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Fantasy Empires

DOS - 1993

Year 1993
Platform DOS
Released in United States (1993)
United States (1994)
United States (1995)
Genre Strategy
Theme D&D / AD&D, Fantasy, Licensed Title, Real-Time
Publisher Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Developer Silicon Knights, Inc.
Perspective Top-Down
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.72
4.43 / 5 - 59 votes

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Manual available

Description of Fantasy Empires

Definitely one of the best fantasy games ever made, Fantasy Empires is an incredibly addictive fantasy strategy game that combines real-time tactical combat, numerous strategic options, and brilliant graphics and sound effects into an unforgettable gaming experience.

Set in the D&D world of Mystara, Fantasy Empires is similar to SSG's Warlords and SSI's earlier Sword of Aragon. Combat is, however, real-time; although the arcade segment will be fairly acceptable to most wargamers who dislike frenetic action games. You begin by creating your character, as well as up to 4 opponents. Gameplay is split between the strategic map, where you can cast spells, select diplomacy actions, build several structures to train different unit types (similar to Master of Magic), and the close-up tactical view screen where you can see and control your armies in battle. You can also use spys to wreck havoc on your enemies.

One of the best features of the game is the "Dungeon Master" -- a computer-controlled wizard who will give you advice and general remarks during the game, in a surprisingly well-done digitalized voice. As in RPGs, your characters and units grow in experience as you progress through the campaign, earning you access to more powerful spells and buildings.

Overall, Fantasy Empires is simply a must-play for all fantasy wargamers. My only gripe is that because you must conquer EVERY territory to win the game, later stages can become a long, boring waiting game of attrition. Two thumbs up!

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

lordpinoy 2024-03-08 0 point

Now being sold at GOG:

WAAAA 2023-01-21 -4 points

Did I say STUUUUPID???

ARROW 2022-09-26 0 point

How do I get Fantasy Empires?

FantasyEmperor 2022-03-03 3 points

To get this game to be playable in battle, you need to turn down the dosbox processor speed. The game speed is tied to your processor speed, which is set in dosbox.

Freya 2021-11-04 2 points

How to play this? The fights on battlefield are much too fast. Can't do anything than lose.

Tox 2021-02-11 12 points

No download link?

Gold Dragon 2020-11-03 3 points

Replace the original FANTASY.EXE
with the one in PATCH folder.
During the game when the word request come
have fun.

LOL 2020-07-23 0 point

This game was quite cutting edge when it was released back in the day, although the games from more prolific publishers/developers stole the limelight.

The early-mid 1990s, the golden era of gaming, as far as the RPG and strategy genres were concerned. Just before CD-ROMs and just after Soundblaster audio.

By the way, you can play this game online at playminigames dot ru slash en. Plays flawlessly and no manual-based copyright protection. That website is using Dosbox to emulate this game too.

Trence 2019-06-13 1 point

Why do most of the answers on the copy protection sheet not work ? What are the protection word to give in answer before the start of the game ?

paulwratt 2019-04-02 1 point

there are sites that have a ZIP of this game, and you just run FANTASY.EXE nothing to patch, no setup, and no protection words. The one I got was tested by the site (FGHJ as a character name is a dead giveaway).

Shalomas 2019-02-28 1 point

I have windows 10.
I downloaded the game and replaced the fantasy,exe file from the patch folder.

when i opened the fantasy.exe it says "this app can't run on your pc"

please help!


huh? 2018-10-24 -2 points

trying to use Dos Box. Don't know what to do now. I have the folder named FANEMP. I got Dos Box to this point: C:\FANEMP and now i can't get the next prompt to go. I am trying C:\FANEMPFantasy.exe but nothing works. I have tried some other combinations.

JJR 2018-10-18 1 point

Heads up, if you name your character "Jim Ward" you get maximum gold and magic every turn after the first.

MetalKid 2016-12-22 2 points

I played this game for hours and hours when I was a kid. Though, I always ended up save scumming so my heroes could get amazing weapons and I could send a lone hero to destroy entire castles by himself. I ended up beating all the opponents, even the hardest level 35 guy when I was around level 17 myself. Was still fun! :)

Jemak 2016-02-13 1 point

Why do most of the answers on the copy protection sheet not work?

admin 2014-09-24 4 points DOS version

Fucked up archive, now everything is ok. Patched exe is in a separate folder. Thanks guys

Graega 2014-06-17 1 point DOS version

To clarify on what Johnnycash SHOULD have written (Because instructions are actually useful): There is a file, "fantasy.arj", which is a compressed archive. This file contains the game's data, including the install.nfo file. I'm not sure you need to run that however. Using an archival program like WinZIP, you extract the files from fantasy.arj into the same directory. Then copy the fantasy.exe file from the Patched EXE directory and replace the one that was in the archive. Then the game will run in DosBOX; mount the directory, and then run fantasy.exe to play. Use I believe Shift + F11 to slow down DosBOX's emulation so that the game runs at normal speed.

ok 2014-04-16 1 point DOS version

Don't get it. Using D fend, and I can't get it to work. Says is missing. Mean old JohnyCash got it going but I have fiddled with the archive files and the crack and no dice.

JohnnyCashMoney 2013-09-13 -1 point DOS version

@Paul - It's not rocket science. I opened the compressed file provided, copied over the fantasy.exe and ran the game. It took me about 7 Minutes of tinkering to get this working.

The site is free, it means a little bit of effort may be required to get things working.

PaulBearer 2013-05-12 -1 point DOS version

This Version can't be installed because files are missing. There should be a file called install.nfo (installer doesn't work without it) and also a directory doxview with documentation.

As much as I like this site here, but doesn't anybody ever check if the stuff is actually working?

Tricky-Flow 2013-01-22 0 point DOS version

This is an amazing game ! The best strategic game i ever play..
Please someone create a remade or send the idea to a big company !! I'm sure this game have a crazy potential !!

Turtle 2011-05-13 0 point DOS version

Great game

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