Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 (Windows)

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Windows - 2000

Alt name 紅色警戒2
Year 2000
Platform Windows
Released in Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States (2000)
United States (2001)
Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom (2002)
Germany, United Kingdom (2004)
Finland, United Kingdom (2008)
Genre Strategy
Theme Asia, Europe, Generated Levels, North America, Psychic powers, RTS, Real-Time, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, War
Publisher Electronic Arts, Inc., Mastertronic Games Ltd., Mastertronic Group Ltd., Sold Out Sales & Marketing Ltd.
Developer Westwood Pacific
Perspectives Isometric, Free-roaming camera, Diagonal-down
4.44 / 5 - 1291 votes

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Description of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

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Westwood isn't exactly a name people associate with innovation. Command & Conquer games, in the past, have followed the same recipe. A few units and a battlefield with scattered resource fields at your disposal, you build a base, harvest these resources, and use funds thus gained to construct an army. Somewhere else on the battlefield your opponent is doing the same. It's a simple formula, and a much-imitated one. But while other developers have been keen to expand on the theme, adding everything from 3D graphics to first-person perspectives, Westwood has always remained true to its retro roots.

So it's little surprise to find that Red Alert 2 follows the tradition of ignoring recent developments in real-time strategy games and delivering the same pacy gameplay the others in the series offered. No flashy 3D graphics for Red Alert 2 here; no fog of war, no multiple mission paths in single-player - not even a rotateable isometric view like Sim Cityor*** Rollercoaster Tycoon***. And to be fair, the previous games have always been well-received and excellent sellers. Why change a winning formula?

However, it would be wrong to say there's nothing new in Red Alert 2. As always, the pre-mission briefings are excellent - starring a cast of professional actors, they add spadefuls of character to the game. They can also help to offset the inevitable repetitiveness of the single-player game by encouraging some personal involvement with the protagonists - this only works if the production is first-class, and it is. Tanya - an old favourite from past Red Alert games - makes a welcome return (the character does anyway as the actress has been replaced with an arguably more attractive counterpart), armed with her usual pistols and C4 explosive. Her flesh-and-blood appearance will probably be the cause of many sweaty palms.

For the first time you can now battle around real places and buildings - sounds like a small point, but gives the single player campaign a greater sense of personality. For the first time, the American forces must defend the Statue of Liberty from Soviet attack, while in the first Russian mission you're going after the Pentagon. Later missions involve landmarks like the World Trade Centre, and there's a great urban multiplayer map based around the Alamo.

Interface changes are minimal - a new system separates the build menus for base facilities, defences, infantry and vehicles, eliminating the long, tedious scrolling menus of the previous games. There's a new set of icons at the bottom of the screen, but these mainly represent commands like 'guard' and 'select all units of this type', previously available as keyboard shortcuts. The familiar 'build-then-place' system for base construction remains so, unlike units, building instructions can't be queued.

All the structures can now be repaired by specialist engineering units, and the various skyscrapers and office blocks dotted around many of the maps can be occupied by infantry. They will fortify them and provide fire from the windows - a few of these dotted around the map makes a good way to soften up incoming enemy forces before they reach your base.

An attempt has also been made to vary the races in multiplayer - each of the nine nationalities available in multiplayer has a specific, specialist unit available to it. The British get a sniper unit, with a rifle similar to the weapons carried by commando units in the past. The Cubans get a terrorist, a kamikaze human bomb. Each has its strengths, although the selection of other units remains the same according to whether that nation is allied with the Soviets or the US.

Other new units include dolphins and giant squid to spice up the naval battles, time-warping Chrono Legionnaires (which erase enemies from history) and the Soviet's Kirov Airship: a powerful but slow-moving and vulnerable dirigible, which carries a cargo of devastating bombs (and, unopposed, will wipe out most bases in minutes). Also worth a mention is the Allies' new one-man APC, which changes its weaponry to match the armament of its passenger - so placing a sniper unit in one makes for a long-range and potent anti-infantry vehicle, not something seen in C&C games in the past. New structures include the familiar nuclear missile silo and the tremendously powerful (perhaps too powerful) Allied weather generator, which creates devastating thunderstorms over a large area.

Although units gained in ability with experience in Westwood's last real-time strategy game Tiberian Sun, the effect has become faster and more pronounced. A little time guarding your base will toughen up your tanks nicely, and with a little repair they'll make a good spearhead for your next assault.

Multiplayer choices remain largely unchanged from earlier incarnations. Matchmaking is still via the Westwood online servers, and with the popularity of the series you can expect to have little trouble finding a game. The options are fairly varied, and once you're bored of the single-player campaigns this should provide plenty of lasting appeal. Fixed and random map skirmishes against the computer are also easy to organise and, finally, Westwood has fixed the most glaring problem with its artificial intelligence - now, on harder levels, your opponents will make some effort to use ships and other naval units properly. The AI makes for a reasonable opponent, although it won't be troubling veteran C&Cers for long.

Those who spent any time playing earlier versions of C&C online will be familiar with the "tank rush" tactic. This involves setting up a minimal base very quickly, then churning out as many basic tanks as possible. Once a sufficiently large force is gathered, tank rushers then attack en masse, crushing the opposition with sheer weight of numbers. But in Red Alert 2, measures have been taken to help make this strategy a little less successful. The Soviets have a very handy spider unit, the Terror Drone. Fast and hard to detect, they attach themselves to enemy tanks, destroying them and moving on to the next one. Often going unnoticed, a few of these beasties can cripple a burgeoning tank rush by themselves.

Stronger base defences also help improve matters, and in a subtle-but-important addition, defences and other structures can be built simultaneously, making it feasible to build strong defences right from the start, while still concentrating on developing a base infrastructure. Inexperienced players, however, will probably find themselves crushed by tank rushes a few times.

Westwood's past decision to split the*** C&C*** franchise into two parts seems to be more one of plot and themes rather than belying any difference in gameplay. Red Alert games bear a loosely factual premise and have some relation to reality while the original C&C;/Tiberian Sun series hold a more science-fictional approach. Seems Red Alert was just looking for some name recognition on the box to help its sales.

It was widely expected that this episode of the series, like the others before it, would focus on developing established Command & Conquertraditions, rather than breaking new ground. And even in ignoring the other evidence supporting this, the fact that it made its promised release date indicates not much beyond superficial artwork changes, some more full-motion video work, and a lot of playtesting and balancing has gone into producing Red Alert 2.

In spite of this, the established Command & Conquer fan will be pleased to find the old magic lives on. Red Alert 2 is still eminently playable, and who knows, maybe even the real-time strategy hardcore player will be tempted away from his more modern 3D extravaganzas. It would be a shame to miss out - despite being shallow, simplistic and old-fashioned, Red Alert 2 is polished, well-balanced and even more fast-paced than the previous games; it's also perfect for the real-time strategy novice. If you know what to expect, you won't be disappointed, and though Westwood has continued to milk its successful concept for all it's worth, it has produced a competent, if uninspired, sequel.

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 has an addon available: Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge, don't miss it!

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Comments and reviews

Linna Liu 2023-12-05 0 point

That's good memory~

Miki 2023-11-03 4 points

The game is no longer available on Can it be returned here?

gg 2023-05-20 4 points

Tanya and Zofia were my first game crushes, I printed out very low rez images to glue to my wall. Dont make game babes like those anymore.

Gunthi 2023-05-18 -15 points

Hey i love this game but i've got to say this...if it requires the user to 1- put the PC at risk , and/or 2 - Have above average knowledge about workarounds, just to get this to work....then if you please just remove all content like this or only post when adequatelly usable game by modern pc standards. Otherwise, most of these games just end up being trashbin food. Just a tought.

ivanscousinpaul 2023-05-18 0 point

Isn't this still available to purchase as part of the C&C Ultimate Collection? Did they finally make it freeware like C&C/RA1/TS? Cant seem to find any info on the later, but I do know its available on Origin

J.D. 2022-09-30 1 point

I LOVE THIS GAME AND IT'S EXPANSION AND IT GOT IT THE WORK PERFECTLY ON YM WIN 10!!!, but i have to tell you this is one of the most complicated setups i had for a game. it took me almost an hour just to get it done without any mistakes. like with case of "C&C Tiberian Sun" don't bother with the original ISO it will not work. i went to 5 different sources to get this game and it's expansion to work on win 10, from alternate installer, multiple patches, finding the missing cutscenes and audio from the main game and the expansion and setting up the cfg cause the defult setting will not work on my win 10.

thecommander 2022-03-23 2 points

Yeah just letting you know that your link to the game is dead, origin said its not there anymore

jordan 2020-05-12 0 point

CNCNET.ORG that's all I am going to say.

alperen 2020-02-25 -1 point

***KONUMUZ GÜNCELDİR (2020-2021) **

Ön Not: Oyunu Windows10 ve Windows 8 de sorunsuz oynuyoruz.Alt+Tab, Siyah Ekran ,çözünürlük ve diğer Tüm sıkıntıları çözdük..Resimli Anlatım kanalda mevcuttur.

Merhaba Arkadaşlar,Efsane oyun Red Alert 2 yi ve Yuri'yi özlediğinizi ve hemen oyuna katılmak istediğinizi biliyoruz...artık işleri çok kolaylaştırdık..oyuncu bulma derdine son..tüm yerli oyuncular "discord" isimli yeni kanalımızda,ayrıca oyunla ilgili tüm sorunlarınızı çözüyoruz,kanala giriş yapmanız yeterli. Elinde oyunu olmayanları da unutmadık,kanalımızdan kolayca indirip yükleyebilirsiniz.evet,hemen linke tıklayın ve aramıza katılın.
Not: Girişte bir kullanıcı adı belirleyin ve discord uygulamasını Pc' nize kurun.

Giriş Buradan:

Podsos 2019-10-29 4 points

Great, greedy EA sells old game and doesnt even bother make it compatible with modern systems. Why would i buy it then?

gamer123 2019-07-17 3 points

had contact with EA for the Command & Conquer™ The Ultimate Collection and they will not help to get the game working. they say the game is not supported. (and still sell the game with a bundle?) had to run the .img from to get this working. no love for EA unless the place the RA2 game to abandonware. or just give the support needed.

Bear 2019-06-25 13 points

Tonya is such a righteous babe. I used to freeze the videos and fap until I was sore and she was spent.

agk90 2019-05-16 2 points

I have the game on ORIGIN, but i'm looking for original CDs files
since i have an original cd-key ( from origin ) i prefer to get drm-free copy

Novabrock1988 2019-04-09 1 point

It works perfect on my Windows 8.1 (Acer laptop 4GB RAM) with ORIGIN.

This is my problem; ORIGIN's DRM is a pain. I know thats a caveat of ORIGIN but that's not the point, I'm looking for a way to play without the internet because usually I'm 'out and about' when I play on my laptop. Admittidly i I've heard about ways to "Enable Origin In Game for..." in the ORIGIN launcher settings, but I don't trust it as a definitive solution. Because I haven't had success as of yet.

Both RA2 and YR are basically work 100% on my laptop in offline mode - as I don't play online. I didn't even need to adjust any compatibility settings. After a 'hefty' download of 1.9GB the only thing needed was basically choose if I wanted to play RA2 or YR.

Do you want to install ORIGIN and download both games together? I cannot currently find any patch allows to play with bypassing ORIGIN - and also ORIGIN version comes automaticall with latest official patch v1.006.

JH233 2019-03-16 -2 points

Anyone knows where to find the Ra2 Allied.img and Ra2 Soviet.img from this page first (about 1.4GB) as mentioned by "Andy" and "IT WORKS JUST FINE"?

riad 2019-03-09 0 point

love this game so much

Ara K 2019-03-01 0 point

from 2015 to 2019 comments, can anyone give a brief short way to install and play this game please!

Dude 2019-01-03 1 point

The Origin version of this game is BROKEN. It is not tuned to work on modern operating systems and Origin prevents users from changing the compatibility settings or altering the game in any way. As of now, there is nowhere to online to download a virus-free, working version of this game, official or otherwise. You should not have taken it down as there are literally no other alternatives.

Rong 2018-11-17 -7 points

can some 1 help me out?i still cant get to play..window 10 here....

BuBU 2018-09-06 2 points

I'm SHOCKED that GOG hasn't decided to port this game; because its a gem. A true masterpiece.
Needs more than just pure luck to get this game to run on modern 64bit operating systems.
Although I did manage to run it on Windows XP 32-Bit SP2. Ran flawlessly.

MAK 2018-09-04 -2 points

Downloaded RA2 from this site and it works fine.But Yuri's revenge isn't working.Gamemd.exe doesn't works.When I try to run the setup it asks to first download RA2(which I already have).Can anyone plz explain the download process in detail?I would be very thankfull.

beerpan 2018-08-28 1 point

love this game so much!

Emiel 2018-08-22 1 point

Emiel 97

ZEZO 2018-08-08 -1 point


biohaze 2018-08-06 2 points

is this and yuri original iso files? i need these to play mental omega. I have to have the original exes

ra2guy 2018-07-23 -1 point

hi cant install the game, when i opened the setup exe the game menu says WARNING MILITARY SOFTWARE DETECTED TOP SECRET ACCESS IS REQUIRED then i ignored it then clicked on install and nothing happens even after waiting for a while , tried it compatibility settings still didnt work need help

neg 2018-07-23 -2 points

thank you for this game

h3 2018-07-17 0 point

good memories! Thank you

Kareem 2018-07-12 0 point

So, I ran into a problem while installing this game on windows 10
The download file provided will give 2 .img files and in a general manner usually, you have to mount one of the two disks (Soviet disk or Allied disk) using a virtual drive manager and install them. However in this particular case (at least in my case) the autorun will initiate but as soon as you click the install button, it will tell you to log in using an administrator account even if you run it as administrator.

So, to fix this I've taken a Rewriteable DVD and burned the .img files to it one at a time and after I burned one of the two .img files to it and installed using that disk.

This did fix this error and allowed me to install.

phrozen 2018-07-12 -1 point

I always have that one installed. Everywhere.

ali 2018-07-11 1 point

this is my favourite game

Ustuban 2018-07-10 -1 point


So, I downloaded the package of red alert 2 that you guys kindly provided and I extracted it.

After that I launched the ra2.exe file.

It game me an error saying "This application has failed to start because binkw32.dll is missing."

Then I thought "Well there are different executable files and I probably clicked the wrong one."

I went to click the other .exe files and it showed up the same error.

Then I thought. "Well, this game is old and it probably had some compatiblity issue with windows 10." (Also I did the Windows 10 Patch Thing And Followed The Instructions And That Didnt Work Either.)

So then I fired up a VM in VirtualBox with windows XP installed.

I dropped the file in, launched the game and,
I got the same exact message.

At this point I started Googling how to exactly fix this but I couldn't find an awnser

Im stumped and if anybody would help that would be very much appriciated.


Vio 2018-07-10 1 point

Sooo many good memories! Thank you!


Homerun 2018-07-09 0 point

Game from my childhood (Well more like when i was 12.) I have lots of fond memories of this, and the fact I can play it again even though I lost the CD just makes me happy.

Zuranto 2018-06-23 -1 point

The game is very fun

moHd 2018-06-21 0 point

I Love it

cris 2018-06-10 1 point

very nice game

BeLZeDaR 2018-06-08 0 point

anyone fancy just zipping there directory up and sharing it i have spent like 3 hours following all the instructions and still cant get it to work :S

gosha 2018-06-04 -1 point

thanks for this great old game

dm 2018-05-29 0 point

miss this game

The Dude 2018-05-14 -1 point

Is there any one who has had success in getting this to run in DosBox??? Running Linux Cinnamon.

Meme Lord Nord 2018-05-04 0 point

Get Power ISO to boot the game without burning it to a disk, it is a lot easier and the game runs faster rather than CD's.

for mother russia! :) 2018-04-26 -2 points

i was playing c&c ra2 and yuri when the others were playing counter strike, half life or age of empires. :) i'm playing it again. it's so cool!

Jeff Thomas 2018-04-26 2 points

RB181 HAHA. Are you retarded? Your little Reddit post has just as much copyright protection that this abandoned game has (probably even less). Nobody is going to court over a copyright claim on abandonware. Also, Reddit doesn't give a shit if your content gets linked to from some website. Good luck on getting it removed. LOL

RB181 2018-04-25 -5 points

You linked to my Reddit guide for installing Red Alert 2 on modern Windows. I do not approve. Distributing ISO images of the game CD's, which is what you are doing, is illegal. If you want to play this game, buy it!

tikboy 2018-04-11 -4 points

after i download this C&C then i try to install, it says there that " the file is corrupted ".. what happened to this??

Carlito 2018-04-02 -1 point

just go on cncnet and you can download earlier C&C's for free with online multiplayer included

Tech 2018-03-26 0 point

I love this game

falcon 2018-03-21 -1 point

good and interesting

drew 2018-03-17 1 point

awesome game

Ngtae6 2018-02-27 1 point

I've had this game on disc since 2000. it recently broke and now came to this website for it. Hope it works:)

Adi 2018-02-12 0 point

it works xD?

TOMI 2017-12-31 -3 points

BULLSHIT... Zip files after extract mounted with deamon or virtual clone - both not workin. not soviet nor allied setup.exe doesnt respond. I got autorun but after that nothing.. ;/

Bill 2017-12-20 0 point

Mind blowing experience

Praxus 2017-12-03 6 points

I download the ISO, Mount the image successfully, but no matter the compatability settings I select, the closest I get to installing anything is the install screen that shouts at you about classified stuff. After that, nothing.

Inthetape 2017-12-01 -1 point

I am brazilian and 01/12/2017 i'm playing. This Game is the best. Thank you.

asd 2017-11-29 -2 points


Tanya 2017-11-29 0 point

is this download like the others? because when i click my red alert 2 is is just black screen and only can hear the sound

Iwaki 2017-09-23 -1 point

I remember my friends playing this while I was playing Emperor Battle for Dune. It kind of felt like going back to the stone age with the bad graphics of Red Alert 2

A Few Questions 2017-09-17 -1 point

I followed the steps given and they did work perfectly for me. However can someone please answer a question I have? How should I go about installing yuri's revenge now that I have red alert 2 installed? Specifically, I want to know if all of the files for yuri's revenge should be placed into the folder I have red alert in. Also, do the the image files in yuri's revenge need mounted the same way the files in red alert 2 needed to be, or are there additional steps I need to follow before the game works? Please answer if you can and thank you a lot.

Aaron 2017-09-15 0 point

I think Red alert 2 cool

IT WORKS JUST FINE 2017-09-13 4 points

@Andy or anyone who can help. I have followed Andy's steps perfectly, as far as I can tell, up to step five. I do not seem to have any IMG files, namely the soviet and allied files so I cannot mount them and am stuck. Please help me however you can.


Like Andy said. Download the RA2 ISO file from this page first (about 1.4GB). Then unzip the file inside.

Then go here: . Download the program.

The install the program above.

Go to the unzipped file, find Ra2 Allied.img and Ra2 Soviet.img.

Follow the rest of Andy's instruction.

Note: I managed to play this game just fine. I even uninstall it sometimes, and install it again. Because the game too addictive. I can't even focus on my homework. LOL!

Ar Pan 2017-09-10 -2 points

lack "binkw32.dll" file

Donny 2017-08-22 0 point

This is awesome.
Thank you guys I can play RA2 well in my windows 10.

Guest 2017-08-16 1 point

Thanks with the 'Virtual CloneDrive' info. I got past the disc image corrupted popup. it was able to mount with no problem and I was able to simply install the game.

lie 2017-08-02 1 point

I love red alert

Niroh 2017-08-01 0 point

RA2 didn't have Tim Curry or George Takei like the 3rd did. But still an awesome game I spent way too much on as a kid!

Dane 2017-07-31 0 point

Love the old version

K2Y5 2017-07-25 5 points

To clarify the steps above the Multiplayer files are the files you will use to play the game. You only need to download the ISO files from this site in order to obtain the .mix files as mentioned above.

This quote below:

"Within the zip file, copy the two files aqrit.cfg and ddraw.dll into the directory where you installed Red Alert 2
Using a text editor, edit aqrit.cfg so that ForceDirectDrawEmulation = 1"

Refers to the Multiplayer version you installed NOT the ISO version from this site.

Again, when you mount the image files from the ISO version, copy the .mix files to the multiplayer version and make sure it's the .exe files from the multiplayer version that you modify the compatibility options for.

Waterloo 2017-07-21 0 point

I love old version of the game

C&CNut 2017-07-13 -1 point

Cant get this to get past the install screen on Windows 7 machine. Installer pops up, I press "Install" and nothing happens. Waste of time and disk space

azli 2017-07-05 1 point

i cannot open game in single play. Why?

RoadToZion 2017-07-03 -1 point

How do you install this?

Phyxs 2017-07-03 -4 points

How do I install the game on Windows 10?

SALAH 2017-06-18 0 point


blackmamba 2017-06-17 0 point

i really like this game ever since tnx....

clint 2017-06-03 -2 points

nice game

nigga 2017-05-28 0 point

this game is lit yo

3ar3ar 2017-05-28 0 point

thanks so much

NATASHA 2017-05-27 0 point


Chris 2017-05-22 3 points

Andy, you are my hero. Thanks!

ahmed 2017-05-16 0 point


TJ 2017-05-15 0 point


Dolby 2017-05-15 2 points

I am using Windows 7, 64bit. I can get it to work without putting it into 95/XP mode. I don't have any screen issues requiring additional tools (ddwrapper) either. The only issue i have is, there are no cutscenes.

I've downloaded a pirated version from another site, and it worked apart from the cutscenes. Been reading somewhere they only work with a CD, so i downloaded the ISO image from this site on here. Now, i can't get it to install.

It prompts me to put in my administrator password for 3-4 times & nothing happens, even with 95/XP mode. Same thing happens with my original disks. So, my question is, does anyone else have cutscenes with the image from this site?

sherif 2017-05-08 0 point


Anom 2017-05-01 1 point

I extracted the disc file but when i tried to mount, it says disc file is corrupted

Nico 2017-04-30 -2 points

Andy, thank's so much for the detailed guide and links. With your help, I got it up and running and it looks like both campaigns will work (only tried allied one so far).

Also wanted to note that my music works fine too, and I didn't copy and files over from the virtual discs. One question though - My memory could be failing me, but I thought you could set up teams when skirmishing with AI on RA2? Or did that come in a later patch then 1.006?

john 2017-04-28 0 point

very good games

Andy 2017-04-26 32 points

So I managed to get this working on Windows 10, after following Harv's comment. It works perfectly!
Though, there were a few extra steps, so just in case it helps others, I thought I'd write up a clearer set of instructions

1. Download & install the Red Alert 2 Multiplayer file from here:

2. Download
Within the zip file, copy the two files aqrit.cfg and ddraw.dll into the directory where you installed Red Alert 2
Using a text editor, edit aqrit.cfg so that ForceDirectDrawEmulation = 1

3. Follow the instructions here to install a Windows 8/10 compatibility fix.

Basically (I'm just repeating what the website says):
a. Download files from here: - admin note: file available in the game extras of this page
b. Double click on the BAT file which is labelled "Double Click Me"
c. Copy and paste the files from the "Game Files" folder into the folder that you installed your game in.
d. On the file game.exe - Right click Properties Compatibility Settings
Reduced Color Settings = 16-bit
Run this program in Compatibility Mode = Windows 7
Run this program as administrator = Checked
Disable scaling on high DPI settings = Checked

4. At this stage, try running the game by double clicking game.exe
Note - Only game.exe worked for me, ra2.exe and Red Alert 2.exe seemed to freeze soon after running.
Try clicking on a Single Player New Campaign but it will display an error. Almost there!

5. Use Virtual CloneDrive to mount the IMG files from this website in the zip.
(Ignore the built in IMG mounter in Windows which gives you an error message.)

6. Using Virtual CloneDrive, mount the Ra2 Allied.img file.
On the new CD-ROM in your Windows Explorer = Right-Click Open
Copy the maps01.mix and movies01.mix into your Red Alert 2 game directory.
Allow overwriting of existing files in that directory (those files contain no data)
Unmount the Ra2 Allied.img, and now mount the Ra2 Soviet.img file.
Now copy the map02.mix and movies02.mix into your Red Alert 2 game directory.

7. Start the game up again using the game.exe file... And hopefully it works!

Note: There was no music when I played the game, which was fine with me.
I suspect you also need to copy in the music theme.mix file into the game directory which is located here:

Thanks to Harv for setting me in the right direction for this.

ahmed 2017-04-25 2 points

I love this game too much

B Rock 2017-04-20 0 point

Ok i moved the .mix files from the cd images to the game directory. I copied both allied and soviet. It asked to copy and replace or keep and change the name of some of them. So i can play soviet, but i cant play allied missions cant figure it out. Anybody know what to do or the proper way to copy the .mix files?

kareem 2017-03-30 0 point


shaney 2017-03-21 1 point

Another corrupted zip file. Gee what's new? Great site by the way.

Ze Luiz 2017-03-01 1 point

Dont get install.....error cd incorrect....i dont now

sidou 2017-02-12 0 point

nice one

milo 2017-01-27 0 point

love this game

Gran Mujahid 2017-01-03 0 point

I love this game too much

killore 2016-11-16 -2 points

the download only part 1 ... where is the part 2 ???

B0rnesto 2016-10-07 0 point

Try emulating an old Windows 98 system using VMWare, it's free and easy. Here's a link to a pre-compiled VMWare image ready for abandonware.

Bryan 2016-09-06 0 point

Why can't I just download and play? Way too much trouble. I have played this game and it is fun but not worth all the hoops, freezing and viruses searching for the right download. Nothing but trouble.

DosCross 2016-09-04 1 point

Hi harv. I have a problem. I copy and pasted the .mix files in the c&c multiplayer folder and changed the compatibility mode. But when i`m in the menu the text is invisible so i cant read anything. Did i copy the .mix files wrong ? please help
LG DosCross

ra2 2016-08-27 0 point

managed to get it working in win 7...
installed virtual clone drive 5500 and put the images on a separate folder (btw...the images are encrypted so i took out the encryption just avoid issues)
setup the virtual drive and created a shortcut for the setup. set compatibility to xpsp3. ran setup. when finished, I set the game icon compatibility to xpsp3.

ra2 2016-08-27 0 point

if i'm not mistaken, the images are in "Clone CD" format and that's why slysoft's virtual clone needs to be installed...a version that is backward compatible with these images.

Jun 2016-07-25 1 point

it's awesome free software

Ky 2016-06-29 2 points

Mounted in Virtual Clone drive. Autorun working great. Click install and nothing happens.

romanti 2016-06-14 3 points

those memories..... LAN parties with friends, and "stupid" old mechanical mouse ball jam :)

Harv 2016-06-14 12 points

So I ran into some problems installing on Windows 10 but I eventually did get them worked out and the game is running smoothly:

1. Use Virtual Clone drive and not the built in Windows 10 img mounter (Thanks Phil)

2. I read through the forum post here: Apparently the CD's came with a specific type of DRM that is no longer supported in the new versions of Windows.

3. I installed the multiplayer only version from the forum post. Then I mounted the allied CD and copied all of the .mix files to the game directory. Then I mounted the soviet CD and copied all of the .mix files to the game directory.

4. Enjoy! This should work for Yuri's revenge but I have not tested yet.

Rex 2016-05-18 4 points

Can anyone here give a proper method for installing this game?

StrandedCat 2016-04-11 5 points

autorun is working but when i clicked the install button nothing happen

Gamerzz 2016-02-16 2 points

It says disc image corrupted.

Phil 2015-12-14 -2 points

Download Virtual CloneDrive (Freeware) from

should run working for me in Windows 10

Nasri 2015-12-10 1 point

i cant install the game.
so i mount the img file with daemon tools and then i clicked the setup.exe but its not running. i change the compatibility into windows 98/windows me and run it as an administrator and it still not working.
when i'm open task manager processes setup.exe become ~ef7194.tmp and disappear.

Skipper 2015-12-02 0 point

Same problem, it only downloaded half a gigabyte, and I can't open it, the extracted file has a name somethingCD2, but nothing about CD1. And I can't open it anyway, don't know what program or app to use. I had to use 7-zip to unzip it.

fry 2015-11-30 2 points

anyone know how to get this game to run? i downloaded it, but there are no applications or game launches in any of the folders

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