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American McGee's Alice

Windows - 2000

Also available on: Mac

Alt names Америкэн Макги: Алиса, 爱丽丝梦游仙境, Ailisi Mengyou Xianjing
Year 2000
Platform Windows
Released in Brazil, Canada, Czechia, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, United Kingdom, United States (2000)
France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom (2001)
Canada, United States (2002)
Germany, United Kingdom (2004)
Genre Action
Theme Horror, Platform, Puzzle elements, Shooter
Publisher Electronic Arts, Inc., Sold Out Sales & Marketing Ltd., ak tronic Software & Services GmbH
Developer Rogue Entertainment
Perspective Behind view
Tested on Windows 10, Windows 11
4.52 / 5 - 430 votes

Description of American McGee's Alice

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Not living happily ever after

Ever wondered what it would be like if Lewis Carroll's infamous Alice were to revisit Wonderland several years after the original tale ended? Me either, but that's precisely what has happened in EA's latest release, American McGee's Alice.

All is not well as we first meet our heroine in the stylish FMV introduction; lying comatose in a mental asylum bed, poor Alice has been traumatized by the death of her family in a house fire, which only she escaped alive and was then forced to stand back helplessly and listen to their final screams. Clutching at her last shred of sanity, Alice appears to have journeyed back to a very different Wonderland, deformed and macabre. Old friends, the white rabbit and Cheshire cat, are pleading for her help -- can she rescue her familiar yet altered fantasy world from the evil Red Queen's clutches and perhaps save herself along with it?

Intriguing plot, wouldn't you say? Dreamt up by ex-id Software level designer, American McGee (yes, his real name), he and Rogue Entertainment(creators of several successful Quake/Q2 mission packs) chose the 3rd-person action/adventure format to tell this exciting new chapter based on the Alice in Wonderland story.

He's still late

As you begin the game, Alice finds herself once again chasing after the white rabbit -- he's no longer the adorable bunny people will remember from the Disney cartoon. His face crinkled menacingly, ears bent back behind his head and an overbite that looks like fangs is just an example of how things in Wonderland have been skewed. It's Alice's job to traverse the 15 massive environments, jump some platforms, pull a few levers, and fight the hazards of the land and Red Queen's minions once again.

The controls and interface are pretty much as standard as they come -- seasoned gamers can dive right into the customization screen and set up their mouse/keyboard combination, just how they like it, in no time at all. Alice has little in the way of special controls -- just an alternate fire option for certain weapons and a key to call on the Cheshire cat's (enigmatic, and usually quite useless) advice when you need it.

Most noteworthy is the very well designed aiming system, which can often be a pain in the unmentionable bits for most 3rd-person games. Whenever you carry a ranged weapon, a targeting reticule is always visible to show you where you're aiming; more importantly, when you manage to get it over an enemy, it circles around them to denote Alice has locked in on the target, so the issue of preciseness and never knowing exactly what you're aiming at is not a problem. Another smart feature involves when you look towards the ground -- footprints will appear to help you anticipate where Alice is likely to land if you jump forward from your current position. This is immensely helpful for tricky platform hopping, which was also a common frustration with the 3rd-person viewpoint.

Fundamentally, gameplay remains pretty conventional for the genre. In true Tomb Raider fashion, your underlying objective is to always push linearly forward, find the exit, and possibly trip upon a few secrets/bonuses along the way. As Alice enters a new area, you'll usually get a helpful camera pan of the nearby environment -- it'll often show you the exit you need to reach, which isn't much of a spoiler, because it's getting there that's the real challenge. With a few exceptions, puzzles remain simplistic enough; agility (ie. jumping) and exploration are the keys to progressing.


But wait - Alice is far from being easily dismissible. It's obvious that in the early developmental stages, instead of the traditional focus being on gameplay with a half-baked story tacked on at the end, the Alice universe is so finely and professionally crafted, it doesn't just mask what is essentially generic gameplay... it makes it completely irrelevant. The story, characters and overall attention to detail in the many wondrous environments is the driving force behind what is otherwise a tried-and-tested gameplay formula, and that's why Alice is a significantly more exciting title to play over other offerings in the genre.

So, what makes it special? Firstly, Alice utilizes the Quake3 engine in probably the most stunningly impressive way to date. Technically, everything about the graphics is first-rate: beautiful crisp textures, highly detailed characters, great animation etc. But it's the creative side of things that makes you literally gawk at the screen. There are not many action games where you'll find yourself wishing some sections weren't so fast paced, because you really just want to stop and take a look around. The endlessly unique and inventive level designs are constantly a sight to behold, and what better theme is there for levels like these than a warped Wonderland? From the floating "fortress of doors" to the colorless chess land, to the looking glass hall of mirrors, the environments almost make the levels in MDK2 seem common and dull! Combine these fantastical locations with an absorbing plot and characters, and Alice keeps you pressing on just to see what happens next.

I rarely pay attention to in-game music but in Alice's case, the ambient soundtrack possesses a fantastic chilling quality that perfectly complements the dark and sinister atmosphere of the game. While there are no real scare moments, the chorus of young voices and creepy instrumentals in the score (all originally composed by former Nine Inch Nails member, Chris Vrenna) keeps tension levels high. Sound effects, on the other hand, do not have as much presence and the voice acting could have been much better - it's not that the characters sound wooden per se, but you can tell each of the actors recorded their lines separately and the dialogue doesn't flow smoothly.

The minions

There are quite a number of enemies vying for Alice's blood, mostly from the Red Queen's army of card guards that chase you throughout; they get tougher and wield more powerful weapons as the game goes on. You also spend a good portion of the game shrunk down in size to only a few inches tall (much of the game parallels the original Alice in Wonderland story), and so come up against many enemies of the insect variety, such as huge bayonet-carrying ants and mutated ladybugs. You also have to be careful of the hazards in the environment itself -- flowers will pop up and spit spikes at you, and mushrooms come alive trying to suck you into their fang-filled orifice.

As in any action-adventure, you can expect to find your share of boss creatures to deal with too. Many of the bosses are also twisted incarnations of the characters from the original story that the rather snobby Alice didn't get along with, including the Mad Hatter and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. The Hatter's lair is actually one of the most depraved environments, as he's turned his home into a factory that manufactures automatons from living creatures. And what of the Hatter's companions, the hare and sleepy dormouse? You can find out their horrible fate if you delve far enough in.

On the weapons side, things remain just as imaginative and bizarre. Alice starts with a rather standard, but icky, blood-stained kitchen knife (or "vorpal blade"); but from then on, she finds much more interesting contraptions to fight with. These include the playing cards, which you can rapidly hurl; the mallet that serves as a club and a way of lobbing fiery Croquet balls at the bad guys; the Jackbomb that's a Jack-in-the-box which can explode like a timed bomb or rotate while breathing a stream of fire; and don't forget the toy "Jacks", which home in on targeted creatures and pummel them to death.


Admittedly, underneath the incredible level designs, absorbing original storyline and constantly delightful visual assault is your standard 3rd-person action/adventure, with a few of those familiar frustrations, like having to reload ad nauseam when you keep missing that required perfectly-timed jump. But what makes American McGee's Alicestand out is that it's the sort of game that you don't play for the usual satisfaction and ego-boost of completing the last level; you play because, like any expertly-crafted tale, you want to know what happens next and see more of the fascinating, seemingly alive world of Wonderland in its new, depraved form. If id were having any problems selling their Q3 engine license, this would be the game to showcase that anything in your imagination can be magnificently crafted onto the screen. The new variation on the Alice theme is obviously intriguing enough to attract attention from the mainstream crowd outside of gaming, as it was recently announced that Nightmare on Elm Street creator, Wes Craven, has signed up to direct a movie based on this game.

Alice is suffering and she needs help out of her dementia -- and even if you can't save her, you still get to venture forth through an obscenely twisted Wonderland. It's really a no-lose situation.

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How to play American McGee's Alice Windows

Read Full Description

The game with NoCD has been tested on Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 10, it works fine. You may experience some small troubles when you play the game on modern systems, check our Guide and Notes for details.

Here's also alternative guide by PlayOldPCGames, we recommend to check it too

Install & play guide:

  • Mount the disc image. You will need the utility for mounting disc image files, like WinCDEmu, UltraISO, Alcohol 52%/Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools Lite
  • Launch the installation. Select "Typical" installation, to install full game with all files. "Low memory" option will install the game only with minimum requirement of files
  • Install game not in default path C:/Program Files/American McGee's Alice, but in some non-system folder, like C:/Games/American McGee's Alice, otherwise you may have difficulties with fixes and configs
  • Also it is recommended to enable DirectPlay, read this or this guide how to do it
  • After you installed the game - install NoCD, copy Alice.exe from the archive and put it into game directory, agree to replace original file
  • Open the directory with installed game and find Alice.exe. Right click on Alice.exe - Properties - Compatibility - Set "Run this app in compatibility mode with Windows 98" and "Run as administrator"
  • Launch the game and play. If the game doesn't work in compatibility mode with Windows 98 - try to launch it in compatibility mode with other version of Windows (Windows 95, 2000, XP, etc.)

For Windows 10 users: for unknown reason the installer of original game doesn't work correctly on Windows 10 - it just doesn't copy all files from the disc. To install the game do the next: install it as usual, then mount CD1 in virtual drive and run Alice Windows 10 Fixer, show the path to installed game - Fixer will automatically copy all required files

How to play the game in widescreen:

  • Like many idTech3 engine games, American McGee's Alice can be launched in widescreen and high resolutions by simple edit of config-files. To play the game in widescreen run it one time, so the game will create config.cfg American McGee's Alice/base folder, then edit config.cfg like in this guide
  • Also, in same config-file you can set many other graphics settings Vsync or Level of detail, check PCGamingWiki and PlayOldPCGames for possible options
  • If you not sure how to edit config-files - use our ready config.cfg, it is edited for 1280x720 resolution with Vsync, but you can change it to any other resolution
  • Additionally, you can improve visuals even better with mods like Madly Enhanced

What is American McGee's Alice Remastered and how to launch it:

  • American McGee's Alice Remastered is a 2011 remaster that was available as pre-order bonus for Alice: Madness Returns Complete Edition. That remaster never was released separately, also it never was released with any other versions of Alice: Madness Returns, only with Complete Edition, so it is not available for digital purchase. "Remastered" version of American McGee's Alice featuring native widescreen resolutions, controller support, updated character textures, and compatibility fixes for modern systems. The visuals can be further improved with American McGee’s Alice HD 2020 mod
  • Unfortunately, for unknown reason, Chesire Help (key "C" by default) doesn't work in this remaster. Also, developer console (~) from the original game is completely disabled in this remaster
  • Remaster was running only through the launcher of Alice: Madness Returns, but luckily there's a way to play remaster without it. You just need to create bat-file or desktop shortcut -RunningFromAlice2 command line argument, here's the guide how to do it. We added bat-file in the archive on our website, also we added fixed exe-files that allows to run the game as it is, without any commands
  • Like in original game, you can change many graphics settings like Level of detail (LOD) or Field of view (FOV) by edit of config-file, check PCGamingWiki for details
  • Support for EAX sound is disabled in remaster, but you can return it with ALchemy utility, read this guide how to do it
  • If remaster works too slow - try to edit config-file like in this guide. Also, don't forget to check PCGamingWiki page if you have any troubles with remaster, additionally you can check this or this threads

What to do if you get "Z_Free: memory block wrote past end" error or game crashes:

The game works on idTech3 engine, and it is common trouble in all idTech3 games. If your game crashes when you try to start new game, the possible solutions are next:

  • Change the resolution of the game. For example, you most likely will get that error if you run the game in 1366x768 resolution - change it to 1360x768 or 1280x720, and try to start new game
  • In remaster you can change the resolution in Options, but if you can't do it for some reason - change it manually in config-file, here's the guide how to change it (it's for MoH:AA, but the steps are similar for all idTech3 games)
  • Run the game in windowed mode - disable Fullscreen mode in Options
  • Try to enable Vsync for this game in control panel of your video card, and see if it will help
  • Also, disconnect all gamepads or other controllers before running the game, leave only 1 keyboard & 1 mouse


  • If the installation doesn't start - try to launch Setup.exe in compatibility mode with old version of Windows (98, 2000 or XP)
  • NoCD is required for the launch because the game is using SafeDisc DRM protection, which doesn't work correctly on modern systems. That NoCD "breaks" DRM protection and allows the game to work on modern systems
  • It is recommended to install all versions of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for the correct work of the game
  • Also it is recommended to install RAD Video Tools and K-Lite Codec Pack for the correct work of the game
  • If the game works too slow, you have low framerate or random stutters - rename alice.exe to quake3.exe, this will make the graphics card use Windows' compatibility shims for Quake III: Arena instead, the game should work better that way
  • If it didn't help - try to edit config-file, In the Cvars section, add seta r_primitives "2" as a new line
  • A lot of people on Windows Vista and after complain about no audio in their game. If you have troubles with in-game audio - use Audio fix, simply copy & replace files in game folder
  • If you can't enable A3D surround sound - you will need to HeX-edit Alice.exe, here's the guide
  • Sometimes the game cannot save the progress, showing "Hard disk full, try deleting save files" error. To solve the saving problem always run the game as administrator, if it didn't help - you need to change folder permission, so that your user account has full control, read this guide how to change folder permission
  • Another possible solution is to install the game in default path, but then you may have difficulties with NoCD and other fixes. To bypass it you can install the game in non-system folder (like C:/Games/American McGee's Alice), then use NoCD and fixes you need, and after that copy the game folder in default installation path
  • If your mouse responses slowly on movements - edit config-file like in this guide, also lower the DPI of your mouse
  • Original version of the game doesn't have native support for controllers, so if you want to play with controller - use tools like Xpadder, check PlayOldPCGames guide for instruction. Remastered version has full controller support and you should have no problem with it
  • US version of the game is multilingual, the language is automatically selected based on language of your Windows system. If you want to change the language - open CD2/base folder, you will see files for different languages: pak4_english.pk3 for English language, pak4_french.pk3 for French, pak4_german.pk3 for German, pak4_spanish.pk3 for Spanish, pak5_dutch.pk3 for Dutch. Select the language you need and copy that file to American McGee's Alice/base folder, delete any other language file with prefix. For example, your game is on English but you want it on French - copy pak4_french.pk3 to American McGee's Alice/base folder and delete pak4_english.pk3, don't delete any other files. Now when you start the game, it will be on French language
  • Don't forget to check PCGamingWiki page if you have troubles, there's also separate page for Remastered version

Comments and reviews

random_human 2024-05-23 1 point

if you're looking for the remastered version which has fewer bugs try this link

Its not perfect but less buggy than the original release

Darkman 2024-05-08 0 point Windows version

thank u My Abandonware, great game!!!

Moth 2024-04-17 5 points

When trying to run the remastered version i get the error can not load default.cfg. Has anyone had this issue ( **note this is specifically the remastered version)?

CluelessRookie 2024-01-05 0 point Windows version

@ADMIN It's the version I downloaded from this site, so it should apply?
My only guess is that the Windows 10 fix doesn't contain/fix the language code.
Like I said, the version defaults to US and the availiable .pk files are pak0.pk3, pak1_large.pk3, pak2.pk3 and pak3.pk3. I can add/remove any pak4_(language).pk3 but it doesn't change anything. The only remaining option would be if the other .pk3 files are the english version but split and must be completely substituted by the new pak4.pk3 but the game straight up doesn't work if I remove them.

admin 2024-01-04 0 point

@CLUELESSROOKIE Try to rename copied file, giving it same name as old file, I guess. Also, language file not necessary should be .pak3, it can be called like pak1_french.pk3 or something, but it should have prefix/postfix with selected language (like _english, _french, _german, etc.)
Check in Windows settings if hidden files are visible, maybe language file is hidden. And that instruction is only for USA CD version, I don't know if it will work for any other versions

t3h_m00kz 2024-01-03 3 points Windows version

this is literally 1:1 the Quake 3 engine, meaning i can create crazy aliased commands and controls.

here are a few useful ones:

seta cg_cameraScale "1" ;Removes Camera smoothing / laggy aim
seta cg_3rd_person "0" ;Enables First Person View

and an entire .CFG I built with scrollable camera distance, togglable 1st / 3rd person, and weapon sets.

5 out of 5 game. psychological af.

CluelessRookie 2023-12-26 0 point

@ADMIN No, the problem is that you cannot replace the default language .pak because it doesn't exist (they only go from pak0 to pak3). Even if you copy another pak4 from disc 2 into /base, the program simply ignores it. In other words the pak4 don't exist as far as the game is concerned.

admin 2023-12-25 0 point

@CLUELESSROOKIE the language files are on CD2, not in the folder with installed game. Read my instruction more carefully, it was the example if you want to change the English language to French. If you have the game on some other language, like Dutch, and want to play it on English - delete pak5_dutch.pk3 in American McGee's Alice/base folder, then copy pak4_english.pk3 from CD2 and put in American McGee's Alice/base folder

@NIGHTMARE Use specialized utility like WinCDEmu or Daemon Tools Lite, MDF/MDS files could be opened only with disc image utilities

nightmare 2023-12-24 0 point Windows version

I can't instore(open) Japanese version.
This File [ALICE00A.mdf]

CluelessRookie 2023-12-16 0 point Windows version

About the language change: The /base folder does not show any pak4 files except the one I copied into it so I cannot delete pak4_english and the language never changes
(In fact it shouldn't have been in english to begin with because that's not my system language)

admin 2023-12-02 1 point

- Magipack repack is for original game, it is the installer with all files included, we added it for users who may have troubles with configuring the game for modern systems. It has full English version of original 2000 game
- Remaster doesn't have Cheshire Cat's tips probably because of some technical reason, other than that it has same content as original game

ed murphy 2023-11-27 1 point

thank you for letting these gems still available. i have a couple of questions:

-is the magipack repack the original version or the 2011 remake?
-is that repack a stand alone version or an installer?
-besides the cheshire cat tips not working, is there other content missing in the 2011 remaster?

thank you in advance

4foksake 2023-11-03 2 points Windows version

Make sure you download the HD pack on Nexus mods for this, makes the game look amazing in 2023

AWreck 2023-10-26 1 point

guys just download the Magipack repackaged version, it works without any fixes or additional downloads :-))

admin 2023-10-25 4 points

We have updated this page, added new files for PC versions: new language versions, many fixes and Remastered edition. All instructions are in description, make sure to check it.
Also, we converted old disc images to ISO images, for convenience. And added Mac version that wasn't added before

vivi916 2023-08-21 -1 point

just have to mount the cue files not the image and you wont get an error

Borgkube 2023-08-20 2 points

This is one of those games that has a unique style that pulls you in. it is also entertaining well written and the eerie soundtrack really draws you into the experience. Ifind that I pull it out every few years and play it again. one of my favorites!

oz 2023-08-03 0 point

Doesn't work at all, tried everything with w10's image tool and Daemon tools, NONE WORKED

osirisgothra 2023-07-01 3 points

THEY ARE NOT CORRUPTED, these images are in a format not supported anymore natively by newer versions Windows (8, 10, 11, etc) and wont mount that way. You will need to get Daemon Tools lite or some other ISO mounting software, or, burn it to a CD using nero or other disc burning tool. DO NOT USE WINDOWS TO BURN THE DISCS, IT WILL NOT USUALLY WORK CORRECTLY!!

BingChiling 2023-05-10 1 point

The CD's are both saying it's corrupted. Can someone help?

HikariWisp 2023-05-01 3 points

Can you fix the ISO version? Both CDs are corrupted.

Donovan W 2023-04-22 1 point

hello! i do not understand how to run it. when i click mount it says the file is corrupted

DudeAbides 2023-03-07 -4 points

Works great on my vista box. I don't download old games to play on my win11 machine.

Harry 2023-02-25 -1 point

Using low definition install & windows 10 the game freezes my system when loading the first level. Any ways to fix?

david 2023-02-03 4 points

Check this link if you're having trouble installing

A 2022-12-03 6 points

Can someone help?? I keep getting the error message "Couldn't mount file, the disk image is corrupted".

Ælfwynn 2022-11-28 -6 points

Strange it works fine for me tho I am playing one from steam bundled with madness return

WatsonatorTV 2022-11-20 0 point

I can't even get the base install to work on Windows 10. Whenever I mount the CD1 image, the loader comes up to install it and then Install Shield gives me an error about the CDCode being invalid and to fill out EReg Config Form to obtain a valid CDCode Build. I tried putting in the CD Key ahead of time in the American McGee's Alice_eReg.exe that is inside the eReg folder on CD 1, but this didn't help. I have tried a bunch of other stuff too like running as admin, etc.

I know that usually on Win 10 you need the installer fix (which I have) but I'm pretty sure to even apply this you must first install the game (which I can't get too because of that error).

After doing some searching I can't find anything related to this, does anyone else have this issue or have a solution?

Rat 2022-10-23 0 point

fix for the voicelines issue: put the folder in your C drive, this gets the non-alice voicelines to play

idk 2022-08-23 4 points

This game keeps glitching in the 2nd grayd area when I get the mushroom jumbo or whatever, it keeps making the camera give an over view of the room and I can't adjust it and only one that works is the low definition one, can anyone help with the camera problem though?

thank 2022-08-07 0 point

i like smoking cheese sticks and taking shots of mozzarella water

FluffMeSideways 2022-07-12 1 point

worked like a charm thx

ivy 2022-06-16 0 point

after months of searching for a good download, i found this. following another comment (thank you so much wanrich), i installed the low definition version...only to find that the only voicelines working are alice's. help!

Floof 2022-06-03 1 point

Never mind it was the mods -_-

Floof 2022-06-03 2 points

The low definition version was the only one I managed to get working because the other two kept having "the disk image file is corrupted" error, no matter what I did. Plus that version automatically runs at 1920 x 1080. But the pool of tears runs at such a low framerate its impossible to play, and very nauseating. I did install an enhanced textures mod, so I will try my backup clean install, but if it isn't that, does anyone know what I can do to fix it? I was hoping there would be something like the fix for fallout new vegas where it would let the game use more cores, but I haven't found anything, most results are for madness returns.

Gorbstonk 2022-05-28 1 point

A user on patreon named Dr Peixoto made a patch software that can put this game into fullscreen resolution automatically without using the console, this patch also offers graphical improvements for many other games. You can download it here, follow the instructions to make a unique shortcut for the game to get the program to work. Download for free at the second link

Bhuvi 2022-04-05 1 point

I wanted to play

Joyceee 2022-04-04 1 point

i didnt know there's an older version!!! thanks

wanrich 2022-04-02 2 points

the low definition version works on windows 11

r 2022-03-17 0 point

doesn't work, even on windows 7 vm :/

George 2022-03-10 1 point

There is an artist called "English-Sheep-Shagger" from London who has released a new HD texture pack for AM-Alice this on his website.
It also fixes the black screen issue when running on Windows 11.

Jay 2022-02-02 2 points

Image is corrupted

Xelaric 2022-01-14 4 points

The ISO version says "disk image is corrupted" when I try to mount it

Aqua 2022-01-08 4 points

The game is not working at all
(Windows 7 and Windows 10)
- All compatibility modes tested
- Install have multiple missing files
- Image also damaged

H Liddell 2021-12-31 1 point

I love this game!

yadin 2021-12-18 -1 point

I have no idea how to play this now that it's downloaded.

Pattt 2021-09-11 2 points

Anyone having issues with the dialogue not playing for anyone but Alice just move the folder into your programfiles(x86) folder.

Lady_Rapture 2021-08-17 1 point

The only dialogue that works is Alice, and even the sound effects do not work. Downloading the "High quality sounds" did not fix the issue. Just download from this site instead:

Sky 2021-08-12 0 point

The first PC game I ever bought, still have the original CD :) The in-game music is absolutely gorgeous, composed by Chris Vrenna former Nine Inch Nails member (apparently with some input from Trent Reznor).

"Valerie" 2021-08-08 0 point

growing up it was only my brother who got brand new gifts and video games and it would make me sad whenever I'd tell my parents which games I'd want only to see my brother get them for his birthday or Christmas instead. So as soon as I was able to work and buy my own computer I very quickly learned I can buy games online and bought myself a copy of Alice Madness returns on steam! Thank you for such a wonderful game! My goal now is to be able to play the first Alice

Yamato 2021-07-16 0 point

Audio and frame rate isn’t perfect but it runs fine aside from that

Mox 2021-07-05 0 point

Their is no voices during gameplay

qassa 2021-07-05 1 point

the text is going by way to fast to read

David 2021-06-24 0 point

Vorpalnose - The "sound" folder should go into the folder in the game directory called "Base"

VorpalNose 2021-05-02 0 point

Where exactly do we place the higher quality audio to? Do we place the "sound" folder on the root of the games folder?

david 2021-04-20 2 points

Phatoume: You don't need the Madly Enhanced mod or any other mods for it to work properly on Windows 10, just the Windows 10 fix file in the link is enough.

Phatoume 2021-04-19 3 points

The OG Version doesn't install correctly on windows 10, you need certain files for it to fully install and run, I'll link them here:

david 2021-04-16 1 point

JACKO - in the "ALICE" folder there is alice.exe which you can double click to start the game

david 2021-04-16 2 points

This copy of the game has low quality audio for some reason. You can download higher quality audio for it from this link, just extract it and drop it into the "ALICE" folder

StealingYourComponents 2021-04-14 1 point

Grew up with this game, holds a special place in my heart as it was my very first 'violent' videogame. Hell, my father had the original copy when it came in those silly art boxes, I even have the journal that came with the game box detailing Alice's treatment at Rutledge insane asylum. This game holds alot of great memories for me, much like Thief 2 and Thief: The Dark Project before it became 'Thief Gold'.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes grim twists on childhood fairytales.

The Simstress 2021-03-19 1 point

Thank you so much. I am obsessed with "Alice In WOnderland" and played this game when it came out, also played "Madness Returns." With help from this site, I am finally playing American McGee's Alice in Windows 10 and I am so thrilled, I cannot believe it. Thank you!

JAcko 2021-01-20 -1 point

This Archive has no Setup.exe or Alice.exe to run the game.

Hatter 2020-09-23 4 points


I'd still consider it abandonware because you can't just buy it, you have to buy the sequel. Plus the version here is the original release version while the sequel is bundled with an HD remaster which some people might not want since remasters usually have things not working properly or change things in a way that not everyone likes.

StixsmasterHD 2020-09-19 -16 points

technically this isnt abandonware

you can buy it legally from here with its sequel:

phoenixbyrd 2020-09-06 1 point

I can understand the -1 point on the Raspberry Pi 4 comment but let me explain... I'm using Twister OS with a program called box86 that let's me run x86 wine which let's me run this game and a ton of others.

phoenixbyrd 2020-09-06 0 point

This runs great on my Raspberry Pi 4!!!

Swiftarm 2020-07-31 0 point

It almost runs perfectly for me... except that all the ingame conversations are skipped and I can't hear any audio from them. All other audio works just fine.

Cedar1974 2020-07-13 1 point

If you are having trouble with the DRM, get the Good Old Games front end and register Alice in it. They remove the DRM and make it boot up.

Hatter 2020-06-01 0 point

"Not allowing me to save? Keeps saying full hard drive and to delete saved games, but there almost 4tbs free on my hard drive.... and this is my first play through, just launched it .."

If you installed the game into your "Program Files" folder, sometimes it causes problems because Windows won't allow the game to modify any of the files, which could include creating a save file. Try running the game as an administrator, or moving the game folder somewhere outside of the Program Files folder.

Secretlyinsane 2020-05-29 0 point

Not allowing me to save? Keeps saying full hard drive and to delete saved games, but there almost 4tbs free on my hard drive.... and this is my first play through, just launched it ..

Chesh 2020-05-22 0 point

I had problems running this game above 640x480 but I found a fix. If anyone ekse has graphics problems with Alice on a modern system here's how to fix it. Install the program called "nGlide" and check the compatibility section of the nGlide website for the rest of the instructions on how to make it work properly. You need to install another file into the Alice directory and use a console command, but after that it should work properly at any resolution.

Firstime 2020-05-01 2 points

I need an entire code that can be found in a white box at the left of the back of the cd. Does any one have it?

Regis 2020-04-13 0 point

It worked for me with W10 x64 without any tweaks.

Mar 2020-04-10 0 point

Hi, I just downloaded it. I'm using Windows 10, it does run it, however the screen is cropped and moved a bit down and to the right. I can't get it to center. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks a lot.

Carlos S. Ramirez Ch. 2020-03-24 0 point

This game is lovely!

DixiePenguin 2020-03-17 1 point

I am having trouble with graphics. The blue Will bar is in the middle of the screen. No red Sanity bar visible except golden line to left of will level, again mid screen. Toy indicator is crammed behind these two. ANy fix?

Steve 2020-03-03 -1 point

There is an artist called "English-Sheep-Shagger" from London who has released a new HD texture pack for AM-Alice this on his website.

Ascendant 2020-02-14 1 point

This page doesn't mention anywhere it doesn't work on windows 10 and I've looked it up online and apparently the latest it runs fine on is windows 8. I even found a fix someone made for this but it requires the CD to be in your drive as if anyone is going to physically own this game by this point or even own an optical drive. So i'm at a loss.

jjjones 2019-12-11 3 points

Thank you for this game! I got it to play quite well on win 7 after I ran it on XP3 compatibility mode as administrator. I'm so glad this was here, I bought Alice back in 2000 and had wanted to play it again but couldn't get the discs to work in any of my computers. It's a classic!

mecaX 2019-11-26 0 point

Thanks, this perfectly run in windows 7 whit 6 cores, this dont requires any patch its wonderfull

Tspoon 2019-11-13 1 point

Works on android now too google exagear directx

Rod 2019-09-28 0 point

Works perfectly on my Windows 7 notebook. It seems very interesting!

Pc 2019-09-08 -3 points

Hi I have a question is this safe to download because I don't want a bunch of virus invading my computer

Sud-Ita-fan 2019-08-22 0 point

Molte grazie myabandonware! tana per il coniglio!

Stelios Samos 2019-08-10 0 point

thank you so much! , its time for me to play it for the 1st time!! ;)

guest 2019-07-31 0 point

thank you for make it work. keep going.

ElsieIsAGamer 2019-07-21 0 point

Every time I start the game and begin to play when I get to a loading screen the game freezes and doesn't allow me to force quit. I really want to play this game and I can't afford a physical copy so it would suck if I can only play the introduction but not progress pass that. I don't know what to do and would love some help.

karma 2019-06-09 0 point

fun fact from when I played this on my own copy: type god in console to activate godmode, just remember to do it when you load in a level as it doesn't carry over :)

karma 2019-06-09 0 point

I had this game as an actual physical copy and played the hell out of it as a kid, but now it doesn't work on my Windows 10 laptop, so this is really helpful. Thanks for bringing back one of my favorite games :)

blackdahlia42 2019-02-10 4 points

tried to install and run Alice and the window essentially holds my mouse hostage - I can't tab out of the game whatsoever once I start it. The only way to leave the game is to quit and close it down. Any ideas if this can be fixed?

TheNiclas 2019-01-10 1 point


The Corgi 2018-12-04 7 points

Thank YOU!

admin 2018-12-04 3 points

All right, back online then! Thank you

The Corgi 2018-12-04 4 points

"This version only made available through pre-order of Alice: Madness Returns or purchasing The Complete Collection on Origin, both of which are no longer available."

The Corgi 2018-12-04 4 points

I bought Madness Returns on Origin. It does NOT include the original game.

admin 2018-12-03 0 point

According to Wikia, the sequel is bundled with an enhanced port of American McGee's Alice, featuring widescreen resolution and slightly updated character texture models.

The Corgi 2018-12-02 1 point

It says this is available for purchase on Origin but it's not. You can only buy the sequel on Origin.

Steven 2018-11-20 0 point

Here's a guide to install the HD version of Alice with updated textures. Taken from Alice Madness Returns Special Edition (Origin). Needs Steam or Origin version of Alice 2 Madness returns.

Mod that updates skins, bug fixes etc.

Übertools Expert 2018-11-07 0 point

If the game crashes after cinematic, this is probably related to the high frame rate.
If you limit the frame rate via console command, the game will run stable:
seta com_maxfps 140

Open console while in main menu by pressing one of the following keys on your keyboard, the console will appear then:
~ or ^ or ´

Type now the following command chain into the console and press enter after you are done:
seta com_maxfps 140

If this does not work for you try 60 instead of 140

The reason for this problem is that modern computers can handle more frames than the engine/game can process. It will crash if you hit a few hundred frames or even go above 999.

ToughOrc21 2018-11-04 -2 points

@ADMIN how about you not be a little bitch boy over someone asking a question? FFS...

my 2018-09-08 0 point

Think it's a damaged file? Isn't unzipping in WinZip or WinRar.

Elite_Evil 2018-08-28 0 point

This game is cool.

Darkpaladin 2018-07-08 1 point

Installed fine, but crashes right after intro cinematic. Anyone, Help?!

Cameron 2018-06-24 1 point

Every time i load up the game, it crashes after the talk with the Cheshire cat for the first time. Can somebody please help me because i really wanted to play this game forever now.

freestew 2018-06-19 1 point

I can't alt tab from the game.

Motley 2018-02-20 2 points

been having trouble getting the launcher running.

been getting this error.
American McGee's Alice win-x86 Nov 13 2000
----- FS_Startup -----
Current search path:
C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\ALICE\base\pak4_english.pk3 (44 files)
C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\ALICE\base\pak2.pk3 (71 files)
C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\ALICE\base\pak1_large.pk3 (3369 files)
C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\ALICE\base\pak0.pk3 (5341 files)
C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\ALICE\base\Pak3.pk3 (9 files)

Config: config.cfg
execing default.cfg
couldn't exec menu.cfg
execing config.cfg
couldn't exec localized.cfg
couldn't exec autoexec.cfg
...detecting CPU, found Intel Pentium III

------- Input Initialization -------
Initializing DirectInput...
Couldn't set DI coop level
Falling back to Win32 mouse support...
Joystick is not active.
----- Client Initialization -----
----- Initializing Renderer ----
----- R_Init -----
Initializing OpenGL subsystem
...initializing QGL
...calling LoadLibrary( 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\opengl32.dll' ): succeeded
...setting mode 3: 640 480 FS
...using colorsbits of 16
...calling CDS: ok
...registered window class
...created window@0,0 (640x480)
Initializing OpenGL driver
...getting DC: succeeded
...GLW_ChoosePFD( 16, 16, 0 )
...35 PFDs found
...GLW_ChoosePFD failed
...GLW_ChoosePFD( 16, 16, 0 )
...35 PFDs found
...GLW_ChoosePFD failed
...failed to find an appropriate PIXELFORMAT
...restoring display settings
...WARNING: could not set the given mode (3)
...shutting down QGL
...unloading OpenGL DLL
...assuming '3dfxvgl' is a standalone driver
...initializing QGL
...WARNING: missing Glide installation, assuming no 3Dfx available
...shutting down QGL
----- CL_Shutdown -----
GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem

if anyone can help, that would be great.
this is a game i have wanted to play for some time and even owned once. however, i uninstalled it and well, i don't have the manuel code or the other disk for it. so this is the best i can get for now.

kmo911 2018-02-01 1 point

many of alice games has a block and crach out. even with full version and no crack you were trowed out of game and jumpi was aoufull. you had to turn on codes and then it crased all and --///-- over again. dx drivers was unstable. 3dfx support ? voodo 2 3 4 5 on win 98 se-xp

Lithium 2018-01-09 0 point

I was actually talking about the 600mb file, since that is the size of the 2011 cut re-release. But I downloaded this one and when unziped it's over 800mb so my bad, it is the original 2000 game.

Tenbeat 2018-01-07 0 point

The 79MB shown is one of the three files available for download, specifically a demo for the game that has a special level. The actual full game is 613MB.

Lithium 2017-12-18 1 point

Judging by the size this is the inferior (cut content, cut sounds) "HD" re-release, not the original.
You should change the year to 2011, it's misleading.

Matyas 2017-09-28 29 points

I recommend playing it in FullHD, it's awesome :-)
just open console by "~" key and type:
seta r_customwidth "1920"
seta r_customheight "1080"
seta r_mode "-1"
and it's done. Enjoy! (of course you can use other resolutions too, depending on your monitor)

CC 2017-09-26 -2 points

Thank you so much! I've the original cds but on W7 I've problems with launcher mode. If someone is interested to play it with the original cds and you haven't XP anymore, I know that it works with VirtualBox (Xp), but it's not perfect (I've problem with the mouse in Load/Save section).
With this download I've no problem, fortunately!!
I confirm it works perfectly on W7, guys! Extract zip file, clic on Alice.exe and voilà...! The game starts!

Harley 2017-08-25 0 point

I have a xp and every game ive tried works perfect btw use winrar or winzip to open it

shikz 2017-08-22 -3 points

how do i download it on a mac air i really want to play

Guy 2017-08-18 1 point

One of my favorite games

Darkness-within99 2017-08-17 2 points

This will be my first time playing this and I excited let's just hope my computer doesn't crash, unlike the first time I tried to download this...

ray 2017-07-16 1 point

it really works?

thanks 2017-07-08 0 point

been hearing this is a great game just built me a retro pc and now i have to try it out

Nate 2017-07-04 -1 point

Introduction works fine on windows 10 but it crashes as soon as I get to pandemonium making it unplayable for me.

alan97320 2017-04-28 1 point

on windows 10 / 7 runs smoothly and perfectly but just to make sure update the driver before playing this game

lunalen 2017-04-25 0 point

GoodDay, I'm downloading this game today. Hope it will function very well in my pc. huhu. I really miss this game a lot! hahah.

...downloading 30%...

God Bless. :)

vina 2017-04-14 0 point

works just fine :) thanks!

bastwren 2017-03-26 0 point

It runs fine on Vista, no problems. Thank you so much for this! Still one of my all-time favorite games.

smilez313 2017-03-23 0 point

Awesome download! I have Windows 10, and all I had to do was unzip the file and open it. Easy! Thanks!!!

Cork 2017-02-18 0 point

A real treasure in this website!
Runs perfect in Windows 7

Dobby 2017-02-10 0 point

A great find! It's one of the few games from this site that I managed to get working just fine.

I'm using Windows 10 for this, but have a Macbook Air, too. The only games I can get working for that are some of the old DOS games through Boxer.

abubu 2017-02-04 -1 point

does the download actually work?

mile 2017-01-29 2 points

great game!

Statocon 2017-01-11 -1 point

I haven't had any problems with the game since download. Running Win 10. All runs smooth, good sound quality, scanned with multiple anti-virus programs and came up clean. (That is not to say there is no chance of harmful programs, just that Avast, Iobit, and Advanced System Care 10 didn't find any.) I think it's a clean program, and super fun! Thank you for the game!

win10disgrace 2016-12-30 0 point

I'm running the game on windows 10 with administration rights and in compatibillity with windows xp; no problems with the game whatsoever, it runs really smooth and the gameplay is fantastic.

M 2016-11-22 0 point

the game is nice and easy to control. But it has no sound.

admin 2016-11-21 0 point

@Randall: we do not provide game support, read the contact page FFS...

Randall 2016-11-20 -3 points

got ur download weeks ago andf cannot open it to play--askedf then how to start play and never got an answer. u have a strange idea about answering within 24 hours. still can't open the game to play it, even after unzipping--cannot find the .exe. file

Mr. Derpy Kitty 2016-09-17 -2 points

Is it safe??

CopGeneral 2016-06-06 1 point

The Text goes by way too fast to read it please help

vampy 2016-04-17 1 point

im currently playing alice madness returs hope i like this one

jasonvoorhees3.0 2016-02-04 2 points

this game looks very very promising, I only spent about
10 minutes with it but it could be a winner, only downside
so far has been some random choppiness in framerate
on my windows7 pc but I will play around with the graphic options.
the visuals are pretty nice but the models in the game look very low
poly count, I have a feeling it could be a winner though.

iKonatai 2015-12-29 0 point

Awesome game!

Josu-e 2015-11-14 0 point


Al 2015-09-14 -2 points

Cool game! But how do you install the game when you have the files? There was no instruction included.

nate 2015-09-11 1 point

i got this from a different website, but where do you open it?

JayDee 2015-06-04 2 points Windows version

cool game,but the crew who cracked it may have added an extra program,as when you start the game it tries to connect to the net.strange for a single player you might want to block net connections for this game.

Cancerkills 2015-05-24 1 point Windows version

I owned this game back on 2002, but my computer sucked so bad that it barely ran it. I'm happy to see it here, which means i can beat it now. WIN!

rfxcasey 2015-03-16 4 points Windows version

Simply amazing.

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