Halo: Combat Evolved (Windows)

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Halo: Combat Evolved

Windows - 2003

Alt names ヘイロー, 光晕:战斗进化, 最後一戰, Blam!, Guangyun: Zui Hou Yizhan, Halo: El Combate ha Evolucionado, Halo: Kampf um die Zukunft, Monkey Nuts
Year 2003
Platform Windows
Released in Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States
Genre Action
Theme Flight, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Shooter, Tank, War
Publisher Microsoft Corporation
Developer Bungie Studios
Perspectives 1st-Person, Behind view
4.44 / 5 - 817 votes

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Patch and demo available

Description of Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: Combat Evolved was a watershed for shooters. It came out at just the right moment, on just the right console, with just the right bells and whistles to become one of the most dominate shooter games since N64's GoldenEye. With large, open maps with incredible draw distances, a cinematic score, a variety of vehicles to drive/pilot, and an incredible heads-up co-op experience, Halo was a must-have must-play title that was great for split-screen and LAN parties or lazy weekends at a friend's trying to speed run Assault on the Control Room.

While the original Halo had its flaws (relatively little enemy variety for much of the game, bland and recycled indoor environments to make for some rather lengthy levels, no real reward or punishment for the degree of success to which certain mission goals were accomplished), the social experience of the game made up for them.

Interestingly, for a game that supposedly changed and shaped the genre, many of the play mechanics that defined Halo: Combat Evolved (having both health and a regenerative shield, for instance) did not make it into the sequels, and cover-based shooters and aim-to-fire shooters still dominated the FPS landscape. Looking back, carrying only two weapons feels the most “Halo” part of the franchise that's seen across other contemporary and successive games.

Halo for PC offered some of the glitz and glam of the Xbox's killer app, along with some new bonuses, but also some drawbacks.

PC Halo gave players new multiplayer maps and new vehicles and weapons for multiplayer. Unfortunately, bad netcode created a number of lag issues that can severely affect aiming in the PC version of Halo. Additionally, PC Halo lacks the signature heads-up co-op single-player campaign that was part of what made the Xbox version so great.

Review By P. Alexander

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Comments and reviews

dude 2024-06-27 1 point

ima try dis im only 11

freddy dinos 2022-07-03 0 point

bonjour,c'est normal que le jeux n'est plus disponible ?,merci.

fgt_mintgaming 2021-05-07 2 points

i downloaded the game for free here last year (2019-2020)

Halo fan 2020-09-06 23 points

The game is on the internet archive, https://archive.org/details/HaloCEPC

Duckgaroux 2020-07-27 7 points

Dave I don't know if you'll ever see or read my comment but I googled the "Monkey Nuts" thing - turns out that was the game's first project name before being called "Blam!" as apparently one of the devs or person involved did not want to tell his mum he was working on a game called Monkey Nuts.

From now on... I'm calling Halo, Monkey Nuts.

Also I agree with everyone else - the link here is to CE: Anniversary. But to also disagree with everyone else here; technically speaking I'm unsure that Halo CE would be abandonware because the property is still a highly guarded IP by Microsoft and since CE (anniversary) is still technically making money - they could pursue a cease and desist at the snap of a finger so it makes sense to remove it. Sorry folks but Halo is not an example of Abandonware - especially being a name entry in a still (and counting MCC) active franchise and is making money as well - this is still very much protected. Now if you were arguing that this were something like True Crime Streets of LA or The Suffering (which being now sold on GoG probably means it no longer applies as abandonware) in which hasn't seen any form of revenue for a company in a decade plus - it's probably abandonware.

(For the last paragraph above for those wondering); TLDR; if it is currently making monetary gain / revenue in an obviously legal fashion (rerelease, sold over a client like GoG, being part of a still huge franchise, etc. etc.) it is most likely NOT* abandonware as abandonware is literally abandoned property that as long as you aren't profiting off of they don't care to cross you for pirating as it does not profit them or IP holder.

Oscar 2020-07-24 2 points

Anyone has a working link to get this??

Trout 2020-07-20 1 point

Metal Gear Solid 2 has also gotten re-released, are you not gonna take that down as well? Morons.

Frogman911 2020-06-04 15 points

It's ridiculous that you removed this game from myabandonware, putting the mcc instead, they are completely different versions you freaking doofus, I hope to god you put the freaking game on the site again, otherwise I'll get even more pissed than I am right now.

Human 2020-05-22 19 points

This is still abandonware, and should be placed back on the site. The steam link is for the Master Chief collection/remaster, meaning that it is NOT the original.

reign117 2020-05-14 1 point

Damn the older links are going offline i'll send the last one to the download for Halo CE: https://discord.gg/MB9JbSj

reign117 2020-04-27 1 point

yo guys I downloaded the free halo from this website and I have the download. Join my discord and ill give it to ya. https://discord.gg/X3tBjCz hope fully this isn't illegal or something.

dhruv 2020-04-08 0 point

This game was free 2 months ago , how is it a paid version now???

seargentwolfie 2020-03-26 0 point

i had this game but by mistake something went wrong

blinkryba 2020-03-23 0 point

sure you can buy the anniversary edition on steam, but i am looking for the original edition which was taken off of this website, would anyone be able to point me in the proper direction to find the full classic combat evolved for pc?

Mortisanti 2020-03-14 0 point

TeddySwatt asked if it's possible to play this game with a controller. You can play any game with a controller if you use a program that allows you to map keyboard/mouse controls to a controller, such as Xpadder or other alternatives: http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Miscellaneous/Xpadder.shtml

junio rizalde 2020-03-10 0 point

If you have trouble to run Halo: Combat Evolved (Windows), read the abandonware guide first!

StarMac 2020-03-09 0 point

Thanks for upload halo

TeddySwatt 2020-03-05 1 point

Finally got the game to download correctly to where it is playable. Does anyone know how to add in support for a controller wanting to use my Xbox One controller that i have blue toothed to the PC, the option for a game pad is not available. Thanks.

Samuel117209 2020-02-29 0 point

I've installed the game and I can play it, but when I try to install the patches it says that it won't work because the game is not installed ?

Jeffakajp 2020-02-23 -1 point

I can play the campaign just fine, but am having issues getting the patches installed. It keeps saying Halo not installed. Would love to play multiplayer if people still do, let me know how to install the patch. Thanks!

Francis 2020-02-09 1 point

I've Downloaded And Install The Game. And The Result Was Perfect Thanks. I Can Play It Now On My Laptop. :)

ChemicalTaint 2020-01-27 -1 point

Amazed to see how many people didn't know Halo was originally called "Monkey Nuts" and then was changed to "Blam!" which in-turn became it's own thing to censor "offensive" words in the Halo series.

JamesTDG 2020-01-25 0 point

I hope when I load this that I can test a few mods on it (just so I do not need to worry about project cartographer)

Laceon 2020-01-22 0 point

If you are having a directx issue trying running its target as

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo\halo.exe" -vidmode 1366,768 set yor pc

Flying Kites 2020-01-21 2 points

Who calls Halo CE "Monkey Nuts" and "Blam!"?

Check the alt names box near the top.

2346Nejc 2020-01-20 0 point

hay i want to play this game

blipblob 2020-01-07 3 points

i saw this and has like "Halo CE for free? Hell Yeah"

Jaga 2019-12-20 -2 points

I am always happy

Adam14 2019-12-18 -7 points

WOW! it totally works that its has all the machine and also i somehow got some custom maps,weird. i dont want to buy the game since this 2003 and i was born 2005 so dad bought me this game since i was 7 and a half and then i started playing everything was OK. Then went through the mission called "Keyes" in that jungle it look almost scarry then went underground of the Covennat Base i stop playing. Thats All.

dave44 2019-12-12 14 points

For 15 years, the only version of Halo for PC has been Gearbox's wrinkled port; imperfect, but not fundamentally broken. The Refined project is our attempt to smooth all those wrinkles and provide a port that even die-hard Halo purists will be happy with.

32-bit-Enhanced Refined stock maps for Halo PC: https://opencarnage.net/index.php?/topic/7834-32-bit-enhanced-refined-stock-maps-for-halo-pc/

Al Capwn 2019-12-12 1 point

Wow this is truly amazing. I am 14 again. The only problem I am having is how do I install the USER-CREATED MAPS after downloading them? How and where do I put them into the .mdf or .mds file, or is there some other way?

I am on windows 10 and it works perfectly for me. For those of you who downloaded the main file and are wondering why it won't work, you need a free software (I used Virtual CloneDrive) as the platform to run the actual game on (it simulates older versions of windows, which the game was originally made for). You will click open with [Virtual CloneDrive], put in the license key, INSTALL IT, and THEN MAKE SURE you open the patches, too. Then you will have to restart and should be good to go.

It all worked perfectly for me on Windows 10 64 bit. I just want to know how I add user created maps. :D

H3rm3s tv 2019-12-10 0 point

e bellissimo il gioco, lo adoro
grz che mi avete dato la possibilità di giorcarci

Ursa 2019-12-10 4 points

the patch wont work it keeps saying halo is not installed anyone know how to fix this?

MATTHEW 2019-12-10 0 point


nigga 2019-12-06 0 point

Keeps on saying "A problem occurred initialising Direct3D. Hardware acceleration maybe disabled. Please run DxDiag. :(

TitianDerp 2019-12-01 1 point

Where's the product ID? Or whatever it's called.

SPOOPY POOPY 2019-11-20 -2 points


CURBY 2019-10-30 -1 point


kevin 2019-10-28 -1 point

i thank this games is really fun and can pass time

Rise .exe 2019-10-23 -4 points

i have the game installed, but i don't know how to play the game. please help.

Hey 2019-10-02 -2 points

How do I apply the patch?

PQCraft 2019-09-29 -1 point

Can't install 1.0.10 / 1.10 patch

NekoObito 2019-09-28 2 points

if anyone knows how to get the multiplayer to work let me know. otherwise I just want people to know the MP doesn't work.

Erwin12341 2019-09-25 2 points

This game is great and i'd like to buy it. If they no longer sell it I will gladly pirate it.

plainchief 2019-09-23 0 point

Although not a fan of the series, the game is still very fun to play. Patch 1.10 or later must be installed if one must play online multiplayer, as the patch removes the reliance of the defunct Gamespy service. Installed once on my xp retrogaming box and decided to let the game remain in the hdd forever (I never attempt to install on my windows 10 pc because of the bad experience of installing game as old as this one)

NekoObito 2019-09-23 1 point

if anyone knows how to get the multiplayer to work let me know. otherwise I just want people to know the MP doesn't work.

monkey nuts 2019-09-04 1 point

this game has been a centerpiece of my life. I can't remember the amount of times I've beat this game on legendary. If you've played this and are looking for a fun experience with a mod I suggest getting SPV3. Adds a ton of weapons and new areas to the campaign. The only downside is that it makes some of the characters look quite campy, especially cortana and chief.

Mcdudeman 2019-08-21 8 points

Download the full version then install it. Get the patch and update. Works fine BUT I cannot play in fullscreen because the resolution defaults to like 640x480 resolution i think? And my monitor has no idea what to do with that so it looks terrible and the screen becomes so dark I cannot even enter the settings to change it. Use a program called Run With Parameters and run it with the "-window" parameter. The game will play great and run smooth. Could not get 360 controller rumble working but it recognizes the controller input (although it still says "button 1 etc").
Amazing that it is free here.

Chase Soul 2019-08-18 0 point

Well I haven't ever tried Halo before but after beating Level 10, I realized what I'd been missing for 2 Months of my family trying to get me to play Halo! After I beat It, It wasn't all that bad as I had predicted, but the one part I didn't like, was when I met the Maw on Level 6, most of the way through It! After that It wasn't that bad. Thanks to however made Halo because without that game coming into my life, I was pretty bored! Thanks!! (:

CHEEKY 2019-07-31 3 points

i cant install the patch it says halo needs to be installed to run why wont it work?

ermir 2019-07-25 2 points

very good game

Tilly 2019-07-23 1 point

I have the disk version of Halo CE, I installed it correctly all the way but when I click on the icon to play it doesnt open up. Can anyone help me with this problem?

willz 2019-07-21 2 points

I downloaded the "Full RIP without Installation" link and the patch but it keeps saying that I don't have halo installed did I download the right version or is the iso version to go with?

Pual 2019-07-14 -4 points

Right before the second mission ended, Halo crashed and then when I would try to open it it would say that a dll file wasn't found, and now I can't open it...

renegade2k19 2019-07-14 -2 points

this is a cool old version of shooting games

xiandexter21 2019-07-13 -1 point

i like this game 2014-2019 i love dis game 4ever

B33p 2019-07-08 2 points

Like others here, I played this game for hours on end. Actually, just the demo. The demo was fantastic and offered enough for great replay value. I eventually got Xbox and the first Halo game and that was also fantastic. Was mad when they changed the gameplay, because I did so well at using the pistol as a sniper tool and my ego got bruised because I didn't do so well and was too lazy to try, hahahahaha.

Gabe 2019-07-06 1 point

i got an mds and mdf file and not an iso file and i cannot figure out how to convert mds to iso or what these are for at all

halot4fo 2019-06-13 -8 points

how do i do LAN or online campaign

cshep99 2019-06-13 2 points

the name "monkey nuts" is the code name that bungie gave it when they started development.

Dave33333 2019-05-30 33 points

Okay, seriously, in what country is Halo called "Monkey nuts"?

BestestBoii 2019-05-30 5 points

I can't play the game. An error appears saying "A problem occured initializing Direct3D. Hardware acceleration maybe disabled, please run DXDIAG" with no continue option. I would appreciate some help.

DEath2 2019-05-23 1 point

halo is awsome

question person 2019-05-18 -6 points

right now it's just a bunch of unusable files for me. how do I start playing it?

shahid 2019-05-18 -2 points

Halo game very fantastic game in the world

thelost 2019-05-13 -1 point

most qualilty game i play

ahtisham 2019-05-10 -2 points


Kasun 2019-04-28 -1 point


To bad the servers went down 2019-04-25 -1 point

I had played SOooo many hours of multiplayer it easily exceeded the 1000+ hours recorded by xfire.

Win 10 Answer 2019-04-17 2 points

If you are having trouble getting this to run on Win 10 then install Patch v1.0.10.
When I installed the game and tried to launch, it wouldn't do anything. No errors, nothing. After installing Patch v1.0.10, the game launched perfectly.

You can also get the patch here if you have trouble installing the one from myabondonware -

Eddy 2019-04-16 1 point

Do I need winrar to extract the file

TheMerciless 2019-04-09 -14 points

lmao been playing halo since i was 5 on xbox, now i have a trial installed on my pc, but i found this, hope its the full game. btw im beast on pc on halo, lots of no scopes with sniper. :)

FreshBLOX 2019-04-09 4 points

Bruh does this give viruses?

Tenshihan_Quinn 2019-04-07 0 point

You need a free virtual disk mounting software, then you just 'mount' the "MDS" file to the virtual drive and you can play. ;)

naha 2019-04-07 1 point

ok i love halo

fur 2019-04-06 0 point

if your trying to download the iso version. plz download " winrar" to "exert" it on a new folder to play this game.

boi 2019-03-26 -4 points

idk how to actually download it cuz i downloaded the zip without installation now what do i do

sagsm03 2019-03-11 -1 point

This Game is Awesome! I'm Never gonna Uninstall This Game Ever Again!

GirlieCarLover 2019-02-25 -1 point

Greg1854 I think MDF/MDS is Windows Rom reader multipurpose format. Multi Data or Disc Format. Multi data/disc system. I use them for putting pictures, music, documents on one CD. It could also be Mutiple disc session which is good for that stated above, but allows you to burn the cd, remove it from the drive and reinsert it and add files later or erase files from initial burn. Its a live file system. So you can work from the cd by using programs from cd instead of hard drive and also saving new info with the program on the disk. Example: Backing up manually documents, finances, websites, music n photos/videos on one disc and adding new items while using software on the disc. If you download a game and use MDS and not close disc session, and burned you can put it in later and run game from disc and also keep game saves and extra content on same disc. Its an alternative to emulators.

coolsium 2019-02-23 0 point

its almost as good as gta sa

Ivan 2019-02-16 0 point

Thank you so much.

Been tryin to find this game for a while now
when i was about 6 or 7 i played this game non-stop kept uninstalling and installing it a bunch of times lol

this time wont uninstall it or ill loose it again.

thank you again :D

bla bla master 2019-02-10 1 point

I think the game is good

Greg1854 2019-02-10 0 point

The "ISO" version is actually an "MDF/MDS" pair, and I can't figure out how to open it.

eddiespaghetti 2019-01-31 3 points

Yea how do I get the patches to work? It keeps telling me that Halo is not installed every time I try to run them. Also the FOV is absolutely atrocious how do I fix that?

BillyBobJoe 2019-01-15 -3 points

i cant figure out how to instal

chris 2019-01-11 -39 points

after 10 Minutes i delete this piece of crap.

rehan khan 2019-01-07 3 points


carolina 2018-12-21 -2 points

who you love more cabos charch or taker or taksas

Gopal 2018-09-10 2 points

So nice and fantastic game

lalla 2018-09-09 1 point

i love this game

SHAGGY 2018-09-08 0 point



Albert767 2018-09-03 1 point

saying cannot allocate required memory as there is a game saved where it needs to be??

God 2018-08-25 0 point

Hello, I am having trouble with the multiplayer and I do not know how to fix it. If anyone knows how can you please send me a link?

raj 2018-08-10 -4 points

it takes time to download

ThiccBoi 2018-08-09 3 points

Hey Pugboy copy the link below into your address bar, it will send to to a website that you can download Halo 2 for PC. It comes with a mod that will add multiplayer to the game.

Pugboy 2018-08-05 2 points

Works perfectly. But i'm still trying to hunt down a copy of halo 2 for PC because Ive never played it

Johnny 2018-08-04 0 point

Trying to run this on Windows 7. Not having much luck. It keeps telling me that the download is corrupted, no matter how many times I delete and redownload. Anyone else having trouble/are there any tweaks you need to set up to get it to work on newer OS?

Nado4952 2018-07-31 -1 point

I really want it

nitu 2018-07-31 0 point

it is very interacting game...

cool_kid 2018-07-28 0 point

i played the demo

shalutha and dhanuka 2018-07-27 0 point

this game is even better than gta 3 yal!!!

JeeaGs 2018-07-08 0 point

I dont know why, i go in the setting launcher, i click play so it say that it close the launcher and launch the game, but it only close the launcher, so i cnt play now. Can someone help me ?

proton 2018-06-28 0 point

it's telling me: error, cannot allocate memory, some other application has loaded where halo needs to be loaded. when i try the .exe files
what do i do to fix this?

retrogamerdude 2018-06-25 -6 points

whats the product key

BUh 2018-06-20 4 points


cunt 2018-06-16 1 point

I love this game so much! I played it on my Xbox years ago but now i can play it on my pc! WITH FIXED FOV!

Dude 2018-06-11 4 points

I try to open the file and all it does is not play the game so I don't know what to do can I get some help here please.- Thanks

FatmanMcGee 2018-05-28 -9 points

VirusTotal says there's a Trojan in the file.

Mark Henry 2018-05-16 1 point

I didn't think this game would ever be abandonware... Well surprise surprise. Also surprising to see some other games I didn't think we're abandonware and other programs

ieedeep 2018-05-16 0 point

This game is serious type of game

Raggy 2018-05-15 2 points

Spynet closed down all multiplayer servers around 2014/13. I forgot why but they did you can only make servers to play with friends

Headbusters77 2018-05-14 2 points

How do you get multiplayer to work?

DR STRANGE 2018-05-10 1 point


jake 2018-05-09 0 point

I love this games because I like halo so much

RadicalRob 2018-05-08 0 point

You think it's possible to get Halo 2 Vista on here?

Cartomancer 2018-05-06 0 point

I love this game. I am too old for the new games, but this and "resident Evil 4" Great.

sonicpt24 2018-04-06 2 points

well, it's a good game but i would like if you put "Halo 2" and "Halo:Custom Edition"

Skohix 2018-04-05 1 point

it is incredible seeing all these good games being added to the site recently. What a great year this will be! Played HALO years ago back when the old Xfire was alive... Halo is amazing on PC as it was on the original xbox. For PC you can use controller OR mouse and keyboard, you can manually set the buttons for your controller too. Sorry to say its single player only for the campaign....no split-screen/co-op feature like the xbox. The story for halo is great and the cut-scenes were done well, it brings a lot of action and interest that keeps you focused in beating the game. For those who haven't played it, you won't know until you try it!! Give it a go and download. After all these years it is still great to play.

Awashnut 2018-03-25 0 point

Too bad it's not on steam

NB 2018-03-15 4 points

I went to a boarding school (I'm at Uni now) in which we got leave the facilities only on the weekend, so we would spend hours playing video games :D We were allowed to organise one event every year which we would call the "Boyz Night", which was filled with ordering large amount of junk food music and playing video games. We had gaming consoles and PC's, so we took games from around 10-15 years ago that everybody could run, as not all laptops had a Nvdidia graphics card. Games such as COD:WWII (the old one hahaha) and THIS. Truly a classic that can be played over the same Wi-Fi network or over LAN. Thanks for uploading this.

a snood player 2018-03-14 10 points

wow, i am surprised to see this game here so good job guys

BigBob 2018-02-20 24 points

Nothing really needs to be said about Halo Combat Evolved. This is the historic FPS that started the franchise familiar to gamers and non-gamers alike. Possibly the highlight of MyAbandonware, when played at its highest resolution, the exciting and eerie landscapes of the game's ring world are unforgettable. Besides the excellent shooting, Halo also features entertaining driving sequences with the Warthog and some truly frightening aliens. A classic.

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PatchPatch v1.0.9 English version 3 MB (Windows) PatchPatch v1.0.10 English version 3 MB (Windows) DemoEnglish version 131 MB (Windows)

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