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Battle Chess

DOS - 1989

Also released on: Windows 3.x - Mac - Acorn 32-bit - Amiga - Apple II - Apple IIgs - Atari ST - Commodore 64 - Sharp X68000

Alt name バトル チェス
Year 1989
Platform DOS
Released in United States (1989)
United States (1990)
Netherlands, United Kingdom (1993)
Canada, United States (2007)
Genre Strategy
Theme Board / Party Game, Chess, Fantasy, Turn-based
Publisher Dice Multi Media Europe B.V., GameTap LLC, Interplay Productions, Inc.
Developer Interplay Productions, Inc.
Perspective Top-Down
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.70
4.45 / 5 - 418 votes

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Manual available

Description of Battle Chess

With Battle Chess, Interplay made the already awesome chess an exciting video game with live fights between pieces and nice graphics. Every battles between two given pieces are different, some of them are references to Monty Pynthon and the Holy Grail.

The game was released on many platform and some of them were given better artificial intelligence or features. The DOS version allowed to play against a fellow human with a null modem.

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Comments and reviews

YoungFogey 2023-02-02 2 points DOS version

Anyone else grow up playing this on CGA 4-color?

The Boz 2023-01-02 2 points DOS version

For me, Battlechess was the daddy, the king when it came to chess games. I loved the graphics, the figures and the animation when pieces took each other. Classic. I may have played a tonne of better games over the years, but I think this deserves to be in my top 100 dos games of all time.

wildsnark nerdo appears 2022-12-27 0 point DOS version

battle chess is alright but grandmaster chess was better :B

concerned gog hater 2021-03-19 3 points

why is this game that was released in the 80s still for sale on steam AND gog

Bill1978 2019-03-24 0 point DOS version

Battle Chess is one of my favorite chess programs. Animations are very funny. Check out my video about it:

Hiss 2019-03-06 1 point

Felix; I can help you

bobby 2018-07-28 1 point DOS version

help the game freezes when there is a fight

logic L 2018-06-13 -1 point

i love good old fashion games i give u 5000000 stars

BitchinCornSoup 2018-04-03 1 point

Yo this is tight. To all the haterz I'm content

Sagor 2018-01-30 1 point DOS version

Nice game

LENNIER 2018-01-27 0 point

It can, but not natively. Use DOSBox for that purpose.

Potty 2017-12-11 -2 points

Can it run on linux systems?

i suck at chess 2017-09-30 3 points

This game taught me how to play chess. I remember how proud I felt when I beat the comp on the highest difficulty. Back then I felt like some chess genius. Recently, about 25 years later, I created an account on some online chess site and can't get over the 1200 rating in blitz. To add insult to injury, I have to read on the site's forums how 1500 rated players are "patzers". Sorry for the rant. Chess is hard.

alp 2017-02-01 3 points

I LOVED this game back in the day...I'm running Win 3.1 in Dosbox on a pi and SO FAR its run all the old Dos games better then Virtual box- thank you Youtube for showing me how to do it and THANK YOU the folks running this site!!

AERSON MOREIRA 2016-08-17 -7 points

Can't run on Win8. So sad! :(

kaku 2016-07-29 0 point

Awesome game

Blane666 2016-01-05 -2 points Mac version

I can't download the mac version. It's not in dmg format even though it says mac. I really loved this game and would love to play it again/

Hamada abd elmalk 2015-12-25 1 point

Although it is old but over the years I could not find better

Felix 2015-11-06 8 points DOS version

My game slows down alot, when i move my bishops. Anyone else got the same problem?

Seven 2015-10-27 0 point DOS version

Awesome game

Jerm711 2015-06-17 0 point DOS version

Hope this work this game is awesome

RyanKW 2015-06-02 11 points DOS version

My grandmother had a worthless Tandy 1000 when I was little. Well, worthless other than that it had BattleChess....which was effing awesome.

jojopeterjohn 2015-04-08 1 point DOS version

This is the BEST chess game I've ever played! Each piece has a special attack depending on what other piece it's attacking! That's 216 unique attacks! They also all have their own moving animations and sounds!

Griff 2015-02-27 -1 point DOS version

Wow, this actually supports the mouse

Basil 2015-01-07 -1 point DOS version

I remember this game. It was my 1992...

Charles 2015-01-03 0 point DOS version

I actully have the floppies (both 5 ¼ & 3 ½) I love this game

anon 2014-12-09 1 point DOS version

hey is there a copy of this game for a 1984 Macintosh computer on this website?

NOID 2014-10-25 0 point DOS version

This game looked really cool but i can't figure out how to move my pieces! The manual doesn't help either... wtvr i'll figure it out. I LOVE DOS GAMES!!

CLiMAX 2014-09-19 0 point DOS version

Check out the enhanced version:

bella 2014-08-23 1 point DOS version

love this game! use to watch my cousin play n i would get scared xP

Jdog 2014-07-26 0 point DOS version

Download includes the enhanced edition with the yellow chess board. Some moves freeze the game to a stand still for inexplicable reasons.

yo dawg 2014-07-23 0 point DOS version

oh cool chess in dos. definitely gonna try dis

Takwakin 2014-06-26 1 point DOS version

Still owning the NES version! :)

Kracken101 2014-06-21 1 point DOS version

I used to play this with a mate after school

darKSIDER 2014-06-17 0 point DOS version

Cool game. The animations are waay coool but distracting, like I play only to see how they cut each other!

tt 2014-05-13 0 point DOS version


derek 2014-05-12 0 point DOS version

great game

ook 2014-05-09 0 point DOS version

good games...

BG 2014-04-15 0 point DOS version


ff 2014-04-13 -1 point DOS version


pk rana 2014-04-01 1 point DOS version

thanks your game

llMaxPaynell 2013-12-07 0 point DOS version

Nostalgia :')

a_houstonian 2013-12-01 0 point DOS version

The game runs fine in DOSBOX on my Slackware Linux machine, either in window or full screen, the sound is fine as well.

If you end up with a gazillion toolbars and all kinds of crap you are probably using Internet Explorer. Get a real browser and protect yourself with AdBlocking add-ons and a good HOSTS file.

I have a slightly different version of Battle Chess that I think is better, the queen throws bolts of lightening, and the bishop makes a snickering sound when he kills. I think it's version 4.

EddieS 2013-10-24 0 point DOS version

File downloaded bit won't open nor are the docs recognised by Adobe.
File won't open to full screen without more downloads - too much hassle.

sh1thead 2013-10-20 0 point DOS version

How come I have to down load 40 tool bars and 35 zip extractors and my brand new computer needs to download better software to run a this 30 year old game. What a Fuken joke.

kalana 2013-10-05 0 point DOS version

nice & good game

lord Krueger 2013-09-07 0 point DOS version

Hope I can play

lol 2013-08-20 0 point DOS version

Can u be black in playing?

VampireKing 2013-08-13 0 point DOS version

This is how you play chess

Zn 2013-07-27 0 point DOS version

You maybe want to try out the Commodore Amiga version of this game instead. Search the web for a disk image in ADF format and run the game using the WinUAE emulator. The Amiga version is more colorful (32 colors instead of just 16) and has better sound effects.

Roger 2013-07-18 1 point DOS version

Run it in dosbox (

craigD 2013-07-11 0 point DOS version

Does it run on androi tablets?

sammy 2013-07-08 0 point DOS version

i like battlle chess ...i enjoyed

Matt 2013-06-25 0 point DOS version

I like chess

Windows 7 64 bit user 2013-06-24 0 point DOS version

Okay, I found out how to do it. Ignore my last post. I didn't realize there was a section for that on this site.

Windows 7 64 bit user 2013-06-24 0 point DOS version

My PC won't run the game. :(

I am running Windows 7 64 bit, and I get an error message saying that I need to run it in 32 bit. I don't know what to do! :(

Claude 2013-06-19 0 point DOS version

I play it in d-fend reloaded and i use the dosbox app to run this game. but suddenly it comes laggy, especially when the bishop take a move. Do you guys have the same problem and if yes, what's the the solution?
I love old games though i'm 16 years old.

oylpann 2013-05-17 0 point DOS version


rocky86 2013-04-21 0 point DOS version

do i need to download a patch for games on here

somebody else 2013-02-13 0 point DOS version

"is it me or this game lags? i know its not my computer

especially after long range moves, or anything that is more than 1 square move really... it all started with bishop."

its probably your computer. XD

somebody 2013-02-03 1 point DOS version

is it me or this game lags? i know its not my computer

especially after long range moves, or anything that is more than 1 square move really... it all started with bishop.

arifnugroho 2013-01-30 0 point DOS version


JohnDoeok 2013-01-18 0 point DOS version


manuel 2013-01-13 0 point DOS version

Is this only one player? I remeber it was possible to play two players

Stratus41298 2012-12-07 0 point DOS version

WOWWWW. I had this on the :B Drive! Fricken sweet!

Djiango 2012-11-23 1 point DOS version

When I move my bishop the game slows down, and becomes unresponsive. Anyone else having this problem? As soon as the bishop has made it's animation the game works again. (Only when I move the bishop.)

rr11ccee 2012-11-14 0 point DOS version


sandip 2012-11-10 0 point DOS version


Indra 2012-10-28 0 point DOS version

bagus... model baru yg tdk membeosankan

win 3.1 2012-09-05 0 point DOS version

exist one program call "adosbox "u search that in google..its free and u can play all gamedos in android :) im play this battle chess..

win.3.1 2012-09-04 0 point DOS version

Hi nimu05..thank for ur try find when have wireless in my samsung gio...i have lot roms in my mobile.... xD

nimu05 2012-08-26 0 point DOS version

Hi win, I also searched for the same... I found it.. Just search and download neslite.apk from google because it is removed from market ( don't know why). Install it inyour android mobile.. Then search for battlechess.nes from google and save in your sd card.Open NESlite and browse the game to open it.. Similarly you can download Mario bros.nes, contra.nes, etc..... Sorry for my bad English...

Win 3.1 2012-08-21 0 point DOS version

Old times do great remember play that in floppy disk XD
the unique game are good like that it Battle vs Chess 2010(still im hate knights with head horse) try find this same battle chess 3d from 1992 if not mistake..if any know find pls send me mail xD

yuo 2012-08-01 0 point DOS version

So cool

Af 2012-06-28 0 point DOS version


Garrin 2012-05-29 0 point DOS version

Good game

benjy 2012-04-10 0 point DOS version

ver good

housty 2012-03-02 0 point DOS version

brill just brill

1GreatScott 2011-08-28 0 point DOS version

I hope this plays as well as it did on my Amiga. The animations were exceptional for the time.

C21 2011-08-25 0 point DOS version

Can any of these awesome old games run on Android?

MilkoBlackWOlf 2011-07-11 1 point DOS version

AWSOME!! My dad used to play this a lot! I had so much fun watching the animations, and now i can finally practice on this classic!

The only bad thing is there's no sound x.x (using the suggested program for XP/Vista although im on 7) Any ideas on how to get some sound?

Wilson 2011-05-20 0 point DOS version

Es la mejor version de mis tiempos de Ajedress, gracias a ustedes pude reencontrar esa nostalgia que habia perdido

Zixlora 2011-01-05 0 point DOS version

I can't seem to play them. It keeps saying that my computer doesn't support full screen mode. This is the second game I've downloaded with this computer. I hope my desktop works. Any suggestions?

Digi 2010-11-22 0 point DOS version

My favorite animation is a knight takes knight move. Great 386x game, would play it just to see the 'executions'

JhaeJhae 2010-10-29 0 point DOS version

Game works in DosBox, though there is no sound, and it's a little glitchy.

Overall it's a classic game and well worth the download to play again!!

Curt716 2010-07-30 0 point DOS version

used to play this on my old 486 using Windows 3.1. wow makes me want to dust off that old machine and play some of these old classics. Good thing it still works!

Khabir 2009-05-02 0 point DOS version

Have you tried running it in Dosbox?

me again 2009-04-26 0 point DOS version

So how can we play it?

Truth Sayer 2008-12-22 0 point DOS version

This game DOES NOT work in Windows or DOS.

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