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Windows - 1996

Also released on: Mac

Alt name Diablo (Game of the Year)
Year 1996
Platform Windows
Released in Canada, France, Germany, United States (1996)
France, United States (1998)
France, Germany (1999)
Brazil (2000)
Germany, United Kingdom (2001)
Australia, United Kingdom (2002)
Croatia, Germany (2004)
Worldwide (2019)
Genre Role-Playing (RPG)
Theme Action RPG, Fantasy, Generated Levels, Hack & Slash
Publisher Blizzard Entertainment Inc., Dice Multi Media Europe B.V., Empire Interactive Europe Ltd., Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Developer Blizzard Entertainment Inc., Blizzard North
Perspectives Isometric, 2D scrolling, Diagonal-down
4.4 / 5 - 660 votes

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Manual, patch, fix, misc, demo and guide available

Description of Diablo

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Combining elements of traditional roleplaying games with the simplicity of an action game, Diablo achieved both critical and commercial success for Blizzard Entertainment and went on to become one of their best-selling games of the late 1990s. While there had been similar games in the past, Diablo was a landmark title which significantly contributed to the increase in popularity of the action-roleplaying-game subgenre following its release.

Set in the Kingdom of Khanduras (within the world of Sanctuary) the game’s plot is a fairly straight forward affair. A lone adventurer must journey into the dungeons below the town of Tristam fighting the monsters that inhabit them before battling the Lord of Hell himself, Diablo. As with many roleplaying games there are the usual choices of character class. The Warrior, Rogue and Sorcerer all have their own set of attributes and each has a unique skill which gives three very distinct ways of playing the game.

The dungeons themselves are randomly generated at the start of the game (which is good for replay value) and offer a mix of exploration and action based combat. While full of atmosphere, they can become slightly repetitive at times. However the game’s relative short length means it doesn’t become a chore and overall remains a fun action based alternative to the more hard-core roleplaying games of the time.

Review By Richard

Diablo 1 in HD with Belzebub

A new game mod allows you to play the game in HD: Belzebub . Some of the features:

  • Increased resolution and support for panoramic screens
  • Fully integrated with new windows systems
  • Many user interface improvements
  • New hero classes Barbarian and Assassin
  • All quests which were missing from original game are now implemented
  • Four difficulty levels available in single player
  • New locations
  • New special and randomly generated bosses
  • New spells
  • New character skills
  • Great number of minor gameplay changes

Diablo has the following addons available: Hellfire, The Green Portal: Resource Tool Kit for Diablo and Unearthed Arsenal, don't miss them!

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Comments and reviews

Yamato 2024-01-24 0 point

This is truly a masterpiece of a game and everyone must play this sooner or later.
To make it work in modern systems, you can use DevilutionX, that is is modern recreation of the original game engine. Just search google and you will find it easily.

Nostalji Videolar Kanalı 2023-04-15 0 point
Bu efsane oyun 1996 sonunda çıkmıştı. Basit ama eğlenceli yapısı ve derin mekanikleri ile keyifle oynadığımız oyunlardan biriydi. Videosunu izleyip yapım hikayesini öğrenebilirsiniz. Beğenirseniz kanala abone olun :)

Naniyue 2020-08-22 1 point

Diablo did for action roguelikes what DooM did for FPS games. A must play!
Be sure to use Diablo Clicker! It will save your wrists!!

Jdawg 2019-09-27 -8 points

I have no idea what I am doing. I just want to play Diablo 1. How the hell do I do that?

james 2019-03-16 1 point

i am not good with computers and am completely lost on how to get this to work

SHIZZLE 2019-02-27 1 point Windows version

Got it to work in minutes, awesome!! Thank you!!

BASICLEDGEND 2019-02-23 1 point


maniclounger 2019-02-04 0 point Windows version

id love a ddraw.dll file that makes the game window a bit bigger?

NFSpeedKid 2018-12-09 2 points Windows version

Awesome game, awesome memories! Did all what Game-Twe@ker said and worked perfectly. Also added the Belzebub mod and no problems so far. Excellent work guys!

bgbruno 2018-12-03 3 points Mac version

in $zip file is two $sit files and in there is $toast file what is image - but in macos show info

You can’t open the application “Diablo Installer” because the Classic environment is no longer supported.

John Smith 2018-09-08 -2 points Windows version

After following the same steps that GAME-TWE@KER listed my game still crashed.

To fix this all I had to add the Diablo.exe to the Data Execution Prevention.
- right click on my computer and go properties
- advanced system settings
- on the advanced tab go the settings under the performance heading
- Then goto data execution prevention, and turn it on
- add Diablo.exe and it should run.

Deathvid 2018-09-01 0 point Windows version

I remember playing this as a kid with my cousin and exploiting (by accident) a Butcher's bug in order to kill him, those were fun times

Thumper396 2018-08-22 0 point

Just cant get it to run after extracting

rick 2018-08-17 0 point Windows version

does not work did everything correct but as soon as i click on single player it crashes and goes to a black screen and says not responding, before it would crash when it was loading and i would click the to skip the beginning BS. trash

Netrunner 2018-07-28 0 point Windows version

Does this version work with Blizzard's multiplayer option?

wade 2018-07-24 1 point

it is a good game

T0N1 M4CH3T3 2018-07-23 2 points

Try to run this on winx 64

Game doesnt start, Diablo was unable to find ddraw.dll but the file is right above the diablo.exe
I installed it like GAME-TWE@KER (2017-06-05) posted it.

what went wrong?

Wrennjamen 2018-07-14 0 point Windows version

Got this to work on Windows 10 Very Happy

Fish 2018-07-07 1 point Windows version

this version isnt saving any of my games, they get deleted on exit, i am using belzebub

wambam 2018-07-05 1 point

anyway to fix the audio if you have the .rar files for voice and music?

Clickalot 2018-06-26 1 point

If your sound is not working, maybe your headset is focusing surround sound. Try to unplug it and use a different headset or speaker.

LIL Lorrir 2018-06-26 -1 point Windows version

I loved the original Diablo game on Sony Play station then later on my computer. I would love to be able to play it on my phone also.

noble 2018-05-28 0 point Windows version

for people having issues after blizzard logo, download the windows fix and place it in the same folder your game is in.

sameer 2018-05-10 -4 points

hi I just installed Diablo but its not working. Mine is Windows 10 64bit version. Please advsie?

sethy 2018-04-17 -2 points

dope game

AverageNoob 2018-03-26 0 point Windows version

I have a black screen right after the Blizzard logo ... i have the sound of the Main menu , i only miss the image ... any idea what is wrong ? ... also ... me and my old friend want to instal it on both our laptops ... will we be able to play LAN/Multiplayer !?

MidGuy 2018-03-24 0 point Windows version

For those trying to play Hellfire, and are getting a black screen instead, with the game probably crashing afterwards: copy the ddraw.dll of your Diablo instalation directory, and paste it on the Hellfire folder. It worked for me.

redant751 2018-03-20 0 point Windows version

one of the first games I got for my 1st Home made PC (Pentium MMX 233 40GB and 2Gb of ram.)

Tlyger 2018-03-20 -1 point Windows version

Can't get it to run in windows ten. Crashes right after the blizzard logo

MM 2018-03-07 -1 point Mac version

Damn, so this is a modded version? I thought I was playing the real thing :/

diabolo 2018-03-03 -1 point Windows version

hope this works, would be awesome

BaneDDC 2018-02-20 1 point

Before you start complaining about a lack of dialog or music check that you downloaded the ISO not the RIP. The RIP is a pre-installed version in a folder with no music or dialog to keep the size down. If you want the sounds that are missing you need to download the ISO version and use a virtual drive to mount and install or burn it to a CD and install.

Gunnki 2018-02-17 0 point

Is this only singleplayer? :)

Nostalgia 2018-01-27 1 point Windows version

Everything went fine installing diablo, but at hellfire, I mounted and couldn't find any file that would be HELLFIRE.bin, there was HELLFIRE.exe that didn't work, and double clicking setup didn't do anything either.
+ I didn't really understand do I still need the hellfire 1.01 patch if I'm on x64 windows or is that just for x86?

Xerxes 2018-01-27 -3 points

Says I need to put the CDRom in the drive to play, what am I doing wrong? I have Windows 10 64bit, all I did was download and install everything into one folder.

ballisticSOUL 2018-01-21 1 point Windows version

brooooo i loved diablo 3 now i get to play the classic

kakaomen 2018-01-19 0 point

my first time with diablo

bigdaddyherpes 2018-01-19 0 point

you guys are amazing thank you for letting me play this awesome game again

vickly 2017-12-28 1 point Windows version

no music...

peepeeslayer99 2017-12-27 0 point


Nonnagliks 2017-11-26 2 points

So, downloaded YES
then, instlled YES
then, ran YES
then, started new game YES
then, working good: NO
colours and graphics are a bit off


Joker3521 2017-10-18 2 points Windows version

I just want to say thank you.
I love this game it is my favorite.

Kruz 2017-10-14 -3 points

Have made a step by step guide on how to install:

Not_A_Virus 2017-09-18 2 points Windows version

this game is legit i scanned it with multiple softwares this game is my all time favorite and im glad i finally found it.

+D+EnFoRcEr+D+, EnForCer~CoB 2017-09-11 0 point Windows version

Lots of memories and good times on in my clan circle of blood.

MiniMuna 2017-09-01 2 points Windows version

Thank you so much!! Finally get to play diablo 1 after so many years. Atmosphere is amazing :D still awesome game!

RRR 2017-08-18 2 points Windows version

Got everything working fine but can't press ~ in-game. Just get a Windows error chime. I can alt+enter to toggle fullscreen/windowed however.

Bardox 2017-08-12 2 points

I cant seem to get the virtual clone drive to mount. i downloaded and installed it with .bin file box checked and when i rightclick the icon on desktop it gives me no option to mount

Eldad 2017-08-12 7 points Windows version

After step 6 @GAME-TWE@KER it says it could not find ddraw.dll even though it is inside the folder C:\ProgramFiles\Diablo .. what am I missing here?

ArcBurn 2017-08-04 0 point Windows version

Thank you! Great instructions.

Deliman.(Poland) 2017-07-13 2 points Windows version

Sorry.maybe you know why option game as multiplayer is immpossible?Game give information : "unable to create character".
thank you.

Rubshear 2017-07-10 0 point Windows version

Is there a way to get music and dialogue in there? That's like half the game...

Truly would appreciate guidance with this, since I love the game so much.

joe 2017-06-09 -1 point

Poor Kyle! :(

Saul 2017-06-09 0 point

Tania, I put you a star, because I want you to be my wife... it will be the next thing to do.

Diablo 2017-06-09 2 points

It's time to send 'em right where they belong, by hacking 'em in bits... Let's free Tristram now!

kyle 2017-06-09 -4 points Windows version

Every time me get to 3rd floor, me guy tell "no way!"

Please help.

Tania 2017-06-08 1 point Windows version

ok I have the iso, when I open it, there's something telling me to buy an app online to open the file. I bought WinZip, now what should I do?

john_doe 2017-06-08 1 point


Good suggestion with Linux to use VirtualBox or Wine to play Win-blows games.

btw I am very sorry for you...
You now there is still hope out there.

Take Care!

john_doe 2017-06-08 1 point Windows version


Thank you a 1000 times, you're the first who gives a real fix.

Thumb's up!!!

Duh! 2017-06-07 -1 point

Beware of communists ignorants that says that everything with Windows are viruses, viruses are made with Linux OS, then released to attack Windows. I can say boo-hoo Windows users, to look cool. I prefer the easy ways that Windows let you install programs in your computer. Linux... extract, recompile... what else... uhh! I don't want to recompile the whole program to play game, just I have no time for this. Double-click the icon and play, very simple, no "sudo" or whatever... So, please let those who play games in peace, keep doing your viruses and annoy big entreprises, Linux boy. (You should be happy there's tons of people that steel Windows, or hack the software every day.) If you can't play the game under Linux, use VirtualBox or Wine, your Ubuntu or Fedora or Red Hat will not be infected.

Lies 2017-06-06 3 points

Theres no download just a Drive update installer that puts virus in computers

game-twe@ker 2017-06-05 0 point


Now you have the original files, I hope you will try my way, like I wrote earlier, if it works for Windows 10 it should work for you and DON'T FORGET the ddraw.dll it's necessary to copy it inside your install folder, or the game will crash.

game-twe@ker 2017-06-05 37 points Windows version

There is a step-by-step process to install and play Diablo - Hellfire with Windows 10 Pro (32-bit). (To install the Hellfire patch, you will need a 32-bit Windows or you can install and play Hellfire without the patch on a 64-bit Windows.)

Before proceeding to download Diablo - Hellfire and their respective patches (Diablo patch 1.09 and Hellfire patch 1.01) including the ddraw.dll this one is very important to copy inside your Diablo installed directory, or else Diablo will keep crashing, later I will explain how to troubleshoot that configuration file, so you can play the game on his maximum screen resolution, which is very close from 1080p (1650X1080 at 60 Hertz).

If you do not have a virtual optical drive, you will need one. Many folks around suggests to install programs such as Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% for virtual CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive(s), I prefer to use Virtual CloneDrive by Elaborate Bytes (very simple to install and to use and it does not conflict with games/programs that stop working due to virtual optical drive(s) installed.) During the install process, you check the .bin association box, you will need it to install Hellfire, at first the virtual drive will not see it, the last box on the bottom right you scroll down to All Files, and once clicked; you will see a angry-sheep icon, you select this one to install Hellfire. Later I will explain how to install it under a 32/64-bit environment.

1. Download Diablo the ISO version (631MB). The RIP version is Diablo already installed in a folder, both the music ambiances and voices are missing. The "Belzebub mod works great too, it's a no-CD patch that comes with few add-ons and gaming improvements. It slightly differs from the original Diablo but you cannot install and play Hellfire. This is for 32-bit Windows, it did not try it for earlier version of Windows, but if it works on Windows 10, great chances it will work with an earlier version.

2. Extract the files inside a different folder within Download folder or on your Desktop or whichever folder you like, but not inside C:\Windows or C:\Program Files.

3. Right-Click your virtual optical drive select mount, in the pop-up box you select the folder where you saved the Image File (Diablo.iso), when the file is mounted in the drive you will see the Diablo autorun program that will tell you to install Diablo or Spawn (the trial version) you exit the installer. Right-click on the virtual drive and select Open, then select setup.exe, right-click and select Properties, then you choose the Compatibility tab and you check "Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select Windows XP (Service Pack 2), then check "Run this program as an administrator" box, click Apply and OK. Close all folders, on your desktop double-click This PC, then double-click on Diablo, select Yes when it ask you to run Diablo.exe. The install screen should pop-up, then install Diablo.

4. Go to C:\Program Files\Diablo, right-click on Diablo.exe and click copy. In the same folder right-click and paste, select Yes at the pop-up windows. You will see Diablo - copy.exe, close the folder.

5. Extract the ddraw.dll file, like in step 2. Copy the file inside C:\Program Files\Diablo, once again click Yes when the pop-up window appears. Close the folder.

6. Extract the patch installation file, like in the previous step, then double-click on drtl109.exe (Diablo patch 1.09), click Yes to install the patch. When the patch is successfully installed the game starts, and the game won't crash (not supposed too, if the game crash double-click on Diablo - copy.exe, to restart the game). Before enjoying hours, you need to configure the graphics. When you are in-game press the ~ key on your keyboard, under Esc key (shift+`), the programs goes into windowed screen again press ~, and select Full Screen: On, then select 1650X1080X60 and press enter, and have fun!

The same way is done to install and play Diablo and Hellfire (no patch) under a 64-bit Windows except you install it in C:\Program Files (x86) folder.

7. To install Hellfire, right-click on your virtual drive and select mount, at first the pop-up window will not showing anything, then at the bottom-right corner click and scroll to All Files or (*.*), then select the file with a bin extension (HELLFIRE.bin).


Mount the Diablo Image in the drive again, extract Hellfire patch 1.01, like step 2, double-click on hf101.exe, and click Yes to accept to install the patch.

9. Go to C:\Program Files\Diablo\SIERRA\HELLFIRE (or C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo\SIERRA\HELLFIRE) and double-click on hellfire.exe and play hellfire.

Be patient, follow these steps, if it do not works retry again, or use the alternative program (Diablo RIP or Belzebub mod) if you do not feel that patient.


kat 2017-05-25 2 points Windows version

alright i got the ISO version, installed it and directX
keeps saying "direct draw error" and never starts, any suggestions?
running Windows 95 virtualbox 256 colors

kat 2017-05-25 0 point Windows version

i got the RIP version and it wont run on anything
not windows 7, nor any versions of windows on my virtualbox
installing the ISO version now and see if that works

leonie-tp13 2017-05-16 1 point Windows version

hi ich liebe dieses spiel

Orph 2017-05-09 -1 point Windows version

I downloaded the Diablo RIP for Windows, and can't seem to get it to run. I just get a message saying "Diablo has stopped working" whenever I try to open Diablo.exe so what do I need to do to get it to work?

FAN1234 2017-04-26 1 point Windows version

To Tea Hunter, you will need to get a program like Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools Lite to install a virtual a disk drive, then you mount the .bin extension file and the drive reads it as a CD, then you install the expansion pack in C:/Diablo from your virtual drive. ( I suggest Daemon Tools Lite earlier than 5.0.1 version; downloaded from, it can read .bin extension files. Therefore; you don't need to convert them into .iso extension file).
I hope that helps

silver 2017-04-03 4 points Windows version

no music/dialog also screen turns fully black and cant exit when trying to turn off game. will not allow tabbing out or use of task manager to close or minimise. if not for the problem closing it would be alright.

EricZanne 2017-03-30 0 point

Norton hates the game file and removes it any time I extract it.

Rcolbert33 2017-03-16 1 point

Love This Game!

tea hunter 2017-03-11 0 point Windows version

First, I haven't been on the internet in ten years. However, I've installed hundreds of pieces of software, into the XP environment. Just not much of the modern stuff. I downloaded Diablo into a C:/Diablo directory and ran the executable. The conventional game works just fine. But the original game I have no desire to play, as it is tedious beyond measure. [I've had the Hellfire-Diablo for years but do not currently have my disks available... thus, this option.] I downloaded Hellfire, but all I get from the .zip extraction is a Hellfire.bin file - which I have no idea how to use. Suggestions?

Dave 2017-02-26 -1 point Windows version

Hi Guys,

I don't get dialogue sound, or game music.
How can i make it work, and also is the HD version available here?
Windows 10 o.s

Pedrong Gubat 2017-02-25 -3 points Windows version

the game could not play in DOS box
after mounting c
it says "this program cannot be run on DOS mode

please help.

Novice! 2017-02-06 4 points Mac version

Hi. Downloaded the file for Mac. Now what do I do to run it? When I open the file, it’s text.


Anon 2017-02-04 0 point Windows version

To play Diablo without the color problem, try to open the Resolution Screen (Right-click on screen) and leave it in the background. Many guys say, this will solve it.

If not, do the following:

Create a .bat file (just create a new text file and save it as NAME.bat later) in the game directory with the following content:
@echo off
taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
start explorer.exe

Start Diablo with that .bat file. It will simply close your explorer.exe, before the Diablo.exe will start. The explorer comes back, when you quit Diablo.

this guy 2017-01-25 0 point Windows version

woah! i remember this game as one of my earliest gaming experiences. so much fun and got to learn about story. which inevitably made me the kind of person that needs a story driven game. so happy for this.

Zac 2017-01-16 2 points Windows version

Loved this game. I have a problem with the video on this downloaded one, though. It installed fine, used img mount and worked fine. However, when loading blizzard logo and for the in game dash are all weird looking. It looks like old school dos vga, light blue/green/red colors. Game works fine other than the distorted and pixelated color. bad sprites? not sure whats causing this. I run win 7 and use clonedrive img mount. Also, the patches wont install either. Hoped that would help, but cant even get those to install? Anyone ran into video issue?

RandomJoe 2017-01-08 0 point Windows version

It works fine on Windows 10 for me, I didn't need to use any fixes. Bnet patched it for me when trying to connect.

O0buckshot 2016-12-31 12 points

No music, no Dialogue. :(

Wendon 2016-12-14 1 point Windows version

The downloads keep stopping, I keep getting "fatal network error." Is this on my end, or y'alls? I have good enough network speed to download steam games etc I just am having issues downloading from this specific file...

Uber 2016-11-25 -1 point Windows version

The npcs are not talking

Bapho 2016-10-29 1 point Windows version

This game was and is still one of the best of it's kind!
I nearly crapped my kiddie-pants back in 1997, when I first saw and played it at a friend's place ^^
Today, I play it again with the Diablo 1 HD Mod (Belzebub - Download it here: ) for a completely new experience!
New classes, new enemies, new items (including rares and sets), new quests (which were originally actually built into the game but hidden in the programming code.) So awesome! Check it out - you won't regret it :)

mrman 2016-10-14 0 point

Any help getting this to run on OSX?

FlipTripping 2016-07-15 2 points

This game was amazing when i first played it. I'm so hype about it being free :D. Perfect to casually have going while working.

iao 2016-06-11 -7 points

First time trying any abandonware - will this run on Boxer for Mac 10?

rudolfoid 2016-05-07 0 point

The Mac OS 9 emulator found here works terrifically:

But both .sit files result in errors when they're opened in that emulator. The toast file doesn't work, and the other comes up with an error saying it needs a CD to run. If someone could fix this and supply a new file, it would be so great!

Installer Game of Games 2016-03-16 0 point

ops Now my issues is why don't you have anything on step by step instructions on how to play individual games... I downloaded the shepshaver whatever thats called and its not working... Never opens or anything I am running Bosc el capitan latest version of march 2016 so please advise what to do next.... its very important that i play this game I LOVED THIS GAME AND NEED TO FINISH THIS GAME ASAP.... it reminds me when i was back in the good old 90's and its amazing how we can preserve the games its a shame that the Operating systems keep chasing and fewer programs software whatever lets us play lesser and lesser oldie games....
any one know where I can find the Ripper for mac game?
mid 95 i think...

grimcow 2016-03-12 0 point

Hey everyone, Ive been trying to place this. Sheepshaver seemed to difficult to install and I did not have an OS disc. This one seems promising however!

I am still downloading a game to test it

spiritK 2016-02-24 1 point

When you guys will get the PC version? I NEED THIS FAST!!!!

coleos 2016-02-07 0 point

i downloaded this on my macbook and mounted it but it says its incomplete or missing a file. how do i get this to work?

dee eye why 2015-12-22 1 point

I loved this game's atmosphere. Nothing could match it since.

combofate 2015-06-01 0 point Mac version

asking for cd when i launch game......even when toast mounted, shame

Lion391 2015-05-28 4 points Mac version

I was trying to install Diablo on my MAC with Yosemite 10.10. It wrote me that it's unable to open install file because it's damaged. How could I fixed it?


SquizzeyMacKnutts 2015-05-14 1 point Mac version

A free emulator for Mac OS 9 that runs on all versions of Mac OS X (at least, I have never had a problem doing so) is called Sheepshaver. I believe there are Linux and Windows ports now, as well, however, I cannot vouch for their reliability of those versions. I am a huge fan of all the Diablo releases and I have not had any trouble running Diablo 1 in Sheepshaver. Get info here:

MisterKaos357 2015-03-22 -2 points Mac version

So I guess you're supposed to execute this from ~bash right?

Ian 2015-03-16 2 points Mac version

It opens as a text file on my Mac. What program should I use to open it with?

Huck24 2015-03-05 -1 point Mac version

Someone really ought to create an older Mac OS emulator...

Hawk 2015-01-30 1 point Mac version

Does anyone know how to install this? I have an OS9 emulator but I can't figure out what needs to be put in the system folder.

Tried it 2015-01-08 1 point Mac version

Doesn't work on MAC! Says "file may be incomplete"

Malserste 2015-01-04 1 point Mac version

Probably becouse it doesn't work on osx

NSMC 2014-08-15 0 point Mac version

yea.... now i see why no one downloaded :( thy gave me two .sit files

CariME 2014-08-15 0 point Mac version

Probably because it's Mac only. I hope they get a PC version soon!

NSMC 2014-08-15 0 point Mac version


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