Super Street Fighter II Turbo

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Super Street Fighter II Turbo

DOS - 1995

Also released on: 3DO - Amiga

Alt names スーパーストリートファイターIIX for Matching Service, SSF2T, Super Street Fighter II X for Matching Service, Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge
Year 1995
Platform DOS
Released in France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States (1995)
Italy, Netherlands (1996)
Genre Action
Theme Fighting, Regional differences, Versus Fighting
Publisher GameTek (FL), Inc., GameTek, Inc.
Developer Capcom Co., Ltd.
Perspectives 2D scrolling, Side view, Fixed / Flip-screen
Dosbox support Supported on 0.61
4.44 / 5 - 199 votes

Description of Super Street Fighter II Turbo

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Bring the Arcade Action to your PC!

There is a whole slew of fighting games now in the arcades and on the PC, but there is just one that started that all off - Street Fighter.

Street Fighter started it all off. Then came Street Fighter II which got crowds to start dumping quarters into that machine. Then came the other versions of Street Fighter II - Turbo and Champion. Those also drew big crowds. Super Street Fighter II was Capcom's big upgrade to the SF2 games. It added four new characters and some better special moves. But the speed of the game just did not appeal to the crowds. It drew smaller crowds than the other versions. So Capcom upgraded the SSF2 version. And the version that came out of that upgrade has got to be the best of all the SF2 series' games. Super Street Fighter II Turbo (SSF2T).

Ryu continues to be the icon of all the Street Fighter games. But joining him are four new characters: Cammy, Fei Long, Dee Jay, and T. Hawk.

Round 1, Fight!

A few months ago Mortal Kombat II was released for the PC platform. But I stayed away from it, I prefer the more "classy" fighting that comes from Street Fighter II. There will obviously be comparisions between the PC version of MKII to the PC version of SSF2T. But, trust me, there is no comparision here. The SSF2T/PC beats out MKII TKO. The sprites in SSF2T are arcade sized, no shrunken sprites to account for speed. No, not here, the sprites are left real size, and the game does not slow down either. MKII/PC offered CD-quality music, but when it came down to it, it didn't have it. SSF2T/PC offers CD-quality music (on the CD version) and it comes through on that promise. All music is played off the CD (so you better have that audio cable between your CD-ROM drive and your sound card). The graphics in SSF2T/PC have more color and are brighter and are just more pleasing to look at. SSF2T/PC also offers background animation and parallax. Parallax is very cool, because the background is no longer just one piece of bitmap. The background is made of different layers, and they all move according to how far they are to the player. It makes the game look exactly like the arcade version.

The Translations Translations

Don't get SSF2T/PC mixed up with the previously (horrible) translation of the Street Fighter 2 game to the PC (by Hi-Tech). SSF2T/PC was translated from the arcades by Eurocom, and it is the best translation yet. It is an exact copy of the arcade version, it even includes the hidden character, Akuma.

Also, don't get the Eurocom SSF2T/PC mixed up with Hi-Tech's SSF2 release. Hi-Tech is going to try again at translating the arcade version of Super Street Fighter II (notice, no "Turbo"). But, hey, why would someone buy Hi-Tech's SSF2, when they can go with this perfect translation of SSF2T/PC?

The Game

The characters are almost the same as the original SF2 game, except (like I said before) the addition of the four new characters. SSF2T/PC offers (like the arcade) three speeds of game play. (1) seems to be too slow, it's almost like playing just regular SSF2. (2) is what I play at most of the time, it's fast, but not too fast. (3) is way to fast for me (atleast on the PC release, using the keyboard is different from using a joystick and 6 buttons.)

There are two playmodes in SSF2T/PC, arcade and challenge. In arcade, it's just like the arcade play, one can play the game by themselves (or until someone joins in.) In challenge, it's a two person type game play in which there are stats keep on each player.

The game is very memory hungry. But, it offers a swapfile way to play. With a 4 meg RAM machine, it might be a bit on the slow side because the swap file will be about 12megs. With a 8 meg RAM machine the swapfile is just about 8 megs and it runs really well. On a 16 meg RAM or higher machine, the game doesn't need a swapfile. The box says that 30 megs of hard disk space, but the game only takes up 17 megs or space -- the rest of the open space is left for a swapfile. So realistically, on a 16 meg machine, you need only 18 megs of harddrive space or so.

And let me say this, keyboard play, although it sounds awful, is actually pretty easy to master.

Good, but not Perfect

Although, this has got to be the best translation of the arcade game, and now one of my most favourite PC games, it is not perfect. If you have a Sound Blaster that is version 1.5 or higher the game will crash if you have the sound card selected. The fix for this is on the net, or you can just play with no sound. I had to upgrade from my Sound Blaster 2.0 to a Value Edition SoundBlaster 16 to get sound from SSF2T/PC. Also, for all of you who have sound cards that aren't supported, you will also have to pick up the sound patch because SSF2T/PC only recognizes true SB sound boards and not emulated SB sound boards.

There are semi-game glitches in here too. They aren't bad, but they are noticeable to SF2-players. An example would be Akuma's Fierce Dragon Punch, executes the teleport in SSF2T/PC and not the Fierce DP.

Some complain that the sprites are too big. That because they are so big the timing of the gameplay is thrown off. To me, the sprites are just fine, they might be on the big side, but it's not that noticeable to affect my gameplay.

The Bottom Line

SSF2T/PC is the best PC fighting game around. I payed $32 for it, and it is worth every penny. No more shoving quarters into an arcade machine for me. There are high requirements for this, especially on RAM and diskspace, but if you have those, this game will serve you well. There is a $15 6-button joypad offer inside for those of you who can't play SSF2T on the keyboard. If you want a good fighting game, and you want it on your PC, Super Street Fighter II Turbo is the game for you.

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petran79 2022-07-14 1 point

You should have kept this version as it has a superior CD soundtrack.

For 2020-06-15 2 points

The Steam version isn't the same PC/DOS one. The Steam collection is the arcade version and emulated.

Easy PC 2018-09-27 0 point DOS version

I used to own SSF2 Turbo for PC, back in the day. My PC was slow at the time, so took ages to start it up in DOS, but it was well worth the wait. And now... probably easier to download the arcade version and an emulator.

mick 2018-08-05 1 point Amiga version

Amiga version I downloaded here does nor run on FS-UAE on OSX. Can someone confirm this?

Shelly Winkely 2018-06-26 0 point DOS version

Guys please note that this game has one of the most confusing and complicated DOS installations processes. Despite its lack of installation instructions, ultimately you'll be meet with the software protection question block. No one can answer this question cause it doesn't exist.

mimou 2017-06-05 0 point DOS version

very good

EldritchNexus 2017-03-13 0 point DOS version

Same problem. Even when I'm tapping the designated keys, I scarcely get any response out of them.

Yelz 2017-01-14 -3 points DOS version

Hey. Why buttons don't work in-game? The only thing I can do is moving, as someone said. Help please?

Deeohesse 2016-07-05 1 point

I'm slightly computer illiterate apparently. How do I get this game cracked? I took the file out of the crack folder and put it in the same place that the SF2TURBO.exe file is but it didn't work.

Mac os, boxer dos emulator.

RYLER! 2016-03-02 4 points DOS version

I have an issue... with input. While there seems to be no problem when I move around the around the interface i.e scrolling, selecting characters and key redefinition, the attack buttons do not respond during the gameplay - I can only move around. It annoys the hell outta me... pls help me out guys.

Jon 2016-02-17 0 point

Thanks for those instructions but after installing the crack and receiving notification that the crack had been installed it still asked me questions upon game startup. re-cracking does not work. I am using the boxer DOS emulator on a MAC os...

d 2015-12-16 2 points

my favorite retro game thx

Gluon 2015-12-10 2 points

Hi, If you are having trouble getting past the logon (i.e. it asks for a word in a manual) do the following

1/ In the original location you extracted the zip to there is a file called crack, locate and open this file
2/ Copy the file called SSF2TCRK.COM into the file with your F2TURBO.EXE
3/ In your DOS emulator type 'SSF2TCRK.COM' - you should see it provide a message that the game has been cracked
4/ run SSF2T and the logon screen should now just say -just hit enter-

Enjoy :)

Flo 2015-11-08 -1 point DOS version

Just found this in the back of closet.. . original cd, box and manual :)

Gamer1983 2015-07-10 -3 points DOS version

All you guys having password problems, the crack is in the game, install it and when it asks you for the word, don't enter anything and just push the ENTER button. If you don't know how to install the crack, it's found in the folder "Crack" Put the "SSF2TCRK.COM" in the same directory as "SF2TURBO.EXE" and if you don't know how to do that then how did you even get as far as installing the game?

YOYo 2015-01-06 0 point DOS version

Where do you get the crack file?

admin 2014-12-08 -1 point DOS version

There is a crack file @JANKSTER

jankster 2014-12-04 0 point DOS version

keeps asking me words from the manual as a security code. Help please.

Esaelon 2014-09-04 0 point DOS version

Back in the day, I came across a number of PC ports of Capcom fighters. The ones I remember most are Super Street Fighter II (SSF2 - not on this site), SSF2T, SF Zero and Zero II (Alpha and Alpha II to us in the states), and X-Men: Children of the Atom. SFZ and SFZ2 may have been for Windows, I forget, but the rest were DOS.

Sadly, most of these were terrible ports!
SSF2 used the reduced-size graphics from the SNES port. It had frameskipping which allowed it to be somewhat playable, but it ran slow and was ugly. Moreover, the screen was wider than in the SNES port -- and since the area of movement was limited to the width of the screen, the width of the screen affected the dynamic of the fights (i.e., it could be considerably easier to keep away).

SSF2T had the opposite problem. Though it ran fast and smooth, it used the original arcade graphics but retained the same resolution: thus, now the screen was far too narrow. If I recall correctly, Dhalsim's attacks could reach almost the full screen, and it was very difficult to jump towards anyone with a good anti-air (most anyone) without them being able to use it to counter your attacks.

SFZ/Z2 I believe were also surprisingly slow...

I cannot recall clearly, but X-Men:CotA worked around the SSF2T problem by scaling the screen: it had full-size but aspect ratio distorted and extra-blocky graphics. It ran decently well, however chain combos which were a core part of the game DID NOT WORK for players (I believe they may have for the computer).

It's a shame Capcom paid so little mind to these ports... thank goodness for emulation eventually providing a decent alternative!

agus 2014-07-12 -2 points DOS version

The super street fighter where coming 4

ti4 2014-05-21 0 point DOS version

whats the word? goddamn security question, please help

sanju 2014-04-03 0 point DOS version

I want to finish ken

kurt 2014-04-02 1 point DOS version


corncabz 2013-11-21 0 point DOS version

gj guys realy gj

sebaxo 2013-07-13 0 point DOS version

i have problems installing the game, it says: "This system does not support fullscreen mode. Choose 'Close' yo terminate the application."

sagat 2013-06-02 0 point DOS version

i will finish ryo

ryu 2013-04-30 0 point DOS version

ryu rocks

nino 2013-04-19 0 point DOS version

el mejor juego del mundo y de la historia, SNK no se compara a EL REY DE JUEGOS CAPCOM

reagan 2013-02-25 0 point DOS version

Classic game since highschoo

LoGaN 2013-01-28 0 point DOS version

If you are having problems with the controls. Open frame lock and music speed up in the options and change both player 2 and player 1 controls, which will fix the problems for punch and kick buttons. Otherwise this is the best street fighter game on pc dos.

Yiro 2012-12-29 0 point DOS version

Can't kick nor punch even after configuring keys. I can move but can"t fight :( help?

JC 2012-12-19 1 point DOS version

wow amazing DOS game. Install then paste SSF2TCRK.COM in the same directory installed then run it and play

Given 2012-11-26 0 point DOS version

I love this game

ali 2012-11-08 0 point DOS version

great game

Ryback 2012-10-29 0 point DOS version

What the heck, what's with the security questions??

tub 2012-09-09 0 point DOS version

good game

timmy 2012-05-31 0 point DOS version

it is good

JuniorGunz 2012-02-20 0 point DOS version

its not downloading street fighter 2 turbo for me. whatswrong with this site ?

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