Titanic: Adventure Out of Time

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Titanic: Adventure Out of Time

Windows - 1997

Also released on: Windows 3.x - Mac

Alt names Titanic: Avontuur in de Tijd, Titanic: Eine interaktive Reise, Titanic: Odwróć Bieg Historii, Titanic: Uma Aventura Suspensa No Tempo, Titanic: Une aventure hors du temps
Year 1997
Platform Windows
Released in Belgium, France, Netherlands (1997)
France, Germany, United Kingdom (1998)
United States (1999)
Worldwide (2017)
Worldwide (2018)
Genre Adventure
Theme Graphic Adventure, Live action, Puzzle elements, Spy / Espionage
Publisher Bomico Entertainment Software GmbH, Europress Software Ltd., GTE Entertainment, Hammerhead Entertainment, Infogrames Multimedia SA, Night Dive Studios, LLC
Developer Cyberflix Incorporated
Perspective 1st-Person
4.25 / 5 - 72 votes

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Manual and fix available

Description of Titanic: Adventure Out of Time

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April 14th, 1912. Unbeknownst to crew and passengers, the R.M.S. Titanic is headed for danger and the seeds of World War are about to be planted. It was our hero's job to stop a certain Col. Zeitel from destroying not only the Titanic, but also life as we know it. Much to the disappointment of Her Majesty and our hero, the mission failed.

Forward to the World War II era. You, the hero, are lounging in your dingy apartment hiding from your landlord who is trying to collect the rent. Trinkets of past missions for the secret service abound on shelves and mantles around you. A news clipping about the Titanic and an inscripted pocket watch spark memories of that night. You think to yourself "what if I could go back in time and alter what happened that night?" An air-raid whistle screams and a bomb knocks you out.

So starts Cyberflix's excellent Titanic: Adventure Out of Time, a game of alternate history and wondrous mystery. The ticking of a watch is heard and you are back on the Titanic, ready to start with a clean slate. Some great puzzles lie ahead and a few fights ensue as you try once again to stop Col. Zeitel and his master plan before the ship sinks. The key to this game is that you actually feel that you are on the Titanic.

Cyberflix have outdone themselves by making virtually every area of the ship explorable. The myriad of subplots and double-dealings will make you trust no one you meet and nothing you hear. Puzzles are logical and clues are clear and challenging. The puzzles include a bit of everything from cryptography to wiring an important telegraph.

On the surface, Titanic may seem like another Myst clone to some. Quite the contrary, Cyberflix was smart enough to populate the ship with colorful, vivid characters, all dressed in period costume. The interface is awkward at first, but soon becomes second nature after a few minutes of play. The only major game bug to report is Titanic has a tendency to freeze while running under Windows 95/98.

With a non-linear play path and a good amount of alternate endings, Titanic: Adventure Out of Time is as grand and majestic as the ship it was named after.

Review By HOTUD

Don't miss this fan blog https://titanicadventureoutoftime.wordpress.com/. You can play the game online or download the game from the website of Daniel Hobi.

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Comments and reviews

Effy 2020-11-03 2 points Mac version

Wowowow. I remember the beginning of this game down to the dialogue because of how much I played this as a kid. My mom wouldn't let me play it until she finished it (smart on her, I probably would've unknowingly overwritten her game) & I was only about 6, so I never advanced very far lol. Guess I'm gonna buy it on Steam now.

katjack 2018-06-13 4 points

BEST GAME EVER. IF your grown child remembers this from their childhood, DON'T LOAN IT TO THEM. You'll never get it back

Laura 2018-06-03 2 points

For people asking, there is no DOS version of this game. The confusion is caused by pirated versions that were ISO ripped and launched from a dosbox in windows. Some of the more obscure groups "English.Sheep.Shagger" released this game in 1999 with a lot ripped from the CD,

katjack 2018-05-31 1 point

You can still buy this game on disk but shop carefully it can get quite pricey. I had it but my son kifed it. I just want to get by Vlad w/out him biffing me w/that damn spanner. I remember when it first came out I wanted to be able to hit the git back

Erika Ramos 2017-11-16 2 points

Oldest favorite game ever! Never finished though so many hours logged lol

Paperkirbs 2017-11-07 1 point Mac version

Im really in to this game never played it but i don't know what version it could work on the Mac

BendTheKnee 2017-09-07 2 points

If anyone see this, here's how I got it to work.

Download the iso here. You'll need a virtual drive (like Daemon), but if you have Windows 10, you'll already have powerISO...or go and get it.

Once you do that, mount the iso image. Head over to this link: https://www.play-old-pc-games.com/2013/02/06/titanic-adventure-out-of-time/ and download their installer.

Viola! Titanic adventure time!

BendTheKnee 2017-09-05 -1 point Windows version

Did anyone find a way to play this on Windows 10 yet?

Airvision 2017-07-29 0 point

One of my all-time favorite computer games ever made! It seems silly that a game about Titanic can be so good, but it really is! Check it out. (@metalmarc, they did have a Mac version of this game)

I tried downloading this game on MAC and it won't allow me to do anything.... Took a damn hour to download that file and nothing...

Calliope 2017-06-01 -1 point Windows version

I can't figure out how to get this into Dosbox. When I download it, all it gives me is a folder with two "disc image" files in it. Wtf am I supposed to do?

Seburr 2017-04-29 -5 points Windows version

I can't run this on Windows 10 after I mount the file, any ideas?

BUbba 2017-04-09 -4 points

how do you download

MetalMarc 2016-10-25 0 point

This game never had a DOS version

admin 2016-08-30 1 point

There is only another version on Win3.1/95 according to MobyGames (upload coming soon). @ExclusiveXOR if you are sure you've got a DOS version, get in touch with the contact form.

ExclusiveXOR 2016-08-30 1 point

To answer KRuFF's question, there is a DOS version of this game. I managed to save a copy of it on my computer as disk images. I wonder if my abandonware needs them?

ErinLove 2016-06-29 -1 point

I was obsessed with this game. Ill never forget the day that i was about to beat the game and it started spinning super fast in my computer tower and exploded in a zillion pieces.... sad day

kauff 2015-09-03 -2 points

is there a dos version of this game

themadrussian 2015-05-17 0 point Mac version

Thx! I completely forgot how much I used to like this game!

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ManualEnglish version 243 KB (Windows) Fix32/64 bits Installer English version 304 KB (Windows) FixUse this patch if your machine locks up when you first insert the titanic CD, leaving an empty window with four buttons on the screen English version 34 KB (Windows) FixUse this patch if your machine locks up when you are playing the Titanic CD, freezing with response from the keys or mouse. English version 199 KB (Windows)

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