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Monopoly Deluxe

DOS - 1992

Also available on: Windows 3.x

Alt name Monopoly
Year 1992
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Genre Strategy
Theme Board / Party Game, Licensed Title
Publisher Virgin Games, Inc.
Developer Virgin Games, Inc.
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.73
4.6 / 5 - 76 votes

Description of Monopoly Deluxe

Until Westwood's Monopoly CD-ROM, this was the best PC conversion of parlor game classic.

All the tokens are here, with up to 8 components, any number of which can be computer-controlled. The rules of Monopoly are included in full, thanks to Windows help file. As far as board games go, you can't really find fault with this Windows version of the classic.

Review By HOTUD

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Foofaraw 2023-01-16 0 point DOS version

You CAN collect rent when the computer has rolled doubles and has moved off your property.

Before you roll, click on the property the computer had landed on to highlight it, then click "Rent Due" it will pay despite not being on that property anymore.

Hitting F1 at any time brings up the menu bar. Everything you need is there. (Learning the keyboard shortcuts helps keep things moving -- they're shown on the dropdown menus). To mortgage/build on a certain property, click on it on the board to highlight that square, then do your thing. Otherwise, you'll get a "thanks for your help, I can do it myself" message (that's the computer's response if you're trying to mortgage/build on its properties).

I went into the options and turned off all the animations and sped the token movement up to max. Doing that makes an entire game playable in about 10-15 minutes if you let the computer roll its own dice (but see below). Choosing to "save as default" in the options will save the changes permanently in a secret file that Internet Archive maintains for you. That's awesome, but I haven't been able to figure out how to undo it if you make a mistake, so proceed carefully.

For the quickest game: choose "official rules" (limited housing supply, no free parking bonus). It is impossible to hit the "collect rent" button fast enough if the computer rolls its own dice, so also check the "auto rent" box in the rules window. You can turn off the computer rolling on or off with F2 -- consider doing so before accepting a trade if the housing stock is low, as the computer might buy all the remaining houses before you get a chance. (The purchase is locked in when the dice pass.) If more than one player tries to buy the last house(s) as part of the same turn, the game will auction them off instead.

To make trades, double-click on players' tokens in the right-hand pane to open up their inventory window in the center of the board. Highlight the first property to trade in the sender's inventory, then click on the player token in the inventory window of the player who will receive it. Repeat until the trade is ready, then click "propose." Money and jail cards can be traded the same way. I usually leave the players' inventories open in the center of the board throughout the game to keep track of who owns what, because the game is bad at showing you that otherwise.

About the only difference I've noted between setting the computer on "calculator" intelligence (lowest) and "386mhz" (highest) is whether or not the computer pays to get out of jail immediately (no on lowest setting, yes on highest). It doesn't seem to materially affect the computer's evaluation of trade proposals. In fact, even at the highest AI levels, the computer's ability to evaluate trades and property is pretty broken. You can set up a trade that offers to buy a property outright from a computer player for $500 or less and the computer will often accept it, even if it results in you obtaining a monopoly. (This may prompt the computer players to make trades among themselves to create their own monopolies, though.) If you decline to buy a property when you have the chance and the game goes to auction, the computer will often either sit out bidding completely or stop bidding at less than half of the property's mortgage value, so you can buy up most properties at a fraction of full price, often as low as $1.

If you choose not to abuse those bugs, when the last property is purchased, the computer will almost always propose a multilateral trade that gets everyone involved at least one monopoly. (The computer considers the two utilities a monopoly.) The game is programmed to offer the human player the best side of such a trade (often the reds or oranges if you have at least one of them and something else to trade with), so consider accepting that first trade. The computer will continue to offer trades every few turns if possible to try to get even more monopolies consolidated in a player's (computer or human) hands. This is because the game wants to move quickly to the "building phase" where players start buying up houses and hotels. Building up your monopolies whenever possible is what keeps the game from going on forever.

In addition to the logic bugs above, there are several bugs that effectively crash the game outright. A computer player who doesn't have $50 on hand when it has to pay to get out of jail will put the game in an inescapable loop. So will the computer trying to sell a hotel when there aren't at least 4 houses available. So will certain times when the computer trades with another computer player while one owes the other rent. So will about a dozen other things -- I'm surprised this was actually commercially-distributed!

Still, if you can resist taking advantage of the computer's inability to value properties, it makes for a decent Monopoly game with some mild-to-moderate challenge. (I usually play 3- or 5-player games against computer opponents, always going last so as to give myself an additional obstacle to overcome.) Good luck!

Tom 2022-12-06 0 point DOS version

No menu or anything when the game starts and you wonder how long you have to watch the guy dance for. When that's finally done, nothing. Figured out on my own to hold right click to get a menu and new game. Ok, from there, You can choose your piece and your name. Gave up after that as there was no intuitive way to know what to do next let alone actually start the game.

TapRealplay 2022-11-30 1 point DOS version

how fix sound
Step 1:go setup.exe
Step 2:sound blaster pro
Step 3:sound blaster pro (YM3812)
Step 4:press continue
Step 5:go type monopoly
Step 6:works

Lim Alterado 2022-06-26 1 point

now i can make a 1 million dollars in this game

Joe Mama 2022-02-09 2 points DOS version

This is hands down the very best Monopoly game for DOS. I love playing this all the time. Some times you have to watch out if you're playing multiple AI opponents... they can and will make deals behind your back.

One thing I love is that you can adjust the rules to your liking, either playing a strict by-the-rules game of Monopoly, or a high-dollar game where landing on Go nets you an additional $999, for example. Or all the money you pay in goes to whoever lands on Free Parking, with an additional $$$ bonus roll, if you wish.

NOT Jonny Gators 2021-11-28 1 point DOS version

Works completely fine in DOSBox, first try; either an issue with your computer or the part between the chair and the screen.

Jonny Gators 2021-10-09 -3 points

Wow, this is the buggiest version of Monopoly for computer ever. The Windows version runs - but regularly a piece will keep going past GO and walk off the screen, more than the roll was for. It seems to correct itself on the next play, but it does impact the play, making a token pass go twice, not landing where it was supposed to. Did this multiple times in one test game. And then the DOS version - good luck getting it to run. Absolutely will not start on real hardware. Running it from DOS, would bomb right out. I found a patch from to update the DOS version from 1.0 to 1.5, and that changed it to give me an error that there's not enough memory in my machine, instead of no error. Which, isn't any help, since there's more than enough memory in that machine. If I dualboot to my 95 partition, and boot that to start at command prompt, it runs without mouse. If I boot to 95, and then restart to a prompt, I'm back to the memory error. If I boot to 95, and double click on the monopoly.bat file directly from there, it does run, and opens a full screen DOS session, and lets me start up a game - but then once I pick my players and start the game, it freezes. Every other piece of software runs fine on my machine, this is not a hardware issue. This is a really really shitty programming issue. Nice that dosbox managed to make something of this piece of garbage - sucks for those that bought this back in the day, I doubt anyone got it to run!

Big J 2020-08-11 -4 points

Thimble, the crossword card didn't exist in the 20th century version of the game. Since this was published in 1992 it shouldn't be there. The Railroad card is supposed to be in the deck twice.

anon 2020-02-26 -1 point

1. The go out of jail dialog pops open repeated after a computer player goes to jail. (A bug?)
2. Computers don't auction. Then I buy a property for $1. :-(

doso 2019-06-02 0 point

sound with

Thimble 2019-05-25 -5 points

Game is missing a chance card - "You have won a crossword competition—Collect $100". "Advance token to the nearest Railroad" is in the deck twice.

Qqq 2019-04-27 -1 point

The best old version of Monopoly is Sega Genesis. This Dos version has inferior graphics and sound and is really complicated. The new versions look good but are slow placed with repetative animation.

jkbulan 2018-06-05 0 point

i do not understand how for you guys this worked fine. on dosbox 74 the mouse disappear and can not do a thing with exception exit the game. and sometime it have even some graphic glitches

Lynx 2017-11-03 1 point

Since I played Monopoly Deluxe during a rainy evening recently , I can share my experiences with you.

I had to install DOSbox to play Monopoly on my Windows 7 laptop. The default sound settings of the game didn't work, so I changed them to be able to hear sounds and music.

Monopoly Deluxe is a very faithful computer adaptation of to the original board game. The look of the board, pieces and cards are almost as in the original. You can play using official rules or you can modify rules using multiple options.

Graphics and sound is dated, but sufficient for me to play. User Interface could be more intuitive, since it took me a while to understand how to trade with other players. The game is stable and works without errors and crashes.

Overall, I think that I like the retro look and feel of this game and I'll play it from time to time in the future.

Dos player 2017-07-16 1 point

Can someone help with sound for this game on dosbox on windows 7? Tried the no music as suggested by the game readme, but still not sound effects. Thank you.

Rich Nagel 2017-02-20 6 points

As I posted in my Youtube video description here - :

Monopoly Deluxe for DOS (circa 1992)...

I've bought, owned, and played MANY different versions of Monopoly for PC. But, this one is the BEST BY FAR. Sure, it doesn't have all of the eye-candy of the newer incarnations of the game, but it has a *LOT* more features... and much better gameplay IM(NotSo)HO.

I have "Monopoly 3" (US and UK editions), "Monopoly by Parker Brothers" (distributed by GameHouse), "Monopoly CD" (by Westwood), Monopoly for Android (by EA Mobile) several other more obscure versions of the game for PC, as well as the WinDoZe 3.x port of Monopoly Deluxe for DOS (Monopoly Deluxe for Windows).

Monopoly Deluxe for DOS BEATS them all, by far. Hell, the WinDoZe port of the exact same game even *LACKS* numerous features that the DOS version has! :duh:

Anyhow, two thumbs up... the best version of Monopoly for PC EVER, and a blast to play in DOSBox with DOSBox's "Turbo Mode" enabled!

bill 2016-11-20 -2 points

-- quote --
@A Wise Old Man
What happens when you let a ghetto thug access the Internet with the laptop he stole from some little old lady.
-- quote --

He meets you in a chatroom and winds up buried to the hilt in your bum.

Davillian 2016-06-08 1 point

Can't Get Sound to come on.

pro 2014-05-19 1 point DOS version

not bad

kia 2013-08-04 1 point DOS version

Its fun

A Wise Old Man 2013-02-19 -2 points DOS version

What happens when you let a ghetto thug access the Internet with the laptop he stole from some little old lady.

shippeta 2013-02-08 -2 points DOS version

.......remind me why people can't speak right or even spell...........
Anywho, this will be interesting under WfW 3.11..........

tibbytibby 2012-09-18 1 point DOS version


Boo 2008-10-01 -4 points DOS version

This game is PIMP shizit!!

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