ABC Wide World of Sports Boxing

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ABC Wide World of Sports Boxing

DOS - 1991

Also released on: Amiga

Alt name TV Sports Boxing
Year 1991
Platform DOS
Released in United Kingdom, United States (1991)
United Kingdom (1992)
Genre Action, Sports, Strategy
Theme Boxing, Licensed Title
Publisher Cinemaware Corporation, Data East USA, Inc., Mindscape International Ltd., Mirrorsoft Ltd.
Developer Acme Interactive, Inc., Cinemaware Corporation
Perspective Side view
Dosbox support Supported on 0.70
4.43 / 5 - 96 votes

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Manual and misc available

Description of ABC Wide World of Sports Boxing

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ABC's Wide World of Sport Boxing is essentially the same game as Cinemaware's TV Sports Boxing, with the added chrome of Dan Dierdorf, sportscaster of ABC Sports channel.

From my review of TV Sports Boxing on this site: "Cinemaware ended its acclaimed TV Sports series on a high note, with a game that remains one of the best boxing games ever made. TV Sports Boxing lets you create your own boxer from a wide range of body color, hair color, trunks color, and boxing style. You start with a fixed number of skill points which are used toward selecting you boxers skills, which include punching power, stamina, conditioning, strength and cuts. You start with a team of trainer and promoter. When you make money from winning bouts, you can hire better trainers and promoters.

Your goal is to fight your way to higher rankings and eventually champion. Your promoter will suggest opponents, but you can accept or decline hoping for a different opponent. The higher ranking your opponent is, the more money you make from a fight. Win a fight and your ranking will go up, lose and it will go down. The fighting itself is a lot of fun and requires skills as well as reflexes. You learn what your opponents weaknesses are and exploit them.

The boxers are represented on screen with excellent digitized players who display convincing motion when they swing hooks or uppercuts, and it is easy to tell when your boxer is taking a beating. With fluid animation, lots of atmosphere that is Cinemaware's hallmark, great control interface, and a wide variety of opponents that truly use different boxing styles, TV Sports Boxing is a must play for every boxing fan."

In short, if you haven't played TVSB, this ABC Sports edition is a better choice as it is the same game, but updated with more features and real-life boxers. If you have already played TVSB, then there is little reason to play this edition except to hear Dan Dierdorf's voice. Two thumbs up, way up!

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

cukcan 2023-06-26 0 point

what TSR stands for? guys I dont understand your language please explain in detail. Thank you so much for help!

cukcan 2023-06-26 0 point

I have several questions:
1)How to get the ring points?
I usually get the punch points after every match. but what about the ring points? What should I do to get them?
2) What is killer instinct for?
3) Somehow my handspeed doesnt improve more than 198. Why? Even I choose the chinese trainer, it doesn't improve it.
3) Which strategy is better for trainers? Should I change every time they offer me different one, or should I keep the one I get benefir the most? My fav trainer is Long Lengley and Power&Killer instinct trainer.
4) Even I purchase some stuff sometimes they dont increase my stats. i.e I buy handspeed karate lessons but my handspeed stats stuck at some point. Why?
5) Is there any difference which type of boxer you choose i.e brawler, boxer, dancer or dodger, or these are just for the lore? These types effect your boxer's stats?
6) Sometimes during the fight boxer's name flashing. What does that mean? As far as I understood you need to make a combo. How to do that?
7) Is there any money trick/cheat? (unlimited money)
8) Is there any cheat for increasing the stats?
9) Could you please explain which kind of punch is jab/straight, hook/cross? I think I know the uppercut. How to perform the other two? In the beginning when you create your boxer, what's the best strategy for these percents? I usually give all to uppercut.
10) I definitely have more questions but these are all for now. If you can help, I will be appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

JK 2023-02-16 0 point DOS version

It seems that the less than greater than symbols are being filtered for security reasons. To change the punch rating factor use the ',' and '.' (comma and period) keys to increase/decrease. Sorry If this seems spammy moderators. I had to clarify this since it filtered out the required keypresses.

JK 2023-02-16 0 point DOS version


I cannot post cheats or loaders on Steam. I'm aware that nobody really cares if someone cheats in an old DOS game. But it's against their rules and guidelines and they don't care about context. I uploaded a loader and TSR for the Cinemaware version of TV Sports Boxing. I also have them for the ABC version if someone is interested in that. I included the copy protection solutions as well for convenience. I recommend using DOSBox, since its the emulator I tested it on. Download links are below.

Both do the same thing. Just use the one you prefer the most. The TSR can be removed from memory using the -u command line argument. Keep in mind that it has to be the last TSR in the chain to be able to do that. Both can be run with and without command line argument -c

Running without the command line argument gives you the vanilla game experience with bug fixes. It also enables the copy protection to be able to show a few developer easter eggs and activate the debug mode the developer has put in the game. Will provide more info about that at the end of my post.

Running with the command line argument -c allows you to activate my in game cheats in addition to bug fixes. This also enables you to activate killer instinct permanently during a fight by pressing the 'k' and 'i' keys simultaneously. You can deactivate it if you want by using the same key combination. This only works for boxers that are created by you (Career and Open Exhibition)

You activate the cheats below in game by pressing the 'c' and 'h' keys simultaneously. You can disable them the same way. The cheats activated with the ch key combination are...

- Top NPC career fighters no longer get a punch rating boost.
- Every boxer you create (Career or Open Exhibition) will get a punch rating boost.
- You can lower and raise the punch rating boost factor using the keys (no shift key is needed) These factors are 1.5 (default) / 2 / 3 / 10 / 100 / 1000 (Important! You need to change this before starting a fight. It will not work during the fight. This is because the factor only gets applied once when the fight initializes.) If you lost track of the current value, just use the ch key combination to disable and again to enable cheats again.
- The minimum of having a 20 fights record rule before being allowed to fight the champion is disabled.
- You can buy training camp equipment of the same type just like NPC fighters can.

Finally I'm surprised that I can't find any source on the internet for the hidden debug option in this game. I think the reason for this is that the Cinemaware version has the copy protection disabled since it uses Rob Northen's Copylock solution to protect the game. But they themselves added a crack for it instead of removing it. It works for the ABC version as well. But the most widely spread version is the one with the Razor crack. So you normally would not be able to see the easter eggs or activate the debug mode in both of these versions.

The developers put some easter eggs in it as well about themselves. If you enter KNAUER as a solution to the copy protection you get a message from that developer. If you enter ALBRIGHT you get a message from that developer. If you enter MDEBUGJK you enable the game debug mode. Important! You still need to provide the correct copy protection answer within three tries. This is also why I separated this from my own cheats by offering the -c command line argument. You can however enable the copy protection if you want to have both available. if you used the -c command line argument you can activate/deactivate the copy protection by pressing the 'q' key.

Below is a copy and paste of notes I made when looking into this debug mode. Ignore the hexadecimal part of this and look at the key presses before the //. The part after the // explains what it's supposed to do. Tbh I did not investigate all the possible debug options, since quite a few don't do anything noticeable and I did not bother to investigate further.

// Debugging keys
1F35:3F9F 2D 00 31 00 32 00 33 00 34 00 35 00 36 00 38 00 -.
1F35:3FAF 62 00 66 00 67 00 6E 00 6F 00 70 00 72 00 76 00 b.f.g.n.o.p.r.v.

- // Sets byte es:[bx+27] from pointer les bx,[5540] to 4b if zero else 0
1 // Set boxer1 cuts to 1
2 // Set boxer1 cuts to 2
3 // Set boxer1 cuts to 4
4 // Set boxer2 cuts to 1
5 // Set boxer2 cuts to 3
6 // Set boxer2 cuts to 4
8 // Set word @ ds:[5fe2] (_BegRndTime) to 1 and word @ ds:[5fe4] to 0
b // Toggles bool flag word @ ds:[5ed0] (_Debug1)
f // Toggles bool flag word @ ds:[5e0e] (_FrontRope)
g // Toggles bool flag word @ ds:[5fde] (_DisplayX)
n // Toggles bool flag word @ ds:[5ed2] (_Debug2)
o // Toggles bool flag word @ ds:[5ec6] (_DontThrowPunch)
p // Toggles bool flag word @ ds:[5efc] (_LosePointsDebug)
r // Toggles bool flag word @ ds:[5fd0] (_PicDebug)
v // Toggles bool flag word @ ds:[5ed8] (_Debug)

Tuco 2023-02-05 0 point


I believe you shared your fix/cheat loader with me some 15-20 years ago on an old Cinemaware forum. I saw you appear again and explain the inner workings of the game, the bugs and your loader on the Vogons forum.

Is there any way you can make your loader available to download?

If you're on Steam, there are a couple threads in the 'Cinemaware Anthology: 1986-1991' discussion area. Could you perhaps provide details to access your loader in that discussion page?

JK 2022-12-08 1 point DOS version


There is no age limit. Deterioration of a career boxer is determined by the total fights fought. This is randomly decided when a career boxer is created. This is between 35-60 fights for career boxers you create.

Killer instinct can be triggered by a punch combo of three punches. Two normal punches followed by a power punch can trigger killer instinct. Your killer instinct rating affects if its triggered after the required punch combo. A high killer instinct rating has a high chance to trigger it.

The bug fixes loader I made also has some built in optional cheats in it to boost punch ratings and trigger killer instinct unconditionally for boxers you create.

Demian Mega 2022-12-03 1 point DOS version

Some questions:
- Do the characters have an age limit to continue the game?
- Is there a known method to call the killer instinct?
Note: Dear JK, thank you for explaining the bugs!
(I used to play until a phenomenon 'ZZ' appeared, who was practically invincible)

JK 2022-08-20 1 point DOS version

Actually the game doesn't run out of names. It's a bug with how the NPC boxer index calculation is done. There are actually 250 unique NPC fighters that the game is supposed to rotate through. It's a bug where the index is treated as a signed byte instead of a word. The game converts this signed byte to an int. This causes an issue when the index 127. Resulting in a negative index. Instead of indexing the NPC fighter array it will index whatever is in memory below the array. Resulting in random mangled NPC fighters names. This will 'fix' itself temporarily again when the index hits 250 by wrapping around to 0 again. By a % 250 operation.

Oh and these NPC phenoms someone is talking about can start spawning in after 8 new NPC fighters have cycled in. After that every new NPC fighter has a 1/20 change of becoming overpowered from the start. These fighters all have punch ratings between 900-1000 and ring ratings between 225-250. To make it even more difficult you are punished for not fighting an exhibition match before fighting a NPC career fighter who has punch ratings = 700. When you get to the top 10 pretty much all NPC fighters there have at least one punch rating at 700+. These NPC fighters then get a 50% boost to all their punch ratings. So a NPC chump with 700 power will end up with 1050 power. This boost will make overpowered NPC fighters ridiculously strong. I'm talking about punch ratings up to 1500 for these NPC fighters. So if you ever felt that these top NPC contenders are just steamrolling you, that's why. Play an exhibition match with your career boxer first. You don't need to finish it, just start it and exit out and ten start the actual career fight.

Sound is also bugged. PIT needs to be programmed in a different mode to make it work in emulators. There's also a bug where the game uses the wrong age delta for calculating certain NPC fighter stats. This exhibits itself for stats that are positively and negatively affected by age. Resulting in very high stamina and very weak chin. This gets progressively worse as the months advance in game. For all these issues I made a fix. Either by a loader or hard patch. I can make this fix available to Mobygames if interested. So everyone who likes oldies like these can enjoy them without these bugs.

egghead291009 2022-07-08 0 point Amiga version

i don't know how to play this game

Bakekok 2021-03-16 0 point

Right or left arrow plus enter : jab
Right or left arrow plus " : hook
Right or left arrow plus enter plus " : uppercut

Perry Rhodan 2020-12-19 0 point DOS version

Does this game not have any sound effects during the fight?

Cric 2020-11-10 0 point DOS version

KARKKATARNFOREVER, Could you explain this a little more clear please :-
""highlight the folder path in the window browser and use "cmd"
the "cmd" command in the browser with the abc boxing folder will open DOS to that folder.""

KyleKatarnForever 2019-11-16 1 point DOS version

it took some time for me to see this but here's how to change control settings. IF YOU are still interested in this game, here's a couple ways to add Button 2. the Install.bat file seems to configure the game.
Using DOSBox bypasses it and goes straight into the game after unzipping the file.

By default, the 'Enter' key is Button 1. To customize controls, go to your abc wide world of sports folder. highlight the folder path in the window browser and use "cmd"
the "cmd" command in the browser with the abc boxing folder will open DOS to that folder.
Now, use the "install" command. This will open another window to configure [HDD installation] (just ignore it), [Sound], [Video], & [Control1] and [Control 2].
Use the arrow key 'down' to cycle through selection. Choose Control 1. The DOS window will ask for:
Button 1 input (primary/jab & Straight):
Button 2 input (Hook/Cross):
arrow down to [Done] to save settings.
*Note: the control configuration directional inputs is the keypad. The arrow keys will still do keyboard controls in game.

I believe the control settings are saved in the config.blt file as it has the prompts and DOS messages of the install command. The file will not update the time & date of config change as the file is saved in DOS not windows.

If you see windows 10 compatibility issue 64-bit, using an older computer with pre windows 10 will do all this. Just take the entire unzipped game folder to that computer and follow the steps above to add the Button 2 input. (use the cmd in the folder browser then install command in DOS) after you complete setting controls, Take the entire game folder back to computer with windows 10.

Kniekehle 2019-10-20 0 point

this was my favorite at my youth, unfortunatly i could not find any controlscreen. no idea how to hit

Saturn 2018-08-01 -3 points DOS version

I have looked everywhere and I cannot find or figure out any controls other than moving back and forth or changing between crouching or standing, such a disappointment.

fluffy 2017-08-30 0 point

This is a golden oldie that I just replayed recently.

You can bind keys by typing "install" in the game directory.

Otherwise the default for straight/jab/button 1 is "arrow key + enter", and "arrow key + ' " (apostrophe) is hook/cross / button 2. For uppercut, press both keys.

ttt 2016-08-17 3 points

what is the keyboard keys to play?

freds_shadow 2015-06-28 5 points DOS version

I loved playing this game. You have 30 npc boxers, and up to 10 of your own. You can watch any bout without actually participating, even your own. I'd watch npcs fighting each other just because I always felt the auto-generated results weren't accurate.

Two gripes were that eventually the game would run out of names, so that after 200 or 300 boxers you'd end up with NPC's with names consisting of random letters, numbers and symbols.

The other gripe is that you'd sometimes get NPC phenoms who'd rockeet up the ranking much faster than you ever could and achieve levels that your own boxers couldn't hope to aspire to. The only way to beat these would be on points.

wafer 2014-07-26 -2 points

hello, thank you for offering the game for download, I love this game very much but how to install and play this game from windows?

Random dude 2014-03-27 1 point

On Dosbox the hook key was @ and press enter and @ to uppercut.

Anton 2013-04-14 -3 points

Hi thanks for offering the game for download! Reminds of my childhood!

Still I cannot remember how the uppercut and hook punches are performed. Any ideas?

Also there is something like extra punch points and ring point - does any one remember what /how is it used for?

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