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Sonic Heroes

Windows - 2004

Alt names 索尼克英雄, ソニックヒーローズ, 소닉히어로즈
Year 2004
Platform Windows
Released in Germany, Japan, United States (2004)
Poland (2005)
United Kingdom (2007)
Genre Action
Theme Anime / Manga, Platform
Publisher Mastertronic Games Ltd., SEGA Corporation, SEGA Europe Ltd., SEGA of America, Inc.
Developer Sonic Team
Perspectives 3rd-Person, Free-roaming camera
4.55 / 5 - 1037 votes

Description of Sonic Heroes

If you haven't played Sonic Heroes or want to try this action video game, download it now for free! Published in 2004 by SEGA Corporation, SEGA of America, Inc., SEGA Europe Ltd., Mastertronic Games Ltd., Sonic Heroes (aka 索尼克英雄, ソニックヒーローズ, 소닉히어로즈) is still a popular anime / manga title amongst retrogamers, with a whopping 4.6/5 rating.

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Comments and reviews

wet 2024-07-06 0 point

how the hell do i bind the right keybinds

0010v 2024-06-16 2 points

it's been like 14 years holy shit I missed you team chaotix...............

kikiloboy 2024-04-11 -2 points

so many old games from the 1900's.

daveexile 2024-04-04 0 point

how do you play on a 64 bit chromebook dell because no emulators I tried worked

DarkYTX Editz 2024-04-03 0 point

Even after Mounting the ISO version of Sonic Heroes it won't work, my Laptop can run Sonic Heroes without any Problems but my PC which is far stronger than my Laptop can't Launch Sonic Heroes for some Reason, I don't wanna Emulate the Game on Dolphin, is there even a way to fix it for Window 10 Users ?

ultranova 2024-04-01 0 point

works you just got to click open with and then scroll to WinCDEmu and click it
your welcom of it helps

Pineda 2024-03-29 -1 point

How are we going to know if this is a virus?
the other guy who said it was correct. does this game have virus or not?

HyperDreamer 2024-03-22 0 point

I can't get it to play. I've tried that WinCDEmu and couldn't get it to work.

Boxuga 2024-02-08 0 point

@MECAGUEIGAMES .bin's are a file that store basically the data of a CD. I kind of thought it would be DVD-ROM. but i believe this file can be mounted with WinCDEmu by Sysprogs I believe. ususally i find everything on myabandonedware pretty safe.

Sonic 3 & knuckles 2024-02-05 2 points

ahhhh old memories it feels so great to relive this

mecagueigames 2024-02-04 0 point

Does anyone know if its safe? and wich one do I install? wtf are yall talking about some mounting of bin files??????? what does it mean dawg, never installed a old game like this

gummy 2024-01-10 0 point

yo i was playing this and it was great... except for the fact that big's darker spot on his body were gone like fix this pls idk if the ppl see these comments but i hope they do

osman 2024-01-03 -1 point

its great
it takes long
to download

BuzAdam 2023-11-18 -1 point

I applied widescreen fix but it's still full screen

Ari 2023-11-18 -4 points

Bru this game is only on pc why can’t sonic r be on iPads and xbox

Scp 2023-11-08 0 point

I did the no CD patch provided from this website and the game changes my resolution for a few seconds and quits any way to fix this?

Lawrence 2023-11-02 2 points

It needs a CD for me to play and I don't have a CD player on my computer. What do I do?

Miobedgas 2023-10-11 -1 point

I tried to get the game working but it weren't turning on so i tried playing the game on the Orignal Xbox and it worked i basiclly just ordered the game from Ebay and put the disc on the console and it worked just like that easy as pie if you ask me quiestons how to get the old xbox simply go online and look for one or buy one at your local stores that got them in thank you for your kind comments

Gonzales 2023-10-11 0 point

coño esto es una puta mierda

trevor 2023-09-19 -1 point

i love this game! not cause it has sonic but shadow rouge omega and tails! unlike the other games witch mostly just have sonic and tails

soulplay 2023-08-24 1 point

Can someone walk my through on the insert disk 2 portion i'm still trying to learn this

sonic 2023-07-20 1 point

this game is a banger

Lucas 2023-06-22 4 points

The setup file is a Trojan (according to windows defender), download at your own risk.

joeballs6969 2023-06-14 2 points

Are you sure that this isn't just a virus?

suhay25 2023-02-19 3 points

remember to mount the bin files

suhay25 2023-01-27 0 point

i played this game before and IT WAS COOL but it didn't get past through all the zone so today i will make an AWESOME EXPERIENCE

mark p 2023-01-07 -2 points

I have had this game on my PS for a long time during my childhood and now it do not work because windows SP no longer exists so i and going to do

Trovul 2022-12-25 2 points

I got the game working, but how do I make it fullscreen?, and is there any way to change the controls

Naawi 2022-11-24 28 points

Its my childhood game! thought it was gone forever when we lost the disc but you nice people have brought it back! I really appreciate it. though when i downloaded the .exe version and ran, it asked me to insert Disc 2 and i have no idea what to do :' Can someone please help?

Zaylen 2022-09-28 4 points

Sonic heroes is a good game I Help me make another game

Neo Metal Sonic98 2022-09-23 1 point

thank u Brandondorfarguz for suggesting the tsonic_setup im so happy i can play this on my pc!!!

knuckles 2022-09-11 4 points

why is the noCD detected as virus?

Izaakwashere 2022-09-05 1 point

It needs a disc and i have been trying to get it work for a whole week and i still cant do it and my computer doesnt have a disc slot

bob 2022-07-24 1 point

you need an actual disc for this! that is really anoyying

lol 2022-07-16 0 point

ayo dose this actually work

Almaz 2022-07-11 2 points

This video should help with the installation, and installing mods too! (I'm not the owner of this video)

boxxybabee 2022-06-06 2 points


Godzilla 2022-05-30 -1 point

Action from YouTube said he likes this game

Small 2022-05-07 0 point

Thank you for the download

Jesse Navarro 2022-05-03 1 point

when i run the game at fullscreen my monitor goes black and says change input timing to 60hz i tried this on other monitors and nothing happens and the game runs at full screen my monitor is dell u2311h any help?

amo jugar sonic 2022-05-01 0 point

Programa de instalación versión inglesa 1,2 GB

Abdullah 2022-03-26 -3 points

I’m going back to the gym and get ready for the game today

Luxi 2022-02-07 1 point

Works great with playonlinux.

Aim 2022-01-06 -3 points

Thanks, works fine

Mifa 2021-12-21 0 point

I can't uninstall this it doesn't let me every time I try to it says "uninstaller failed to run."

FairFelix 2021-10-29 3 points

Beyler İndirdim harbiden çalıştı çocukluğumun oyunlarından. ama 1080p çözünürlük olması için internetten bir yama indirip oyunun kurulu olduğu klasöre atıyorsunuz sorun kalmıyor.

mahtty 2021-09-26 4 points

id recommend just emulating on dolphin

nexus 2021-07-20 1 point

hehe help pls everytime i click the launcher and press start it says insert disk 2 im very confused help me pls

Jonathan 2021-07-14 2 points

My favorite Sonic game for life!

spook 2021-07-03 13 points

how can i be sure this isnt a virus

spookedvr 2021-07-02 1 point

lmaooooo this game was my childhood imma play it now!!! :))

sonc 2021-06-08 0 point

ese juego me encanta yo no lo e nstalado pero me encanta

sam 2021-06-07 0 point

my sister has play it on computer but i not you know why cuz sad for i not playing game but i can talk how cd was not work and i start there is not starting the game

SAM 2021-06-07 20 points

i think that game cool but how i insert disc 2 with cd

Albin 2021-05-18 0 point


José 2021-05-17 0 point

Oi eu sou José Bonecio
Eu tudo tentando baixar Sonic
E eu não gosigi

Dj 2021-05-11 0 point

Sonic heroes is awesome

OTISAGNEW 2021-02-26 2 points


brandondorfraguz 2021-01-02 30 points

I found this download link without needing to mount .bin files or mounting CD's. It works like a simple installer:

Kirpy 2020-12-17 11 points

If any of yall dont understand how to install: You need software that can mount the .bin files that comes with the download, like
Then after mounting it, go to the mounted drive and click setup.exe.
After a while it will ask for the second cd. for this you just do the same But you dont close down the install window. after mounting it then click okay. it should then finish install. If you got any problems or questions yall can contact me on

Aric Smith 2020-11-27 2 points

I love playing sonic heroes

lemondrop 2020-11-24 2 points

I downloaded and extracted the .zip file, but the "Sonic Heroes ISO" folder only contained folders named CD1 and CD2, with only a .bin and .cue file in each one. I have no idea what to do with either of these, and any online guides I find don't give me an answer. So I guess my question is, how do I install the game from this download?

Crush40 2020-10-31 25 points

This game tried to reach inside of me. It tried to steal my energy. But I showed it what I'm made of.

El de la respuesta 2020-10-05 0 point

Bueno, la verdad, a veces no arranca el juego, me ha pasado, tiene que ser como una motosierra, intentar e intentar hasta que arranque

foodie 2020-08-19 2 points

anyone get this to work on windows 10? I was able to install the game fine, but it won't open past the launcher. I followed the readme instructions on the no cd crack and put the file in the folder where the game was installed, but I only get a black screen if I open it with that

BENJAMIN91609 2020-08-16 -7 points

uhh there is a PS1/2 .BIN file instead of the ISO i was promised
0/10 ill change when you get a WORKING iso

SamyRobloxPlayz 2020-08-13 0 point

welp yesterday i tried to download it , it took 2 hours.. after downloading , i clicked open file , and then my pc crashed for around 7 minutes , i didnt get angry for the browser , i know its not its fault , now , im trying again to download it , can someone tells me if its true or scam?
welp thanks!
i wanna replay this game coz its my childhood for 6 years old , in ps2 :D
i already beated the game but i wanna replay it 6 years later

SONICFAN 2020-08-08 1 point

I just need to paste it then I will play super fast cause I'm a big fan of sonic

JOSHUAISCOOL 2020-08-08 1 point

I'm working on it

Sonoc 2020-07-14 1 point

This game was great! I had it for ps2 but now i have pc. Thanks!

Idrak 2020-06-23 1 point

Greeeabautt i got team heros in my game now i can play full i hope it loads!

wolfwood 2020-06-07 0 point

I remember being so excited when this game released as a kid. I played through a demo version on a GameCube demo disc dozens of times. I'm looking forward to replaying this.

i am a snoc fan 2020-05-31 -2 points

sonic heroesis a game i want so i got this thing, funny comment

FoxenStorm 2020-05-21 9 points

I just found the full game but, it's taking 1 hour to download... BUT, I'm new to this so I'm going to say this, I'm a kid. I am a fan of Sonic. Also, I've watched a playthrough of the game. So, I'm REALLY excited to play!

Littletay 2020-04-05 4 points

Sonic Heroes was in my childhood and when I search for it I was so happy that I could download it on pc. No all I have to do now is find a download that works.

piuquis 2020-03-30 -2 points

What should I do with de .zip file?

F 2020-03-28 -5 points

What files are included?

Derrick k joseph 2020-03-21 4 points

best sonic team game ever

sanic 2020-03-20 2 points

hey, how to install this game?

Lari 2020-03-16 -2 points

Ohh greaaat, thanks, i was looking for this game in the full version, i really appreciate it, now i can play with my new computer this game

maranble14 2020-03-13 3 points

Hi does anybody know how to set up an xbox controller to work with the windows version of this game?

Isabella 2020-03-01 0 point

This game is one of the best i have ever played

Froztee 2020-03-01 0 point

It works great, thanks! Everyone, make sure to find the resolution update patch also.

Dragonite 2020-02-12 -7 points

how exactly do i even add the tsonic.exe file to the instillation file i dont even know which one is the the instillation file someone help please if you know how and you see this email me at

just started 2020-02-05 0 point

i just started

EA Sports 2020-01-02 -4 points

Am I in this game?

Byron 2019-11-26 0 point

i like the game

HashX11 2019-10-05 -4 points

Is the link down?

GG... 2019-09-26 -2 points

Sonic heroes was one of my favourite games and when i was a kid i couldnt stop playing it UwU it could be one of the easier sonic games, i saw sonic generations and its sure WAY harder than sonic sonic heroes (without installing it, i mean, i saw a lot of videos of sonic generations and saw how complicated it is)

ArathAlexander 2019-07-26 -25 points

Hey guys I downloaded the Zip files, but I try to open them and apparently I need a special program, Do I go directly into the WinRar thing to play then game or how should I open it?

burh 2019-07-11 1 point

Sonic Heroes was my favourite game and when i was a kid I couldnt stop playing it, its a good game and I still love it!

mark princely 2019-06-21 2 points

i have been playing this game for quit a while and i have been very good att it or the last couple of months

lighthawk16 2019-06-04 3 points

For those commenting about the game not working, be sure you download and use the NoCD patch below the main download.

Gameobatts 2019-05-25 2 points


kasion 2019-05-16 3 points

I love this game so much

jagi j 2019-04-19 2 points

can you use an xbox one controller with this one?

bananda 2019-04-09 2 points

hope this works!

jlnhlfan 2019-04-08 0 point

Two people think that this would be pirating.

Y'all don't know what emulation is (if you're on Linux or Mac OS)

fuck 2019-03-23 -1 point

from what i've heard, has copy protection. It will say it's a pirated copy.

Sonic.EXE 2019-02-24 -8 points


Uh.. 2019-02-12 -7 points

Ok so, I believe this game has copyright protection since it's a windows game. I haven't installed it yet but I assure everyone that it's most likely gonna say the game is a pirated copy (be thankful its not one of those games that punish you for pirating). Anyways I bet their is SOME SORT of patch or edit to the game that will pass the copyright protection I'm not sure, so download it if you want but theres a 0% chance it'll work.

sonic fan 2019-01-13 2 points


Lame 2018-12-18 0 point

I mounted the second disk as instructed by the installer and the program recognized it as a pirated copy and refused to install. Totally useless download.

HeWhoChuckles 2018-12-17 3 points


park hyuna 2018-12-13 -1 point

나는이 게임을 좋아한다

A IRANIAN 2018-11-14 2 points


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