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Future Cop: L.A.P.D.

Windows - 1998

Also available on: Mac

Alt names 未来战警, 装甲機動隊 L.A.P.D., Future Cop: LAPD 2100, Future Strike, Soukou Kidoutai LAPD
Year 1998
Platform Windows
Released in Germany, United States (1998)
Canada, United States (1999)
France, Germany, Netherlands (2001)
Genre Action
Theme BattleMech, Law enforcement, North America, Sci-Fi / Futuristic
Publisher Dice Multi Media Europe B.V., Electronic Arts, Inc.
Developer Electronic Arts Redwood Shores Studio, Electronic Arts, Inc.
Perspective Diagonal-down
4.55 / 5 - 250 votes

Description of Future Cop: L.A.P.D.

Future Cop: L.A.P.D. is a video game published in 1998 on Windows by Electronic Arts, Inc., Dice Multi Media Europe B.V.. It's an action game, set in a battlemech, sci-fi / futuristic, north america and law enforcement themes, and was also released on Mac.

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Jam 2024-02-04 2 points Windows version

So, I tried to set this one up on my windows 11 machine in 2024 (cause nostalgia). Didn't go too well for me but I did manage to make it work. Here are the steps in case someone's an absolute nut like me trying to play this wonderful game from 1998 almost 26 years after its release:

1. Download the iso from' and mount it. (If you aren't aware of this, I suggest you google it, not that hard)
2. Download and install nglide from and restart your pc.
3. Download the game installer from and run the installer (choose high graphics 3dfx while installing)
4. Download dgvoodoo2 from and unzip the contents.
5. After unzipping, go into the dgVoodoo2 folder into directory /3Dfx/x64, copy the 3 glide files and paste it into the root folder that contains the FCopLAPD.exe executable.
6. Also, inside the dgVoodoo2 folder, there will be an executable file dgvoodoocpl.exe. Run it and make the following changes in there (these worked for me, you might have to brute force a few settings according to your system if something goes wrong- sorry). Under the "Glide" section, check "Enable Glide Gamma Ramp" and "Force vSync". Uncheck the others. Under the "DirectX" section, check "dgVoodoo Watermark" and "Force vSync". Uncheck the others. Leave all other settings unchanged.
7. Search for the nglide configurator on your system and run it. Set the following in order: Automatic (Default), 640x480, Entire Screen (Default), By App (Default), On (Default), 1.0 (Default), Off.
8. Restart your pc. Mount the drive.
9. Right click on FCopLAPD.exe and go to properties under "Compatibility" section. Check "Compatibility mode" - Windows 98 / Windows ME. Check "Reduced color mode" - 16-bit (65536) color. Check "Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution". Check "Run this program as an administrator".
10. Run FCopLAPD.exe (Always run as administrator).

Issues (the ones I faced):
1. The game may not always start. In this case: Keep attempting to start the game. It might work sometimes. No? Unmount and mount the drive again. No? Worst case- shut the system down, start again, and repeat the process of mounting the drive and running the game as an administrator again.
2. In-game videos do not have sound (It may not seem much, but it hurts my soul- you could always watch them with sound from the "movies" directory in the root folder).
3. In-game escape key doesn’t work. Accidentally pressing it glitches the game in my case.
4. Do not attempt to skip cut scenes- the game will crash (hurts most when it’s the post-level cut scene and the game crashes, not giving you a chance to save).
5. You will not be able to change the controls in-game. You will have to manually edit the controls.exe file in the root folder. The first 14 lines are for player1 and the other 14 are player2 controls. Here's the order in which it captures the key from this file. [Up, Down, Turn Right, Turn Left, Gun Weapon, Action, Special Weapon, Jump, Map, Camera, Jink Left, Jink Right, Heavy Weapon, Change Target].
6. If the in-game audio does not work, follow these steps to fix it: Open your windows registry editor. Go to path- [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Electronic Arts\Future Cop\Settings]. You will see a bunch of files there. Changes will have to be made in the files "SfxVolume", "MovieVolume", and "MusicVolume". Open them one by one and make the following changes in all of them. Select "Base" as "Decimal" and set value to 99. Select "OK". Close the windows registry editor and restart your pc.

Figured all this out after 5 days of gameplay. Good luck if you're attempting to install this on your modern machine!

suhaib531 2023-09-29 2 points Windows version

can some one tell me where to download the cutscenes and the briefings?

larson 2023-04-06 7 points

I managed to make it run on Windows 10. Here's how I did:

-Download the ISO version.
-Go to
-Follow instructions in "Playing on modern systems - Windows 10 support (DirectX) " section (download and run "the installer" and dgVoodoo2 and setup as stated there).
-So in short: mount the ISO (e.g. with DaemonTools), run the downloaded installer (this will install the game), setup dgVoodoo2 for DirectX 2-8.

(There are also instructions for 3dFX support but that didnt' work for me. But it may work for others...)

You should now be able to play without problems. Sort of. In fact in my case I had no music and voice ingame.
Clicking on "preferences" it will return to the desktop and open a window. Clicking on audio option will open another window. Use the sliders to change volume.

(IN MY CASE the audio window appears almost totally off-screen and with no way to move it and with two sliders hidden. Use the TAB and right keys to turn up the volume of the sliders if this problem occurs to you)

exyz3 2023-03-31 2 points Windows version

Who do i make this game run on win10?

Mister F 2023-02-23 5 points Windows version

Still one of the best games EA ever made.

jayb0g 2022-08-20 9 points Windows version

I could not get this to play on my Windows 11 machine. When I tried the autorun, it said it was incompatible with 64-bit systems. When I tried the FCopLAPD application, a blank window popped up and changed the aspect ratio of my monitor. How can I get it to run?

Sco Jo 2021-11-29 2 points

Love this game. Spent many weekends eating ramen in all weekend with this.

SURVAYER 2021-10-18 1 point


sandy 2021-04-19 1 point Windows version

this game is not working at all

DR.CHROMIUM MECK MINER LTD. 2021-03-09 0 point

I like mechanical warrior-like avatars and map edit games

JORGORE 2021-01-21 2 points Windows version

Hello. Please upload full iso PC's game. Thank you :)

odysandy 2019-10-14 3 points

this game is my life

nonono 2018-12-30 -4 points Windows version

Please upload the full iso, not the demo, there isn't much units of this game anymore!

PrestonPlez 2018-12-08 -8 points

hellow dood i am a youuber

HznFamilia 2018-06-03 2 points

Thanks A Lot,, this game so Amazing, and i want to nostalgia with this game haha

Toufik 2018-04-28 1 point Windows version

Best game in my childhood. I still want to play this game. Brings back memory.

termotanque 2018-03-05 -3 points Windows version

I have problems when I want to run this game and others from 1997-2005. They are very common in modern computers (specially in 64 bits). I would like to know first, if a virtual machine is the best solution for these problems and second if you recomend to emulate windows xp.

Parag 2018-03-04 -3 points Windows version

Can I find deathtrap dungeon anywhere ?

Fawkespryde 2018-03-03 3 points Windows version

I own this game and pulled it down off the shelf to play it only to find my playstation non-functional. Future cop: L.A.P.D is a great game. I recall playing this and Warcraft 2: Tides of darkness non stop. I have both good and bad memories, the controls were janky when in the hover mode but that's what made it so memorable. I can't count how many times I died in the lava area, or how lost I got at the airport one. And multiplayer was so much fun, with other people and the Sky Captain. Seriously have not seen an a.i so well coded in a long time and the voice acting was great for him.

If you've finished the game, both campaign and played multiplayer, don't put the controller down yet. There are some cheat codes you can put in to get a new multiplayer lever that changes the map, assets and the music during the match. Also, you can unlock weapons that you didn't find in the main campaign.

Seriously cannot recommend this game higher. It's not as well known as Doom or Warcraft but its still up there in "list of games that set the stepping stones for others to follow". This is a vintage piece that all gamers should have tried at least once in their life.

Alban 2018-02-07 0 point Windows version

Using Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 updated to date and working flawless, even by 20 years now.

GGWP 2018-01-19 2 points Windows version

Best game ever!

Colony101 2017-12-04 4 points

Make 32bit installation run on 64bit windows 7 -
Press START (type in the search: turn windows features on or off).
OPEN it.
CHECK the box that says: Internet Information Services. Close window.
Press START (type in the search: IIS) OPEN the internet information services.
On the right hand side, their is a tiny arrow pointing to your computer name under a tab called "Connections".
Click on the arrow to reveal a drop down menu with a option called "Application pools'.
Highlight the Application Pools option in the sub menu under the connections tab by clicking on it once.
Now on the right hand side you should see a thing called "DefaultAppPool". Right click on it and then click on the "Advanced settings" option.
Now where it says "Enable 32bit applications: False". Change this to True. Close Window and play extracted zip! Works for me. tested on 64bit windows 7

shehab 2017-09-11 1 point Windows version

it was a good game when i played earlier

shweeta 2017-06-05 10 points Windows version

can aanyone tell how to run this game on win10 64bit please

ZyBeX86 2017-05-09 1 point Windows version

New D.Va skin from Overwatch based on this game! :)

lazerlight 2017-03-24 2 points

The best thing BY FAR in this game is the multiplayer versus game mode. If you're not impressed by the singleplayer missions, grab a friend and try it out. It's a VERY different experience and gameplay and you might get hooked.

krashd 2016-09-06 2 points Windows version

You need to emulate an older version of DirectX using DXGL, DXWnd, WineD3D libraries, new ddraw libraries, a Virtual Machine running Windows XP or even messing with the Application Compatibility Manager downloaded from Microsoft...

Few games from the 90's will run on a modern PC with zero problems because so much has changed, but be warned - trying to emulate Win 9x/DirectDraw on a Win NT/Direct3D machine, especially a 64bit one at that makes using DOSBox seem like child's play.

Ninja_Kitty Mewo 2016-08-23 0 point Windows version

Try compatibly mode, if not change screen resolution.

Mecha 2016-08-17 2 points Windows version

Does anyone know where I can get the movie files for this game?

yogi 2016-07-04 2 points Windows version

Is future cop demo game play in window xp or 7

christina 2016-07-02 1 point Windows version

love this game

sandpapercondoms 2016-06-28 1 point

like many others many many issues while trying to run on windows 10, try if you feel like it.

Bitracker 2016-06-14 0 point

If it's not working for Windows You could try PSX emulator.

KAAAANE 2016-05-28 0 point Windows version

I still HAVE this game on disk. And I really liked it. It definitely was influenced by Robocop and Judge Dredd. Good news is, you have more firepower than a Judge. Bad news, so do your enemies! I kind of liked the weapon upgrade system once I got the hang of it. Still a cool game even today.

mgod 2016-03-03 1 point Windows version

try playing as administrator or change compatibility to windows XP

Taranta 2016-02-03 3 points Windows version

I'd love to get this working. I only get a blank screen. Any ideas? Using Windows 10

SuperHappyFunTime 2016-01-31 1 point

I remember this game, it really slipped under most peoples radar.
download it and try it(if u can get it working) but for sure it will
be time well spent.
getting sleeeeeepy........

Joel 2015-11-09 2 points Windows version

i cant run it , i not sure what problem is this but i see a blank window

2122 2015-03-09 3 points Windows version

Awesome, thanks to whoever uploaded this. I had the original CD and couldn't figure how to make it work on Windows 8, this download version worked with no problems.

Monochroma 2014-10-04 3 points Mac version

3rd person shooter style.
Your character controls a biped robot that can transform into a hover car!

I did feel this game was way ahead of its contemporaries at the time. Set in a Robocop / Judge Dredd inspired world, you kill man, machine and monsters, with the ability to select 3 different weapons upon each loadout.

A particular innovation at the time were skirmish missions against the AI. It a mix between 3rd person shooter and tower defense. Definitely worth a try in my opinion

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