2020-05-23 3 points

This is a great game! Well done!

rio 2020-05-21 1 point

thanks for the game

aj 2020-04-22 -8 points

installed the game it when i open it it and press play it's giving me "wrong disk inserted" can someone tell me how to fix it i really wanna play this game

Robert 2020-04-19 -4 points

it say no disk inserted. What i need to do? I put the crack into the installed folder but it still dont work

darvla 2020-04-12 2 points

I can't find system.dat and deck.ydc anywhere in any of Power of chaos games that i downloaded from this website. I want to find these so i can back up cards i earned.

Does anybody know where i can find these files?
They are not in "common folder" nor in documents nor in game directory...

jeremyhall2727 2020-03-29 0 point

i remembered playing a demo of this game when i was a kid. thank you so much

clan boy 2020-02-19 1 point

i really like this game

Vladex YT 2020-02-13 0 point

Game is so good

Ziad Salah 2020-02-13 1 point

I cant stop loving this game to much interested to play again back :)

JXGalaxy 2020-01-14 2 points

Why does it say wrong disk inserted when I try to play the game. Help pls.

Joker 2019-12-26 21 points

"Wrong disk inserted" Copy the .exe file in the "crack" folder into the install directory of the game, then create a shortcut of the copied file. If you installed the game in the C: drive (default), remember to run the game as administrator.

to save cards, there seems to be a glitch in the way it is installed, but there is a solution. Go to C:Windows Regedit(application) Search for the "KONAMI" folder and delete it, run the game as Administrator again, and it should save the cards you win.

duelchaser227 2019-12-07 0 point

i dd not play this game yet but i guess its good

alex 2019-11-11 -3 points

need a complete guide on how to install this :)

FTWJOSIPNUBEX 2019-11-09 -3 points


Rad Boi 2019-11-08 -2 points

Can you play this on Windows 10?

TwistaG 2019-10-06 2 points

thank you for this i have my original Xbox and games in a 10x10 storage and I have no idea where my games are ( rushed move) and I work 6 days a week so I dont have the time to look for it so this is a great way for me play a game i love!

Dave 2019-09-20 0 point

Solution to the Card Saving problem:
original solution post:

"Ok, this is the solution that will help you all. I have download all 3 games from a torrent. The folder from the torrent was called "YuGiOh Power of Chaos Full....extract and play" and contained 5 7z files(to prove to some of you that I download from the same place as some of you did and it works).

1st. Make sure that you run the games as administrator every time you want to open it. If the problem doesn't persist your problem is solved. Most of your problems happen because you don't run as administrator!!!!

2nd. If not go to explorer. Then go to Computer, then C, then Windows, then look for an application called "regedit"(if you hit "r" 3 times it will be easier to find it).

3rd. In regedit, you will find five folders called "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT", "HKEY_CURRENT_USER", "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE", "HKEY_USERS" and "HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG" (if you find a bunch of sub folders, just select the arrows pointing down to make those folders disappear and have the five main folders mentioned before).

4th. Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE sub folders and look for a folder named "SOFTWARE". Open the folder. Look for a folder inside SOFTWARE called "KONAMI" (while in SOFTWARE you can hit "k" until the folder KONAMI is highlighted. It's easier to find the folder this way).

5th. In KONAMI folder you will see a folder called "Yu-Gi-Oh! Power Of Chaos". Open it and you'll find a file called "system". Just left-click it one time to highlight it.

6th. While system is highlighted on the right you will see some files look for one called "CommonDir" and right-click it and press "Modify". A little window will show up. Ok, for now ignore the window and regedit and open explorer go to the file where your Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos is installed. Open Konami, and then open "Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos Common". While inside this folder copy its directory and now go to to little window that showed up from regedit and in "Value data" just delete what it's written in there and past the directory from Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos Common.

7th. Now that you've done this (and ran the game as administrator!) I know it will absolutely work! Good luck playing enjoy!"

jim 2019-09-09 2 points

i lose all the cards i have won
any help
how to retain the cards i have won

preacherwalker 2019-07-30 3 points

awesome games,combine the 3 and youll have fun por a wile

Johnnn 2019-07-29 -4 points

I am the best player

AbdoHere 2019-07-27 0 point

This best Game But Me Download Now ^_^ Thx I love This Game

i didnt ask for this 2019-07-11 -1 point

its my friend, not me

Azulan 2019-07-10 0 point

How can i use all my winning cards plss help

to mi je nekaj ona vraga zgora del del 2019-06-22 -4 points

ona mi je dala gaće u kojim je bilo pismo u kojem je pisalo da bog da krepal krep krep krepal. I onda se pretvorilo u Exodiu sa ćetiri noge po imenu Guzodija i eksplodirala je u puno sex kolaćića pa sam pojeo jedan pa samo mogu govorit ć umjesto č i onda sam svatio da sam gay Kraj

Nikola.P 2019-06-10 -4 points

Can anyone tell me why I lost all my card wining in battle?They all gone and I am again at begining ?

mohamed 2019-06-01 0 point

that was a nice game

Faze_SeCRet 2019-05-30 -1 point

These game is very good

Skarlet 2019-05-25 0 point

Danke für das Spiel

MaxGrandArieS 2019-05-21 -1 point

ive downloaded the files but when I try and install It, it says error 1311.Source file not found?? please helppp

jake 2019-05-12 1 point

it is a very very very good game . I like it very much

PLIZ HELP` 2019-05-05 2 points

I cant play this game, im already put that crack file, but still same

andrija 2019-04-23 2 points

this game is good

kaka 2019-04-03 -4 points

open my computer/ this pc after you mounted the iso file then right click on the yugi BD ROM icon and select open, you should find the crack file copy it to wherever you put the KONAMI file. hope this helps.

LAWRENCE 2019-03-30 -4 points


Domi-nick 2019-03-17 1 point

Very good game , it is older but very enjoyable.
I recommend to you oldschool yu-gi-oh fans who like the first YGO movie :)

TareQ 2019-03-06 0 point

I love this game , old but gold

need help 2019-03-03 -1 point

when i play the game it says "insert disc" i cant play

el morad 2019-02-27 0 point

great site great games

hsh 2019-01-12 0 point

i love it

Métis 2019-01-12 1 point

It is the best game to me

TiiCz_BAT 2018-12-13 3 points

when i try to start game says wrong disk inserted

lindinharj 2018-11-27 -2 points


ridji 2018-11-21 1 point

vide cu kakva je al sam gledo na yutube pa mi se svidela

I Am Mad Scientist. Isssocooru. Sunuvvabich 2018-11-13 2 points

*sneezes in Spanish*

Ahmed 2018-11-12 1 point

When I change My deck , It's Not save
please help me and sorry for bad english

gonzalo 2018-11-11 0 point

muy buen juego entretenido !!!

Samyueru-kun 2018-10-29 3 points

I'm a huge YGO fan since my very young childhood then my brother showed me some paper of drawing pictures of monsters and spell/trap cards. I didn't understand at all first but my brother tried to teach me anyway. I really loved the game after like 4 minutes of training I finally get it and now I played with my brother all the times and still get beaten. My bro was a really pro who had 6 kinda blue eyes white dragons. And I was really so bad but sometimes I did got him. Really odd chances. ^^ I Love Yugioh I have watched every single episode on King of Games and GX and also 5ds. And I have played this games long time ago and wish them back to me. TY so much for this game Love Konami!

nine 2018-10-17 -3 points

My childhood hahaha, I love that game that's guys

trobis 2018-09-19 0 point

Need help. I try to do the crack and it says i need permission to replace the file. Can any1 help

Ivano king 2018-08-08 0 point

good game

Jc dj 2018-08-07 0 point

Excelente juego

Originaru 2018-08-05 1 point

@TIGUIDOU Thanks for the help

imad lusija 2018-07-17 1 point

super games

ateredhbfjd 2018-07-13 1 point

this is so cool game

snayperoni 2018-07-09 16 points

when I get in game it says wrong disc

ilija 2018-07-02 1 point

igra je jako op ar ne znam da li ima božanskix karata

jjj 2018-07-02 1 point

when i press play it says wrong disc inserted

Michael 2018-06-26 4 points

How can I export or import a card? How can I exchange some card that I already have 2 or 3 times?

alessio 2018-06-26 2 points

beautiful game

MARCORICKY 2018-06-22 -2 points

Bonjour à tous...
Besoin d'aide SVP!!
Quelqu'un pourrait m'aider à pourvoir sauvegarder les nouvelles cartes que je gagne après un duel ??
Je n'arrive pas à les placer dans mon deck.
Merci d'avance pour votre aide

takhan 2018-06-21 -1 point

i had so much fun playing this game with my friends , we learned how to play yugi cards from it then bought the cards in reallife and started playing for hours and hours
what a great memories ! :)

kostas 160 2018-06-14 0 point

it is great

asdasd 2018-06-12 0 point

good game ever played

logic l 2018-06-08 -1 point

once again best game ever !!!!!!!

logic l 2018-06-08 0 point

best yu gi oh game ever

Pravesh 2018-06-08 0 point

Its very interesting and pass time game

am 2018-06-03 -1 point

how can i save the data

omar ahmed 2018-05-31 0 point

its good

logic l 2018-05-31 0 point

nice and precise sweet awsome yu gi oh game once you start playing u cant stop

MOHAMED 2018-05-28 0 point


amine 2018-05-20 1 point

it's cool

am 2018-05-18 0 point

why after i close that game.. all data has that i won lost

Tiguidou 2018-05-14 4 points

@Lazmodan you have to put the crack file into the installed folder, in C/Program Files/Konami/Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Yugi The Destiny

Terminator 2018-05-01 -3 points

this game is awesome

Jaden 2018-04-22 0 point

Jako je super igrica

florjan 2018-04-20 2 points

ssssssssssuper loj

florjan 2018-04-20 2 points

yu gi oh suuuuuuuuuupe loj

Simi 2018-04-16 1 point

It is beast

Lazmodan 2018-04-16 4 points

Hello. I downloaded this game and am having trouble getting it started. It says that when i play, the wrong disc is inserted. Help much appericated

suea 2018-04-07 -1 point

is the goodgames

Andrej 2018-03-28 0 point

Jako vam je dobra igrica

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