F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0

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F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0

DOS - 1991

Also released on: Mac - Amiga

Year 1991
Platform DOS
Released in United States (1991)
Brazil (1992)
Genre Simulation
Theme Contemporary, Flight, Middle East, Vehicular Combat Simulator
Publisher MicroProse Software, Inc.
Developer MPS Labs
Perspectives 1st-Person, Behind view
4.54 / 5 - 159 votes

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Manual and misc available

Description of F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0

The more or less average sequel to F-19 Stealth Fighter. From MobyGames description: "take America's premiere stealth fighter out for a spin in several battle areas, including the Persian Gulf, Cuba, and even Vietnam. There are various scenarios for each, with air-to-air or ground missions, in "cold war" and full-scale war situations. Players can build up their pilot ranks through completed missions and medals." F-117A is a solid sim overall, but doesn't really stand out from the crowd. It's fun initially, but the missions soon become repetitive, and there is little variation in terrain or sky graphics to hold your attention. The night missions in particular are more tedious than fun, as you will have to strain your eyes to make out objects in the dark, radar notwithstanding.

Overall, a good attempt that could have been much better, given the pedigree of other MicroProse flight sim.

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

Andreas86 2022-04-13 3 points

Does anyone have the rare EGA version, that you can see in some of the screenshots here? It is quite impossible to find online, and those who seem to own it are reluctant to share, which is a shame. All these titles should be preserved. Sad that GOG does not offer the EGA version as well.

hakeemdj 2018-03-11 2 points

yeah, it's really a very nice game and rather difficult to remember all the key and their combinations to activate the weapon, radar, infra red, etc. it using almost all the button on the keyboard. from F1...F12, A-Z, Crtl+F1...Ctrl+F12, Ctrl+A...Ctrl+Z, 1...0, +, -, etc. My friends and I need about weeks to 1 month trying to play the game without a list of all of the keys and their functions.

juicetomat 2017-09-02 3 points DOS version

the best fighter simulation game ever.... complex yet easy and fun to play.... a masterpiece from MicroProse

QuakeBUG 2017-06-21 0 point

It's very difficult to landing.. I play this game 2x years before...

Moose 2016-01-31 -6 points

Has this game ever come out in the Windows operating system

fdisk 2015-11-09 -1 point

manual & key guide amiga:
EDIT: Thx fdisk !

Jeferson 2014-07-19 0 point DOS version

My friend.
Thank you for remember so good moments !!!!!

monNow 2014-04-05 -3 points DOS version

Running on Windows and I get stuck at the beginning?

Do you have a joystick (Y/N) ?

I can't type Y or N and move on?


Red south american guy 2013-11-06 0 point DOS version

It's an excellent game, perhaps I don't like the Cuban missions (I felt like "Hey Che Guevara, I've a poster of you in my room. You're my friend! I don't wanna bomb you!" ) I'm very simpatethics with Castro's Cuba, and the red guys and all, so as a "commie" south american I think that's the only bad thing in the game (I'm talking about the plot of the Cuban war theatre, not the game). The game is awesome. You have a great plane in very realistic misions to be 1991 and I impressed two girls and my 1st girlfriend, when I was a kid and talked about the stunning missions I did in the game :) Also, another error in game is to DON`T put night googles to fly. Well, in 1991 was a bit difficult, but man! I can't see my own hand, when I'm attacking the Hussein's palace! Night missions are suicide without night googles. I could bomb an hospital or an stadium instead a SAM radar! The Microprose guys should have put more effort on that.

d4g2b 2013-10-19 2 points DOS version

Looking for assistance running this on a Mac OS x. Using DosBox via Boxer. I am able to get to the startup prompt asking if a joystick [Y/N] is being used, but it won't accept Y/N. I have to kill DosBox.

I also find that this version requires mounting a read-only floppy drive. This brings back memories. I don't think I am encountering the security protection as the previous comment regarding Neverlock alludes.

cecep surabaya indonesia Sept 2013 2013-09-14 -1 point DOS version

this game great...truitst me
try it... realistic....

Turco 2013-07-03 0 point DOS version

It's 2013 and I still play this game... Cause there are only 2 things I care about: immersion and gameplay.

kyimaungtun 2013-05-09 0 point DOS version

this game very good

A Wise Old Man 2013-02-19 0 point DOS version

It wasn't a sequel to F-19, but a patched version that changed out the mesh data and some of the graphics for the Testors F-19 Stealth Fighter concept for those of the F-117 Nighthawk. Gameplay was otherwise identical, and those who bought F-19 could download a patch that converted the game. Most gamers, though, stuck with F-19 because the model kit design just looked k00l3r, and AvLeak swore up and down that their sources at NASA/Langley compared both designs in their wind tunnels, and the F-19 was a hell of a lot more stable design!

fr334ky 2012-11-05 0 point DOS version

is it still password protected or unlocked one? sorry to ask that, because I remember when I played this game, i unlocked it with Neverlock...:)

Frait21 2012-08-03 0 point DOS version

one of the best air assault games out there.

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