Zork: The Great Underground Empire

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Zork: The Great Underground Empire

DOS - 1984

Also released on: Amiga - Amstrad CPC - Apple II - Atari 8-bit - Atari ST - Commodore 64

Alt names ZORK I: The Great Underground Empire, Zork, Zork, Zork I, Zork I: Le Grand Empire des Ténèbres, Zork I: The Great Underground Empire, Zork: The Great Underground Empire - Part I
Year 1984
Platform DOS
Released in United States (1984)
United States (1987)
United Kingdom (1990)
Genre Adventure
Theme Fantasy, Interactive Fiction, Puzzle elements
Publisher Infocom, Inc., Mastertronic Ltd.
Developer Infocom, Inc.
Perspective Text-based / Spreadsheet
Dosbox support Fully supported on 0.72
4.28 / 5 - 191 votes

Download extras files
Manual and map available

Description of Zork: The Great Underground Empire

Zork: The Great Underground Empire, a really nice adventure game sold in 1984 for DOS, is available and ready to be played again! Also available on Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Atari ST and Commodore 64, time to play an interactive fiction, fantasy and puzzle elements video game title.

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Comments and reviews

Les Filling 2021-08-24 0 point Amiga version

They release only the DOS version for sale on one site and suddenly all other platform versions are no longer considered abandonware? Where can I buy the Amiga version?

ALemming 2020-10-10 0 point DOS version

The first time I came across Zork it had been ported to the Mxit chat platform. I had no idea of its history, I thought Mxit had developed it. I only discovered much later in 2011, when we got internet at home, that it was way older than I knew and quite popular in certain circles. I love this game, both this and the Aardwolf MUD were ported to Mxit around the same time and I spent entire weekends playing them. I'm so happy to see it's on GOG now.

Mr Vampire 2019-02-17 0 point Commodore 64 version

Challenging. I remember never completing this back in the 80's.

Notsoswift 2018-12-01 1 point

The original Zork games, 1, 2, and 3, were all released into the public domain and are legally available for download here:

Pentium 2018-06-05 0 point DOS version

If It runs on DOSBox i cant wait to play it !

Devil8975 2017-11-19 -1 point

for those using dosbox, try dfend reloaded. its dosbox but with a gui. drag your game and drop it into the window. Most games set up with a single click.

Carillogeddon 2017-09-12 2 points

Use DosBox people. This is an old game, you can't run it natively on modern Windows.

html 2017-08-30 0 point DOS version

help i cant get it to install im using windows 8.1 and i keep getting an error saying this app can't run on your pc to find a version for your pc check with the software publisher

Paul 2017-06-22 -6 points

How do i install it on my PC with Windows 10?
PLEEEEEAAASE! I used to LOVE this game and REALLY want to play it again....
Or, maybe install it on my phone!

Dervrak 2017-04-21 7 points

First computer game I ever owned, got a C-64 and Zork I for my 10th birthday in 1984. My young mind was completely blown away by the concept that I was inside the "story" and could actually control what happened. I put hundreds of hours into it before I finally solved every puzzle and collected every treasure. It was the beginning of a life long love affair with adventure/RPG's that still continues today.

NickkyG 2017-02-07 4 points

26 yo discovering the roots of the gaming industry/culture, due in part to "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline
check it out while i check this one out!

MotownJunkUk 2016-09-24 1 point DOS version

Ahhh the sweet taste of nostalgia. 10/10 thanks :)

InfinityPlayer 2016-05-31 0 point DOS version

I tried to download the DOS version of this game, and it said the file wasn't found on this server

thostwoone 2015-12-20 1 point DOS version

never played zork before but can't wait to get started.

PIRATE_BASTARD 2015-10-09 1 point

these old games are great

PIRATE_BASTARD 2015-10-09 0 point

infocom was great. like ad&d ,you knoiw, just make up whatevr you want to in your mind

Jack Joe 2015-09-01 0 point

Infocom Games were like video game books.
Words with your imagination for graphics and your intelligence to keep your characters alive. Infocom was the best!
Hope these downloads are the real deal.

FireStorm 2015-08-24 3 points

You might be eaten by a Grue...

Skeeter 2015-05-22 3 points DOS version

I haven't played Zork since my Commodore 64 days. I mastered all of the Zork games had have missed them these many years. Can't wait to get started.

Rey 2014-07-21 1 point DOS version

I have a box filled with all the old zork games and a whole bunch of text based games and some old dos games ... too bad they're all on 5.25 and 3.5 floppy disk. I would love to play them again

zig 2014-07-04 0 point DOS version

This is how great games used to be, and still fun to this day.

gto68 2014-05-04 -1 point DOS version

haven't played Zork for years! Can't wait

dee 2014-04-27 0 point DOS version

great game

Seanhitman 2014-02-24 0 point DOS version


The amazing person 2014-02-10 0 point DOS version

is this fun?

aktillum 2013-09-07 1 point DOS version

you can play Zork 1, 2, & 3 online @ www.ironrealms.com/zork

Rhogar 2013-09-02 0 point DOS version


YourNeighborhoodFriendlyGeek 2013-08-10 0 point DOS version

I played The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy on my Commodore 64C... Still have them and still Do!

Mongoet 2013-07-27 0 point DOS version

I first played Zork when Dos was the only way to play. No pictures. "You're standing by a mailbox." That's how it started..Hopefully it has improved since then.

guess what 2013-06-23 0 point DOS version

Did anyone else notice when Sheldon played this on the Big Bang Theory he used a command that doesn't exist? I tried "hit with axe" and it doesn't work

grillo 2013-06-05 0 point DOS version

Good game!

CamTheMan 2013-05-06 0 point DOS version

This game is awesome!! (Minus getting killed by a grue..)

biggest big bang theory fan ever! 2013-04-26 0 point DOS version

I played this before, it's amazing!

Sheldon is funny on the big bang theory when he plays it.

TC1197 2013-04-11 0 point DOS version

This is a great game and I recommend that you play it, I was inspired to play this game by the big bang theory when Sheldon plays Zork and I thought that I would give it a try, so yeah... download it and have fun :)

Didi 2013-03-02 0 point DOS version

I could play this game all day

grandmaster123 2013-01-29 0 point DOS version

its funn!!!!!!!

sheldon 2013-01-06 0 point DOS version


GUS9991 2012-12-19 0 point DOS version

this us false

sanav 2012-11-24 0 point DOS version

i love it

Sandy 2012-11-24 0 point DOS version

Great game

Chocoman 2012-11-03 0 point DOS version


Anon 2012-10-14 0 point DOS version


killerjosh122 2012-09-02 0 point DOS version


Looper 2012-08-25 0 point DOS version

You can save by saying "Save" to the game. I believe this is how you save...not sure

Blownuptaco 2012-08-16 0 point DOS version

How do I save game?

SharpyWarpy 2011-06-18 0 point DOS version

Played this one last night and found it hard to quit playing. Very entertaining. Tested my powers of imagination and my memory. I had played a similar game years ago, maybe this is the one. I lost it and thought I'd never see it again. Thank you, myabandonware for making these games available. Your site is easy to navigate and fun.

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Game Extras and Resources

Some of these file may not be included in the game stores. For Zork: The Great Underground Empire, we have the following files:

ManualManual + Clues + Map English version 6 MB (DOS)
MapEnglish version 2 MB (Atari ST)

Other Releases

Zork: The Great Underground Empire was also released on the following systems:


Amstrad CPC

Apple II

Atari 8-bit

Atari ST

Commodore 64

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