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Premier Manager 97

Windows - 1996

Also available on: Genesis

Year 1996
Platform Windows
Released in United States
Genre Sports
Theme Managerial, Soccer / Football (European)
Publisher Gremlin Interactive Ltd.
Developer Gremlin Interactive Ltd.
3.88 / 5 - 40 votes

Description of Premier Manager 97

Here is the video game “Premier Manager 97”! Released in 1996 on Windows, it's still available and playable with some tinkering. It's a sports game, set in a managerial and soccer / football (european) themes and it was released on Genesis as well.

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Comments and reviews

Mary 2024-02-23 0 point

It doesn't work in Windows 7 :(

jayjay 2023-12-27 0 point Windows version

nach der zeit kann man nicht mehr speichern,und das spiel hat unter win 11 grafik probleme kannst du helfen danke

DM 2022-08-14 -4 points

My computer is asking what to open this file with ??
what option do i choose ?

agathosdaimon 2022-07-04 -1 point

okay i solved the issue - using latest dxwnd and checking the box to limit free ram and also to hide empty cd drives

agathosdaimon 2022-07-04 -1 point Windows version

i am trying to playing this one and am encountering the issue in windows 10 of the message coming up telling me to put the pm9 cdrom in the drive - i have the disk image mounted via daemon tools in the f drive

Ukrit 2021-12-27 0 point Windows version

Awesome website one, my favourite game of all time with full version (ISO) my CD is totally broken and it's over, thanks a lot

psykal 2021-10-24 3 points Windows version

firestorm686, this is one of my favourite games of all time and I've not been able to play it for years. Over a decade in fact. Until now. Thank you very much for the tip to get around the graphical issues. Now the game works perfectly and I'm extremely happy. Thanks very much for posting this tip!!!

firestorm686 2021-08-07 5 points

I have looked for this game for years, i had the original cd and loved it. to all those having issues with saving, makeing the folder TACTICS will solve the saving issue, but to all those struggeling with the color issue, its to do with color mapping on current windows 10 machines. you dont need to mess around with using virtual machines or anything like that. you just need to put DDrawCompat's dll into the same directory as the game exe and it solves the issue. the only problem being you lose the player portraits. i hope this helps somone else, who loves the game as much as me.

blecky 2021-07-25 0 point

yeah go to settings on the pm97 exe file and make it conbetiable with win 95 and the save thing will work , the colors remain odd

Ollis 2021-03-22 -1 point Windows version

Hey guys!

I`ve tried the suggestions mentioned here, with creating the TACTICS folder, but still can`t save :/ Any smart ideas?

Spliffie 2021-01-06 0 point

Manchester united got a player named may, back in the day you could raise your asking price as high as u wanted and he would be sold for insane amounts

MS 2020-11-24 1 point Windows version


I run it on an XP virtual mashine on Ubuntu
I could not save the games because of "only 3 mb free on disk".
I tried to save my tacticts, and that work. From then on I oculd also ave games. So this seems worth a try if saving does not work

Frank 2020-03-16 1 point Windows version

All it says is couldn't mount file as it is damaged? Any help?

Karim 2019-05-06 1 point Windows version

"The save game problem isn't with memory on your PC, it's because you virtual drive doesn't have memory.
Mount the ISO, extract files to a separate folder and within this folder create a new folder called "TACTICS".
Open the game from the extracted files in the separate folder but make sure the ISO is mounted or it will ask you for the disk.
If you do it this way you can save games :)"

Thanx Doogie, thing is that the 97 version has issues with colors and texture, it´s unplayable, while I did what you said with the PM98, I ran it with WinXPServicePack3 comp mode, not on Virtualbox or such, and it worked, so the save file issue can´t be fixed or something? I mean the save files are only accessible if the folder is named TACTICS? this is retarded, since I burned the game on a CD to keep for posterity, I guess I have to create a text document reminding of this...

zeus1921 2018-09-07 -3 points Windows version

i made a "version" of 98, made possible to play windowed with DxWnd, on windows 10

Here is the link!AGpEjYjJ!lDT7qs3NiP86LU9U6_4GdlueeTbEK63ac-k7Uy60i-k

Doogie 2018-07-28 -1 point Windows version

The save game problem isn't with memory on your PC, it's because you virtual drive doesn't have memory.
Mount the ISO, extract files to a separate folder and within this folder create a new folder called "TACTICS".
Open the game from the extracted files in the separate folder but make sure the ISO is mounted or it will ask you for the disk.
If you do it this way you can save games :)

blecky 2018-02-24 1 point

download windows xp emulator
dont have more than 20 gb free space on computer or saving wont be possible

if you set player age on and then go auto contract renewal you will after a few season see 2nd and 3rd divisions players run in 300 points etc... buy them they will get even more points later. 4,5stars players are useless when you got 6+ stars hehe

when you get the first message about champions league (there you get 1.5 mill ) save and go out of game and load it again , pling you just got 1.5 mill more , . do this as many times you want for alot of money

DEFENDER BUG: renew the contract with your badest defender and set the player wage to 99 mill , after a few weeks you will sell him for about 90 mill to another club ;)

the bugs in this game are many and their enjoyable ,

blecky 2018-02-24 -1 point

ok here is the deal

if you have more than 20 GB free on computer you cant save the game it seems, . i had 25 gb free and it could not save the game but i started the download for counter strike global offence ( takes 16gb ) it went down to about 8-9 gb free space on computer and now im able to save again , been bugging me this save bug for some time now but started to realise that old computers didnt realy have so much space on harddrive that newer computers and the save thing always keep nagging about not enough space , well its wrong its to much space free so you need to fix it

make a partition with less than 20 gb ( not sure 20 is max or it can be 10 etc... well the game isnt taking much space make it 10 gb and it should work great )


use up the space on computer download whatever you want and then play the game ( not suggested)

blecky 2018-02-24 0 point

okey so now im not able to save the game even if the save folder is there , hmmm i guess this has to do with the computer settings and not the file itself actually

Bwher 2018-02-22 -1 point Windows version

Cant really understand whats wrong here..

I have just created a new folder and called it SAVE under TACTICS.
Still the game won’t save my games.

What is wrong here?

JJon 2018-02-21 0 point

sooooo, been playing this game....but it crashes after 4 seasons.....seems to not have enough team in the UEFA Cup and crashes as a result....any ideas?

Blecky 2018-01-25 -1 point

yeah so now there should not be a problem with neither saving or the color right ?? the save thing is a bug as the save map i created is not in use but somehow makes it possible to save the game anyway.. the color thing is easy as we have to much colors in newer computer than we had back at windows xp .... hope the game works okey now

OllaDeQu 2018-01-23 1 point

Created a Windows XP emulator in VM Virtual Box, colours problem fixed. Thanks pal

blecky 2018-01-22 0 point

umm i start to realise the problem here . in a modern computer we have millions of colors while back in windows 98 and xp we didnt , i downloaded a win xp emulator ( crappy one ) and it fixed the colors so the screen was back to normal as it should be however the emulator was so crappy and took to much space on my computer ( asus t100 tablet so i removed it again ) i checked the game file download on another computer and see that the save folder was added and the game is able to be saved now good work there , i suggest downloading a win xp emulator it should fix the colors ,

blecky 2018-01-22 0 point

but did you create the folder save and was able to save the game ??

OllaDeQu 2018-01-21 0 point Windows version

Oh fair enough, I will try and play and see if I can tolerate the colours.

Let us know how you get on with the emulator as I may do that as well

blecky 2018-01-21 0 point

but im going to try and download a windows xp emulator and see if that fix the problem with the colors so i give a update about it later

blecky 2018-01-21 0 point

i didnt and dont know how but it dont bother me that much the save thing was worse hehe ;) not possible to save the game realy is annoying , somehow the bug was gone after i created the folder "SAVE" not im able to save but the saves go to the tactics foldier and not my save folder anyway .. so much weird bugs with old games but atleast its possible to save now and the game runs smootly, well if you dont bother the color thing it works smootly .. its only the backround color that bugs the text and everything is pretty easy to see anyway

OllaDeQu 2018-01-21 0 point Windows version

Blecky how did you solve the colour issue?

blecky 2018-01-21 1 point

and now i start to realise that i was able to save the game after i created the folder "SAVE" but the weird part is that the saved files dont end up in that folder at all , dont know how thats possible but atleast i can save and happy with that

OllaDeQu 2018-01-21 -1 point Windows version

Anyone have a downloadable copy of 98?

Also I cant correct the colour issue on the 97 version at all. Using Windows 10, anyone solved it?

Blecky 2018-01-21 0 point Windows version


go into the map where you find the maps tactics etc..... now create a new folder and name it "SAVE" go to game and play and you find out that now you can save the game . the colors i have no idea to fix but that save problem was a easy one. tactics is where your tactics are saved and it was allready working great but what i found out is that there is no SAVE folder therefor you cant save the game .........

no need to thank me it was easy

@LAZAROUDAVE 2017-12-16 0 point

Mate. I think I might just have solved it. You are a freaking star! Thank you very much:)

@LAZAROUDAVE 2017-12-16 1 point

Thanks for replying, mate. Unfortunately I am pretty much illiterate when it comes to computers. I've probably spent 20 hrs trying to figure out how to solve the save issue to no avail. I have a PM98 ISO file that I am running with wine. I can see that there is no TACTICS file in there. Is this what you mean?

LazarouDave 2017-12-16 -1 point Windows version

If you even read this - go into the game files and look for a folder called TACTICS (it'll be with all the other folders that are typed in all caps) if it isn't there, add the folder (to reiterate. It's called "TACTICS" (w/o quotes) - then try to save, that worked for me

Tom 2017-12-13 2 points

Hi. I've downloaded PM98 and play using wine on a 2017 mac sierra. Everything works perfect, but I can't save the game. When trying to save the game it says I have to free up 3 Mb on my hard drive. I see that this is a problem many have, but can't seem to find a solution to it. Anyone out there feeling like giving a nostalgic chap a hand?

LazarouDave 2017-11-14 0 point Windows version

(Probably should've added this to the other comment - sorry whoever approves these)
That said - could someone get a working download of PM98 on here?

LazarouDave 2017-11-14 0 point Windows version

With having the disc version of PM98 - but can't save it, i looked for this, it works and i can save it - but the screen (as many others have said) is all mixed up and difficult to read - even after changing the resolution to multiple different ones in an attempt to fix it

Dezza123 2017-11-07 -1 point Windows version

Does anyone else have trouble saving the game? It keeps saying that I have insufficient storage and need to delete a game but there aren't any...
It sucks as it's such a great game, especially the pro-manager option

BERGALPHA 2017-10-27 0 point Windows version

Colors are all mixed up even if you change the resolution to 1280x768 on Win10. :(

Mo0kztar 2017-10-19 -1 point Windows version

Colors was all mixed up,but when i changed my screen res from 1280x1024 too 1280x768 it worked fine :)

Paradise 2017-10-17 0 point Genesis version

Amazing game, can't believe I've got it after 20 years and addicted again!! Thank you so much. Brings back great memories playing with my brothers growing up

bergalpha 2017-10-01 0 point Windows version

not working properly - colors are all mixed up can't play

moppe 2017-09-06 2 points Windows version

not working,

edubessa 2017-08-28 0 point Genesis version

very good

dgfdsg 2017-08-06 1 point Windows version

Can't save a game so it gets lost everytime I exit

Chrisg 2017-05-07 -8 points

How do I open this once it's downloaded?!

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