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Scarface: The World Is Yours

Windows - 2006

Alt name Scarface: Człowiek z Blizną
Year 2006
Platform Windows
Released in Czechia, France, Russia, Slovakia, United Kingdom, United States (2006)
Czechia, Slovakia (2007)
Genre Action, Racing / Driving
Theme Licensed Title, Movies, Narcotics, Regional differences, Sandbox / Open World, Shooter
Publisher Sierra Entertainment, Inc.
Developer Radical Entertainment Inc.
Perspectives 1st-Person, Behind view
4.31 / 5 - 367 votes

Description of Scarface: The World Is Yours

2006, the year Scarface: The World Is Yours was released on Windows. Made by Radical Entertainment Inc. and published by Sierra Entertainment, Inc., this action and racing / driving game is available for free on this page.

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How to play Scarface: The World Is Yours Windows

Coder CookiePLMonster is maintaining the awesome SilentPatch for Scarface, making the game playable on Win10 / 11.

Retrogamer Purgatory provided a full RIP, prepatched with noCD ; it's still required that SilentPatch, Fusion Fix and (optionally) the Remastered Project be installed.

The NoCD / crack has few positive flags, nothing to worry about.

Comments and reviews

LoicSuply975 2024-07-05 0 point

Do you have a European No-CD crack, I found one but it turns my game into English?

Skee 2024-06-11 0 point

bro why my download estimation is 21 hours, i have 32MB/s wifi

NEGÃOZIN 2024-06-10 2 points


pokeminatour 2024-06-08 0 point

after installing the game with scarface remastered project and fusion fix mod i've got performance issue . Game run at 60 fps but with shutter to 40 fps. i fixed it with adding game to amd software adrenaline edition and running game from this software.

Just-one 2024-05-30 1 point

I can't save the game. I have it fully patched and it runs smoothly but i just fails to create save files. I can't find any info or fixes online. Any ideas?

Bill Burke 2024-05-23 0 point

Did you know that this game has a record for the most f bombs in a video game

Sloppy Toppy 2024-04-11 9 points

How to Download:

1. Download:
- Full RIP Patched to 1.00.2 with NoCD English version 2.2 GB
- Patch v.1.00.2 English version 12 MB
- SilentPatch for Scarface Build 3 English version 1 MB

2. Put them all in the Full-Rip Scarface Folder

3. Download the Fusion Fix Mod over at Nexus Mods
and follow the instructions (this will be necessary to lock the frames incase the game has any loading issues Note that you will have to play the intro in 30Fps otherwise the game will load endlessly)

4. To Limit frames with the Fusion Fix Mod, you need to edit the D3D9.ini file
NOT the D3D9.dll File!!!!

5. Edit the D3D9.Ini File, to limit the frames, change the number that is next to
[FPSLimit = 0]

0Fps means No limit

30Fps is recommended

60Fps is what I use and I have yet to expiernce any issues, I did still play the prologue with 30Fps, just top be safe.

6. Click on the Scarface.exe and enjoy!

GusJ99 2024-03-27 1 point

Could someone explain step by step how to download the game and install it successfully? Thank you .

Remi 2024-03-22 1 point

how do you know which version to down load

LeonBR456 2024-02-25 4 points

first the game run ok with only the silent pacth, but after i install the remastered project the game not even open, what to i do?

Carne 2024-01-26 2 points

I want to play this game how do i do so

BD 2024-01-21 1 point

I still have an original CD for the game. I used the CD for the program. Then the SilentPatch and the NoCD download. Installed on Windows 11. Working flawlessly. The game has never played better. Thanks.

Ezplorer 2024-01-08 2 points

For anyone getting stuck on the loading screen after the prologue, I ran some tests and what solved the problem is limiting the maximum frame rate for the game to 30 fps. I did it using the Nvidia control panel, in Manage 3D settings, Program Settings select Scarface (scarface.exe) and one of the options would be Max Frame Rate (Velocidad máxima de fotogramas si lo tienes en español) there you can change it to 30 fps.

ElDopa 2024-01-05 1 point

Works great with the additional Remastered Mod, even on 2560x1440 resolution ... I did have to limit the FPS to 60 (using the NVIDIA control panel in my case)to prevent from the game either freezing for a few seconds & having audio stuttering or just running 4x too fast (i.e. I use a 240Hz monitor + desktop refresh-rate).

mirandalad 2023-12-17 1 point

I got it to run on ubuntu. You have to put the silent patch in the folder for it to work

is it normal for the framerate to be under 60 during driving? i don't even know if my laptop is powerful enough to run it

waxydock 2023-12-05 1 point

Try this after installing:

pnp95 2023-10-04 2 points

does the pc physical version works on win 10

mataboi27 2023-08-07 11 points

anybody got a video tutorial on how to properly run this game using this site and silent patch?

johngregor 2023-06-23 1 point

A little detail i forgotten to say from the issue i have. the game who fail to save my progression seem it's from because the games cant create a save profile which like i say i have been trying to find a fix but no much of luck unfortunatly which is sad because if i cant save the progression it mean if i leave the games all my progression is gone and i have to restart from the prologue each time.

johngregor 2023-06-23 3 points

Greeting so i manage to work just fine the games when i put in my computer and most of graphic glitch and bug were fix when i install the remastered project mod but the only big issues is the game when i try to save the games after a mission is over the games fail to save my games i tried to look everywhere a fix to correct the problem of not be enable to save the games does anyone have a solution on that ?

dooba 2023-06-08 0 point

To anyone stuck at the "Loading..." screen after prologue, I got past this by running the game in lower resolution. I used one of the default 4:3 resolutions. This also fixed the world loading issue (cars floating over water) in the opening credit cutscene. Previously I tried using dgvoodoo2 to try and emulate an older GPU with 512MB VRAM but this caused serious bugs in that cutscene at high resolution (1440p) as well as performance stuttering in gameplay. That makes me think it has something to do with the game struggling to allocate too much VRAM during cutscenes at high resolutions. After a fresh install I played the prologue again (for like the 5th time lol) on low res, raised my resolution back up after that loading screen and I haven't hit another issue so far.

Ess-Tee 2023-04-09 0 point

Just letting everybody know that I had to use Nvidia Control Panel to limit the game's FPS to 60, otherwise some animations (such as Tony's walking/running animations) were super sped up. Limiting the FPS seems to have fixed it.

FitGirlDODIUser 2023-03-13 2 points

What 'DRAGOS' mentioned in regard to 'Fusion Fix/SilentPatch' is what people want to do at the least.

but if you want simpler just get the game from 'archive[.]org/details/scarface-the-world-is-yours-pc' as that ISO there (uploaded by user 'BoubouV12') is identical (based on MD5 hash of ISO) to the one from 'elamigos[.]site' (which is considered safe) and that's easier to setup for people since it already got the patch/crack/update pre-installed for you. so you just install the game, then apply the 'Silent Patch' and 'Fusion Fix' and you are ready-to-play.

I play this on Linux through Wine on my 3rd gen i5 CPU with a 1050 Ti 4GB GPU and it works well overall although at times when you go to start a mission at places where you talk to a owner of a place, while it works initially, if you fail and have to start again the person who you start the mission from is missing from the spot they are supposed to be in (which means you cannot start that mission) and the only way I found to get that working again is either, A)reload your save and try again (at which point it will glitch again if you fail on first try). or B)get in your car and drive far enough away from that area and drive back to it and then you can proceed to start the mission as expected. this can be a bit annoying at times, especially if it's a mission you got to try multiple times to finish.

I would say that's the biggest problem I experienced so far as it happens here and there (I think it's limited to certain missions though as I don't get this all of the time but only here and there but it consistently does it on some missions for me).

I was using just the 'SilentPatch' but with just that ones controller does not work. but after I applied the 'Fusion Fix', now my XBox360 controller works by default with no configuration needed. so I use the XBox360 controller for everything besides the shooting sections basically as for shooting I use the mouse+keyboard.

TIP: since grinding it out for money etc in the game is a chore after a while, for quick cash I strongly recommend using this youtube[.]com/watch?v=1m539Rku2Bg (what you are doing here is trading a little of your time (roughly a few minutes for at least hundreds of thousands at the minimum) for quite a bit of money as I am not aware of a faster way to get cash quickly than this basic method)

I am not sure how much you get at the very beginning of the game, since I did not use it very early in the game, but when I first started using it, I think it was 14,000 each time where as currently, as I am late into the game, it gives me 49,000 each time I do that. basically when you 'level up' (which you get from owning more property and buying cars/items for ones house etc) as once your experience crosses a certain point you head back to your mansion to main room to level up (which unlocks more guns/cars etc) at which point it gives you more cash each time you use what's shown in that video.

using a XBox360 controller on PC to navigate the menus, once you get used to it (so you can press the buttons quickly which gives you money faster), you can get roughly 1,000,000-2,000,000 of in game cash each real world minute if your time. earlier in the game you won't get nearly as much as quickly but it's still a huge benefit to use this if you are tired of grinding it out and just want to get on with the story missions quicker and buy a lot more cars quicker to and don't have to worry about gangs or police coming after you etc since you can buy down 'Heat' which is expensive at times but with that easy money cheat it makes it so money is not a real problem unless you plan on going for stuff in the 10,000,000-20,000,000+ range at which point you can still do it but it becomes somewhat of a grind which is why I usually try keeping enough money to progress in the game (maybe 5-15mil) and get what I really need.

but for those who don't want to use the 'Cheats' menu to get money, there is a Island you can access to get hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) for not a lot of your time, but you generally need that plane to do it etc. that video is here... youtube[.]com/watch?v=DdMXKxgP_0Y

Dragos 2023-03-04 3 points

Use the Fusion Fix and the remastered project after the SilentPatch, v.1.0.2 patch, No-CD crack and the ISO file. The links are there:

@igorernandes 2023-02-18 0 point

I offer cash reward for anyone who wants to install the game on my pc

Ragnor 2023-02-08 0 point

"Upon downloading, all you need to do is to extract the archive to the game’s directory and that’s it! When asked whether to overwrite files, select Yes." This is straight from the person who I believe designed the silent patch in the first place, cool story check it out

Nicky 2023-01-04 4 points

Guys What do I do after I installed all the files- NOCD, Patch, Fix and the ISO 2.3 GB file. Im new to this manual drag and drop stuff and windows in general. Can someone teach me what I should do now with these files since I cant seem to get tthe game open

Foxtail 2023-01-01 0 point

Can't rebind keys, though my only qualm so far is that the take cover button is Enter. Also, if you want to update with official patch, you have to let it "uninstall updates" first, then uninstall the game yourself, reinstall, and then run the patch again and install the update. Weird, but it works, just do that first before everything else.

Also, don't even try using a controller. Even if you have a Dinput controller, instructions are still shown with keyboard keys.

Cntro 2023-01-01 0 point

So, is all this with all the patches make it compatible for the Remastered Mod patch? I can download, extract and install all of this and manage to install that one Mod too? If it works, thanks MyAbandonWare.

BigJWolf1993 2022-12-31 1 point

For some reason, there's a problem with this game where tony and pretty much everything else is transparent (only seeing his face). I only see the yellow-blue background on the main screen when I'm supposed to see Tony's office. Nothing but that and the options to choose. I don't know if it's a bug or a glitch or something, but it makes the game unplayable.

WoundedPhysiognomy 2022-10-19 0 point

If anyone has trouble installing the patch, reinstall the game and don't change the default install path that the installer recommends. Worked for me.

MrCool 2022-09-19 0 point

Here's the link that will automatically update to whatever the latest release is, whenever it's released.

And of course, thanks for hosting these games!

foodzilla 2022-08-24 -1 point

mouse acceleration is just plain awful, still somehow managed to beat it though

22233 2022-07-24 -2 points

im trying to add the silent fix but it just says there's not enough space in the iso

ilanskrrt 2022-07-07 1 point

al pacino are the best actor of cubane's movie

Mr Miles 2022-06-18 10 points

I keep getting stuck on the loading screen after the prologue

Jonjonny55 2022-06-02 3 points

Can some provide a step-by-step install guide. Would love to play.

ARC 2022-05-20 2 points


Ellisof1997 2021-12-24 -2 points

if ur having ur saves not load then u messed up the install

Maccado 2021-12-23 1 point

Got it running played an hour multiple saves closed down. Turn back on no save game to find. I loaded it a few time mid game but after full quit and reload. Back to training camp etc. How do I get it to keep save game in directory?

Somya 2021-12-21 6 points

Can anyone give full guide to install everything scarface The World Is Yours please help me

anon 2021-12-04 2 points

The game does not store saves correctly. Upon loading the game my save file was gone

boss 2021-10-17 0 point

how do i fix sensitivity or settings with controller so i can actually play the game.... with controller the camera doesn't stop going in circles....

bill blanco 2021-09-01 1 point

can someone help instill this game please

Bluey 2021-06-21 -1 point

I actually did have the silent patch so oops on that, but I also have the game running in compatibility mode under Windows 7, but XP might work as well.

Bluey 2021-06-20 1 point

I was able to install the game with the crack from the ISO, the nocd patch (excluding the system information file), and the widescreen patch and the game does indeed run. I was gonna install the 1.00.2 patch, but could not get it to install, I even tried every single region that had the patch to no avail so I do not have the silent patch either, but the game is running 100% with everything else listed above so if you run into this issue you might not really need to worry.

Azmir saeed 2021-06-16 -12 points

I am the best

PinkElephants 2021-03-09 1 point

Update to 1.00.2 first if you want to run this game with SilentPatch.

The NoCD/Crack ("Scarface v1.00.2 [US] Fixed EXE") you can find here:

BEN 2021-02-19 1 point

I downloaded and extracted the silent patch to the directory but the game won't launch. It just comes up with a little loading circle above the curser and then nothing happens.

Redeem 2021-01-16 2 points

Whenever I start the game, it tells me to insert the original "Scarface Release" CD/DVD.

Redeem 2021-01-16 4 points

Whenever I start the game, it tells me to insert the original "Scarface Release" CD/DVD.

ohthatsrad 2020-11-04 1 point

i played this on the ps2 and the xbox its been years since i played this game im looking forward to it\

Anon 2020-07-23 25 points

You all need to use this make to make the game actually playable. It's really easy to install and gets rid of all the graphical and performance issues.

Eric 2020-07-23 -9 points

Just get the PS2 rom. It plays a lot better than it actually does on PC.

Roasty Bunz 2018-08-16 3 points

Downloaded fine but the PC version is awful with bad keyboard controls and you can't get the key rebind to actually work. Don't think it's an issue with the download as it seems to just be how the PC port was handled unfortunately.

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