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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

Windows - 2002

Alt names 极品飞车:闪电追踪2, Need for Speed: מרדף לוהט 2, Need for Speed: Poursuite Infernale 2
Year 2002
Platform Windows
Released in Australia, Czechia, France, Germany, New Zealand, United States (2002)
Czechia, Germany (2003)
Genre Racing / Driving
Theme Arcade, Automobile, Licensed Title, Street Racing, Vehicle Simulator
Publisher Electronic Arts, Inc.
Developer Electronic Arts Canada
Perspectives 1st-Person, Behind view
4.43 / 5 - 984 votes

Description of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

If you haven't played Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 or want to try this racing / driving video game, download it now for free! Published in 2002 by Electronic Arts, Inc., Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (aka 极品飞车:闪电追踪2, Need for Speed: מרדף לוהט 2) is still a popular arcade title amongst retrogamers, with a whopping 4.4/5 rating.

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Comments and reviews

raffnix 2024-06-10 1 point

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (exception error)
(Hit Cntrl-C to copy this info to the clipboard)

The thread attempted to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.

Version: 242
EIP = 0x6828FD34
ESP = 0x0019F998 EBP = 0x04000000
EBX = 0x00000001
ECX = 0x0000529C
EDX = 0x242D3940
ESI = 0x242D8550 EDI = 0x00005298

DanM 2024-03-27 1 point

I find that any game on here with an LGU Repack by Bladez1992 option, just works on Windows 10. I download that version each time, look at the Read Me file before installing for any installation tips, then just play the game. This game is no different.

I'm used to the PS2 version of this game, so it's nice to play this with crisper graphics.

Free Race Freak 2024-03-03 1 point

You need this Folder copy from Disc to Install Dir.


Work for me

sanul 2024-02-24 0 point

so good website

master76 2024-01-05 1 point

no meu windows 7 a tela fica piscando

labib 2024-01-05 -1 point

hey does the lgu repack work?

JOSH 2023-12-21 0 point

The thing that made the game launch for me in windows 10 is enabling direct play didn't have any issues since then

bOOOsh 2023-11-19 2 points

I did all the stuff from PCGamingWiki, but the game stopped crashing only when I removed my keyboard from USB.

SplinterQuake 2023-10-25 0 point

My goodness, thank you so much!!! I'm back to my childhood days!

Metalgearsolid 2023-10-07 0 point

nice played this alot in my Playstation days!

LIL MURK(KING) 2023-09-19 0 point


Bladez1992 2023-09-03 0 point

Hey everyone, I've had a project for a few years now making new installers for old PC games; Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit 2 is one of the games I've restored
Come check out Legacy Gamer's Union on Discord for this game and plenty of others that actually work on Windows 10/11

Sial ji 2023-08-25 -1 point

It is very nice game from my terms

Sgt.Pro 2023-07-08 0 point

Not working on windows 7 help

pk 2023-06-07 4 points

i got the bin file but dont know how to use out

ghost of s[arta 2023-05-13 -1 point

i just smashed the cars with wood

sniper65615 2023-04-23 2 points

I do have a problem wich is that... It gives me errors like "Disc Damaged" Wich means... There needs to be a new version uploaded .(Idk if it only affects Windows 11 users but i think a quick fix for the files would be appreciated)

xspydarex 2023-04-05 0 point

Watch This VIdeo For Fixing Problem, Worked 100% For Me

CloneHeroUruguay 2023-02-13 13 points

I tried everything to make this game run on Windows10. I read all the comments here, tried online guides, YouTube videos, downloaded every patch out there, uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted my PC many times, deactivated antivirus, no luck.

I'll wait for some angel to make a remaster or a remake compatible with current hardware. If you are reading this, I suggest you do the same.

Fuck you 2023-02-10 -19 points

This shit does not work, no matter how many times I try I cannot get 7Zip to open the ISO because it is corrupt, thanks for ruining my desire to play the Need for Speed franchise you pack of gatekeeping cunts.

WTF 2023-01-16 2 points


Streets 2022-12-30 1 point

The best game ever I love the most with no much of fiction's like boost other fake staff's but please improve more on cars thanks

Hudsucker 2022-11-29 -1 point

Oh how I'd wish for a mod bringing the PS2-graphics to PC. That console got the best version far off. So good. Thanks, EA!

Angelica 2022-11-03 1 point

Dear EA My Young BFF Name Lance

Manoj Kumar 2022-10-13 -3 points

Installation window not opening...iam using windows 11

Mr Tandrol 2022-07-18 3 points

I get a black screen and a title bar "EAGL PC". Then nothing happens. I have an "AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT". Seems it cannot render EA GL? Damn I want to play this game!

Davey 2022-07-02 0 point

Tried to install this but get as far as a blue bar saying need for speed and nothing loads up

Can anyone help

chinaingod 2022-06-27 1 point

i love this game

Morton 2022-05-31 -1 point

Nfs e o meu jogo favorito porque ele e.o melhor jogo do mundo para mim e demostra como deve ser um jogo de corridas

paradox 2022-05-27 -1 point

its telling me unknown or corrupt image file.

strong boy 2022-05-22 0 point

le jeu est en cours de Téléchargement j’espère bien que cela fonctionne d’après les commentaires il y a quelques un qui ne fonctionnent pas mais j'ai confiance surtout n’hésitez pas a le télécharger car ce jeu est très magnifique et j’adore jouer a ce jeu

CACTUS THE GAMER 2022-05-09 0 point


Need for Speed Girl 2022-05-03 1 point

Nekocccult the game came out on 2002 darling, if you see on wikipedia.

Adi 2022-04-28 1 point

I keep getting a pop which reads
"Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart"

Help please

Doniel Bones 2022-04-03 0 point

This game reminds me when my family is very happy.

CJ 2022-03-18 -1 point


Saxxy 2022-02-21 0 point

Love fast cars and enjoy gaming evertday

yanaman 2022-02-19 2 points

need for speed hot pursuit 2 is good game but it downloads slowly very slowly

Ritesh Kumar 2022-02-12 0 point

Where is Patch v242 !?

Maarcis12 2022-01-19 -3 points

I wanted to ask, is there any fix for ntdll.dll crash, because mine keeps crashing on launch with this error.

SURYAVEER 2021-12-21 0 point

This is very good game I like this game so much.

Senqiu 2021-12-01 0 point

I hope the game works tho

STOLY 2021-11-10 14 points

Running on Windows 10

Download the game and mount the CD.
Install the game. It might ask you to install directplay, install it.
The installation finishes with no errors, but its not fully installed, there are lots of missing folders, so you need to copy all of them from the CD to the install directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2"

Apply the Patch v242

Apply the NO-CD patch. (copy and replace the NFSHP2.exe to the install folder)

If you want widescreen or higher res, go to your Documents\EA Games\Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 folder and edit rendercaps.ini.

Set LimitResolution=0 and now you can select any resolution supported by the videocard driver.

No need for any compatibility settings nor admin rights.

N. 2021-08-26 1 point

I'm glad this game is there on this site! It really takes me back to 2003.

Anonymous 2021-08-06 -3 points

Does not work even though I'm following the tutorials in the comments. Always gives the referral error despite running as administrator.

hanan 2021-08-01 0 point

very good game but it takes very time and i like it very much and i also unlock all cars , road , and police car

Piyush 2021-07-12 -2 points

It tells me for register. I am from India. How can I do it?

althaf arief 2021-07-10 -2 points

how to fix black screen ?

i_love_mikasa 2021-07-09 -2 points

i love mikasa

eyob 2021-07-06 0 point

i love this game its the best game i ever seen

Aditya 2021-06-16 -5 points

what is the code to run this game

gamer 2121 2021-05-13 -1 point

good game i had a experience in playing it ...

.... 2021-04-25 2 points

just mount cue or bi n file like you would a iso and CD Key 8249-7EE3-84EW-TXGT worked for me

help 2021-04-18 1 point

also btw tipthrust if you ever see this the solution is to drag some folders over from the iso to the exe area, can't remember which but there's a video on yt and it shows which files to drag over, this has been a problem for every version of the installer.

help 2021-04-15 1 point

tried downloading this and only got a bin file and a cue file similar to extracting a ps1 rom, definitely not an iso. can someone please guide me along what the hell I'm supposed to do?

mateusz 2021-04-12 -1 point

this not working on windows 10 :(

arien 2021-04-09 0 point

such a lovely game

TipThrust 2021-04-02 0 point

Does not work. Absolute waste of time. No mater how many times you try to run the setup and key in the Installer CD Key, it just doesn't install the files into the executable file.

doorbytes 2021-04-01 1 point

Hmm ... I did something wrong: a black screen and a white title bar within Eagle PC in black letters. A known issue? What is the solution?

Araf 2021-03-31 -1 point

Need for Speed is very awesome !

NOuman 2021-03-19 0 point

Im going to play this game after 12

Shohan 2021-03-07 0 point


akii 2021-02-08 0 point

bro my childhood memory back while i play nfs hot persuit 2 after 5 year

Subscribe to Santhush PlayZ on Youtube 2021-02-05 2 points

You really should give us a serial number with the download file, I found a working one on the Internet, here it is; 8249-7EE3-84EW-TXGT

sahil shahzad 2021-02-03 0 point

i want this game right now

akiro 2021-01-21 0 point

ok so when i try to do anything, race, or hot pursuit, the whole screen is gray, i mean i can see faint outlines, but nothing much

loda 2021-01-02 -4 points

maiya ki chut tumhari madarchod

THILA95 2020-11-22 1 point


NekoOccult 2020-11-16 -16 points

Nick, were you dropped on your fucking head? This game came out in 2005, next time, read the fucking description you troglodyte.

mwenda 2020-10-24 1 point

i really hope this game gets intalledd because am a fun of games

deepak 2020-09-22 3 points

can find what to do with .bin and .cue file......
Need some help here

Thanks in advance for your help..

HARDWOOD_9 2020-09-19 -1 point

It is a good game and I wanted it from a long time
If you are a fan of the movie or searching for racing games, COME HERE!!

iGamer 2020-09-05 2 points

whoever made the comment that you uninstalled because of bad graphics? You do realize this is from 2002, and back then this this looked really good.

Sadam 2020-09-02 -2 points

I tried many times to download this game but I failed please help how can I download .i want to play it with PC

Dad 2020-08-30 -14 points

Graphics is not good in this game the main reason i am uninstalling this game is the graphics

petergamer965 2020-08-27 1 point

it works just install it then,from the orignal iso extract and replace files, then download
the nocd fix...most games in ea in the early 2000s needed the nocd patch.

Yuvraj Dubey 2020-08-16 0 point

I found this game more interesting in my life.
it is the best PC game i ever had played.
last thing i want to tell about this app is that if any player want to play the racing game, The game "Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2" is the best game for them.
thank you

Linarde 2020-08-07 1 point

@VaiPin7 Read the previous comments and you'll find an explanation on how to do it

VaiPin7 2020-08-06 1 point

The folder doesn't even contain the ISO file. It just has a .bin and a video file.

JESICA 2020-07-28 0 point

Help me
after Installation the autorun file is not working..
up to installation your game is good after that worthless, not running
if you help then message me. WAITING FOR MY GAME TO PLAY

Bharat 2020-07-21 -1 point

Its asking a code while installing the game
Can anyone plzzzzzz help me

Tobby Marshell 2020-07-17 -1 point

I love this game but i am have troubles downloading and installing but thank you

Manu 2020-07-14 -1 point

I like this game some much and its graphics is little bit nice but its game is old then also then also this game is popular and amazing

DOUBLE G 2020-06-16 -1 point


WAV3Y 2020-06-16 -4 points

could someone please break the process of installing down more please

Dance221 2020-06-10 2 points

I just got a bin file and another file.Did i install this for nothing?

Helinux 2020-05-13 0 point

Clássico!!!! Good times!!!!

Nathi 2020-05-08 -1 point

How can I download PC games hot pursuit need for speed 2 full vision

Durukan 2020-04-16 18 points

One on one Two on one Three on one Add one for fun :D

Ice 2020-04-14 -4 points

Help me to install it on windows 7. Please, i really need help, i don't even know the first step or the first thing to do.I'm asking for your help from any of you.And which app do i use to install NFSHP2. I really need this game, its fun racing cars.

Ice 2020-04-14 -2 points

Help me to install it on windows 7. Please, i really need help, i don't even know the first step or the first thing to do.I'm asking for your help from any of you.And which app do i use to install NFSHP2.

Ice 2020-04-14 -2 points

Help me to install it on windows 7. Please, i really need help, i don't even know the first step or the first thing to do.I'm asking for your help from any of you.And which app do i use to install NFSHP2.

Ice 2020-04-14 0 point

Help me to install it on windows 7. Please, i really need help, i don't even know the first step or the first thing to do.I'm asking for your help from any of you.And which app do i use to install NFSHP2.

BLNT 2020-04-14 17 points

Thanks for all these marvellous games!
I've successfully installed it into my Windows 8.1 64-bit laptop. Game runs smooth after everything done as shown below, I put here for it could be helpful to other similar users.
1- Download all files given on this page.
2- Extract the game .zip and get the .BIN file of the game and convert it into .ISO file by any suitable ISO creation tool. I've used MagicISO unregistered (free).
3- Using RAR or 7ZIP, extract the contents of .ISO file to any convenient folder on your HardDisk drive.
4- On the extraction folder, find SETUP.exe, make it Admin rights, and optionally make it compatible with WinXP-Sp2 (or Sp3), and RUN the setup and continue as usual. If asked, the CD-KEY is: 8249-7EE3-84EW-TXGT (given by JERRY FRIEND below).
5- For running te game without CD, you install all the missing directories from the extraction folder into the installation folder. Names of the folders are already provided by THE SWEDE 's comment below.
6- Apply the downloaded PATCH, again in admin and compatibility modes.
7- Replace the NFSHP2.EXE file on the game installation directory with the one provided by file as downloaded as EXTRAS file.
8- Again make everything ADMIN rights and WinXp-sp2 compatibile (other modes may also work).
9- FINALLY: Game runs successfully, but there's a graphics problem making it hard to play the game for which I found the following solution : on the game OPTIONS menu, go to GRAPHICS and reduce the EFFECTS from the maximum setting to anywhere convenient, (I've just reduced it by one tick), I've also set the resolution to 1366 x 768 to fit my full screen native resolution. Then the game runs smooth with no problems! That's it... Thank you again.

Castor Fiber 2020-04-09 2 points

Paul's instructions did it for me! Thanks!

Lord of Smoke 2020-04-02 0 point

Hello, the installation is not corrupted when it installs only 49MB of files, You have to account for that this is a game from a time when HDD space was scarce, and most games worked on the principle of partial install, while running video files, music etc from their respective CD. However, to get a no-CD patch to work you need to have all the game files on your HDD. Shoutout to Paul below for the very detailed instructions.

John 2020-04-02 0 point

It asks me to register. kindly help

freddie 2020-04-01 -3 points

I don't know how to even install the game please, I need help

kiran 2020-03-31 0 point

i can't able to access with a mount image.

Paul 2020-03-22 71 points

Below are steps I took to get get this running on Windows 10 (updated, as of 22nd March 2020). For some background, the setup.exe initially did not do anything (even if I had run it as admin from a separate folder), and once I got that working, the installation was broken.

1. Mount the image ("Need-for-Speed-Hot-Pursuit-2_Win_EN_ISO-Version") using Daemon Tools Lite or something similar. The image should be accessible from "This PC", having been assigned a drive letter (E:).
2. Copy the the contents of the mounted image: just "right click" - "open" on the image icon and copy all files to a separate directory, say in %TEMP%\NFSHP2. Open this directory.
3. "right click" setup.exe, go to "Properties", select "Compatibility" tab. There, check "Run this program as administrator" and "Run this program in compatibility mode" where you select Windows XP SP2 (other configurations may also work). "double click" setup.exe and hopefully the install screen will appear, and then you can proceed with the regular installation procedure. To avoid Windows complaining about insufficient privileges I suggest setting the installation folder to "C:\EA Games\Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2" or any path outside of folders with protected access (such as "C:\Program Files (x86)").
4. once installation is complete, check the size of the installation folder, if it is not 500+ MB but around 50-60 MB as it was for me then the game did not install correctly. You should then continue with step 5. Otherwise you can jump to step 6.
5. Comparing the contents of the image disk with that of the installation folder, you may notice that many files/folders are plain missing from the latter. The solution is to simply copy these to the installation folder. Folders whose contents I think I copied are actors, AI, audio, movies, Cars, tracks and GameSpy .
6. Install the v242 patch (using the same settings as for running setup.exe in step 3)
7. Replace the executable (nfshp2.exe) by the provided no-cd executable.
8. Run nfshp2.exe. You may need to run as admin.

Hopefully, this will work for you as it did for me. The game itself is good, especially if you are into being chased by cops. If you are more into racing, I think the previous NFS games (High Stakes and Porsche) are significantly better. They have more tracks, a damage model and better handling (esp. Porsche). On the flip side, they have considerably worse graphics (NFS HP 2 looked stunning back in the days).

Turbo Charger 2020-03-20 1 point

I've created a virtual driver now and have installed the game and everything, but when I press play in the game launcher menu, nothing happens

Can someone please help me? :)

AutoRarZip 2020-01-23 0 point

I Love this game

single-phase transformer 2020-01-21 0 point

i really like the game is so fun and like graphics which the game is using

dinki pooxa 2020-01-13 -2 points

If you want to win WITHOUT USING CHEATS then choose MANUAL GEARS - I configure the Microsoft Gamepad - especially important is to use gears only to slide around corners ( except for severe hairpins - need brakes too ); plus remain in lower gears until full revs - ALSO NEVER use "behind the car perspective" always with clear view ahead.

new drummer 2019-12-29 -1 point

this game is good if you play this game this game is decrease strace

EXKALIBUR1970 2019-12-21 1 point

MUCHAs gracias por sus aportes!!!
sigan asi!

Mkm 2019-12-01 -1 point

Where is the key needed to install the game?

Arnav Agarwal 2019-11-11 4 points

I downloaded the game but it didn't open

Arnav Agarwal

Minic 2019-11-02 0 point

They are so amazing to play,and all the racing is fun

boogie235 2019-10-18 0 point

im trying to open the game but pop up shows login with administrator privileges and try again. what should i do?

keg vammer 2019-09-07 -6 points

The game is asking for a password and the website did not give or show a password to fill.

Ceapa_Verde 2019-09-06 -7 points

Alright,how do open the bin. file ?

giovana 2019-07-10 0 point

na minha opiniao eu acho que esse jogo de carro e legal

ANON 2019-07-03 0 point


The Swede 2019-07-03 17 points

How to make the noCd "work":

1. Install from mounted/burned image.
2. Copy the following directories from the CD/imagefile into your installation dir:


and voilà... you are now a happy speedster! ;)

elvis 2019-06-30 1 point

it says : unknown problem intiliasing graphics

Anon 2019-06-25 -1 point

NOCD not working

Daisy1968 2019-06-22 4 points

Amazing game however not so good as it looks on a PS2 (see youtube)
But it's one of the best Need4Speeds ever !
Lot's of tracks in 4 different landscapes (Mediterian Grece like, a rough Coast with passes through sequoia trees, Tropic with city and vulcanic pass, Autumn like Mountains all with many possibilities and shortcuts.
You can play the championship started with the cheapier sportscars like Lotus Elise and the Vauxhall, then progress through BMW Z8, Corvette, Mustang GT, Viper, later on the very expensive Mc Larens and F50's, Ow yeah hit the pedal to the metal !
During high jumps the camera changes like they did with the crashes in N4S1 (however you can turn it off)
The damage model is not so spectacular but it's okay during the normal races but during the Hot Pursuit races there more visable.
Cops are trying to catch you and block the way like in the other need4speeds, but new thing are the helicopters that drops bombs to you with spectacular 360° camera stopped time views (srry for bad English LOL)
Downsides of this game are the replays that exist of 1 camera behind your car or the bumpercam (depends how you drived the race).
And there are no weather effects.
Also the PS2 version has more variation and cooler graphics.
The framerate is somewhat low, even on fast systems, that's really strange, but it's good playable in 1920x1080 with an i3-2120 8GB RAM and r9 380 (4GB)

Conclusion: you liked Hot Pursuit 1 and fast cars, get it now !
PS: ty MyAbandonware :)

Jerry Friend 2019-06-18 59 points

Heres the installer CD Key for this game if it matters now had to find it on youtube to make it install the game 8249-7EE3-84EW-TXGT

Jerry Friend 2019-06-18 -3 points

no cd install key it ask for it when you open the installer :( what a bad deal

Mary Bonney 2019-06-17 -1 point

When installing, it asks for "the code found in the white box on the back of the game manual". Couldn't find it on the downloads.

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