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Eye of the Beholder

DOS - 1991

Also released on: Amiga

Alt names アイ・オブ・ザ・ビホルダー, EOB
Year 1991
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Genre Role-Playing (RPG)
Theme D&D / AD&D, Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, Licensed Title, Puzzle elements, Real-Time
Publisher Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Developer Westwood Associates
Perspective 1st-Person
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.73
4.53 / 5 - 78 votes

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Manual and misc available

Description of Eye of the Beholder

Westwood's Eye of the Beholder 1 and 2 remain today two of the best real-time RPGs ever produced. They feature great graphics for their time, tons of cool weapons and devious real-time puzzles that mysteriously make you come back for more traps and pressure plates to push.

The plots are typical kill-the-big-foozle fare, but the games are so well implemented that you'll be glued to the screen for hours on end. The graphics and animations are both top-notch, and excellent sound effects add to the incredible "you are there" atmosphere that is rarely achieved in RPGs of that time.

Although EOB 2 feels at times like a poor rehash of its predecessor due to awfully similar graphics and monsters, it does feature more expansive and varied outdoor levels, as well as less frustrating endgame boss (defeating the Beholder in EOB 1 is nearly impossible if your party is not at maximum levels).

They're both very challenging games that are definite must-play for dungeon-adventurers, especially fans of book-based AD&D. Too bad SSI's own EOB 3 doesn't measure up to these classics.

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

mobilehead 2023-10-08 0 point

Great game. An answer to FTL's fabulous "Dungeon Master". In some aspect "Eye of the Beholder" exceeds "The King" however in some it does not even equal... An interesting addition of the game were optional special missions that were not required to complete in order to finish the game.

Ayato 2019-08-23 1 point DOS version

if there is a problem with password, just add a space before writing the word

Salvado 2019-04-13 -3 points DOS version

I am at the point with the ladder to go down to the second level. It is asking for the input from the manual. However, nothing seems to work. I cannot enter any information in the popup nor click or type any keys with any response. What am I doing wrong? thx

Morrigan 2018-07-18 1 point DOS version

can't get mouse to work in the game.

Malfurion 2018-07-07 -1 point DOS version

This game will not run on Windows 10 x64.

Kyle P 2017-11-21 1 point

They made it for SNES? COOL!

Vaskir 2017-08-29 0 point

Warriors Eternal Sun was the one with overworld view, this is dungeon crawl

Wayne 2016-03-17 -5 points

Does this have an over-world or is it a pure dungeon crawler?

fdisk 2015-11-10 -6 points

HQ manual french, english + HQ clue book english:
EDIT: Thx fdisk!

NeuralCrash 2015-01-27 1 point DOS version

Thanks! for this classic game (hours of my childhood) and thanks DAN for the manual.

Madeleine 2014-09-27 -2 points DOS version

I can't enter the password. It's not that I don't have the manual, I do (from my old Amiga version!) but when I press keys on the keyboard nothing happens. Any suggestions?

Dan 2014-03-31 2 points DOS version

For those who can;t get past the stairs, because of the password, the manual can be downloaded from here:

Pouncer 2013-05-10 -1 point DOS version

"The game ask for a password to take stairs at a certain point... anyone have an idea of what could I do?"

This was an attempt at anti-piracy. You had to look up a word in the user manual on a certain page. Sorry, I can't tell you what it was. I don't think I even have the manual anymore.

cobrabubbles 2013-04-18 0 point DOS version

The game ask for a password to take stairs at a certain point... anyone have an idea of what could I do?

markegiani 2013-04-05 0 point DOS version

One of the best games ever, though the sequel is better !

Jettar 2011-11-01 2 points DOS version

Right click the weapon in their hand. First time I played this game back in 1990 something I kept throwing the contents of my backpack at the kobolds to survive. good memories.

1GreatScott 2011-08-28 0 point DOS version

It took me HOURS to finally finish this game!

westfort 2011-04-08 0 point DOS version

right clicking on the weapon

twombles 2010-12-19 1 point DOS version

how do you attack in the game i keep on dying.

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ManualEnglish version 10 MB (DOS) MiscHQ manual french, english + HQ clue book english English version 161 MB (DOS)

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