Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria

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Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria

DOS - 1995

Alt names 幽魂 1, Phantasmagoria de Roberta Williams, Phantasmagoria, Phantasm, ファンタズム, 로베르타 윌리엄즈의 판타스마고리아
Year 1995
Platform DOS
Released in United States
Genre Adventure
Theme Full Motion Video, Haunted House, Horror
Publisher Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Developer Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Perspectives 1st-Person, Fixed / Flip-screen
Dosbox support Fully supported on current version
4.43 / 5 - 122 votes

Description of Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria

Roberta Williams' Phantasmagoria, a really nice adventure game sold in 1995 for DOS, is available and ready to be played again! Time to play a horror, haunted house and full motion video video game title.

Comments and reviews

Eva 2018-07-21 0 point

Fantastic game.

Paulo Teixeira 2017-08-31 0 point

GREAT game back in its days!!
Loved it and the second part (which had nothing to do with it).

Back in 1995, Phantasmagoria was a reference mark in FMV adventure games! :P

(PS: a bit easy, but really cool)

MULTIMEDIA 486 DX/66 16 RAM 2017-04-20 0 point

Hola, está inglés? Subtitulos espanol? recuerdo los 5 CD.

paco 2016-07-14 -1 point

exelente juego de lo mejor en el genero de terror

missa 2016-01-18 0 point

i love the game my first time i want to know what happen im excited

count 2015-12-30 0 point

can someone tell me why this is taking forever to import onto boxer? i really wanna play :(

dee eye why 2015-12-22 0 point

2 GB DOS game! lol!

Hulsie 2015-05-02 4 points DOS version

Possibly the only video game that ever truly frightened me. A lot of people say a lot of negative things about this game (especially nowadays) but I think it's excellent.

OldGamer 2015-05-01 0 point DOS version

Love, love, love Phantasmagoria and the second game. One of my absolute favourites. Kept me entertained literally for hours.

Ang 2015-04-17 -2 points DOS version

When I add the game to "Scumm" it keeps telling me "game data not found". Any suggestions?

patty132 2015-03-08 2 points DOS version

I love this son turned me on to it way back when .......bought and puzzle of flesh...but pc has no drive to play it...and I miss it...I am 63 yrs old and think this game is great

tekmarvl 2015-02-21 0 point DOS version

I remember playing this game back in the late 90's and being amazed at how much work went into making the game. I love adventure games, with puzzle solving elements. Among Phantasmagoria being one of my favourites, with it's mix of live action sequences in FMV (Full Motion Video) and live actors, it was one of those truly unique games that you just had to play and couldn't put down.

It's great to be able to play a game like this again in DOSBox.

Les 2015-02-02 -1 point DOS version

how about a how to? Im a mac user so I can't just run setup and let it do the rest. It'd would be nice to know how to mount and run it by hand. I'm not a dos fan and am having a horrible time trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong....

znowugram 2015-01-04 1 point DOS version

najlepsza filmówka na pc,niedoceniona i mało popularna,szczególnie w Polsce(kogo było na to stać?)a dzisiaj kogo to obchodzi.Moje marzenia się spełniają a odpalenie takiej gry to radocha większa od kupna 3ds nintendo.Szkoda,że nie zrobili konwersji na psx.9/10

natroo 2014-08-25 1 point DOS version

Use the dos promt do not import to boxer. It works fine then.

Fox39 2014-05-04 1 point DOS version

@ Triumph, same problem.
Running Dosbox here under Mavericks.

It keeps importing like forever and nothing happens. Feedback anyone?

nando 2014-04-20 0 point DOS version


Panos 2014-04-17 0 point DOS version


Rogerio 2014-03-08 0 point DOS version

very, very good. gracias

indstr 2014-02-12 0 point DOS version

Awesome, I used to have this. I paid like $70 in the store for it when it came out. Classic horror game. I never did beat it, but I got near the end a couple times.

Jaime 2013-12-12 0 point DOS version

Oh my gosh! I am so excited to find this here! I played this when I was in middle school and it scared the poop out of me, and forever earned it's place in my most memorable games category!! My mom and I loved this game. If she were still here my mom would just eat up your entire site!!

WibbleTG 2013-12-09 1 point DOS version

Thanks for the upload... I found my old copy of this, got to chapter 4 and realized I am missing a CD... So glad I found it here to download so I can finish the game. :)

bryan 2013-10-27 0 point DOS version

the best post

triumph 2013-08-29 0 point DOS version

I've been trying to import it to boxer but it seems to be stuck or it just takes a really long time. anyone else have this problem?

Snowwhite 2013-07-06 0 point DOS version

I did not expect that...
The first game ever that made me panic!

All thumbs up for one of the most horrific games ever made.
A masterpiece from Roberta Williams.

If you want more horror try Scratches and Realm Of The Hunting

Joe 2013-07-02 0 point DOS version

Wow!It is 2GiB!

poepie 2013-06-24 0 point DOS version


Jeronimo 2013-04-29 0 point DOS version

Nejako neviem ako to nainštalovať alebo nájsť kde sa to spúšťa. Stiahla som si to, extrahovala a čo ďalej??? môžete mi niekto prosím poradiť ?? :-)

markegiani 2013-04-10 0 point DOS version

THE BEST HORROR GAME EVER !!! Creepy music, fantastic horror ambient, beautiful graphics (FMV) and great script make this game one of a kind.

hari 2012-12-05 0 point DOS version

i want to play with maya

Gio 2012-10-01 0 point DOS version

Hi! Thanks to anyone who uploaded this game, I've been looking for it for years! Unfortunately I'm uploading it on Boxer since this morning but it seems the process never ends! Is this normal? Anyone can help?

Circe 2012-05-17 0 point DOS version

Thanks so much for this, I've wanted to play this for years.

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