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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Windows - 2001

Alt names 哈利波特与魔法石, הארי פוטר ואבן החכמים, Harry Potter y la Piedra Filosofal, Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen, Harry Potter to Kenja no Ishi, Harry Potter og De vises stein, Harry Potter och De Vises Sten, Harry Potter ja Viisasten Kivi, Harry Potter i Kamień Filozoficzny, Harry Potter en de Steen der Wijzen, Harry Potter e a Pedra Filosofal, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter à l'école des sorciers, Harry Potter 1, 해리 포터와 마법사의 돌
Year 2001
Platform Windows
Released in Germany, United States (2001)
Finland (2008)
Genre Action
Theme Licensed Title, Movies, Platform, Puzzle elements
Publisher Electronic Arts, Inc.
Developer KnowWonder, Inc.
Perspective Behind view
4.29 / 5 - 272 votes

Description of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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For the first time since the 1970s, there has arisen a marketing force terrifying enough in its inertia to rock the house of LucasArts to its core. Yes indeed, Harry Potter has arrived, and backed by the omnipotent J.K.Rowling has burst on to the gaming market with the force of... well, a million eager children's piggy banks. And that's not even beginning to mention the countless hordes of adults who either pretend to read it to be with their kids, or just admit that they're damn good books.

The game versions of the best-selling novels certainly have a lot to live up to, not least since they're game adaptations of film adaptations of books - not a genre that has the best pedigree. This hasn't stopped them rocketing into the number one slot in the all-format charts in the UK, and in fact, it's not even a matter of concern, because the PC version at least is really very good indeed.

The title loosely follows the plot of the film; and when we say loosely, we really mean it, as the best you get is a brief plot reminder to keep you rolling along. Those who haven't either read the books or seen the film are going to be mightily confused. Our best advice is to settle down and read the lot - we promise you won't regret it. You start with your lessons at Hogwarts school for witches and wizards before rocketing straight to the end of the story with a quick stop-off for dragon rescuing in the middle.

The roller-coaster nature of the game's plot development is a bit of a pity, since it's really excellent entertainment, but essentially leads to a rather short game. You begin with your first lessons during which you learn a number of useful spells by tracing your mouse over a shape onscreen - the more accurate you are, the more points go to your schoolhouse, Gryffindor. The house-points are totalled up on your options screen; nice teachers give them for success, and according to tradition, nasty professor Snape takes them away in a desultory fashion.

Once the spell is learnt, you can use it in the game. Each class contains a challenge that you as Harry are sent on. You're only able to succeed if you use your spells correctly, which is simpler than it might sound. Taking up the spellcasting stance with the press of a button, you can direct your wand to the objects around you. If it's 'spellable', then the spell icon shows up and you can cast upon it. This will either open the pathway, gain you some Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, a collectable Wizard Card, one of the challenge stars needed to complete the task or give you a chocolate frog to restore your health. If you manage to find 24 of the cards, and 250 of the beans through unlocking secret areas, you unlock a special secret wizard card. We'd give you more info but we missed the secret area in the Quidditch lesson - bah!

This brings us neatly to the flying broomstick game. Starting with a quick lesson with Zoe Wannamaker (or rather, her digital equivalent), you're quickly spotted as a star Quidditch player, and promoted to the house team! Through this convenient plot device, you're propelled into an all-star match against the other houses. As the seeker, your task is to zoom around the pitch and pick up the snitch, a tiny golden ball with wings, to clinch the match. In fact, it's probably the trickiest part of the game, and certainly the most fun, which is why the title includes a separate Quidditch league where the enlightened player can zoom and swoop to their heart's content to build their way up the league. You can even have private tuition with the Quidditch teacher to improve your lacking broomstick skills.

Control has been simplified to appeal to all ages, but this leaves you feeling a little bit clumsy. You can move back and forwards, turn left and right, jump, and use a spell, with the mouse being indicated as the sensible way to look around. However mouse control is incredibly awkward, so we ended up moving around with the arrow keys - the lack of a strafe only causing occasional annoyance. Much of the game is platform-style, not dissimilar to a certain Ms Croft's escapades. The way Harry grabs the edge of blocks and bookcases and hauls himself up with a grunt is a dead ringer for the anatomically impossible heroine. What's a bit silly is that the game includes the ability to enable an 'autojump' function. Yes, that's just what it sounds like - we heartily recommend people leave it off since it not only takes away any difficulty from the platform sections, but also reduces the fun quota to near zero.

The game has its fair share of puzzles, although they're not overly taxing, being aimed at an age group with a large span of years. They're made with style, however, as is much of the game itself. Graphically, it's a feast for the eyes, with convincing representations of the film's heroes, heroines, villains and bit-parts all reproduced. Hogwarts itself looks wonderful, just the sort of place to make kids and adults alike wish that they'd been the ones who'd been picked for wizard school. Likewise, the voices are excellently done. Mimicking the film's cast to perfection, the game is truly immersive - sadly this just heightens the disappointment when you reach the game's ending so quickly.

For a film conversion, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone manages, thankfully, to live up to the hype. It's an excellent title for kids of all ages (yes, even the grown up ones), with a fantastic mixture of gaming genres contained within. Alas, a slightly ropy control system, and disappointing length let us down on what is otherwise a truly enjoyable experience. Flipendo!

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Robotas 2023-01-10 2 points

After the instalation being succeded, you should take a look on this page:

This link will tell how to fix the game for windows 8/10/11 to support modern computers issues, if it is too fast, if you want to change the game resolution but you can't inside the game menu, how to support widescreen monitors and many other issues.

cryoshotz 2022-12-07 3 points

i did everything mentioned including replacing the exe but i keep getting starting error

milk 2022-12-01 0 point

I tried to follow other comments directions but i cant switch the hp.exe with the other hp.exe. it says i can't do that and then it says starting error if I try to open it

wow 2022-10-20 1 point

3 hours trying to set this crap up and its still not working

IntenseRabbit 2022-10-10 1 point

To add to ProjUltra and The Dude:

I had to swap my installed HP.exe with the Hp.exe found in the "No-CD" folder. Swapping with the HP.exe found in HARRY_POTTER_US_ System was not working for me. Maybe that's what was implied by ProjUltra all along, but it took me a while to figure that out so thought I'd post clarification.
Otherwise with The Dudes addition as well, I got it running. Thanks

The Dude 2022-10-04 3 points

PROJULTRA 2022-08-01

"I got my game to work with the following steps:

1. I downloaded both the misc extra file with the serial key, and the installer.

2. I extracted the zip folder into a folder I made for this, it contained a HP1.exe file and a file.

3. I extracted the HP1 zip file and opened it up, I then went into HARRY_POTTER_US_ and the ran the AutoRun.exe file. I let it install, and when presented with the serial key, I used the key provided in the text file:

4. When I went to play the game it told me I needed to run it in administrator mode. I realised that it was a shortcut, so I right clicked and Opened File location where I was presented with a HP.exe.

5. I deleted that HP.exe and replaced it with the one in the initial folder I extracted the zip file to. I ran that, and the game runs for me now."

Guys this worked for me too, credit to op. I will add to this and say that the .exe file he mentions is inside the installer download folder. If you use the iso and serial key, also download that installer version and swap it's .exe file in. Run as admin and you're good.

ProjUltra 2022-08-01 11 points

I got my game to work with the following steps:
1. I downloaded both the misc extra file with the serial key, and the installer.
2. I extracted the zip folder into a folder I made for this, it contained a HP1.exe file and a file.
3. I extracted the HP1 zip file and opened it up, I then went into HARRY_POTTER_US_ and the ran the AutoRun.exe file. I let it install, and when presented with the serial key, I used the key provided in the text file:
4. When I went to play the game it told me I needed to run it in administrator mode. I realised that it was a shortcut, so I right clicked and Opened File location where I was presented with a HP.exe.
5. I deleted that HP.exe and replaced it with the one in the initial folder I extracted the zip file to. I ran that, and the game runs for me now.

holo 2022-07-08 1 point

I've tried just about everything. Mounted it on the ISO, ran as administrator, tried to download the cracks but it contained malware. Watched several tutorials. Nothing worked for me. Honestly, just buy an older computer if you want to play older games.

PSMNM 2022-06-12 1 point

You need to copy the crack and paste it in the system folder where the game has been installed.
Download the crack from this site -

MRX 2022-06-04 -6 points

doesn't work on win 10 sadly....

Callan 2022-04-12 2 points

I really like HP!

RangerFan49 2022-03-08 -6 points

THIS IS TURNING OUT TO BE A COMPLETE F******* WASTE OF MY TIME!!! Installed the game, did what I was supposed to do. Went to play it, and what do you know, NOT A THING HAPPENED. All that I got was "Please login with administrative privileges and try again." BTW THERE WAS NO CRACK IN THE ISO!!!

Emily 2022-01-05 2 points

I downloaded the game from this site and install the game. But it doesn't work and I can play it.

hrey 2021-12-29 4 points

when i dld it it says play i click run as administrator but it dosent play

Koumori Tsukino 2021-11-10 3 points

Hey all, I Installed the game, did the serial code, but when i try to play its asking me to log in with admin :( plz halp!

HP_Archivist 2021-08-03 0 point

"S: Not sure if anybody still looks at this page... but when I try to install it is asking for the second disc containing a certain file, and it gives me an error when I select the folder containing that file... so I am not having luck with installation... help would be appreciated."

Hey there, yes. It's best to start over and do a clean installation. There isn't a second disc, that is only an error.

Please see my comments on this thread regarding uninstalling and starting over for a clean installation:

And if you need any further help, please ping us in the Harry Potter Games Archive Project Discord server.

—HP_Archivist, Project Lead
Harry Potter Games Archive Project

S 2021-08-02 0 point

Not sure if anybody still looks at this page... but when I try to install it is asking for the second disc containing a certain file, and it gives me an error when I select the folder containing that file... so I am not having luck with installation... help would be appreciated.

Salu 2021-04-18 3 points

I love this game

HP_Archivist 2021-04-02 10 points

Future Readers:
It is recommended to use the newer, improved no-cd crack instead of the legacy, older 'scene crack', as the newer crack contains improvements from both the OldUnreal Forums and Harry Potter Modding Discord communities.

The end-user should download the following ZIP, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001, Han's No-CD Crack Included).zip which contains a copy of the retail game and a separate folder for the improved no-cd crack, the file HP.exe. There is a readme.txt which explains the improvements for the newer crack. This can be located courtesy of the Harry Potter Games Archive Project page on the registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, the Internet Archive at e.g., this page:

It has come to this Project’s attention that some might try to use the retail copy of HP1 SS game provided on this page (the Installer buttons below this comment section) and one *can* do that. But for use of the improved crack, the newer HP.exe, it is highly recommended to check out the Project’s page and follow install instructions provided on the above link.
Some background on the improved HP.exe no-cd crack (this is also found on the link above):

"HP1 PC game launched without the ability to change the render device other than by selecting Software and/or DirectX7, thus why this new .exe was created. With this new hp.exe (crack) the end-user is provided the option to select or allow for other render devices. Furthermore, the improved selection menu is from the standard Unreal Engine Launcher. Since this version allows for other render devices, it makes sense to ask the user. The legacy or historic no-cd crack is also archived for data preservation and for integrity of the history of these games and their continued accessibility."

We’ve archived both the legacy crack and the improved crack for continued accessibility and operability in the name of software and digital preservation only. The Harry Potter Games Archive Project exists to prevent software obsolescence and to allow digital preservation of culturally significant works of art and media to be indefinitely accessible, the basis to any flourishing and informed society.

—HP_Archivist, Lead
Harry Potter Games Archive Project

Organizations who have collaborated with this project include:
-Gaming Alexandria
-The US Library of Congress, Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation

Additional input and consulting from:
-Video Game Preservation Collective (VGPC)
-Video Game History Foundation

*The organizations or entities mentioned here do not condone the use of a ‘crack’ or ‘no-cd crack’ and their involvement in this Project focused on physical preservation (scanning of box art, disc media, manuals, etc) as well as the acquisition of donated physical media and materials. The Harry Potter Games Archive Project is open to a healthy discussion regarding data preservation while also respecting the rights holders. This project believes in working with - not against - individuals, independent entities, and intellectual property holders so that together, an informed citizenry, the epitome of any flourishing society, can take hold for a better tomorrow.

HP_Archivist 2021-01-08 1 point

@JENK4 - did you correctly copy the crack to where the retail .exe is located?

e.g., You have to install the retail game first. Then grab the HP1 SS HP.exe crack, copy it to this folder C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Harry Potter\System

When you do that Windows will prompt with a window warning you're about to overwrite a file of the same name. Click Yes/Continue.

I'd recommend joining the Archive Project server on Discord if you have any further questions.

Project Lead

jenk4 2021-01-08 -5 points

After downloading the software going through all the steps etc. When i click on either the autorun launcher or the desktop shortcut it just takes me to the harry potter start up, I press play then it asks me if I want to make changes to my device - I press yes and nothing happens. Any ideas?

justin vaughn 2020-12-18 -10 points

how to get harry potter and the sorcerers stone on windows 10

BelleGaudreau1 2020-11-24 4 points

Installed game. Asking me to log in with admin

HP_Archivist 2020-11-01 2 points

Harry Potter games and related ephemeral materials.

The Harry Potter Games Archive Project:

To get the oldest Harry Potter PC games running on modern hardware and without physical media you will need the no-cd cracks which have been archived at the following link. There are instructions in the form of readme.txt files.

There is a sizable and active community on Discord

Archive Project

Gaming Alexandria

Harry Potter Modding

Hope this helps!

Project Lead

Lord Voldemort 2020-10-18 0 point

I am able to install the game in my pc windows 7 but when I tried to run the game it says please insert the correct CD ROM,select ok and restart the application.....please help me

The Toadmen 2020-09-04 -2 points

Can't uninstall it...
This persistence annoys us.

Rjkamal 2020-08-10 3 points

what is Zip or as postal code??

UFO 2020-07-24 -2 points

Im sure it's not going to work, but I will try it.

Queen So Sashley 2020-07-04 11 points

This is the security code to the game, i got it form the misc. link.


HP_Archivist 2020-06-12 -2 points

@TY: Did you use the method from MaxG's tutorials for HP 1 and HP 2?

Ty 2020-06-10 -6 points

Hi Guys, I got everything downloaded and the game runs the menu screen but when I click "Play" it says, "Please login with administrator privileges and try again".
Anyone know how I can get past that?


Altaïr 2020-06-01 0 point

Hi guys, I managed to run the game on win10 from another abandonware website (french version)
I used the automatic version, the game is speeded up but it works, they added a 'plugin' or another program to make it work I guess, maybe that can help create an english version that works correctly on win10

here is the link :

btw tried it on a virtual machine under XP, I could start the game but the mouse pointer did not work correctly

HP_Archivist 2020-05-31 3 points

Hey everyone! There is a preservation project for these games.

With an active Discord community as well, archival resources below for the project.

Help is here 2020-05-18 2 points

Hello guys, I managed to run this game thanks to this article, no VM needed:

There is a lot of possible issues, in my case (I have windows 7) This section was important:

What I did, I created bat file in the folder of the game which helped me to run it. As described in the article, DRM that they used back then is now a security hole. This bat file effectively reopens the security hole, starts the game, and then patches the vulnerability again after 1 second. You'll likely need to run the script in Administrator mode. You can experiment with different timings if 1 second turns out to be too short on your system.

Anyway, my bat file that works for me is:

@echo off
sc config secdrv start= demand & sc start secdrv
start C:\"Program Files (x86)"\"EA Games"\"Harry Potter"\System\HP.exe
timeout /NOBREAK /T 1
sc stop secdrv & sc config secdrv start= disabled
@echo on

foodie 2020-05-16 2 points

Has anyone gotten the iso to work? I don't know jack about virtual machines so I'd like to just play it in windows 10

admin 2020-05-15 1 point

Disabled the RIP for now, will scan it later

jetti 2020-05-15 3 points

it always says "login with admin privileges and try again" any tips?

M 2020-05-15 0 point

The .iso version doesn't run in Windows 10 alone, regardless of compatibility or admin mode. It likely needs to be played through a VM.

The rip version is flagged by multiple sources as a trojan and does not appear safe to run.

Daniel 2020-05-13 2 points

Ugh, it just won't run :( I have the same problem as Joe

Parkour1 2020-05-05 2 points

The game runs but the screen is tiny and the mouse pointer does not move in sync with actual movement. I am running the game inside an Windows XP virtual machine. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Joe 2020-05-02 4 points

Asked for CD code, installed correctly, ISO is mounted, running in compatibility and administrator mode but it's just not running...

Retro Pixel Lizard 2020-05-02 2 points

While the game itself is simple good fun, I just can't help but admire the textures and use of lighting, something to expect from a triple-a using the Unreal engine.

Fun Fact: looking into the files you can find content that neer quite made it (likely due to time constraints) like the dreadful Dursleys and the eightball launcher from Unreal.

E 2020-04-28 2 points

Nevermind, I found it. Thanks for this game, it's one of my childhood favorites!

E 2020-04-28 3 points

It's asking me for the CD code :(

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