JumpStart Adventures: 3rd Grade - Mystery Mountain

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JumpStart Adventures: 3rd Grade - Mystery Mountain

Windows - 1996

Also released on: Windows 3.x

Alt names Flygande Start - Äventyr från 3:e klass - Äventyrsklippan, JumpStart: 3rd Grade
Year 1996
Platform Windows
Released in United States
Genre Adventure, Educational
Theme Ecology / Nature, Geography, Graphics / Art, History, Math / Logic, Music, Puzzle elements, Reading / Writing, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Science
Publisher Knowledge Adventure, Inc.
Developer Knowledge Adventure, Inc.
Perspective Side view
4.5 / 5 - 130 votes

Description of JumpStart Adventures: 3rd Grade - Mystery Mountain

JumpStart Adventures: 3rd Grade - Mystery Mountain (aka Flygande Start - Äventyr från 3:e klass - Äventyrsklippan, JumpStart: 3rd Grade), a really nice educational game sold in 1996 for Windows, is available and ready to be played again! Also available on Windows 3.x, time to play an ecology / nature, geography, graphics / art, history, math / logic, music, reading / writing, sci-fi / futuristic, science and puzzle elements video game title.

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Pearlite 2024-01-03 0 point

Swedish edition:

Norwegian edition:

Dad 2023-12-22 0 point

Is this game available in Swedish?

jaydee 2023-03-28 -1 point

you're now charging even when using an adblocker still tells me thats how you keep your site AND content free? yet you're charging for this? i'll go sailing, i wont even leave the shoreline and it'll be in my lap.... you guys had a great website and once people caught-on WAY more stuff started coming with a price tag.... lame. why name it abandonware and not old treasures FOR SALE?

Mat 2022-01-27 3 points Windows version

I absolutely love this game, even for nostalgia reasons, and even though it is dated, it's still really cute!

JMach 2022-01-12 1 point

I have a CD-ROM, when I tried to download the 3.1 version it didn't have the autorun.exe. Problem is, I get pinwheel then nothing when I click install on the window, and the process says it's running, but waiting on the asus_framework.exe process first and won't go past that. I'm on windows 10. Any ideas?

Jacquie 2021-12-09 2 points

I really hope WII picks up this games like they did the just start adventures games. I really loved this game as a kid and I now want to share it with my kids

lyss 2021-09-15 0 point Windows version

app wont run on my windows 10. can someone help?

Jazzy 2021-09-12 4 points Windows version

I was immediately able to play the game on my computer. I clicked auto-run and the game worked perfectly. I have rescued one robot. The game was saved and now I will finally be able to finish this game as an adult!!

rudy 2021-08-27 -3 points

I installed it, restarted my computer and everything was deleted. dont download

Pearlite 2021-07-26 11 points Windows 3.x version

The Windows 3.X download is the original 1996 version of the game. I've been looking for that for a long time. I used to have my own, but the disk wore out a long time ago. Since then I've been playing my library's 2001 copy, and after the library got rid of its CD-ROM collection, I've been playing abandonware copies, all of them "updated" editions. The original one is rare. To whomever found it, thank you very much.

The main difference between the 1996 and 2001 editions is that the original one has a lot more dialogue. Characters have longer introductions, Botley explains how to play the game more thoroughly, and Polly and Botley bicker more before starting a game. The dynamic interactions between the characters is the main reason why I love this game and keep coming back to it year after year. But I can understand why the programmers might have removed these. The dialogue is fun, but at some point it slows the game down. The 2001 version cuts the extra dialogue out so Botley and Polly will shut their yaps and you can get on with saving the world. (In the 1996 version, Polly ominously mentions an "extra credit question" right at the beginning, which gets revisited at the end as a gag. In the 2001 version, this line is cut but Polly mentions the extra credit question at the ending anyway, orphaning the punchline. Oops).

The other big difference between versions is this: Polly demands that the player earn a certain number of Invention Points before she'll let you into the time machine room to finish the mission. In the 1996 version, this starts at 1,000 points, but increases by 500 with each advancing quiz disk until the cost of admission is 3,000 points by the fifth disk. It's relatively easy to gain 1,000 points gathering clues alone, but 3,000 or even only 1,500 points is a bit out of reach, requiring the player to play extra games (and subsequently, take more trips to the generator). The 2001 version simplifies this
by capping the Invention Point requirement at 1,000 points for all missions.

There's other minor things: the 1996 version has primitive MIDI music and the 2001 version has enhanced sound. The 1996 version of the Painting Gallery waits until after Botley has congratulated you on your painting before awarding the clue, but the 2001 version gives it to you right away so you don't have to wait. And the 2001 version changes a few graphics in subtle ways, such as adding lights to the game show podium, or making the black hole in the telescope look a little nicer. Otherwise, they're both the exact same game. I'd say that if you want the full experience, play the 1996 version. The 2001 version offers a more streamlined experience that makes the game easier to play through.

aa 2021-05-31 6 points

does anyone if there is a mac version anywhere?

Melo 2021-05-20 0 point Windows version

After running AUTORUN.exe and then clicking install, accept the request and then it spins and nothing happens. I am on Windows 10 Pro, anyone that has the same problem and fixed it? This game holds so much nostalgia for me, I really want to try and beat it now that I am older xD

Frog 2021-05-15 11 points

I couldn't beat this game as a kid because I was terrified of the monster in the cafeteria. Now that I'm older I'm going to face my fears.

Shadow 2021-03-29 1 point

love this game as a kid

Mob 2021-03-01 3 points

I figured out the pinwheel problem everyone!!! Follow this guide:
You might have to stop the blocking program a couple times, but i managed to get the game to install and run!

Mob 2021-03-01 0 point

So im having the same problem as everyone else, where after hitting install it pinwheels and nothing happens, but I noticed that in the task manager it is running the installer, there's just no window open. Does this have to do with it being a 32 bit installer on a 64 bit device? How do we fix this?

Pearlite 2021-02-28 0 point

Replying to Molcrux:

I couldn't find a copy of this game in Norwegian, but I did find a copy in Swedish (not here; sourced from Adventure Legends). This has been my favorite game since I was young and I've won it dozens of times, so I decided I would play it again in Swedish, even though I didn't know the language. Playing the game in a foreign language has made me appreciate the game's ingenious design elements I haven't noticed since I was little.

Even though I didn't know any Swedish, I know the English dialogue by heart, so I began by guessing what the characters were supposed to be saying from context. There are many places in the game where text is displayed on screen while a character reads the text aloud, helping me link words to sounds. Certain puzzles involve receiving a hint and finding the corresponding painting, specimen or constellation, and in order to get that right, I had to listen very carefully to find the specimen with the description that sounded like the clue. The longer I listened and the more I heard certain words repeated, the more I began to understand what the characters were saying. Also, many words and ideas tend to appear in more than one place. Words I had learned in one room in the mountain helped me figure out how to answer questions in other rooms. I have to admit that playing the game without knowing the language required a lot of educated guessing, and while I'm nowhere near fluent in Swedish, I am beginning to recognize words and develop a working vocabulary.

Of course, because the game was translated into Swedish, many elements had been changed from the American version. In the Swedish version, most of the characters go by different names than their American ones, and the voice actors sound very different than what I've grown used to. Most of the content is the same, but certain questions and references that were specific to American history and culture were replaced with European ones. Also, the American version of the game uses wordplay humor heavily; dialogue and clue questions that relied on wordplay in English had to be changed. It's been fascinating playing my favorite game in a new language; it's given me a fresh perspective of the game and the world. I'm still impressed at how much the game teaches, and now it's taught me much more.

nik 2021-01-17 1 point

I couldn't get it working on Windows 10 but I set up a Windows XP Virtual Machine and it runs great!

Toshi 2021-01-12 0 point

Did anyone fix this yet? I can't get it to run at all. pinwheels for awhile then doesn't do anything like casey jones.

Sarah 2020-12-29 1 point

same problem as casey jones

CaseyJones 2020-12-12 1 point

Strange that I can't seem to get this to run either. Similar to others, I run the Setup file, it pinwheels for a second - then nothing. I can run the Autorun file as well and at least get the the Jumpstart splash screen where I can also click 'Install', but still nothing afterwards...

cali 2020-11-15 0 point

I would play this game with my sister when I was 8

Archer 2020-11-07 3 points

I remember paying this game hours on end as a five year old. I swear this game founded my love for science and math.

Sivos 2020-09-28 3 points

To get this to work, extract the ISO's contents somewhere on your computer (I use PowerISO). Then right click Setup in the file folder, click on Properties, then Compatibility, and change the "Run this program in compatibility mode for" to Windows 95. Also make sure "Run this program as administrator" is checked off. It should work then.

KD4bra 2020-08-16 0 point

Does anyone know where I can find this game in spanish?

Nickylegs 2020-07-27 4 points

Hi everyone, I managed to get this to work. I tried a few different programs to run the image file but most didn't work for me. The software that did work was WinCDEmu. I downloaded it here: https://wincdemu.sysprogs.org/download/

The steps:
1. Download file
2. Unzip
3. Download image software (WinCDEmu)
4. Right click on disk image file and select "Select drive letter & mount"
5. Go into the "disk" to see the files
6. Right click on the Setup file and run as administrator

That just worked for me on my PC!
Good Luck!

Andy 2020-07-07 -2 points

Hi I want to know how you download the game on iOS cause I’m having a little bit difficultly to download it and please let me know if anyone knows how and what files to click on thanks

jazz 2020-06-23 2 points

does this game have the mac version?

Ari 2020-06-22 9 points

I played this for hours everyday when I was a kid. I hate to admit that was over 20 years ago, haha. I tried not to get my hopes up about it working on my Windows 10, but it did with no problem. Just clicked set up and it installed fine. Honestly, when the intro started, I had such a huge grin on my face and as I keep playing I remember so many parts that I thought I completely forgot. I never actually beat it as a kid, despite how long I played it, so now I finally have a chance to do it as an adult - decades later. Thank you so much!

shauntel gill 2020-06-17 0 point

Cant install math blaster 9_12 says computer not compatible on windows 10

Darius the Various 2020-06-15 -12 points

I got to play this when I was in 3rd grade myself, however, you would have to be in the special needs department to play it.

gramalaine 2020-05-07 2 points

I had this game for my kids when they were young, and recently came across the old CD. We were able to play it from an external drive, although the drive had to work pretty hard, and it kept telling us that it wasn't optimized for the display. I want my young neighbour to be able to play, so I'm excited that it can be downloaded. I hope it works! This is still an amazing game - the graphics were so far ahead of their time!

KC 2020-05-07 2 points

Love, love, love this game. So pleased to be able to play it again.

When I upped to level 3 in the observatory minigame (the one with the lasers and the data packets) a comet strike caused the game to crash, apparently irretrievably. When I try to launch it, I now have an error telling me to insert the disk while holding down the shift key. Curious as to whether anyone else has had the same issue.

I may just download it again and start over. Seriously love this game.

Candyman 2020-05-04 -2 points

Yeah, I downloaded the file. Extracted it. Clicked autorun.exe. Hit install. Hit yes to the dialogue box asking if I approve. Nothing happens after that?

NotARobot 2020-05-02 2 points

Okay, so I decided to try again today after posting my last comment, and this time I was able to install the game. It seems like I had to update my computer first or something, so I'd say make sure your computer is completely up to date before you try installing the game.

Either way... nice to see you again, Botley. It's been too long.

NotARobot 2020-04-23 4 points

I can't seem to open up the game. It keeps saying "Install" but nothing happens when I click on it even though I mounted the ISO file to my virtual driver. If anyone managed to get the game to work, please let me know what you did. I mostly need to know how to "install" the game.
(I'm using WinCDEmu if that helps)

Rooster 2020-04-23 0 point

I am CRYING because I have been wanting to play this game for AGES!!!! I never beat it as a child, and thanks to this amazing site I finally can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So many memories.... I swear these jumpstart games founded my education - I need to find all of them if anyone knows... (also unlocked from my deep memories was JS kindergarten reading which I also found on here)

but THANK YOU THANK YOU to the people who brought this together - and it works 99% perfectly! (some visual glitches here and there) just followed ladyallen's directions!

jojo 2020-04-20 0 point

where is the mac version??? all i see is windows! someone help pleaseeee :( i have dreams about this game cause i was playing when i was 4.. so i literally have to play this game!! im 26 and this is one of the only games ive never beat hahah thank you in advance to anyone who helps me!!

JerryPH2020 2020-04-13 -1 point

guys i managed to installed it by following this instructions once I've downloaded it. I didnt use any virtual drive etc. I simply see the nature of the file and search for it on how to open. look this youtube vid below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hu_URc7RNtA

Reba 2020-04-11 -3 points

Downloaded it worked then now it's telling me to insert disk why? Can anyone help?

SlowPoke 2020-04-07 1 point

Great game, I got this for my son, because I have such fond memories of this game.
Easy to download, you will need an ISO drive, I like Virtual Clone Drive (FREE). Then you will mount the ISO (download) to the Clone Drive.

macy 2020-03-24 0 point

I bought the cd-rom for this game but can't figure out how to install it? Nothing happens when I put the disk in. I have Windows 10.

highlady 2020-03-12 1 point

So I do what LadyAllen said, and I click the AUTORUN.EXE and the start-up menu comes up, and I click "Install", I allow it via the pop-up for the system admin to do this, and then it closes and nothing happens, nothing installs. Help!

LadyAllen 2020-02-09 0 point

Works perfectly, thanks! For those wondering how to run this on a Windows 10 machine, you can use the .iso file by right-clicking scroll to Open With select Windows Explorer. This will mount the .iso to a virtual drive on your computer so you can run it like an old-school CD-ROM. Just navigate to the drive (in my case, it was the E drive) and click AUTORUN.exe to install the game and get started. Enjoy!

ASTROERIN 2020-01-27 -1 point


Isiel 2020-01-07 0 point

I loved playing this game with my cousin! Such fond memories.

KIMJ 2019-12-06 1 point


Geolicious 2019-10-03 1 point

I did not expect to see this many comments in 2019! I remember learning the origins of gum from some game in my childhood, after 20 minutes of research I found it! I can't wait to play it again! But I can see there are some issues with the download. I'll let y'all know if I'm successful. I don't know which version of the game I played, but it was probably the 2001 one. I probably got this game in 2007 when I was 8 years old.

jorp 2019-09-20 4 points

instead of saying you got the game to work, please say how you got it to work or don't say anything at all. thanks

Apoc 2019-09-08 0 point

Cant Believe this game still works on Windows 10.

Rachel 2019-08-18 -1 point

I'm having issues downloading this game and I would love to play. Can someone help me? I have a Dell

Jeff 2019-08-15 0 point

@JDLMON3 I can confirm that this download is the 2001 version; the original 1996 version had more dialogue and different graphics. This one also contains online activities that I don't think were included in the original (I could be wrong about that one though).

If you were willing to upload your copy, I and others would greatly appreciate it.

jdlmon3 2019-08-03 0 point

TOUGHSUN14 I still have my original 1996 copy. What is the difference?

ToughSun14 2019-06-09 1 point

Okay, while this is a true copy of the game, one gripe I do have about it is it's not actually the version I remember. From what my research tells me, this is actually the 2001 version of the game, not the original 1996 version of the game. So, there's that. If someone could find a copy of the 1996 version, that would be appreciated.

jiff 2019-04-07 1 point

when i click on setup.exe nothing happens

Tori93 2019-04-05 -6 points

Hi, I'm new to the world of playing older games on new devices/OS's. I have the latest version of Windows, and I'm not sure how to play this? Is there another software program I need to download in order to play the game I loved as a kid? Please help!

botly fan 2019-03-06 -1 point

hi plz disregard the my comment thats below this one. i found out how to use the iso file and got the game to work (welcome back botly,i missed you old friend.) ps im 18 so i am mostly playing for nostalgia,not for a challenge.

botly fan 2019-03-05 0 point

i downloaded this but all i got were 2 iso files. are they the game or do i need to do something else to play the game?

sebabstian 2019-02-08 0 point

i've been looking for a good copy and download of this game for 5ever. I lost my copy of it well over a decade ago and have been itching to find a new copy since. I only ever got through like five robots as a child and as an adult, I'm ready for a speed run

Kayla 2019-01-30 -1 point

I'm only seeing a download fr mac, is there one for windows?

Molcrux 2019-01-30 0 point

Does this come with other languages than English? I'm from Norway and played this a lot when I was younger, but I can not find it anywhere...

Bee 2019-01-13 3 points

This one doesn't work unfortunately.

Pippen2177 2018-11-26 2 points

I would love to play this game! However, I have a Mac....is that going to be a problem?


Hannaite 2018-10-17 1 point

Takes a long time to download...Trust me , my internet is very fast.

Pearlite 2018-07-23 2 points

I've been playing this amazing time-travel game for over twenty years, and it is still the one game that is closest to my heart. Mystery Mountain is my second home.

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