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Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

Windows - 2003

Alt name 大货车极限竞赛
Year 2003
Platform Windows
Released in United States
Genre Racing / Driving, Simulation
Theme Managerial, Transport, Truck, Vehicle Simulator
Publisher Game Mill Publishing, Inc.
Developer Stellar Stone LLC
Perspective Behind view
3.94 / 5 - 595 votes

Description of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

If you haven't played Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing or want to try this racing / driving video game, download it now for free! Published in 2003 by Game Mill Publishing, Inc., Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing (aka 大货车极限竞赛) is still a popular managerial title amongst retrogamers, with a whopping 3.9/5 rating.

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Comments and reviews

Small rigs 2024-04-09 0 point

When U feel depressed or down just remember YOUR WINNER

TheSpeedRoller 2024-04-08 0 point

There is another game, but it has Random Mode that IS Big Rigs: over the road racing. If you are smart enough to go at 1028 times the speed of light backwards, you’re winner!
If not, you’re winner! Even if you try to bump into your opponent, nothing happens, or if you wait until the heat death of the universe and then you go past the finish line, YOU’RE WINNER!!!!

Three Handle Trophy 2024-03-19 1 point

You're Winner

♿️ 2024-03-19 2 points

I honestly think it's the best game ever. It's fun going backwards until you reach 2^63-1 mph and get greeted with "You're winner" or just load in a map that crashes the whole thing.

It's basically retarded.

capivara9682 2024-03-12 2 points

10/10 changed my life (in a bad way)

TheSystemGuy 2024-03-08 1 point

Best game of all time.

10/10 i approv

even better than changed special

bicycle 2024-02-27 1 point

is anyone else having a problem were you move forward but your also going backwards but your going backwards but your also going forward

Anon 2023-12-31 2 points


Spamton_G_spamtn 2023-12-16 0 point

I have 3 different versions of this game

Retard 2023-12-09 11 points

I was depressed for 7 years and thinking about suicide but then i saw "you're winner" and i killed myself

big rig 2023-10-24 1 point

lil bro below really expects for big rigs to be stable

HappySoft 2023-10-09 -2 points

dude there is this problem where the framerate isnt normal, it keeps skipping and also idk if this is an glitch of the engine

Angry Video Game Nerd 2023-10-08 3 points

This game is good (The Aestheic

Mehlsuppe 2023-08-26 0 point

I'rm Winner!

Polybius223 2023-07-18 3 points

This is, without a single doubt, the greatest electronical achievement mankind has ever had. Even better than the invention of the MP944 in the F-14's CADC, which was the first microprocessor.

Many see this game as a "joke", when in reality, it's a philosophical masterpiece.
It brings to the table the absolutely genius concept, of a game where you cannot lose. It's like if the WarGames plot had a stroke!

The music is just perfect, no obnoxiously loud rock music or boring ragtime. The silence allows you to stop and reflect on the very concept of life itself.

The track design is just *French kiss*.
While it may not be randomized, it might be the first game with infinite terrain, beating Minecraft by multiple years!
The objects can all be driven through, giving the game it's signature "Go anywhere" style gameplay.
The AI in this game is actually sentiant! The AI will change how it drives to accommodate for any "skill issues" that the player might have.
The reason they don't move, is because the AI in every copy of the game has grown so intelligent, they've devoted all their resources to plotting a deliberate mass extinction of the human race!

The inclusion of the "Navstar" system is just brilliant. It's essentially a guided custom shortcut system!

The graphics were so real, I thought I was actually driving a real truck.
Infact, my eyes got irritated in real life from the long driving. Just like a real truck driver!

In conclusion, Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is an indescribably perfect masterpiece, and truly a game that's worth playing.
It's a game you should value more than your own life.

NVP 2023-04-30 2 points

this will be gran turismo in 2002

byeah. 2022-12-31 1 point

The racing game of all time. not even flatout 3 came close.

J.D. 2022-10-06 3 points

BROKEN RIGS: OVER YOU'RE WINNER! is coming soon to shovelware store near now

we all now know this "game" is a joke. shovelware garbage, full of false information, in-alpha stage, clearly made by people who know almost nothing about programming. great game for trolling. if this game was made today probably can be made by one person on steam for like a dollar.

who why? 2022-10-03 0 point

what how?

Chris 2022-09-11 0 point

how to win just go in reverse

foodzilla 2022-09-08 1 point

you're winner!

Door 2022-08-26 1 point

my truck just jitters and shakes whenever i move and i don't know what to do to fix it


Carlstal 2022-07-11 14 points

Everyone, It doesnt matter if youre going through tough times, I just want you to know, to everyone that is going thru tough times, That YOU'RE WINNER

ILikeOldGames 2022-07-02 1 point

This game looks like some 3 year old made it on unity

Wii9 2022-06-12 2 points

What were they thinking?!

MC Chase 2022-05-23 3 points

I've seen better gameplay on a vending machine

Trusted_reviewer 2022-05-09 0 point

It's one of the classics of the genre, real underrated hidden gem. Froza really should learn from this game.

Muffins 2022-04-20 0 point

Where is the sound?

bigrigfgenthusiast 2022-04-20 0 point

yes rig is big

nonabrow 2022-03-18 0 point

big rigs changed my life

the real presient 2022-01-25 0 point

i am presinent and i love truck

fenderpuddy 2022-01-15 1 point

You can go so fast in reverse that it goes over the 16-bit signed integer limit and ends up going into the negatives 10/10

Plaza03 2022-01-13 0 point

REMINDER: If You Want The Original Release With The Infamous YOU'RE WINNER Message, Download The Setup Program. The Iso File Has The Patched Message. Just To Let You All Know. PS On The Original. There's Also No Sound. Have Fun

ThisIsBob 2022-01-13 0 point

This Is Fucking Better Than Sonic 06

LukasJef123 2021-12-29 0 point

The game is funny. Only in this game you can reverse at the speed of light! Only in this game you can drive under the earth and in buildings!

plaza03 2021-12-18 0 point


unknow 2021-12-15 0 point

Play Game :P

Naman Mishra 2021-11-16 1 point

I am driving under the earth xO

dickhead 2021-11-07 2 points

fuck fnf this is the best game

florida man 2021-09-19 4 points

hopefully this game will cure my addiction to fortnite feet pics

Thatgameboyboy_1989 2021-06-05 4 points

best game ever

a 2021-06-04 0 point

if you buy a big rigs truck it will guarantee you passing through cars and objects

comedy 2021-04-27 28 points

Player: noooo you can't go the speed of light in reverse!!!
This Game: haha truck go brrrrr

HowardEase 2021-04-11 3 points

hOly shit this game cured my crippling depre$$ion

erfan 2021-03-24 -5 points

this is a not good game becuse if youre watching angry vedio games nerd its so bad

peaners 2021-02-09 0 point

game has a new issue, it shakes a lot, how to fix?

voon 2021-01-26 0 point

right proper game

Trucking4Lyfe 2021-01-07 0 point

this is amazing thank you

bruhmaster420 2020-12-31 1 point

game of the millennium

luke7183 2020-12-16 1 point

here because of AVGN

NoNameStudios 2020-11-30 0 point

How do I apply the patches?

kevin_yamagata 2020-11-21 -1 point

Esse vale a pena dar de presente para alguém. Eu queria ter ganhado esse jogo kkkk

TruckerMan42 2020-10-13 2 points

This makes me shed a tear thank you for uploading big rigs :)

Nate 2020-09-28 0 point

Thanks! Now I know how to hack!

swwgdxe 2020-09-16 1 point

GOOD bug game

pusy destreoyer 4420 good game 2020-07-19 3 points

yes. very funest game in wrold

RED 2020-07-14 0 point


jake stewart 2020-06-08 0 point

greatest game ever

blacksilver131YT 2020-05-14 -1 point

J'adore se jeu il vraiment trop bugé bravo au créateur c'est super

Zynder 131 2020-05-14 -1 point

C'est trop cool parce que ça bug a fond

aa aaa aaaa 2020-05-13 0 point

i gone at the speed of light in reverse and fell out of the void as the truck fell apart in a glitchy mess

muffinism 2020-04-16 1 point


Scatt 2020-04-15 1 point

This game cured every disease in the world it is so holy I love it I have a shrine dedicated to it the sequel to it is more anticipated than half life 3

That1Guy 2020-04-08 0 point

reversing is like a BLJ from sm64 lol

Eternal 2020-04-08 1 point

worst game ever.

my big rig 2020-03-26 1 point

This game exists. Apparently.

polybius223 2020-03-10 2 points

oh hey that game that you had to, PAY MONEY FOR...

Morgan Webb 2020-01-15 1 point

I are winner

it is me 2019-11-24 2 points

this game is better thst better thst me

Mutha Trucker 2019-11-14 2 points

I played this, then went and got my license.

Soares Antonio 2019-11-11 3 points

this shit made me cry

Console2600 2019-11-10 -1 point

I am not winner, because I went out of the game's bounds!

Player1thegamer 2019-11-08 -2 points

I watched thisthis from avgn so i wanted to try it myself

YepNo1 2019-09-23 1 point

This is without a doubt the kind of game that you get with the knowledge that you're playing it just too laugh at it. I can't call it bad because that'd imply the game was at least complete.

GARBAGE_B0B 2019-09-20 -1 point

best game 11/10 would play again

Me random person 2019-09-06 0 point

it this the actual game or just malware

elsa caca cas 2019-08-18 0 point

¿este es el juego en el que si vas de reversa psas la velocidad de la luz?

(intentenlo y me dicen)

SuperCraftKid 2019-08-18 4 points


jaxonlaxon 2019-08-12 4 points

expected a virus, it actually works lol.

who else came from AVGN?

Beler 2019-08-04 1 point

Over the road, under the road, who knows..big rigs!!!

donation 2019-07-27 2 points

best worst game ever. it is broken but it is fun-bad

Chief 2019-07-17 0 point

Best Game 4EVER! Better then ALL PS4 Games TOGETHER! I play it since release...

Aaron 2019-07-10 1 point

Ok first of all this is a good Rom it has everything it should but this game as you most likely know is one of the worst ever made but that's what is so appealing about it playing the worst game huh.

Alexandre 2019-07-01 0 point

What the hell...

creator of big rigs 2019-06-26 0 point

wow я ніколи не знав людей би любив великі rigs та так я є creator великих rigs над дорожним змаганням

причина, чому я ніколи не закінчив гру, тому, що я був бідний в той час, і я думав, що продаж гри отримає мені трохи грошей, так що тепер я нічого не отримав

Hello 2019-05-24 0 point

This game is very good. The High quality graphics and immersive gameplay makes it great. It is also a great family game. 10/10 would recommend.

Funny_Haha 2019-04-23 -4 points

I rather open the ruptured septic tank filled with blended pieces of goat, dog, and horse sheet that combined with pork scent and chili seeds, plunged myself in, lick, chew, and swallow them!!!

Zan 2019-04-14 4 points

The greatest game of its time.
With graphics this realistic and enticing game play, it is easy to see why people world wide enjoy this wonderful game. I think it is perfect for any occasion and will keep anyone coming back for more! 10/10, would play again.

CD-ROM 2019-04-11 -3 points

This game sucks! There's no collisions and the only thing to do is just pass throught objects, laugh at the quality and win on purpose for the "You're Winner" screen. 0/10

CD Player 2019-03-10 -1 point

This game is extremely bad. There's no collisions and you go trought everything, it just doesn't make sense.

Dickfaggotson 2019-02-24 39 points

This game is better than my life.

chris777 2019-02-23 3 points

this is a fun game but I pissed on my moms bed while wearing an ancient indian head dress

jhb11223 2019-02-15 -1 point

oh come on

Portal007Games 2019-02-04 -1 point

Game is with bugs, because its almost 16 yrs old game.
And funny

Eli 2019-01-19 3 points


it smell like p*ssy in here.....

WHITESTRIPE99 2019-01-08 56 points

Ah, Big Rigs. The pinnacle of "so bad it's good".
What is there to say about this game? It's a racing game. Plain and simple. You control semi-trucks that are racing throughout various locations in a desperate attempt to get to the finish line first.
But then, you notice things.
Like how your opponent never crosses the finish line.
And how your truck can phase straight through everything.
And how you seem to go FASTER when driving UP hills that are glorified 90 degree slopes.
And then you try going in reverse. And that's where the fun really begins.
So buckle up kids, and let us talk math.
By holding down the reverse key, it is possible to accelerate until reaching 1.23×1037 miles per hour (1.98×1037 kilometres per hour; 5.8×1020 light-years per second) or more than 1028 times the speed of light.
At this point, all checkpoints will turn green and the player will instantly win the race because this extreme speed causes the vehicle to be literally everywhere at once.

In short, I love this game.

Boudreau 2018-12-30 45 points

Better than Forza.

Fortnite 2018-12-05 1 point


Brandon Aung 2018-11-29 -5 points

This game is kind of suck

Nathan D. 2018-11-21 -3 points

I am Sans undertale

xDDDDDD 2018-11-02 -2 points

great game Kappa

lol, 2018-10-27 -1 point

really funny but impossible to win

Frozzen 2018-10-18 1 point

Big Rigs - You're winner racing

Peter Matthew Duprey 2018-10-12 25 points

If you keep accelerating in reverse for long enough, your truck will eventually attain a speed so great, that if you were to hit someone, that person would experience a level of pain equivalent to every atom in your body being bombarded by a miniature black hole shot out of a Desert Eagle. 5,000 times over.

Now you know. 10/11/2018

nuclearsheepd0g 2018-10-08 1 point

still going backwards, at 10,000 mph

Zach 2018-08-23 3 points


loltr 2018-08-22 1 point

over the road is right XD

169n 2018-08-18 1 point

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is winner.

kenboi 2018-08-01 23 points

this is the best game 10/10 wold get again also I am severly autistic

minecraft 2cv 4cv 2018-07-30 -9 points

fail game

Zomebodyz 2018-06-27 0 point


Ishy Nation 2018-04-29 3 points

this is literally the best game ever, no sarcasm intended.



Marti Ocat 2018-04-27 2 points


MC Chase 2018-03-28 -3 points

Everything is bad, The road is glitchy like the Glitch Gremlin paved over it, the ultranav meter doen't go in the right order, one of the tracks doesn't work, trucks are known as cars, and the cover to the game is a complete lie!

AVGN fan 2018-03-27 4 points


young_girl 2018-03-25 -4 points

This is the worst game I've ever played

notcjinese 2018-03-12 1 point

best game I play

Chigurh 2018-02-16 20 points

Just saw AVGN's review on big rigs today...epic

xXx_420_PoTsMoKeR_XxX 2018-02-13 1 point

Why is it here? lmao

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